My Mom the Naughty One

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It was the middle of winter and there had been a snowfall earlier in the evening. It was near to midnight when my father came to pick me up at the train station. The ground had frozen over on the way home and we were coming to a T junction when a car came out of know where. It had been a drunk driver and we had to swerve out of his way only to hit some black ice and skid into an oncoming truck. My father was killed outright and I was lucky to be alive. I suffered a broken leg, arm, collar bone, back and pelvis. I was also covered in cuts and bruises and spent the best part of nine months in hospital. I was finally allowed home only if I had someone to care for me which would have to be my mom as my sister was now living 3 states away

Mom never left my bedside during my stay in hospital as I think she was too afraid to leave me there even for one night in case she lost me too. On the day I was released from the hospital my mom insisted on being my nurse from that day until I was completely recovered. She took real good care of me and did everything for me including washing me and making sure that I was dried and clothed before she would leave the house even to go shopping. She always made sure that I had three square meals a day and that I always drank plenty of fluids too. She never allowed me any junk food when we went to eat out but when I was out on my own I always visited our local MacDonald’s and stuffed myself with burgers and fries.

My mom’s name is Gina and she is 38 years old. She has shoulder length dark hair, brown eyes and stands at 5 foot 8 tall. Her boobs always caught my attention which I found out to be 38f when I raided her laundry basket one day. She had a slim figure as she would do a workout every day in our gym which was situated in our basement. Mom didn’t have to work as my father had a great insurance policy which paid out on his death so we didn’t have any money worries to think about. During my recovery my mom’s boobs became the main interest of my masturbation sessions in the bathroom. Mom worked out nearly every day and had a fantastic body on her.

She was toned everywhere and she had even gotten a little muscular around her upper arms and shoulders. She also took up jogging when not in the gym and her boobs always had me mesmerized when she was out jogging the way they would bounce around under her top. So much so that a few times I was almost caught drooling over them while watching her exercising in our customised gym in the basement and also as she jogged out the path and down the street.

Now nearly a year later I am 19 years old. I had been home for a few weeks when I found out that mom had been dating a guy. She ended up on her own again though as he could never measure up to my father in her eyes. Yeah my mom had loved my father but she was a very sexual woman and I was surprised that it wasn’t mom that had killed him with all the sex she used to have with him. Having a high sex drive I wasn’t really surprised that it took her less than a year after father died for her to look for another man to satisfy her needs.

It was early on a Tuesday afternoon when I got home from the mall a week later. I had been there for most of the morning trying to find something for mom’s birthday but I had no luck in finding the right present for her. I came home for some lunch before I was going to head back out to try further afield for the present for her. As I entered through the back door I could hear music coming from downstairs so I knew mom must be down in the gym. So I opened the fridge door and took out a bottle of water for mom and a can of coke for myself.

As I walked down the stairs to the basement I had a wicked thought, I was going to try and sneak up on her and give her a fright as we were always playing practical jokes on each other. The music was still playing loudly as I got to the door of the gym. Quietly I opened the door without her knowing I was there. As I walked in I was rooted to the spot by the vision before me. There I stood there with my chin hitting the halkalı escort floor and my cock trying to tear a hole through my pants. I could only look on as mom lay there naked on the floor with her legs as wide apart as she could get them. Her hands were pumping what must have been at least 9 inch rubber cock in and out of her dripping cunt.

Her pussy was completely shaved and her big tits were bouncing all over her chest to the rhythm of the dildo sliding in and out of her pussy. With the one wall that was covered in mirrors that her ass was facing I got to get a great view of her hot pussy. Her head was twisting from side to side as her ass lifted off the floor and her back arched. Her whole body was going stiff as her legs did a funny dance all by themselves. Her orgasm was ripping through her beautiful body and here I was standing only a few yards away from her with the best view in the house watching her fucking herself with that dildo while my cock was straining to get free from its confines.

My tongue was almost hanging to the floor and my eyes were popping out of my head like one of those cartoon characters when they got a shock. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in front of me. Here was my mom lying on the floor in front of me like a wanton woman fucking herself silly with a rubber toy. As I watched mom my hand was unconsciously rubbing my cock through my pants. As the song on the CD came to an end the bottle of water I had in my hand slipped from my fingers and hit the floor. As mom heard the noise she quickly turned her head and shot a look at the gym door and looked me straight in the eye, I was busted big time! When my feet finally found the will to move I was able to turn on my heels and bolt from the gym up the stairs and into my bedroom.

All I could think of when I got in my bedroom and slammed the door behind me was what the hell was going to happen now. I had just caught my mom masturbating herself in the gym downstairs. Would she be angry at me for walking in on her at such an intimate moment? Or worse would she throw me out the house? The shit had just hit the fan and in a few moments I was to hear my mom’s footsteps and she would come down the hall towards my bedroom door. As the handle of my bedroom door turned and the door opened I held my breath and feared what was about to come my way. All I could do was stand there in the middle of my bedroom and stare at my mom. I was standing waiting there for her to read the riot act at me as my bedroom door opened my heart jumped into my mouth. Mom barged into my bedroom wearing only a mid-thigh thin satin robe.

“Get a good look did you?” she asked angrily.

“Well answer me boy!” She commanded

All I could do was stare at mom, her robe had opened up and her boobs were now on display again. Mom looked down at what I was staring at and pulled her robe back together again. It was then that mom noticed the bulge in my shorts and her eyes grew like saucers. Mom was now the one openly staring at my crotch area.

“Oh my god, it’s…it’s huge” Was all she could stutter as she tried to find the words to come out of her mouth.

My dick was still at full mast in my pants and there was no hiding it. My cock was measuring in at around at least 9″ in length and 4″ around. I sat down on the bed to try and hide my predicament as best I could as I felt my face begin a crimson red as my mom’s eyes burned into my shorts. All of a sudden she was apologising profusely to me for not locking the gym door so that I wouldn’t catch her in such an intimate moment. I still couldn’t get the vision of mom fucking herself with that rubber dong out of my mind.

“I’m sorry honey I wasn’t expecting you to be home.” She mumbled.

“Yeah I think that was pretty obvious mom” I replied.

“Are you ok mom?” I asked.

“Yeah I got to, got to go get dressed” She stuttered as she about turned and high tailed it out of my bedroom.

By now my prick was doing it’s very best to try and get out of my pants. harbiye escort It was begging for release from my shorts. As soon as I heard moms bedroom door slam closed I whipped my out my throbbing hard-on out and began to jerk it off. No sooner had I began jerking off my bedroom door burst open yet again and there stood my mom watching me masturbate. She looked me straight in the eye and blushed just a little bit.

“And just what do you think you are doing now?” My mom asked as a little sly grin shot across her lips.

“I think it’s kind of fucking obvious.” I shot back at her.

Her perfume was making its way up my nostrils as she came right up next to me and asked me to continue what I was doing as she watched. My mom then asked what I fantasized about when I masturbated. As I looked up at her face I saw she admiring my hard throbbing cock and I could now smell her sex in my nostrils. My dick was now throbbing in my hand and began leaking pre-cum all over my cock head and fingers.

“You mom, I fantasize about you” I stated as I began to jerk off in front of her faster.

I could see more of her smooth creamy thighs as her robe opened up almost to her pussy which made my cock throb all the more. Her chest was heaving more rapidly now than before. It was now drawing my attention to her breasts as her gaze never left my throbbing cock.

“Would you like s little help with that son?” She said with lust looking in her eyes.

Mom just looked at me as best she could, her eyes now glazed over shook her head.

“What the fuck am I doing?” She questioned herself aloud.

“Your my son and I am watching you masturbate in front of me” She exclaimed.

As she turned and headed out of my bedroom she stopped right at the doorway and turned with a smile on her face.

“Could you help me with something?” She asked me in a little girl tone of voice.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked with anticipation.

“Could you help me with these?” Was all she said.

As I looked up I saw her standing there cupping her breasts in her hands. She was tweaking her nipples between her fingers and thumbs as a wicked smile came over her face.

“Of course, anything for such a beautiful woman” I replied and she started blushing.

I walked up to her and took hold of one of her nipples in my mouth and the other between finger and thumb. I began to play with her lovely big boobs one at a time as she began to maan out in pleasure. I pulled her close to me and kissed her passionately. My hands found their way down to her beautiful ass. I squeezed her butt cheeks a few times as I lifted up her robe up and spanked them. She was moaning and biting my bottom lip, and we continued to kiss. Our tongues met and danced together as we explored one and other’s mouths. My found their way to her wet cunt and started playing with her pussy lips. As I led her back to my bed and laid her down I stared at her, this beautiful woman that was lying atop of my bed. Was I dreaming or was this really happening?

Was this really my mom lying here practically underneath me on my very own bed? As her hands quickly found my pants and dragged them to my ankles I tugged my shirt off my back. There I was as naked as my own mom here in front of me on my bed, I was going to get to finally fuck the shit out of my own mom. Mom began to stroke my now throbbing member which was leaking pre-cum all over her hand. I was rock hard and wanted to stick my dick in somewhere warm. Soon I was licking and kissing her belly and her belly button and I stuck my tongue in her belly button many times.

“Lick my fucking pussy” She squealed at me.

I pushed my head in between her thighs and found that her pussy had been clean shaven. As her sweet and slippery pussy stared at me I started running my tongue in and around outer lips and then started licking her inner lips and clit. She began to moan and shake as she had the first of many orgasms.

As I kept licking my mom’s pussy ikitelli escort she cried out so many obscenities at me as she came time and time again, over my tongue and in my mouth. Then as she leaned up on her elbows she told me to fuck her, to fuck her hard, to fuck her fast and to fuck her as deep as I could. Being the most obedient son that I was I positioned my dick at the opening of my mom’s pussy thrust inside her once, twice, three times and at last I was completely inside her as she moaned and gasped for air.

I slowly started to rhythmically move my hips and push my cock in all the way before almost coming completely out and then thrusting my dick back home in the depths of her hot wanton cunt. She was whimpering as I picked up the pace with every thrust I was becoming harder and harder. I was in such a rhythm that I came out a little too far at one point and accidentally shoved it up her tight puckered asshole with no problem at all due to all the lubrication over my cock and over her ass crack.

Mom screamed out in pain as my cock thrust into her arsehole but I did not try to remove my prick from her. Instead I told her to relax and that she would enjoy what I was about to do soon enough. I held my cock in her arse until she got used to my cock being in there. As her asshole began to loosen around my now throbbing dick I started to slowly fuck her at first and then built up a good rhythm and started to fuck harder than I did her pussy. While I fucked her in the ass I used my finger and thumb and started to play with her clit. Mom was now in heat and wanting me to fuck her good and proper and cum deep inside her wanton cunt.

I was only too eager to comply with her wishes as I began to jackhammer her now well filled arsehole. I pumped my cock so hard inside her that I felt my balls begin to tighten up under me as her well fucked arse began to squeeze me as she strummed her swollen clit. I could feel my cum begin to boil in my balls and begin to shoot up my shaft and explode deep in the depths of her tight anus. I fucked her arse for all I was worth before I flopped on top of her and let my prick soften in her ass. She looked at me over her shoulder and kissed me on the lips as she told me that she had never been fucked like that before and how she wanted me do to it all to her again and again. We lay there for a while basking in our afterglow and until I was hard for her again which did not take that long.

Then as we had another intense fuck session which ended up with me unloading cum from my balls all over her face and in her mouth for her to swallow. She got up and started sucking me and after few minutes of effort my dick was hard yet again. She asked me to lie down on my back so that we could 69. Now she was on top of me as I licked her cum filled pussy and then focused my attention to her lovely cum filled butt hole. I opened her legs and half bent them and with a single thrust and started to push my tongue deep into her dripping cunt.

Mom was pumping my dick in and out of her mouth and jerking me off as she licked and slobbered all over my cock. But she was too hot for me and I came after only a few moments of her manipulations. I unloaded my balls into her throat which then in turn sent her over the edge and she came all over my face. She then lay back down beside me and we both nodded off to the land of sleep snuggled up to each other.

A few hours later I awoke to find her sucking once again on my hard again cock. She then got on all fours and she begged me to fuck her from behind doggy style. I fucked her pussy raw until my cock was shooting my hot sticky cum inside her again. She saw that I was still semi hard and placed my dick against her asshole and began to pull the head of my cock in her anus using her hand by which time I was fully hard again and pushed my cock completely into her arsehole. She was so tight around my cock that no sooner had I got inside her ass and started thrusting in and out of her that I came again in no time at all. We both collapsed in a heap on to the bed and fell back to sleep until morning with the sun peering its little head threw the window bathing us in its glory.

“Good morning mom, are you ready to go again?” I asked as she looked at me pleading to let her arse and pussy have a few more hours rest before I fucked her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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