My Married Boss Ch. 03

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It’s been five long days back in the office since our crazy experience with Craig. I can finally walk straight again and it doesn’t hurt when I sit anymore but that’s the least of my concerns. Danny hasn’t spoken to me since we got back from our trip. Matter of fact, he hasn’t really spoken to anyone since we got back. He’s been locked in his office pretty much all the time.

I couldn’t help but think it had something to do with Craig. I battled it back and forth in my mind but why would he be upset about me fucking Craig? He was the one that asked me and he did the same thing before with other girls with Craig. Besides, I’m not like dating him or anything so he shouldn’t be possessive at all.

Then I thought, maybe it had to do with all the things I said? Maybe my comments on Craigs body and the way he handled me had something to do with it. Maybe it was because I paid more attention to Craig while we were fucking.

Whatever the reason, It was driving me crazy! I needed to talk to him. I marched over to his office and knocked on the door. After three knocks, I didn’t hear anything so I opened the door and walked right in.

“Babe, just talk to me! Please! I want to fix this!” Danny said gloomily, almost begging who I assumed to be his wife on a conversation on the phone that I obliviously just barged in on.

“Not now!” He shook his head and his firm voice barked at me.

I turned, closing the door behind me and walking out. My heart sank to the bottom of my chest. Annie obviously found out about the affair and I’m responsible for breaking up their family. I couldn’t help but feel god awful. The remaining hour of the work day was excruciating just waiting for Danny to swing by my office to talk but he never did.

Five o’clock rolled around and I just left. I got home, showered, changed into my favorite pair of granny panties and an old tshirt that came down mid thigh. I heated me up some left overs and plopped down on the couch with my favorite tv show on. Just preparing for a quiet Friday night.

Just as I got done eating, I heard a knock on the door. I quickly grabbed my silk robe off the back of the couch and put it on. Looking through the peep hole, I saw that it was Danny. I quickly opened the door, confused.

“Dann-” I was cut off when he stepped up to me, grabbed my face and kissed me deeply.

I pulled away after a few seconds, “Danny, talk to me!”

“I don’t want to talk, I’m tired of talking!” He kissed me again with such hunger while he walked us back into the living room and shut the door behind us. He pulled his T-shirt off and tossed it on the floor of the living room. His hands ran down over my ass and to the back of my thighs. He lifted me, my legs wrapped around him as he walked me over to the couch and laid me down.

He pulled my robe apart as he continued kissing me feverishly. His hands found my tits, groping them and squeezing them over my tank top. One hand traveled down to between my legs, finding my heated mound.

He stopped suddenly and looked down. He smirked, “You do wear panties after all!”

I blushed embarrassed by his discovery of my granny panties but he immediately removed them. He knelt on the living room floor before pulling my hips into place. I was slouched on the couch, my ass on the edge of the seat and now, Danny was face deep in my pussy.

I felt like there was no warm up, there was no slow start. He dove in, lapping up my wetness. He flicked his tongue back and forth on my clit repeatedly making me quiver. He held my legs apart as he continued his full on assault. His arm reached up to fondle me before he stopped. “Take me to your bedroom!” his charming voice resonated.

I got up, taking him by the hand and walking him to the bedroom. We stood at the foot of the bed as we made out passionately. I unzipped his shorts and slid my hand in his pants, finding his already hard member. His shorts dropped to the floor, I pulled his cock out of his boxers and started stroking him. I knelt in front of him and immediately took his cock in my mouth.

I looked up at him as I took slid his cock deep in my mouth then back out. I ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft as I held it. He grabbed the back of my head as I took him in my mouth again. Taking him all in, deep throating him as best as I can. Most of his cock being buried in my mouth as the head slipped into my throat.

I held my position for as long as I could until he pulled my head back, sliding himself out of my mouth. He started thrusting his hips, sending his dick in and out of my mouth. After he was good and teased, he hand me stand.

He took my face in his hand as he started to kiss me again while sliding my robe off. He grunted before grabbing me by the hips and pushing me back, onto the bed. He crawled up over me, pinning my writs down with his hands and with one swift motion, thrusted his penis deep into my dripping wet vagina.

I cried out as he started pumping in and out fast and hard. He brought his mouth to bite the end of my trabzon escort tank top and pull it up, over my tits. I helped him, grabbing it and pulling it off. He turned his attention to each of my nipples as he fucked me, teasing them, biting them, sucking on them, bringing intense pleasure to my body. His mouth moved up to my neck as he began sucking and biting my neck.

“Holy fuck! What got into Danny?” I thought to myself.

He then released my hands and sat up, “Turn around!” He ordered and I obeyed.

He pushed me down on my stomach to lay flat on the bed and pushed my legs together. He then straddled me, my legs between his. I pushed my ass up slightly giving him better access. He quickly found my soaked pussy again and slipped right in and started pumping again, this time going slow, driving me crazy. He leaned into me, pressing his body against mine as he placed small bites along my shoulders.

He gradually built his speed up, smacking my ass hard as he fucked me. At that point I was getting close, my face buried in the pillow as screams escaped my lips as he smacked me. I felt a violet grab at my hair and my head being lifted off the soft surface.

“Are you going to cum on my cock?” He asked taunting almost.

“Yes, I’m going to cum so hard on your cock!” My screams increased in volume as pleasure overcame me. My body shook underneath of him. Danny wasn’t too long after, his grunts became higher and louder as he pumped his cum deep in me.

After catching my breath, I headed to the shower to wash off and to my surprise Danny joined in soon after. After, I got my robe back on around me as Danny got dressed.

“Would you like some wine?” I asked as I opened the fridge getting out a bottle.

“You wouldn’t happen to have any bourbon now would you?” He asked hopeful.

“Well I do but it’s probably on the cheaper end of what you’re used to drinking.”

“I honestly don’t care right now, I’ll take it!” He seemed gloomy.

I sat next to him on the couch, passing him his glass of bourbon.

“Sorry…” He said after sighing.

“Sorry?” I asked confused.

“I just took all of my frustrations on you on just then. I feel like I used you.”

I laughed, “Danny, we’re nothing more than fuck buddies, thats exactly what we do is use each other!” I looked at him as he took a drink, “How about you tell me what’s going on.”

“Ugh, sure…” He hesitated, “So remember the other night at the club when I told you about how Annie and I met?”

“Yea…” I looked at him confused.

“Well it really got me thinking when you said maybe she’s just not into me anymore so I did some digging…” He sighed, “She’d been watching lesbian porn for starters, she never watches porn! I then spoke to the husband of her best friend just on the off chance she told her best friend something and she told her husband. He said she was talking about needing a woman’s touch and all of that sensual stuff. I dug through her phone and found that she had been texting someone named ‘T’ in her phone about missing them and so on.”

He was frustrated but I didn’t really understand it but I was relieved it wasn’t because she found out about us.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you when you walked into my office earlier. She found out I had been snooping and went off the rails.”

“Danny, you cheat on her; why are you this frustrated if she’s getting what she needs on the side?”

“Because..” He fumbled to find a way to put it, “With you, it’s just sex, it’s not like we’re in love or anything like that.”

“Ohh, now I get it, you’re afraid she’ll fall I love and leave you!” I paused, “But if you’re both miserable and cheating, why would you want to stay together?”

“Because I love her!” He sat upright, his elbows now now his knees, he was getting choked up as he spoke.

“I know I just seem like an adulterous asshole but I love her and my kids, outside of our sex life, we have an amazing relationship!”

I looked at him confused, “But you still cheat? How can you love her like that and still step out on her.”

“I can’t explain it. I know how it looks. Sex is just sex to me, I don’t care if she’s screwing someone else but if she falls in love with them, I’ll be devastated.”

I still didn’t get it but I offered whatever support I could, rubbing his back gently.

He wiped whatever evidence of tears away from his face before grabbing his drink off the coffee table, downing the whole thing all at once.

I poured him another while he sank back into the couch.

“Why haven’t you pursued anything more serious in your relationships?” He asked.

I looked at him with one eyebrow cocked, “After what you just told me, do I need to explain myself?!?” I laughed, “Relationships are too messy!”

“Thats fair.” He commented.

“I’m sorry I brought you into this mess. I really didn’t intend it to be like this. I’m sorry I unloaded my marital problems on you. I know how fucked up this situation is.”

“Danny, stop apologizing!” I hissed.

“I’m trabzon escort bayan sor-” He started but stopped himself.

I smiled, “I’ve been cheated on, taken advantage of, lied to and used by not one but two boyfriends in the past so I just don’t care to get into anything serious right now.”

“Oh, who would cheat on a girl like you?” He genuinely asked, “Is that what happened with your most recent guy?”

“Guys are scum and they’re all fucked up!” I looked at him holding back a smirk purposely avoiding his last question.

“Hey! How dare you?!”

“Really Danny?” I smiled at him.

“Ok ok, so maybe I am scum but what are you? You’re willingly sleeping with a married man!”

“I wasn’t denying that I’m bad too!”

He chuckled, “Oh you’re bad alright! You took both Craig and I like a champ!”

I immediately turned red in the face, I quickly picked up the throw pillow and playfully hide my huge embarrassed smile.

He leaned in and pulled the pillow away, you were so loving every minute of every second of everything we were doing to you! You little freak!”

“Stop!” I bushed.

“Why? I know how much you enjoyed Craig, you couldn’t take your eyes off of him!”

I couldn’t help but smile widely, my cheeks heated, ” I thought you were mad at me all week because I was into Craig so much.”

“Ha! Na, I loved seeing you enjoy him so much. You have to understand Ashley, when it comes to sex, I’m really not the jealous type.”

I looked at him curiously, “How many other women have you been with since you’ve been married?”

“Five, you’re the only one that I’ve been with more than once.”

“How many times have you and a Craig teamed up like that?”

“Only two before you!”

“I still don’t believe you!” I smiled, “Craigs married too and he does the same thing you do?”

“Its q bit different, his wife know he screws other girls, she just doesn’t know the extent of it. They’re swingers, she thinks its only the girls at the club they go to but she doesn’t know about his secretary.”

“You guys are just a bunch of sexual deviants aren’t you?”

“Hey! I’m not as bad as Craig! I don’t swing and stuff!”

“Maybe you should, its cheating that you both can agree on, you get to supervise who shes banging and vice versa, and it’s just sex, no emotional relationship.”

“Yea but what about you?”

“What do you mean what about me?”

“Do I still get you?” He said with a charming smirk, moving in to kiss me.

“No!” I playfully said between kisses.

“Then I’d just have to take you!” He said inches from my face as he crawled over me on the couch…

*Four Days Later..

I had so much paper work to do for the five new folks we just hired. I was at my desk, with my coffee just constantly going trying to finish this stuff off before I could get back to my regular work load when my phone rang.

“Can you come to my office asap?” Danny said.

“Can it wait? I’m buried in paperwork!”

“Is that insubordination I hear?” He joked.

“Fine, I’m coming!”

I enter his office, closed the door behind me, sitting at his desk and setting my coffee down.

“Yes Sir?” I teased.

“So, I had a talk with Annie last night…”

I looked at him gesturing him to continue.

“Long story short…She admitted that she was having an affair with some girl name Tracey. It’s been going on since she’s had the baby and it’s the reason we only have sex like once a month. She’s pretty torn up about it and wants to make it right.”

“I’m so sorry, Danny.” I said before he stopped me.

“Don’t be sorry- She was crying and freaking out that I’d leave her and all this mess but I pretty much told her exactly what I told you, if its just sex, I don’t care, if theres feelings involved, then theres a problem.”

“So did you tell her about you cheating?”

“No, why would I do that?”

“Well since you guys are getting a fresh start, I think you would want to come clean too.”

He chuckled, “No, the thing is, she’s going to stop seeing Tracey because she has feelings for her. We can continue our thing because it’s just sex…”

“That’s really fucked up!”

“I know but I don’t hear you saying you want out.” He paused for a moment.

I was silent.

“I thought so..” he smiled.

“I mean, I like what we do but this is wrong, at this point, you both have been unfaithful and now you’re both getting a clean start to learn to love each other again and rekindle whatever was lost and all that good shit. I can’t let you continue this if she’s willing to make things work with you two and be faithful.”

Danny started laughing, “Is that what you think is going to happen here?” We’re both going to be faithful to each other and have amazing sex on demand and live happily ever after?” He paused again.

“She’s already told me that she wants to stay with me but I won’t be able to please her sexually and she won’t be able to please me sexually.”

“Sounds like the escort trabzon green light for you to do whatever.”

“Well I was thinking, since you mentioned it the other day, maybe I should talk to her about swinging.”

I shook my head, “You guys are so fucked up!”

“I know, you don’t have to say it.”

Later that day, Danny busted through my office doors. He sat in the chair on the other side of my desk.

“Well Shit! Can’t a girl do some work around here Mr. Gallagher?” I playfully teased.

“Oh hush!” He glared, “I’ve got a question for you.”

“Sure…” I responded.

“How into girls are you?”

“Well I’ve had sexual relationships with them but never anything beyond that, why?” I asked curiously.

“Well I was talking to Annie, We have this idea that I think would be really hot and really spice up our sex life and that way, she gets what she wants.”

“Ok great! Tell me!”

“So, she wants a fuck buddy, you know a girl she can call up and have fun with but she wants me to choose the girl.”

“Ok, well how are you going to choose? Like tinder or something?” I looked at him waiting to hear more.

“I’m hoping I don’t have to.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well…” He looked at me suggesting.

“Wait… me? No, no , no, no! I can’t!”

“I mean, where am I supposed to find a bisexual woman willing to have sex with a married woman?”

“I don’t know but it ain’t going to be me!” I strongly stated.

“Look, she doesn’t know you, she’s never seen you before, she’ll never find out that you work here! Wear a wig, dress differently, do something crazy with your makeup, pick a name and pretend like you’ve never met me before!” He smiled.

“I mean, I don’t know about all of that!”

“One night?”

I shook my head.

“C’mon, if you’re not into it after the first night, you never have to do it again!”

I sighed, “The kinds of things you try to convince me of..”

He chuckled.

“Give me a few days to think about this.”

I spent the rest of the week going back and forth in my head about it. I just didn’t feel like it was right but at the same time, the idea excited me. I was beating myself up about it, I wanted to do this for Danny but I just didn’t want to take the risk of his wife finding out who I am.

Friday afternoon as I was packing up to leave, I swung by Danny’s office, “I’m in.”

He looked up from his papers, “Holy hell, are you for real?”

“Don’t make me change my mind!” I warned.

“Ok, I’ll convince Annie I found her a girl on the internet. We’ll get a room at the Sheraton. Meet me there tonight at 7pm.”

It was 6:45, I was parked at the hotel, the engine ran while I gathered my thoughts and built up the courage to get out of the car. After a few more minutes of freaking out, I shut the engine off and got out. I walked through the lobby where I meet Danny.

“Ok, I met you on a dating website, you’re profile said you were bisexual but looking for a woman, told her your name was Emily and after I reached out to you, you were all for helping us out.”

“Ok..” I bit my lip nervously.

“Remember, you want this, your excited about this or at least thats what she’s expecting!”

Danny walked me to the bar where Annie sat around a circular high table in the back. She was wearing a very stunning little back dress and heels. I felt very underdressed, in jeans and a very tight fitted, low cut pink long sleeve blouse.

“Annie, meet Emily; Emily, Annie!” Danny introduced us before pulling my chair out for me. I sat inches away from Annie and Danny sat on the other side of her.

It was awkward at first but Annie started talking to me, asking questions. She was very comforting and very sweet. She kept the conversation going and Danny kept the drinks coming.

Once I got a drink and Annie and I started talking, the nerves went away, making me feel more comfortable with the situation. She was very welcoming and friendly. That made me instantly like her. After a few drinks in, Annie started getting very friendly. Her hand rested on my thigh, she started whispering things in my ear. I think she was really enjoying the thought of her husband finding her the perfect lover.

I saw her hand crept into Danny’s lap and to his crotch as she moved in for her first kiss with me.

“Are we ready to move this party upstairs?” Annie asked before downing the remainder of her drink.

In the elevator, I couldn’t help notice how cute Annie was, for a mom of two, she was very fit, very in shape. She had short smooth legs and a tight ass. Her hair came down to the middle of her back and her gorgeous blue eyes were to just get lost in.

As we got up to the room, she kicked off her heels and tossed them aside, she walked over to Danny, pushing up against him before kissing him softly, “I want you to watch!” She whispered in his ear, “As long as it’s ok with our guest.”

“I’m sorry, what?” I asked.

“Do you care if my husband watches us?”

“Oh not at all!” I walked over to her. Kissing her softly but passionately, “We’ll give him a show he won’t forget!” I said as I broke the kiss, staring directly into his eyes.

I pushed him backwards to sit on the little armchair beside the bed as I proceeded to take the lead with his wife.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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