My Life Ch. 03

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This is the ongoing story of my life.

The next day Lynda and I went shopping at the mall together. I dressed in a short skirt and lose blouse wearing nothing underneath, bra or panties. She was in very short shorts which worked up into the crack of her ass and as she walked, they also slid between the slit of her pussy reveling a very prominent cameltoe, she couldn’t have revealed any more if she had been totally naked.

We discussed the party we had been at the night before, she said she thought she had fucked 3… or 4 guys that night, she wasn’t sure. (Typical) It took a little while before either of us mentioned our new-found pleasure but Lynda and I had always been open and it was sure to come up. We tried on several different outfits and always shared a dressing room. When she was changing I would watch her and whenever I had the chance to slip my hand along her wet slit I took it, she did the same to me and it wasn’t long before we were both dripping wet. It got to where whenever we were changing into something new we would make sure that the other had any possible access, but neither of us would play long enough to make the other cum, the teasing was driving us both to where we were getting a little daring, and we were giggling like a couple of little girls until the sales lady would notice and say something. I am sure they had to know. If they got too nosy we would simply go to another store and the fun would start again. It was like foreplay, the longest and most interrupted foreplay I had ever had and by the third or fourth store there was no going back for either of us.

My pussy was wet and leaking down my leg and my thighs were slick against each other. She was in no better shape except that because she was wearing panties the wetness remained there, she couldn’t have been wetter if she had pissed herself, the cotton of her bikini panties had soaked thru and the whole crotch and front was soaking wet. It was soaking to a point where the wetness was starting to seep thru to her shorts and I could se the discoloration there when she wore them.

The last store we went into, I think it was Macy’s, we were both well beyond return. We went to the racks and just grabbed a couple of outfits, it didn’t matter what, we just needed to get somewhere alone. We hurried to the dressing rooms, I am sure that if anyone had been watching us they would have wondered what the hurry was but I didn’t notice anyone, I just needed… bad. As soon as we entered the dressing room we threw the clothes in the corner and both started to strip. This time there was no stopping, it was almost like we were racing to get naked, and we did, in just a few seconds we were both standing there totally nude, our lips and breasts pressed together, tongues lashing each others and fingers playing with sopping wet cunts. It was almost in an instant, my eyes rolled back as the orgasm washed over me as my knees give out. I sort of remember being lowered to the floor as I came and the next thing I knew I was on my back on that rough carpet with Lynda’s mouth pressed into the soft fur between my legs, her tongue probing deep into my sloppy, wet and dripping slash as I continued to cum. I grasped the back of her head and pressed it hard into my cunt, not caring where I was, just enjoying the feel of pleasure washing from the soft flesh between my legs. As my orgasm began to subside I laid back with my head in the corner, the rough commercial carpet making my skin tingle as Lynda removed her mouth from my pussy. I just lay there a moment catching my breath; my eyes closed as I greedily enjoyed the last feelings of a spectacular orgasm.

I felt her move so I opened my eyes and saw Lynda sitting on the edge of the dressing room chair, her legs wide and her fingers working madly in her wet, fur covered gash. Her head back with eyes closed, 2 fingers buried deep inside of herself, a finger from the other hand quickly moving in circles around her hard little clit. I sat up and moved closer my face inches from her rapidly moving fingers, I wanted to suck on that dripping slit, I needed to. I reached out to touch her hand so she would let me eat her pussy but she pushed me away, “wait, I want to do this, I will let you know”, she said between gasps of air. I could tell she was about to cum herself. I sat there savoring the fresh aroma of the humid liquid emanating from her wet pink hole. Watching her fingers play between the soft brown down covering her cunt. I noticed her pink nipples standing at attention and I reached up and pinched one of them between my fingers. That was all it took. Lynda started to cum. Her moans becoming more grunts as she fingered her deep cavity, I was afraid that if anyone else was in the other dressing rooms they would have to know what was going on, but I didn’t have long to think because just moments after she started to cum, Lynda grabbed me by the back of my head and pressed my face hard to the gaping cavity that she had just pulled her fingers from. “Eat me, oh GOD please eat innovia escort my cunt” she cried out as my mouth was filled with her full, soft lips and the flood of fluid that gushed from that wonderful slit. She pressed my face to her and I felt wetness dripping slowly down my chin and neck as she grunted out the last throes of her orgasm. I just sat there savoring the warm flavor from her cunt as I felt her begin to relax I was lost in the warm flesh, the warm, moist fragrance …..

Knock, knock, knock, ” are you ok in there?” The sales lady had heard us.

“Yes,” Lynda said breathlessly, “These pants are just too tight and I was trying to get them on.” She could always think quickly.

“It sounded like someone may have been hurt.” (She couldn’t really think that.)

“”No, I am ok, I will be right out.” I was not sure if I should be scared shitless or break out laughing, I started to giggle and Lynda simply pressed my face back into her pussy where I started to laugh secreted within the gaping, soft creases of her cunt.

“Ok, but if you need anything let me know.” We heard her footsteps as she walked away and we both burst out laughing.

When we left the dressing room I noticed there was a very attractive sales woman just a couple of years older than us kind of just looking busy outside the dressing area. She smiled at us as we passed. “You should be a little quieter in there, you never know who is listening,” she said with a gleam.

“Thanks,” we both said as we hurried away, but as we left I looked back over my shoulder, saw her smiling as she watched us walk away and I just knew; I would be back here and soon.

When we left there it was early afternoon and we decided to get something at the food court, but first we both needed to pee. I think we both knew this may be the time to discuss last night and our new found perversion but we walked silently to the restroom in out own thoughts. When we got there the place was fairly busy so we had to wait for a few minutes, we both by that time were getting to where we had to pee… BAD. We were crossing our legs and almost having to hold our hands between our legs. A stall opened up and we both ran quickly to it, as soon as we were in there I sat down and let the amber stream flow. The wet, yellow liquid started flowing immediately from my little pee hole which only made matters worse for her and I saw a warm yellow drip leak down her leg and the crotch of her shorts get a little wet. She grabbed her pussy with both hands, “I can’t hold it!!” she whispered as we heard my piss splashing in the toilet. I was at eye level with her pussy and reached out and pulled her close, “we can share, come here,” I helped her undo her shorts, slid her shorts and panties down her legs and off one foot. While I was doing this, the pressure in my bladder had been somewhat relieved so I was distracted and the pee stopped flowing from me. She straddled me and sat on my lap facing me as I hiked my skirt up and out of the way. Felt her warm thighs settle on my naked lap and as soon as she was down her cunt started to flow. The warm liquid spilled out of her hole, covering my muff with warm, yellow wetness, my thighs had pulled together somewhat when she sat so the fluid was channeled down between my legs and trickled over my cunt, dripping from my puckered anus. That was enough to cause my urine flow to resume and as we sat there pissing together our lips met and we kissed as our bladders emptied together.

Our lips lingered together a few moments after the flow from both of us stopped. Leaning back she looked at me, “that was interesting.”

“Yes, a first for me,” I whispered, “it felt good to feel that hot liquid running over my cunt while I peed.”

“Well that was the first time I have ever sat all the way down to pee anywhere but at my house.” I knew this but hadn’t thought about it but as it turned out, this wouldn’t be the last time this happened.

When we got up I noticed that not all the pee had made it into the toilet, there was a wet line down one of my legs and one of my shoes was wet with a small puddle on the floor, but… oh well….

We went out to the food court and while walking I noticed that the paper had not dried my pussy real well so I felt a cool wetness in the hair and between my legs. We got our food and sat down. We talked a little about what had happened and what we had done last night and decided that it was ok and sometime we would have to explore some more.

As we sat there talking I noticed an older man probably in his late 40s sitting a couple of tables away kind of hiding the fact he was trying to get a look up my skirt. Looking down thru the mesh of the mall table I realized I was just sitting there relaxed with my legs just a little open and my pussy almost exposed. He didn’t notice that I had spotted him so I leaned in to tell Lynda and when I did I deliberately let my knees spread a little more, he had to see I had no panties on istanbul escort and he bent down a little to get a better look. I had never flashed my bare pussy to a stranger in public before and had a bit of a rush doing it. Lynda slid her chair over to my side of the table so we could “talk better” and with her sunglasses on she was able to somewhat watch the guy. As I would lean in to say something to her I would just allow my knees to open a little more, exposing my bare cunt and she would tell me what he was doing. It wasn’t long before she told me that he had a major hard on. Teasing was fun, I couldn’t believe that he didn’t notice that I had noticed him. We sat there for the next half hour or so and from time to time we could see the guy reach down and nonchalantly rub his cock thru his pants a little, he never did eat much of his meal. When we were done I started to get up and in doing so spread my knees wide giving him one delightful, last look Delaying for a moment for his pleasure as he looked up and met my eyes, I smiled and blew him a kiss. I stood up, walked over to the trashcan close to him, and as I thru my trash away I dropped some so I would have to bend over to pick it up with my ass in the direction of him. I am sure he couldn’t see anything from there but it was close and I saw him lean down to try to get a look. As we walked away I looked back and saw him hurrying to the restroom, I am sure he had fun, I know I did and was again (or still) soaking wet.

Lynda decided to spend the afternoon at my house so we could sit out by the pool and get some sun. She had a pool too but her parents made us wear suits and we both had an all over tan from sunning at my house. We got a couple of sodas, wrapped ourselves in towels, got a joint and went out side. We rubbed sun lotion on each others backs, took a couple of hits, lay on the chaises and I promptly went to sleep. I don’t know how long I had been asleep when I heard someone talking and woke up. My brother had come out to join us and had a friend with him. Now my brother has never been shy and this was no exception, he was completely nude sitting on the side of Lynda’s chaise with his legs toward me and his large soft cock hanging down between his legs and smoking a joint with her but his friend had his swim trunks on and he was talking.

I was laying there on my front sunning my back and since I had never seen the guy talking there with Bill, my brother, before I said “hi” and rolled over. I could see the guy didn’t know what to think. I noticed that Lynda had at some point sort of pulled the towel up between her legs and covered her pussy but I was there in all my glory with a sweaty, gleaming, wet muff and full pouting vulva. He stopped talking and just stared at soft patch of hair. Bill taped him and offered him the joint, which he took and as he hit it he tried unsuccessfully to take his eyes away from my box. He bent down to hand me the joint and as he did it was clear that he had a hard on, nothing to brag about but I have always liked a nice, average size cock. As I hit the joint I noticed that Lynda had dropped her hand down and started to softly caress Bill’s cock. I continued to talk to Bill’s friend and he continued to try to not look at my pussy, it was almost funny. I slid over a little patted the side and invited him to sit down, of course as I did this he got a little better look deeper into the crack between my thighs.

He kind of sat down on the edge making sure to not touch me and took the joint again. He was now facing my face but was having trouble looking at my eyes and not my tits and the bright pink areolas around my nipples. We kept talking, or at least I did and he mumbled something like “uh huh” from time to time never taking his eyes off me. I noticed that Bill’s cock was responding to Lynda’s stroking and it was starting stiffen. He had a hand where I couldn’t see it but I am sure I knew what he was doing with it.

I didn’t know this guy but decided, what the fuck let’s see what he can do. So I slid my hand down and wrapped it around his hard shaft thru his trunks. Startled he looked over at Bill who now had a full hard on with Lynda’s hand sliding up and down his throbbing pole. I could tell that he wasn’t real comfortable with this but I figured I would just see what happened as I continued to caress his firm penis thru his trunks. He was now watching Lynda stroking Bill’s cock while I did his. I slid my hand down and up the leg of his trunks and wrapped my hand around the soft flesh of his hard rod. He turned back to me and cautiously reached out and grasped my slippery tit. He defiantly looked uncomfortable but I figured a guy with a hand around his cock would be a given, so I continued to stroke him. We caught motion on the chaise next to us as Bill stood up turned and placed his cock between Lynda’s lips. I continued to stroke, “so you want to fuck,” I said as we watched her start to suck his larger cock. He looked at me and smiled.

He leaned kadıköy escort down and kissed me his lips soft on mine and slowly worked his way down my body sucking gently on my nipples and down he moved kissing his way down to my now throbbing cunt. He pressed his lips between my legs licking around the edges working slowly toward my slit. He sucked the labia into his mouth and flicked my clit with his tongue, he at least knew how to eat pussy, if he keeps this up I am going to cum fast. He was moving his tongue up and down my wet slash stopping to brush my clit at one end and tickling my asshole with his tongue at the other. I was getting closer to cumming when he stopped and slid back up where he kissed me again, I noticed something a little different in the flavor and smell of my cunt on his lips when I remembered what had happened earlier, it was the taste of Lynda’s piss mixed with my juices. He still had his trunks on.

“Stand up and I will take those off,” I said.

He stood and looking over at Lynda sucking Bill’s cock I again felt something was wrong. I sat up on the chaise and slid his trunks down his legs, his hard skin rod springing free. I immediately wrapped my lips around his cock and slid it deep into my mouth. (One of the things I like about smaller cocks is you can let your self go while sucking them.) Grasping his balls I gave my self into sucking his hard cock, the salty taste, the warm musky scent which only a damp, sweaty cock has, I grasped his full balls and sucked him deep, in and out, licking around the head and enjoying the feel of a new cock in my mouth.

“Hold it,” he said pulling his cock from between my lips. “I can’t do this.”

“What is the matter?” I said as I continued massaging his warm balls.

” I can’t fuck you, I can’t fuck his sister with him there. It just seems wrong, too weird for me.” He pulled further away and bent over to pull up his trunks.

“It’s ok man,” Bill said. “She’s cool.”

“I can’t, sorry I would love to fuck you but I just cant here,” he said as he walked away. That was the first time I had ever had a guy stop in the middle.

“Sorry Sis, I didn’t really plan this, you can join us.” She knew Bill and I had fucked but I had never fucked him in front of Lynda before, in fact Lynda had never fucked my brother before that I knew of.

“Maybe in a bit, I think I will just watch for now.” I laid back and as Lynda started sucking him again my fingers found my own wet slit.

I had never just watched someone fuck, just watched. I have been at parties several times where people were doing almost everything but I was always involved myself. From where I was sitting, I could see my brothers buttocks flex as he fucked Lynda’s face. He has a nice ass to match that cock of his and Lynda seemed to be having fun. Lynda could only fit the head of that cock into her mouth so she was stroking the tanned shaft as she sucked. Lynda opened her eyes and met mine and as she sucked my brother’s cock she and I just looked at each other. I could tell she was enjoying this and especially the taboo of sucking my brothers cock with me there.

It wasn’t long before I could tell that if she kept it up he was going to cum in her mouth and she knew it too, Lynda had sucked enough cock in her life to know when a guy was getting close. She pulled his cock out and laid back pulling him on top of her. I could see between her legs as she guided his throbbing member into her dark, wet opening. Bill started to fuck sliding his cock in and out of her, her tits bouncing with each thrust. My finger continued working my clit while I watched my brothers ass flex as he slammed his meat in and out of her snatch. Faster, her tits jiggling, her moaning as he pounded into her. Watching was different and I knew I was going to cum soon. Faster he fucked slamming into her, her moans turning into grunts when it seemed to hit us all at once he started the familiar little jerky thrusts that happen when he cums and she got much loader just as it hit me, we were all cumming at once, my brother buried deep into my best friends cunt, my fingers rubbing my clit the explosion was beyond anything and I couldn’t keep my eyes open as it washed over me.

It was a few minutes before I was able to open my eyes, I looked over and saw Bill collapsed on Lynda who looked like a woman who had just been well fucked. I just laid there and looked at two of the people I liked best in the world; little did I know that this was a precursor of what was to come. I sat up as Bill pulled his somewhat softer cock from Lynda’s pussy and stood up. It was glistening with her pussy juice and his cum so I leaned in and took it between my lips and sucked out the last drops of his cum enjoying the taste of him and her mixed together along the shaft.

Summer was almost one continuous sex romp that year. Lynda and I still got together often and her and Bill started to become an item. I never saw that guy from the pool again. I did meet up with Bobbi, the sales lady, but that is another story. Rick and I never got together again with anyone else but we continued dating and fucking as often as we were able. I attended a couple of parties with my parents and brother but the real party came at the end of the summer right before I left for college.

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