My Kid Sister Julie

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I used to think something was wrong with me, but I’ve always kind of enjoyed being the big brother. I mean, all my buddies griped and complained about their kid sisters or tagalong brothers. All I had was Julie, who was three years younger than I was, but as a sister, she was all right. I taught her how to play baseball without looking like an idiot. She played flag football with the neighborhood kids. I guess the thing is, she was my sister but wasn’t a pain.

We’d always had a closeness; then I guess it was around the time she was around 18 and I was 21. Mom and Dad weren’t home much; they just relied on me to take care of her because I was ‘so responsible.’ But I didn’t mind being responsible, if it just meant I was taking good care of Julie.

Anyway, like I said, by the time I was 21 and she was 18, she started crawling in bed with me late at night. Sometimes because it was storming or cold out, many times because we were the only two in a big empty house, but sometimes just because we liked sleeping with each other.

I never really bothered her, I mean, her body. But then time went by and we just slept together as a matter of course. Mom and Dad’s room was downstairs next to the den, and our rooms and a bathroom were upstairs. We’d bathe with the door open, or I’d be doing homework in my room, and she’d be lying on top of my bedspread in her bra and panties reading a book. Julie reads a lot. I just read because it’s homework and they’re making me.

It was just such an evening, she was lying on my bed with her short pink robe on, and I could see her white panties every once in a while. She was propped up on her elbows reading. If I really looked at her, I’d see her little titties when her robe gaped open. Ok, they weren’t little. By this time I was trying to make sure I passed my junior year at City College.

“Julie, I don’t think we should sleep together anymore.”

She just looked up from her book and said, “Ok. Am I taking up too much room in the bed?”

“No, that’s not it. But you’re older and maybe, oh, I don’t know. I’m just thinking we shouldn’t do that anymore.”

“Oh, all right. But I don’t know why it should matter beylikdüzü escort now.”

“Well, it shouldn’t, but it does.”

“Do you know Danny Bates?”

“Uh, yeah, he that blonde kid with the pimples and the noisy car?”

“Yeah, that’s him. I don’t really like him or anything, but he asked me out and he’s the first guy to ever ask me out and I feel like I gotta go. I mean, if I say no cos I don’t really like him, then maybe no one else will ever ask me again. They’ll think something’s wrong with me or something.”

I stopped writing and looked at her. “You mean to tell me no one’s ever asked you out before?”

“Uh huh. I figured it’s because I don’t put out like the other girls do. But actually I don’t even know what ‘put out’ means.”

“You mean you read all the time and don’t know what it means?” I couldn’t believe this!

“Well, Rick, I don’t read dirty stuff. I just figured out it means to have sex of some kind, and that stuff always scares me to even think about.”

“Julie, it’s not scary to think about sex. Though, I guess if Danny Bates is in the picture it’s no wonder you think that.” I swear, she just looked at me with those grey eyes of hers, her breasts practically hanging out of that robe, telling me she’s scared of sex and there’s something wrong with her. I must be missing something.

“Julie, we’ve been sleeping together since we were kids.”

“But you never wanted to have sex with me. I figured there was something wrong with me. And now you’re telling me you don’t even want me anymore.”

I ran my hand across my head wondering what in the world am I going to do now? No wonder men are exasperated with women! I put the pen down, turned off my desk lamp and came over to sit on the bed next to her. I took her book from her, turned off the bedside lamp and lay down next to her.

We pulled the covers up close and then she said, “I gotta take this robe off. It’s not comfortable when I’m lying in bed.” I agreed, thinking the same about my jeans. Ok, we got comfortable again, both just in our underpants.

My right arm was up under my head; my left arm cradled beyoğlu escort her head. Her face was at my chest and we were quiet for a long time. I just about dozed off when she said softly, “So what’s wrong with me, Rick?” I turned to her and put my arms around her, holding her close. “There is not a thing wrong with you, sweetheart. You just don’t have any experience is all.”

“Well, how the heck am I going to get experience if the boys don’t want anything to do with me?”

“Honey, I don’t think you’re looking at this thing the way it really is.” By this time my right hand was stroking her back, her shoulder, her arm, ever so gently. I told myself I wasn’t going to stroke her breasts, but I did anyway. She is so soft and so sweet. I have no desire to ever see her with those losers she knows. She’s been in my bed, in my arms for years. I suddenly realized I regard her as mine.



“Will you teach me what I need to know?” I wordlessly kissed her warm willing mouth. Not a brotherly kiss, either, but a very special lover’s kiss. We kissed and I guess I was secretly amazed. It was like we were made for each other. I already knew she was made for sharing my bed and my heart.

I was still stroking her gently; my hand straying more and more across her breast, underneath it, and across her nipple which hardened immediately. She moaned with pleasure, “Oh, Rick, that’s nice.” I scooted down so my face was looking at her two luscious breasts, took one nipple into my mouth and began suckling. I was still stroking her body, my hand just roaming around. Down her backside, even under her panties, which I scooted down away across her hips.

Suddenly I thought, What am I doing? I can’t have intercourse with her. I’d better stop this right now. I didn’t mean to be so abrupt, but I was hard as a rock and couldn’t bring myself to go any farther.

“What’s the matter? This feels so good.”

“I can’t do this to you, Julie. If I don’t stop, I’ll need to go all the way and we just can’t do that.”

“Why not?” Hmm….. This is so damned frustrating and she is too damned innocent. “You’re afraid of getting bomonti escort me pregnant.”

“Yeah, I thought you didn’t know anything about that.”

“I had Health. And Biology. I just wish I could do something to make you feel as good as you’ve made me.”

“Well, you can, but I don’t want to ask you.”

“You’re not. I’m asking you!”

I told her to get on her knees as I pulled down my shorts; god, my cock was so stiff I could hardly move. “My goodness, What am I supposed to do with that?”

“Well, usually you’d put it inside your pussy, but we don’t want to do that.” She was just looking at it. I swear it was growing just from her gaze.

“Can I touch it?”

“Yes, please, touch it, lick it, kiss it, and if you’ve a mind to, suck it into your mouth.”

“Ok, I can do that!” Well, at least she’s willing.

Willing was only part of it, she was downright enthusiastic! She put both hands around it as if to keep it in place. She curiously kissed it, then licked it, just like a taste test. Oh! This was sweet, pure torture to have her gingerly testing my reactions while testing her own willingness. She ran her tongue up and down and around and around, in a spiral sort of way. Then she paused, looked at me from under her eyelashes. “You said I can suck on him, say, like a lollipop?”

“Yes, sweetie, and just as long as you like.” I knew I would cum soon but this was exquisite and she was so soft and loving.

Before I knew it, the warmth of her mouth was encasing him and she set up a natural sucking rhythm. She stopped just for a second, licked her lips and said, “This is fun!” and kept right on. To say I was glad she’s enjoying herself is way too obvious. To say I couldn’t believe my good fortune that she’s right here living with me is almost too much.

I wanted to make it last, but soon I felt the urgency. She was going faster and faster, almost like she knew, and then my cum was shooting into her mouth. “Oh!” She acted like, ‘what a pleasant surprise!’ and was licking her mouth, her lips. It was everywhere, dripping out of the corners of her mouth. Then she wiped the rest on the back of her hand.

“Wow! That was fun! Can we do that again sometime?”

“Sure, honey, but right now we need to get some sleep. I have a test in the morning.” She snuggled down in my arm; her head nestled against my chest.

“Julie, there is Nothing wrong with you.” And I could almost feel her smile in the dark.

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