My Incestuous Story Ch. 02

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This story only makes sense if you read them in order. It is close the reality I lived as a young man.


It was early November, 1971, and I was doing well in my first semester of college. I aced all my midterms. It was easy to stay focused on my school work. I didn’t have the typical distractions first year college students do like trying to find themselves socially and sexually. My mother had me accustomed to morning sex the so Carla and I kept up the tradition.

As a freshman I was required to live in the dorm. It was convenient to stop by my room when I had a couple of hours between classes. During the day the dorms were quiet. I could sit at my desk and concentrate on my work. After classes were finished for the day, I went to the apartment that Carla and my sister shared.

It took a lot of convincing on my mother’s part to get my father to allow Lisa, my sister, to live off campus in her second year. A lot of that had to do with Carla’s parents. I had met Carla over the summer at the cabin in the Catskills. One weekend when my father was at the cabin we had Carla and her parents over for dinner. Carla’s father was just like my father, conservative and prudish, when it came to social behavior. My mother convinced my father that Carla came from a good family and would be a good influence on Lisa.

That Tuesday fall morning the alarm went off as usual at six in the morning. I shut it off and rolled over to kiss Carla who was already smiling knowing that she would soon be aroused and having an orgasm to start her day. Several kisses later I moved down to enjoy her perky small breasts, eventually making my way to her luscious pussy.

“Damn Billy. You get better and better at that every day,” Carla said as she settled down from her first orgasm. I kissed her again, my face covered in her cum.

“So, what’s your pleasure today?” I asked her referring to the variety of positions we used for our morning fuck. Usually she wanted to take control and ride my cock on top of me. Sometimes, however, she wanted me to pound her hard from behind. Today was one of those days.

“Slam me hard doggy style,” she said positioning herself on all fours.

I lined up behind her and rubbed the head of my cock along her wet slit getting it lubricated to penetrate her with a swift thrust.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Uh, huh,” she moaned.

Carla pushed back as pushed in. We both established a quick pace working together to push my cock in hard and deep. I grabbed her hips for greater control, the sound of our bodies slamming together adding to the eroticism of the early morning. Carla’s arms gave way when she hit another climax, her face pushed into a pillow as I continued to pummel her.

“Oh Yea,” I cried out as I pumped my cum into Carla’s pussy. She seized my cock with her strong vaginal muscles reacting to the sensation of my sperm shooting inside her.

“Oh Billy!” Carla screamed as her third powerful orgasm overcame her body.

Carla and I showered together, another part of our morning ritual. I got dressed for my eight-thirty class. Carla didn’t have a class on Tuesday until noon so she just threw on a robe.

“You guys were particularly loud this morning,” my sister quipped as we sat down to have a cup of coffee. Lisa was still in her night gown, her large breasts barely covered.

Had I not just been freshly fucked and needed to get to class, I would have gotten aroused by the sight of my sister. Lisa exuded sex, a trait she inherited from our mother.

“Well sometimes you need it rough and hard,” Carla laughed.

I finished my coffee, grabbed my books and headed out the door. The brisk morning air invigorated me even more as I made my way onto the campus. I could see a crowd gathered by the entrance to the building where my early class was held.

Campus police had the building roped off and were turning students away. They informed us that classes were canceled for the morning. It was another bomb scare. I didn’t have another class that day until early afternoon so I decided to head back to the apartment instead of the dorm room to get some work done.

When I opened the door of the apartment and entered I heard the sound of my sister moaning.

“Yes. Yes. Right there,” Lisa cried out. The door to her bedroom was open. “Oh yes,” she moaned loudly again. I could tell she was ready to come to a climax, Carla was finger fucking her at a rapid pace.

“Come on in Billy,” Carla said to me sensing my presence since her back was to me.

Lisa’s pelvis bucked up, her back arched as hit her orgasm. Carla dove down to her pussy to catch with her mouth the stream of fluid Lisa was ejaculating. I set my books down and watched in awe my girlfriend and sister. I didn’t know then the extent of their sexual relationship.

“Hurry up Billy,” Carla commanded. “Take your clothes off and fuck Lisa while her pussy is still flaming hot.”

I quickly shed my clothes, my cock was already erect from the erotic display. Carla beşiktaş türbanlı escort moved aside and I mounted my sister missionary style and started pumping away in her nice tight pussy. Lisa had a quick succession of orgasms, ejaculating copious amounts of cum. Her body was shaking underneath me.

Carla helped pull Lisa’s legs back, I penetrated my sister deeper. This wasn’t the first time we fucked. We did so with mom during the summer and a few times here in the apartment when Carla went home for a weekend.

“Holy Shit,” I yelled as I exploded inside my sister. Lisa tensed up gripping me hard. Then she went limp as the last of my cum flowed out of my retreating cock. Lisa’s bed was soaked.

“Come on Billy,” Carla said taking my hand, helped me gather up my clothes and led me out of Lisa’s room. “Your sister had some pretty intense orgasms. She will need to rest.”

Carla and I plopped down on our bed. She smiled and kissed me.

“You came back unexpectedly,” Carla said. “Guess you caught us in our Tuesday morning love making session,” she stated.

“You two have sex every Tuesday morning?” I asked surprised. “I didn’t know you were getting it on,” I said.

“Since the summer,” Carla told me. “Actually, your sister came on to me. I never did anything with girls before. I fantasized a little and your sister has such an awesome body.”

We laid there in silence for a few minutes gently touching each other’s naked body. Then Carla spoke up.

“Lisa told me about your family secret,” she said timidly.

I didn’t know how to respond. Carla told me to fuck Lisa. I didn’t think about it in the heat of the moment. Carla knew I had sex with Lisa before. I wondered if Lisa told her about mom as well.

“Don’t be ashamed,” she said. “I think it’s wonderful that you and Lisa and your mom can be so intimate.”

“You’re alright with it?” I asked sincerely.

“Alright?” she responded. “I love you even more for it. It’s courageous to throw away society’s taboos and be honest with yourself,” my girlfriend said to me lovingly. Carla slapped my dick lightly and laughed. “Now I know who taught you to be such a good pussy eater.”

We embraced and kissed. Then I went down on Carla bringing her to an orgasm. It was such a thrill to see her satisfied.


I had my last final exam and my mother was going to come and pick Lisa and I up to spend the holiday break at home. I was going to miss Carla and our morning sex ritual but I looked forward spending time with my mother and sister while my father was at work. Carla knew about my relationship with my mother and she wasn’t jealous, rather she expressed a desire to participate in a threesome with my mom and I or even a foursome including my sister.

I thought it would be erotic as well but I didn’t know how to approach my mother. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy sex with another woman, she had sex with Lisa, I was afraid of how she would react if she found out that Carla knew our family secret.

When we arrived home it was almost as though mom couldn’t wait to get Lisa and I into her bedroom.

“I’m so horny,” mom said. “This hasn’t been easy having both of you away,” she complained.

It took less than a minute before we were naked and in my mother’s bed. Mom immediately descended on my cock, licking and slurping my stiff erection.

“My god,” mom said looking up at me. “It’s so nice to feel a real, hot, throbbing cock.” She took a few more licks and sucked on the head of my penis.

“Billy,” mom began. “I want to introduce you to something else,” she said and hesitated. “It’s something I enjoyed a long time ago with your father,” she told my sister and me.

“Back when things started going sour between us, your father thought he was punishing me,” mom started to explain. “He bent me over the kitchen table and ripped my panties off. Then he took some cooking oil and poured some on my butt and shoved his cock in my butt hole.”

“It really hurt at first,” she went on. “But then it started feeling really good. I actually had an orgasm which I never did when he fucked my vagina. When he was done I pretended to be angry and told him never to do that again, knowing that would make him want to do it more,” she concluded.

“Wow, mom” Lisa said. “I heard about anal sex but I always thought it would really hurt and be, you know, messy,” my sister said sitting on the bed playing with her tits and rubbing her vulva.”

Mom went over to her closet and rummaged around. She came back holding a dildo that I imagine was about six inched long and not very thick. It was smaller than my cock.

“Lisa, I’ll let you borrow this if you want to experiment,” mom said to my sister. “Just make sure you hide it well so your father doesn’t see it. And use plenty of K-Y jelly,” she said holding a tube of the lubricant.

“Billy, let’s see about getting that beautiful hard cock of yours in my butt,” mom said to me with a beşiktaş ucuz escort hint of laughter.

I watched as my mom worked some of the jelly on her butt hole with her fingers. Lisa was stroking me, keeping me hard while keenly observing our mother prepare herself. After a minute of manipulating her anal opening with her fingers, mom squeezed some more K-Y on her hand and applied to my cock. She got on her knees, her head resting on a pillow, her butt in the air. She reached around and spread her butt cheeks exposing her opening which was glistening with the jelly.

“Ok, Billy,” mom said. “Just line your cock up to my hole. Don’t push in,” she said. “I’ll push back on you.”

I did as she told me, placing the tip of my cock at her anal opening. My mom felt it and started slowly pushing back on me, engulfing the head of my cock.

“Push in slowly now,” she instructed. “Pause when you are all the way in so I can get used to it.”

I did as instructed, slowly penetrating my mother’s bowels until my balls rested on her butt cheeks and waited for my mother to tell me next what to do.

“Oh, that feels good,” mom moaned. A few seconds later she told me to start fucking her. I started slowly pulling out but not all the way before pushing back in.

“Fuck me hard, Billy,” mom cried out. I picked up the pace and pushed as hard as I could into her tight ass. It was an amazing sensation, my cock sliding hard in and out of my mother’s opening, her soft round ass bouncing with each forward thrust.

“Oy god,” mom screamed as she pushed her shaking body back hard into me. It was getting too much for me to control myself. I exploded, pumping stream after stream of my semen onto my mother’s bowels. Mom collapsed under me, pushing my cock out, my discharge oozing from her.

“Wow, that was amazing to watch,” Lisa said.

I looked down at my penis to see if there was any poop on it but it looked clean. Lisa moved over on the bed and started to touch my deflating cock. Mom must have noticed her playing with me.

“Billy, go to the bathroom and clean yourself off good,” mom commanded. “You better wash your hands too,” she said to my sister.

Lisa and I got up off the bed together and made our way to the bathroom where Lisa took a wash cloth and soap and cleaned my penis and groin thoroughly. We went back to the bedroom and started playing with each other. As soon as I got hard again, I fucked Lisa.

All three of us showered and dressed before my father would get home from work. Mom went to the kitchen to prepare dinner while Lisa and I hung out in the living room talking.

“You know Carla wants to have sex with mom and me. Maybe even a foursome with you,” I told my sister.

“That would be wild,” Lisa responded. “I really like Carla. She is hot,” my sister commented.

“How are we going to ask mom if Carla can join us?” I asked. “She said we must keep our family secret to ourselves. I don’t know how she will react to Carla knowing about us,” I explained.

“I’ll think about it. Maybe there’s a way we can let Carla in with mom just accepting her as part of us,” Lisa said with a hint of confidence finding a solution.


Friday evening we were sitting around the dinner table eating. Father wasn’t there and we didn’t expect him until late that night. It was the day of his office Christmas party so he was probably going to drink too much and fuck one of the office girls before he would find his way home.

I was helping mom clear the table while Lisa washed the dishes when the phone rang. Mom answered the one on the kitchen wall.

“It’s for you Billy,” mom said handing me the receiver.

“Hello,” I said into the mouthpiece.

“Hi, it’s me,” Carla said on the other end of the line. “I have a nice surprise Christmas present for you.”

“Really? What is it or do I have to wait to unwrap it on Christmas Day?” I joked.

“I have tickets to a show,” she told me. “Jesus Christ Superstar,” she said. “It’s for Wednesday matinee. We can meet up in the city.”

“That’s great,” I responded. I had been wanting to see that show. “We can out for dinner afterwards. My present to you,” I said.

“Guess what else,” Carla said.


“I have three tickets,” she said.

“You want to invite Lisa along?” I asked.

“No,” she replied quickly.

“Who then?” I asked puzzled having assumed she would want my sister to join us.

“Your mom,” Carla said emphatically.

This was going to be awkward. It would have made sense having Lisa along with Carla and I since my mother knew we were good friends and Carla was Lisa’s roommate. How was I going to ask my mother to go and shun Lisa.

“That’s going to be a bit unusual,” I said in a low tone of voice, stretching the cord to the phone around the corner so I wouldn’t be overheard.

“Is Lisa there?” Carla asked. “Put her on the phone,” she commanded.

I went back around the corner from beşiktaş üniversiteli escort the dining room to the kitchen and told Lisa that Carla wanted to talk with her. After a minute Lisa handed the phone back to me.

“See,” Carla said. “No problem. Lisa will tell your mom about the tickets to the show and tell her she can’t go. Then she will suggest that your mom goes with us. Perfect plan.”

“Alright,” I said reluctantly.

“We can meet at the theater,” Carla said.

“Alright,” I said again. “See you then.”

“Bye,” she said.

“Bye,” I returned before hanging up the phone.

Lisa was explaining to mom why she couldn’t go on Wednesday. Something about plans she had made with friends from school about meeting up at the mall.

“Why don’t you go with Billy?” Lisa asked mom. “Billy, you don’t mind mom going with you. Mom is cool and Carla likes her,” she went on.

“I think that’s great,” I said. “How about it mom?” I directed myself to my mother.

“Well, I suppose so,” mom said. “I really like the music,” she added.


Wednesday came around. My mother and I caught the train into Manhattan with plenty of time to spare so we wouldn’t be late in case we ran into a snag. We were standing by the theater when I noticed Carla walking up to us.

“Hi Billy. Hi Alice,” Carla greeted us. During the summer when we were at the cabin in the Catskills where I met Carla, my mother insisted Carla call her by her first name instead of Mrs. Johnson.

The show was fantastic. Mom and I thanked Carla profusely for inviting us to see the Broadway production. As we were leaving I was about to ask Carla and my mother where they would like to go for dinner. I was thinking about something different like and Indian or Armenian restaurant when Carla piped up.

“Oh,” she said. “I made reservations for dinner. I know you said you would treat Billy but I want today to be totally my present,” she stated. “You’ll just have to get me something else for Christmas.”

“Ok,” I said. “Where to?”

“There’s a nice restaurant in the Sheraton across from Penn Station,” Carla explained. “It’s not too far to walk if you’re alright with that Alice,” she said to mom.

“Sure,” mom replied. “I like to walk in the brisk weather,” mom added.

It was about fifteen blocks from the theater to the Sheraton. It was nice that late afternoon. First we had a drink in the lounge before being seated in the restaurant. Mom and I both had Filet Mignon for dinner, Carla had crab stuffed lobster. The conversation centered mostly on Carla’s work with environmental groups helping to clean up the Hudson River.

“I have a little surprise for both of you,” Carla announced as we were finishing dessert and coffee. “First of all, I don’t want you to get mad, Alice,” she said. “I could sense something about both of you last summer at the lake,” she went on timidly. “I cajoled it out of Lisa so don’t be mad at her,” she pleaded.

My mother picked up immediately what Carla was referring to. Her expression was more of surprise than anger when she looked at me. Carla took a hotel room key out of her purse and looked at my mother.

“I’ve had an attraction for you, Alice, since I first got to know all of you last summer,” Carla said demurely. “Please,” she begged of my mom.

Mom sighed and looked at Carla. There’s was no way mom could not be attracted to Carla. Carla exuded sexiness, strength and confidence. My mother was completely sexually liberated. Mom smiled at Carla first.

“Oh, good,” Carla said. We got up from the table, Carla charged the meal to the room and we went to the elevators. In the elevator, Carla kissed mom lightly on the lips. “Thank you,” she said to mom softly.

In the hotel room, Carla had me stand by the bed next to my mother.

“This is my treat for you,” Carla said. “Let me undress you and pleasure you. Both of you.”

Carla began with my mother first, unzipping her dress and letting it slide off my mom’s shoulders, dropping to the floor. She pulled my mother’s slip over her head, leaving mom in her bra, panties and stockings. Then she loosened my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. I helped Carla pull my shirt off, then my t-shirt.

“Oh my, they’re so beautiful,” Carla cooed removing my mother’s bra. Carla cupped my mother’s large breast and kissed her nipple. Carla slid mom’s panties down exposing her silky smooth pubic hair. Carla touched her, eliciting soft moans from my mother.

My cock sprang to attention as Carla helped me out of my trousers and underwear. She gently kissed the tip of my cock before turning her attention back to my mother who was standing there naked except for the nylons on her legs. Carla sat both of us down on the bed while she began a seductive striptease.

“Oh Carla,” my mother moaned as I watched my girlfriend ravish my mother’s pussy. My mother’s pelvis bucked and I watched her body shake, her back arched as Carla brought my mom to a climax.

“Thank you for teaching Billy so well,” Carla said to my mother.

Carla had me lie down and motioned for mom to ride my cock as she sat down on my face. I could feel my mother grinding herself on me. I licked Carla’s pussy, her fluids flowing on my tongue. There were pauses in the moans emanating from both of them, I assumed they were locking lips with each other.

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