My Hot Aunt

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Hi friends ,well this is my first submission ..hope you will love it…. 🙂

“all characters are above 18 yrs of age”

I stood there beside the bed and was looking at the girl lying on the bed with her legs raised high ready to be fucked and i was just praising my luck….. “IS this real?” i just asked myself. “Come what are you waiting for” she said and to me and I moved forward for the hit.

Well it all started when I was 10 years old. Like all the other kids of my age I had this fantasy of kissing a girl. And to me the only girl who was the epitome of beauty and sensuality was my aunt {my father’s sister) Neha. She was around 5 years older to me and had a marvelous figure. Guys used to drool over her and even some older men looked at her is awe. She used to live in the same city but it was very few times she used to come to my place maybe once in a month. But I used to wait for that day. And when she used to come I would just sit there and admire her. Sometimes she caught me starting and used to smile and I used to lower my gaze. This all continued and after 4 years she got married at the age of 19. And I was here like a dickhead. I was just completely frustrated. I had tried all things but was not even able to talk to her intimately let alone have sex with her. So well with her marriage she moved out of India and I moved on in my life but her memories still haunted me. Let me tell you about her. She was 5’7″ very fair and had a huge set of breasts. They were around 36 D. And they were the center of my fantasy. With her long hairs flowing freely she didn’t looked less then a goddess of sex.

So well after 4 years of her marriage one day I came back to home from college .And to my utter disbelief I saw my aunt Neha sitting in the drawing room with her husband. “What the hell?” i just thought in my mind and all those past desires rekindled. I sat down with my parents and we all started talking. Just catching up the usual family stuff. I talked to her husband my uncle. They had a baby last year. It was a girl. SO that was the reason i thought in my mind that her breasts have become fuller and there was a sensuous glow in her face. I was just awestruck by her beauty. She was was wearing a white T shirt that showed her curves and a black LEVIS jeans that clung to her ass and showed her hips perfectly. Man she had some figure. My mother got up to make tea and my aunt followed her to kitchen. I was admiring her from back when she suddenly turned around and caught me staring. She smiled towards me. God that smile was a killer. I just blushed and lowered my gaze.

“You have grown up into a handsome guy. Isn’t it himanshu?” She said to her husband. “Hmm.. ya certainly he has” her husband replied. well that was certainly good compliment. Well I had grown into 19 year old good looking guy. I was 5’11 and used to workout daily. I had good biceps and my overall physique was good that made girls drool over me. And my greatest asset well that was my tool. When fully erect it was around 7 inches and very thick.

So dad and my beşiktaş escort uncle started talking and I went into kitchen in order to help my mom but in reality to look at those great milky breasts. She was standing next to my mother on her tiptoe trying to put the jar back on the shelf. I came and stood and her back and on the pretext of helping her i leaned forward and took the jar and put it on the shelf and there by rubbing my crotch in between her asscheeks. It was good that my mother was turned other side washing cups otherwise she certainly would have seen this encounter. My aunt turned towards me and smiled mischievously. I saw a twinkle in her eyes. Hey what was this. I certainly expected scolding for my behavior but here I was getting smile. Was she sending some kind of signal . Well I was confused. I was little embarrassed so I ran back into the drawing room and sat beside my dad. He was in discussing about cars with my uncle . My uncle was buying a car so he needed my dad’s help.

As my dad knew most of the car dealers so he said “Why not we go for the car dealer after tea today. You can choose a car and the rest of the details I will see!!”.

My uncle said that is a great Idea. My mind went to work. I needed to jack off. I could not control any longer. I would have the house to myself and would jack off seeing a porno.

“Dad I have some college stuff to do. I wont go. Why don’t you all go. It would be a great outing also for you all” I suggested dad.

“It would be good. What do you say Neha?” My uncle asked my aunt.

“Well you all go I will stay with my nephew and we will catch up with old stuff.” My aunt replied looking at me. My head started spinning and I started getting all sorts of ideas. I thought now I will get good scolding when we are alone.

After tea all of them went . I came back to house after seeing them off. I didn’t saw my aunt. I called out her name.. She asked me to come to my room. I went into my room and saw that she was on my bed going through my books. Well what is she trying to do.

I came and sat beside her. “So you love putting your cock between my ass?” My aunt asked me. She was looking straight towards me. I was caught off guard. I lowered my gaze and said sorry for my behavior.

“Don’t be sorry. I enjoyed that thing.” She said to me. If I hadn’t seen her lips moving I would have thought that those words were my imagination.

I just replied “What are you saying aunty”. “Don’t you wanna fuck me hard? I know what you want. I know you want me to throw on this bed and fuck my brains out. isn’t it?” She said to me.

I was speechless, dumbstruck , stunned and what not. Simply saying I was gaping at her. She laughed seeing my mouth open.

“Come on speak up!!” she coxed me.

“Yes that’s what I want to do.” I said to her.

“Then start don’t wait.” She replied..

“You sure you want to do this?” I asked her though praying that she doesn’t say NO.

“Come on. Even I want a hard fuck just now. Seeing your gorgeous body I beşiktaş eve gelen escort cant control myself” She replied.

“And what about uncle?” I asked still confused.

“He is a fag. He has a skin disease down there and he cant fuck me. Its now two months since I had a cock. Come on? She asked me. I was turned on hearing her talking dirty.

I just said sure.

She stood up and came to me. She helped me taking off my T shirt and my jeans. She pulled down my shorts and there I was. My cock fully erect . Massive 7 inches. Now it was her turn to gawk. She was staring my tool wide eyes. I thought her eyes my pop out.

“You certainly have got something good down here” She complimented me.

I was still in a shock. My gorgeous aunt , center of all my sexually fantasies was on her knees admiring my cock.

She took my cock in her hand and started stroking. And I was in heaven.

I closed my eyes and started enjoying that superb feeling. Suddenly I found my penis being engulfed in a warm wet thing. I opened and saw my aunt taking my cock slowly in her sweet small mouth.

That was enough for me. I held her head and started stroking her mouth. I was mouth fucking her. I realized she was gagging. I removed my penis and looked down.

“Go slow. I never gave a blow job to anyone.” She said to me.

She was giving a blow job first time and that was me. I was certainly lucky.. I again put my cock in her mouth. She started licking it . Paying special attention to my red bulbous top. She licked there longer. Then going down she licked whole length of my cock. She started licking my balls and massaging them. I was like in a heaven. She again put my cock in her mouth. Now I wanted to cum. I held her head and started fucking her mouth. Madly.

“I am cumming!!” I just warned her at the last second and cum started to flow into her sweet mouth,. My cock was buried deep so she had no choice but to swallow my load. Tears formed into her eyes. When I had shot my whole load down her throat I took off my cock. She was little stunned. “Well that cum was huge and I think cum is tasty.” She said wiping her mouth.

I pulled her up.

“Wait I need to clean first.” Saying this she went into the adjoining bathroom and gargled.

“I don’t want to smell of cum.” She said looking towards me.

I was stroking my cock which was starting to swell up again. She came back.

“Now its my turn.” I said to her. I remover her T shirt and saw her white bra. I removed her bra and those marvelous milky tits sprang out.

“They are massive and beautiful” I said to her. “You like them?” She asked me. I grunted yes.

I took her left nipple in my mouth and started licking it, God I wanted to do this since I was a kid. I was biting her and licking her. She started moaning.

“Yea lick those tit. Lick your aunt’s nipple.She wants them to be licked.” she started encouraging me. I took her right nipple in my mouth and massaged her left nipple. They were soft pinkish. beşiktaş grup yapan escort

Milk started to come out of them.

“Whoa whats this” I asked her fearing I did something wrong.

“Don’t worry sweetheart am lactating. I had baby last year maybe that’s why.”.

She pushed my head again to her nipples. And I started drinking that milk.

I then pushed her to bed and took off her jeans. She was wearing black silk panties.

“My god you are really sexy. From childhood I wanted to fuck you.” I told her.

“So what are you waiting for put that thing into me” my aunt screamed.

I needed no further encouragement. I put my cock head at her pussy entrance. I had seeing too many pornos and knew exactly what to do. With one massive shove I pushed my entire length in he pussy. She screamed. I immediately withdrew.

“Are you alright?” I asked her.

“Yeah its that I have not taken this big cock before. The only cock I had in my life is of my husband’s .And he is fucking 5 inches. Go easy on me dear. I am all your”.

I kissed her on her lips. I slowly pushed my whole cock into her inviting already wet pussy. It was so warm. I loved every bit of it.

I started stroking her first slowly then I started increasing my rhythm. She responded by moving her hips and meeting my thrusts with equal power.

“Fuck me. Fuck me my stud. My cunt has wanted your cock forever. Fuck your slut aunt.” She was screaming all this. And I was just admiring her and pumping her.She was squirming under me.

I pulled out. “I want you to fuck in doggy position” I asked her.

She immediately went into doggy position and I inserted her from behind holding her massive breasts as support.

She was asking to be fucked and I was obliging her. “Spank me. Hit me.. I am being naughty. Hit me now!!” She screamed.

I hit her with all my strength on her ass. Once twice thrice. Ans she was moaning with pleasure.

Suddenly she started shivering. And juices begin to flow from her pussy. She was having an orgasm. God.

I kept on pounding her pussy without mercy.

After 15 minitues of intense fucking I was on the verger of cumming. I told her I want to cum.

“Cum inside me.I want you fucking cum. Cum in my womb.” She asked me.

I was little surprised.

“Won’t you get pregnant?” I asked her.

“Come on adi, I want a kid. Make me pregnant. I will see that my asshole husband doesn’t speaks a word.”She encouraged me.

I continued ramming her cunt. And finally with one massive shove I was coming inside her.

“Yes fucking cum inside me. Make me pregnant. Give me your child.” She was shouting.

After that I sank in her arms. That was too much for me. We were in each others arms. She kissed silently. Not a passionate one but a the kiss which expresses love. “you love me?” she asked me.

“I do sweetheart. I love you.” I replied. And kissed her. She smiled .

After this we fucked twice before my parents came.

Aunty went back to her house and soon within 2 months they shifted to the same city. Now I fuck my aunt whenever I want. And she is pregnant with my child.

I love fucking her with her pregnant belly. But that’s another story for another time.

Bye folks. Hope you liked my story. Its my first time so I need all your encouragement and criticisms….. HAPPY READING….. .

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