My Friend’s Daughter Ch. 02

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All persons in this story are over the age of 18. This story is complete and utter fiction. But please read on for your personal enjoyment.

Just to give you a bit of history on what has happened so far. My friend Karen and her daughter Lexi had come to visit me from out of state for a couple weeks while I was between jobs. Karen had lived with me for a few months while working near my place, then had gone back home. She took a vacation and brought her daughter back with her to see me again. On the night they had arrived her daughter gave me her virginity, with her Mother watching unobserved.

And that is where I will pick this story up.

Towards the end of the movie, Lexi started to drift off to sleep snuggled up against me, with my semi-hard cock nestled in-between her ass cheeks, and my arm wrapped around her with my hand holding her breast. By the end of the movie she was sound asleep wrapped up in my arms. I gently shook her to wake her, saying “Lexi wake up.”

She awoke fairly slowly, looking at me with sleep filled eyes. I extracted my arm from beneath her head, with a small moan of protest from her. I got up off the couch, then proceeded to help her up, once again loving the sight of her naked body. My cock started to stir again as I help her up. “Come on Lexi lets go downstairs to bed.” I said to her.

“Okay Daddy” she said sleepily.

I helped Lexi downstairs to the bedroom, where her mother was curled up facing the outer edge of the bed. Lexi and I both crawled in bed naked, and within moments Lexi was curled up against me sound asleep. Then I got that familiar urge to go to the bathroom, so I carefully disentangled myself from Lexi trying not to make too many waves on the waterbed so as not to wake her mom as well. Then I headed upstairs to the bathroom.

“You done yet?” came from the door just as I finished up.

I turned to see Karen standing in the doorway naked as the day she was born. I take in the sight of her, once again loving to see her full breasts and that wonderfully bald pussy. “Yes im done now. Do you need to go as well?” I answer her.

“No I have another itch I need scratched. Care to help me with it?” Karen asks a hungry look in her eyes.

“I would love to help you with it.’ I responded.

Karen turned and headed out to the living room as I followed behind her watching her ass sway back and forth with all sorts of lewd thoughts running thru my mind.

Karen reached the couch and looked down and said “Look at this you left a wet spot on the couch.”

I looked down at where she was pointing and sure enough there was a wet spot about the size of a large pancake on the couch. “Ain’t my fault its Lexi’s not mine, you saw where mine went.” I responded to her.

Karen started laughing, as I reached for her pulling her into my arms and kissing her soundly to stop her laughing. She returned my kiss very passionately. Her arms going about my neck and mine about her waist pulling her to me. My cock was growing very fast starting to poke her in the belly, surprising me that I was ready to go again that fast. I slid my hand up to her breast moving right to the nipple, where I pinched it not real hard but enough to let her know. A soft moan escaped her lips running right into my mouth as our tongues were intertwined. I turned her towards the couch and broke our kiss as I gently pushed her backwards. She sat down as I kneeled before her in-between her legs, moving forward to kiss her once again.

“Is this the itch you were talking about?” I asked my hand reaching the valley in-between her legs.

“Yes it is. You got me so horny watching you and Lexi together. I never thought that it would be like that watching my daughter and you together. I have seen you with other women and this is nothing like it.” Karen responded.

I smiled as my lips descended to her neck, thinking that if watching Lexi and me together turned her on more then our threesomes and foursomes had then I could probably get her to enjoy even more visual excitement.

“What are you thinking? I see that devilish look in your eyes.” Karen asked.

“Just thinking about you is all.” I responded.

“I know ucuz escort better then that. You have something in mind. Are you gonna tell me or do I have to guess.” She asked as I took her nipple in my mouth and used my finger on her clit at the same time.

She gasped as I rubbed her clit and my teeth bit down on her nip fairly hard. I was trying to distract her and it seemed to be working. She had her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open. I started sucking on her nip a little harder releasing my teeth’s tight hold on it. My fingers pushed her hood back, to put the pad of one finger directly on her exposed clit. Her hips thrust towards me as I did trying to force something inside her. And a slight sigh once again escaped her lips. I could feel how hot she was, my hand being so close to her pussy.

“So what are you thinking about?” she asked again. She never did give up easily on questioning me, so I figured I would just have to distract her even more until she temporarily forgot about it.

So I slipped my finger inside her and curled it back towards me and began to rub that rough spot I could feel as my thumb stroked her clit. Her eyes closed slightly and her mouth opened, sighing silently. I lowered my mouth to her right breast and sucked her nipple into my mouth, running around her nip with my tongue. Then gently grazing my teeth along her hard nip

eliciting a sharp intake of breath from her as the pain\pleasure ran thru her.

I could feel her getting close already, and I had barely begun to tease her. I had never seen her this fired up before. Watching her daughter and me must have really got her going and now I was seeing the fruits of that. Within seconds of my playing with her g-spot and her clit she started to cum on my fingers, my mouth still wrapped around her nipple. It wasn’t a huge orgasm but it wasn’t small either, as I watched her cum hard on my fingers with her nip still trapped between my teeth.

My cock was hard as a rock, and as she came down from the height of her orgasm, her hand reached out and grabbed hold of my cock firmly. Slowly her hand stroked along my length, as I continue to tease her body. I moved my mouth over to her left nipple as my fingers began stroking again. Watching her as I began to move my fingers again I saw that her passion had not subsided at all and was still running at full boil. Quickly she began to build again the flush darkening across her chest and her nipple growing harder in my mouth and my finger rubbed her g-spot inside her. I was slowly and softly stroking it, not putting a lot of pressure against her g-spot. She was moving her hips and sighing softly as the pressure built inside her. She opened her eyes and looked at me, I could see the fire in all its glory in her eyes as she pushed me back. I moved back and rose to my feet. Her hands went quickly to my cock as she sat forward and pulled me into her mouth.

Karen was so fired up that she took me deep on the first stroke something she only does when she has been sucking on me for awhile, after her mouth and throat have adjusted to my length. As she did this a low groan escaped my lips, due to the wonderful sensations on the head of my cock. Karen kept this up for a few minutes, her right hand gripping my shaft when she didn’t have me deep in her throat, and the left playing with my balls. Ever once in a while sliding her finger back to my backdoor and teasing around the ring, causing me to clench my butt cheeks and push forward driving my cock deeper in her mouth.

She then took her mouth off my cock, and looked up at me and asked “You ready to scratch that itch I have?”

I just nodded my head as my hands descended to her shoulders, gently pushing her back to a reclining position. I knelt before her and slid forward until my thighs were up against the couch. I grabbed my cock in my hand and rubbed the head against her wet slit, pushing the head up to her clit. A soft sigh sounded as I pressed the head harder into her clit. I then slid the head of my cock down to her entrance to heaven, and slowly pushed myself forward. Karen took her legs and lifted them and I helped her to put them over my shoulders as I began ümraniye escort to slowly fuck her pussy.

Karen had her eyes closed, and I was watching her face and in the back of my mind I could see the definite similarities of her body and her daughters. Their breasts were very similar with the nipples being the biggest difference, whereas Lexi’s were smaller, both in nip and areola, mom’s were a little bigger. Karens eyes opened as I slid my right hand forward to grab her breast and my left arm held her legs in place. Gradually I increased the pace of my fucking watching her face and body’s reactions as she built again to a hard climax.

Mother and daughter are both multi orgasmic and I have a perverse delight in making them cum one on top of another. This time was no exception as I built Karen up for another good cum just seconds after her having one. I could feel her clutching my cock as I buried it inside her keeping the same pace building I had been, my right hand playing with her hard nips, pinching and pulling on them. I knew I would be going for a while, since I had cum once already that night. Karen’s arms moved down to my sides and was helping me to slide inside her, wanting me to increase my pace. But I resisted keeping the same slow pace that I was at.

“Come on baby, pound my pussy.” Karen said to me.

She knows it is hard for me to resist when she talks dirty to me. “You want me to pound it hard, baby?” I answer her.

“Yes” came the simple answer.

I pull back out til just the tip of my cock is resting inside her folds. Then I slam in once, twice, three times, causing her to cum hard on the third stroke. I can feel her pussy muscles gripping me trying to pull me in deeper.

“Like that baby. Want me to pound you hard.” I ask Karen.

“Yes, fuck my pussy hard.” She responds.

With her words sounding in my ears I start to ram my cock hard into her pussy. The sound bouncing off the walls, as wet skin hits wet skin. Karen starts so moan a little and it increases as I pound her pussy harder, until she has one of her huge orgasm, her pussy gripping my cock and trying to milk it.

I slid my right thumb down to her clit and started stroking it as I went back to long strokes deep inside her. I could feel her tense up around my cock again, and watched as her eyes opened and she looked up at me. The fire was in full force in her eyes, as she pushed me back, then stood up and turned me so I could sit down on the couch. She then straddled me and reached down to grab my wet cock and guide it inside her hot pussy.

I could see that Karen was more then fired up and ready to go again. And she did just that as she sank down until I was completely buried inside her again. Karen then started sliding back and forth on me rubbing her clit against my skin, adding more stimulation. Karen held on to the arm of the couch with one hand while her other went to her breast. She started pulling and twisting on her nipple as she was building rapidly to another climax.

I moved one hand up to capture her other hard nip, while my other hand slid down between us to rub her clit when she started sliding up and down on my hard shaft. I could feel her starting to pulse around my shaft again. “That’s it baby, cum on my cock.” I told her.

With that she started to moan again and her pussy was gripping me tighter. I could see her hand twisting her nipple harder, so I did the same to her other nip, as I increased the pace rubbing her clit. I could feel the tingling in my balls, so I knew that I would hafta slow her down after her climax or I would be cumming and that would end our play time for the evening. I started to rub her clit faster and harder as I pinched and pulled the nipple harder. The added stimulation pushed Karen over the edge and she came hard, moaning, her pussy pulsing on my cock.

I moved my hands under her arms and lifted her off of me. Karen stood up, and I stood up with her. “What honey?” she asked me as we stood standing side by side.

“Wanna clean him up a bit?” I asked her.

Karen sank down to her knees and took my wet cock in her mouth and cleaned the head off first before licking üniversiteli öğrenci escort my cock from the base to the head. She licked the whole length of my cock cleaning all of her cum off it. I could feel the pressure subsiding a little. So I reached down and lifted her chin. She came once again to her feet as I moved behind her. Karen smiled as I turned her towards the couch, and she leaned forward to place her hands on the back of the couch. Karen placed her knees on the cushion as I moved in behind her and rubbed the head of my cock against her lips moving up to her clit. I rubbed the head of my cock against her clit, eliciting a soft moan from her.

I moved my cock head up to her entrance, and sank in to the hilt on the first stroke. Karen moaned and I groaned as the warmth of her pussy encompassed my cock. I first started to stroke in and out slowly, but the pace increased quickly as my urge to cum increased tenfold. I grabbed hold of her hips and started to pound her hard. “Ohhhhhhhh yes that’s it baby.” Karen said as she started to bounce off me.

A low groan started deep in my chest as I continued to pound her pussy hard. Karen started to moan shortly after I did, her hand dropping between her legs to stroke her clit as I pounded her pussy. Within just a few minutes, my groan was climbing higher as I could feel my balls beginning to churn as my cum started to boil forth. A loud groan bounced off the walls with the sound of wet skin slapping against wet skin, followed by Karen’s moan as she came hard on my cock. The pulsing of my cock as I pumped cum inside her pushing her over the edge in another hard climax. I slowed my pace down and continued to slide back and forth in her pussy as I finished unloading my cum in her. Once I was done, I collapsed on her back, my sweaty body against her sweaty body.

“Ummmmmm that felt so good honey.” Karen said to me.

“Yes it did baby.” I answered slightly out of breath still.

My cock was finally softening and starting to slip out of her as she said “Better grab something or there is gonna be a mess on the couch.”

I looked around quickly and saw the towel left over from my shower earlier and grabbed it off the floor and quickly pressed it against Karen’s very red and swollen pussy and the white froth tried to cum out. Karen and I cleaned up and then headed for the shower.

“So what do you have planned for us next?” Karen asked me.

“Oh im not sure yet.” I replied laughing.

“No dark twisted thoughts in that head of yours?” She asked.

I chuckled and replied, “No nothing out of the ordinary.”

Karen laughed. “No mother/daughter thoughts in your head?”

“You know better then that honey. I always have those dark twisted thoughts in my head.” I answered her.

“Well who knows maybe I can make one of your fantasies come true.” Karen said.

“Well that will narrow it down a bit for me since I have so many.” I laughed again.

We both stepped in the shower together and took our time washing each other, paying particular attention to our special parts, making sure they were nice and squeaky clean. Once done we stepped out and toweled each other dry.

“Besides hon” I said, “you know having you and Lexi at the same time would be a dream come true if we can get thru the mental things. And im pretty sure as far as the girl on girl contact I know at least one of you will be okay with that.”

“Your sure about that hun?” she replied.

“Yep im real sure about that. Lexi wont mind one bit.”

“Well we will just have to see what happens.” Karen responded.

With that Karen and I headed downstairs to bed. Lexi was sound asleep cuddled up around my pillow. Karen let me get into bed first. I crawled to the middle of the bed, first sliding my left arm under Lexi’s pillow and then my right under Karen’s. Lexi felt the warmth of my body against her back, and she pushed back into me trying to snuggle. Karen crawled into bed and also snuggled up to me. My left hand slid down under Lexi to her breast which I took in my hand, her nipple sliding in-between my fingers. Karen curled up against my right side and used my shoulder as her pillow, my arm around her, resting on her side, just above her hip. Once both of the women were comfortable, Karen and I quickly fell asleep.


Please feel free to vote and comment on Chapter 2. If you would like to hear more please let me know and I will get Chapter 3 out as soon as I can.

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