My French Affair

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I stood looking at myself in the mirror. I was naked, my wife waiting for me in the adjoining bedroom. We had got back from holiday the day before, and were now enjoying some time together on our own while our two young children visited their grandparents. I listened as Annie called to me, answering that I was on my way.

We’d already spent the last few hours in bed together, and were now ready for some more fun. Looking down, I could see my cock getting hard at just the thought of Annie in bed waiting for me, of her sexy body, of her taut breasts and almost permanently erect nipples.

I looked in the mirror again. I didn’t look any different to what I did a week ago. Come to think of it, I didn’t feel any different either. But I was. After all, until a week ago I had been faithful to Annie throughout our ten years of marriage. Of course I’ve been tempted, and the odd opportunity has arisen over the years. But I’d ignored them all, wanting, needing, only Annie.

Until last week that is.

When it just happened.


We were on holiday in France. We had driven down to the Vendee coast for three weeks in the sun. We were staying at a sort of holiday resort. It suited us – plenty of sun, close to the beach, lots for the children to do.

The resort was built around a central area, where there were a couple of swimming pools, sun patio’s, and play areas. There were then the usual collection of shops, restaurants and bars. All around this central area, for what seemed like miles, were chalets, mobile homes, caravans, and even a sprinkling of smaller areas set aside for tents.

We had booked ourselves into one of the chalets. It was fine for us – a couple of bedrooms, lounge, kitchen/diner, and all the “mod cons” you could think of. Outside there was a small garden, with room for a Barbeque, a table and chairs, and a couple of sun beds. There were chalets off to each side of us, and a small camping area, suitable really for only one tent, in front of us.

The first two weeks of the holiday flew by. I spent a lot of it by the pool, or on the beach, relaxing, playing with the children, swimming, and generally watching the world – especially the ladies – go by. Towards the end of the second week, Annie started taking the children to an activity club in the afternoon, leaving me to my own devices for two or three hours. I was quite happy with this, and spent the time lying out on a sun bed in our little garden, topping up my tan and having a read.

About this time, the middle aged couple who had been camping opposite us packed up and left. While we were out that evening, another tent appeared in their place. It was quite late when we got back from our visit to a funfair in a nearby town, and there was no-one to be seen, just a small car parked along one edge of the grassy area, and a tent.

We had a bit of a lie in the next day, as the children had gone to bed late. So it was mid morning by the time we all got up. We had breakfast together, and then got ready for an hour or so down by the pool. As I opened the door to the chalet, and looked outside, my mouth must have hung open at the sight that greeted me.

There was a woman on all fours directly opposite me, in the low entrance to the newly arrived tent. Her short skirt had ridden up, leaving me with a perfect view of the back of her tanned thighs, and much of her practically naked ass. There was only what looked like the tiniest of bikini bottoms between me and her bum and pussy. Her ass wiggled as she reversed out of the tent before standing up.

As a man followed her, she turned and saw me. She smiled, a dazzling bright smile, and gave a little wave, a knowing twinkle in her year. Annie pushed me in the back just then, waking me up from my open mouthed staring at the lady opposite.

Our new “neighbours” must have been in their mid twenties. They both waved as they saw Annie and the children, and she flashed that smile again, looking at me closely. We followed them as they headed off towards the pool as well.

We were only about fifteen yards behind them and I could not take my eyes off her legs and ass. There was just something about them, about her, which I found incredibly sexy. After a few minutes of this, I shook my head, and chased after the children to take my mind off her. For the next hour or so, I played with the children and had a swim, forgetting about her completely.

At lunchtime, Annie took the children back to the chalet for lunch, while I stayed by the pool a bit longer. Annie had only been gone a few minutes when I saw the girl walking towards me. Her skirt had gone now, and she was dressed only in her bikini. As soon as I saw her, my cock began to get uncomfortable in my swimming trunks.

What was it about her? It wasn’t as if she was particularly beautiful or anything. She was pretty, very pretty, but by no means beautiful. Usually, I’m drawn to dark, slender women like Annie. But this was different.

Her dirty blonde hair was short, her canlı bahis face and shoulders sprinkled with freckles. She had a small nose, and full, very kissable lips. Her eyes looked different – a deep, almost liquid, dark brown colour.

Her skin was tanned a golden brown. She was quite well built in a curvy, voluptuous way, with breasts that looked soft and well rounded, and that were threatening to escape from her top. I could make out her small, hard nipples behind the flimsy material of her bikini. Her waist was surprisingly narrow compared to the rest of her, which made her hips look rounded as they curved softly into her strong legs.

My cock just kept growing as I watched her, as she got closer, all of me drawn to her. I pulled a towel off the end of the sun bed and pretended to wipe my face with it before dropping it into my lap to hide my more than obvious bulge, all of the time watching her.

She smiled at me again, a knowing, flirty smile, as if she knew exactly what she was doing to me. She pointed at the sun beds Annie and the children had just vacated. I watched as the man she was with turned the sun beds around a little, but left them only a few yards away from me. I reached for my book then, intent on having a read to keep my mind (and eyes!) off her.

I could see that she was stood talking to her partner out of the corner of my eye, but made the mistake of looking up just as she leant over to spread her towel out on the sun bed. Suddenly, her ass was pointing at me again, and it was all I could do to stop my cock bursting out of my trunks. For a few seconds I took in the view of her ass pointing at me, my view undisturbed except by the thin ribbon of her thong that was caught between her rounded cheeks.

I rolled over quickly, not daring to look any further, my face flushed, my cock painfully hard. I tried to read for a bit after that, not really seeing the words, but desperate to take my mind off her. As soon as I thought my cock was decent again, I pulled my shorts back on over my trunks and headed back to the chalet, smiling briefly in response to her bright smile and wave as I left.

That afternoon, when Annie and the kids were out, I lay out in the sun for a little while longer. I was feeling wonderfully relaxed, but could not shake her out of my mind. Why was I so drawn to her? As I thought about her, my cock started to rise again. I rolled over, angry with myself, with her, and tried to push her to the back of my mind again, trying to think of anything but her.

A while latter I heard her come back to their tent. I kept my eyes closed, and a few minutes later heard their car starting up and then pulling away. I went back into the chalet to get a drink. As I came back outside, she appeared from her tent, still dressed in her bikini. She smiled at me, openly, frankly, looking me up and down, before spreading her towel out on the grass.

I couldn’t stop myself from watching her as I stood in the doorway of the chalet sipping my drink, my feet stuck to the floor. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she leant over to spread her towel out, as her breasts pressed forward in her top. She sat down and began to spread sun tan lotion on her shoulders. I couldn’t drag myself away as she ran her hands onto the tops of her breasts, and then her belly and onto to her thighs, rubbing her lotion in carefully, slowly, deliberately.

When she was finished, she rolled onto her front and reached behind herself to rub her cream covered hands over her ass. She opened a book in front of her, and started to read. I stared at her deep cleavage, at the swell of her breasts. She looked up and smiled, that all knowing smile. I turned and went back inside the chalet, blushing furiously, my cock hard in my trunks.

I went through to the bedroom, and lay down, thankful for the cooler air. I tried to read, but couldn’t concentrate, visions of her springing up from the page at me. I reached into my trunks, feeling my now semi erect cock. I cradled my balls with one hand, slowly stroking my ever growing cock with the other. I gave in to my imagination and pictures of her, this time naked, filled my head as I wondering at the delights hidden by her bikini.

Within what seemed like seconds, I was having a full blown wank, my trunks half way down my thighs, my cock thick and hard in my hand. I closed my eyes, feeling her against me, her breasts warm and firm, her pussy wet and waiting. My body tensed as I came quickly, my hand a blur as I wanked my cock, my cum squirting into the air before splattering down onto my belly.

I opened my eyes, my breathing heavy, and watched the cum dribbling over my hand and down my shaft as I stroked my still hard cock, squeezing the last of my cum from my aching balls. I looked at the thick splotches of cum on my belly, stark against my tanned skin. Even after my release, I couldn’t stop thinking about her. What was it about her?

I dozed off, still holding my cock, only to be woken up by the cries of the children as they ran back towards bahis siteleri the chalet. I dived into the bathroom in a panic and got cleaned up, frantically rubbing at the drying cum clinging to the hairs on my belly.

That evening we had a Barbeque. As I sat outside in my shorts cooking the meat, while Annie sorted out some bread and the salad, I tried to ignore the couple from the tent, even though I knew they were only a few yards away cooking on a small camping stove. Even when they both cried out, I didn’t turn around. But Annie came out to see what was going on.

She told me that they had managed to knock the stove over, spilling their food all over the place. Before I could say anything, she was walking towards them, telling them that we had loads of food, and that they were more than welcome to join us. I sat still, my mind in turmoil, but not fully understanding why.

Minutes later she was stood in front of me, while Annie introduced Maria and Jacques to me.

“Hello,” she smiled, touching me on the shoulder as I tried to carry on cooking. Her voice was low and husky, and very French.

I looked up at her, taking in her tight vest top, and the short skirt that barely hid her ass. My shoulder felt like it had been burnt were she had touched me. I could barely speak, my mouth felt dry, and my tongue felt like it was swollen and stuck to the roof of my mouth.

I tried to carry on cooking, only glancing across at Maria when Annie led her inside. I could hear them talking while they finished off the salad, but it was only her voice, only her, that I was really aware of, my cock hard in my shorts, my mind filled with visions of her again. I groaned and shook my head as I looked blankly at the meat as it started to burn.

The meal was a nightmare. The six of us were sat around a table made for four. Maria was sat between me and one of the children. She was very animated during the meal, great fun, always giving the children a lot of attention. But every time she leant towards Peter, our youngest, her ass and leg pressed back against me. My cock throbbed as I felt the heat of her naked flesh against me, as she flashed her bright smile at me, as she touched my arm.

Maria and Jacques helped us clear up, and – after a drink – Maria helped Annie settle the children down in bed. Jacques went back to the tent for some more wine, and then we settled down for a drink around the table outside. Maria sat close to me, openly flirting in a fun, slightly tipsy, sort of way as one drank our way through one bottle of wine after another. Every time she touched me I could feel my cock react and my face redden.

It was late when we eventually decided it was time for bed. Maria leant over and kissed me gently on the cheek, her lips warm and moist. Was it my imagination, or did she hold me just a little tighter than was necessary? Had she pressed herself to me a little more than normal?

Before going to bed, I slipped outside to check that the Barbeque was cold. I could hear Jacques and Maria in their tent, my mind immediately filled with images of her again. A surge of irrational jealousy swept through me. I shook my head, angry with myself for being so daft, as I stumbled back into the chalet. I grabbed Annie and we made love frantically, wantonly, my body moulded to hers, but as I came, it was Maria I was thinking of.

The next morning, I tried to ignore Maria, to the point of being rude, when I saw her by the pool. I tried not to look at her, and, having largely succeeded, felt happier when I went back to the chalet with Annie and the children.

After lunch, Annie took the children off to their club, while I sat outside in the sun with a drink and a book as usual. A while later, I saw Jacques and Maria coming back from the pool. Maria was wearing her bikini again, with a long tee shirt that just about reached down to the bottom of her cheeks. As they got back, they both smiled and waved. Jacques went into the tent, coming out only moments later with the car keys.

Despite my resolve, I couldn’t help but watch as Maria draped her arms around his neck and kissed him. As she reached up, her top rode up, giving me a perfect view of her ass, her tiny bikini bottoms again leaving so little to my racing imagination. Jacques then got in the car and drove off, leaving Maria on her own. She smiled at me again, and then went to the tent. I turned away quickly, not trusting myself to watch as she crawled into the tent.

I went indoors for a drink, and then stood leaning against the door drinking and watching the world go by, as I often did. A few minutes later, Maria appeared. She looked over at me, openly looking me up and down. I was only wearing my swimming trunks, and just the thought of her looking at me sent the blood racing to my cock.

I’m thirty four, keep myself fit, and always feel good about myself when I’m on holiday and have got a bit of a tan. Even so, I suddenly felt uncomfortable at how openly, how frankly, she looked at me in those few seconds.

Abruptly, bahis şirketleri she smiled and turned away, walking towards the ice cream stall a hundreds yards away. I watched her, mesmerised by the way her ass rolled as she walked. She bought an ice cream cone and began eating it as she walked back, her small pointed tongue flicking out. I groaned as I watched her, and without really thinking went back indoors.

Before I knew it, I was on the bed, my rigid cock in my hand, my mind full of her again, full of her, of her tongue flicking out at my cock. I shut my eyes, and stroked my cock, peeling my skin back slowly. I opened my eyes and watched as I squeezed the pre cum out of the tip of my cock, watching as it ran slowly down my shaft. I thought I heard something. I looked up in alarm, but couldn’t see anything. I stroked my cock, enjoying the hardness, the strength of my cock in my hand.

I reached for my balls, my legs wide apart. I glanced across at the long mirror on the wall at the foot of the bed, watching myself, seeing her reflection as she calmly watched me, licking her ice cream slowly, her eyes fixed on the reflection of my thick, hard cock in the mirror.

I sat up in alarm, automatically trying to drag my trunks up over my hard cock. She turned and fled. I ran after her, but by the time I reached the chalet door she was just going into her tent, her back to me. She stopped and looked back at me over her shoulder. She smiled, a sensual, inviting, knowing smile, and then went into the tent.

I couldn’t help myself any longer – I followed her.

There was a sort of low canopy over the entrance to the tent, which you really needed bend over for to get inside. However, once you were through that the tent opened up, and was high enough to comfortably kneel up in. There was an open area inside the canopy, and then zipped doors on each side, leading to the two ends of the tent. One door was zipped up, while the other hung open. I turned towards that one.

I pulled the door aside and crawled through. Maria was there, kneeling up facing the door. Her bikini was gone, and she was naked. As my eyes adjusted to the semi darkness, I took in the sight of her beautifully rounded breasts, of her taut nipples, of the triangle of dark hair at the junction her thighs.

She was still holding her ice cream, licking it slowly. It was starting to melt, and drips were running down the cone before dripping onto the soft skin of her belly, before trickling down her body slowly towards that patch of dark hair. I moaned at what I saw, my cock springing up in my trunks, painfully restrained by the tight material. I started to move towards her, but she stopped me with a glance, as she looked pointedly at my trunks.

Kneeling up, I pushed my trunks down onto my thighs. My cock sprung free, bouncing in front of me, sticking out almost obscenely, the skin pulled back from the red, bulbous head, pre cum already dripping from the tip. I watched her looking at me, her eyes wide and bright, her tongue licking her lips in anticipation as she watched me wriggle out of my trunks completely.

I knelt in front of Maria, my cock pointing up at her. Without taking her eyes off me, she tilted the ice cream cone towards herself. I watched mesmerised as the last blob of ice cream slipped off the cone and landed with a “plop” just above her breasts. She put the cone to one side. I groaned, my cock jerking, as I watched the ice cream run slowly into the deep cleavage between her breasts.

I moved forward and kissed her hard on the mouth, pushing her onto her back, wanting her, needing her. My lips were crushed to hers, as she lay down, as she unfolded her legs from underneath herself and stretched out, her naked body next to me as I lay beside her. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, cold from the ice cream, hot with passion.

We kissed passionately as I reached for her breasts and nipples, squeezing and caressing her as our tongues thrust into each others mouths. I kissed along her lips and down her chin, moving quickly to kiss along her neck, nibbling at the soft skin as I went, listening to her soft sighs as I ran a hand up her legs, gently rubbing the hot flesh on the inside of her thighs.

I kissed her throat, my tongue running lightly over the hollow there before slipping down and between her full breasts. I licked the melting ice cream from her body, sucking it from her and eating it, flicking my cold tongue across onto her hard, puckered nipples as my hands roamed over her body, touching her softly but rubbing her hard, as I licked my way down her body.

She held my head lightly and guided me back to her breasts, her back arching. I resisted for a few moments, my tongue playing with the gold cross at her pierced belly button before letting her pull me upwards. I ran my tongue around her breasts, swirling it lightly around her taut nipples before sucking them hard into my mouth.

Maria pulled me harder to her, twisting her body as she pushed her nipple up to me, forcing it deeper into my mouth. I teased her for a few seconds, and then sucked hard again, drawing her nipple, her breast, into my hungry mouth, my tongue playing, pressing the rubbery flesh against the hard roof of my mouth.

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