My Daughters and Me Ch. 04

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I couldn’t fall asleep right away having just experienced the best sex in my life with my daughter Jenni. Wait a minute, didn’t I say that earlier in the day? Well, it’s the truth. Each time is better than the next. It probably isn’t but that’s how I feel after we finish. Tomorrow is going to be wild. We’re going to be heading back to San Onofre nude beach to spend the day. I can’t wait to see their naked hot bodies glistening in the sun. I know Jenni will do her best to tease the hell out of me but I think I’m going to beat her to the punch by playing with her first. Amy seems oblivious to anything going on since she’s always in her own “little world”. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough. I swear, I feel like a kid feels the night before she’s going to Disneyland. We’ve all felt that way, now multiply it times ten!

I finally fell asleep and woke up to a beautiful day. The forecast was for 84 degrees and a slight breeze. So that meant that it would probably be high 70s to 80 degrees at the beach, perfect!! After making breakfast we started to get our gear together for our trip to the beach. We were bumping into each other all morning getting ready and Jenni and I would sneak in a kiss or feel whenever we had the chance. While I was in the hallway getting the beach towels from the cupboard Jenni came from behind and reached around me grabbing two fistfuls of titties. Kissing my neck she was making me purr. We heard Amy coming so she quickly let go but my pussy was already on fire.

We got to the beach around 10am and there were already a lot of cars in the parking lot. We took trail six and headed to our spot. We found a spot that wasn’t too far from the entrance and laid out our towels and started to take off our clothes. Amy was fiddling around looking like something was wrong.

“What’s wrong Baby? Everything OK? Did you forget something?”

“No, it’s just I love having my thong tan line and I’m afraid that I’ll lose it if I go totally nude. So I’m trying to decide if I should take off my thong.”

Damn, I wanted to see that sweet pussy so bad so what was I supposed to say? I was torn between the two but that thong tan line she has is so damn sexy. “Well, why don’t you start off in your thong and if you want you can take it off later.”

She liked my idea and left it on. Jenni was nude as was looking as gorgeous as ever. We proceeded to oil each other up and the “looky-loos” were starting to converge. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stare at three hot ladies oiling each other up? Jenni noticed this and wanted to give them a show.

“Look at those guys trying to act like they’re not looking, let’s give them a show mom. What do you say Amy?”

Amy was all for it but before Jenni could make the next move I put my little plan into place and grabbed the oil and started to oil her titties up. There were no kids around just adults so I proceeded to knead her breasts working the oil while tweaking her nipples. I had her lay on her stomach and proceeded to oil her back and shoulders and worked my way to her ass where I gave it special attention by rubbing her cheeks for more than what I should of. I even swiped at her pussy slicing my finger between her lips a couple of times. Amy had her earbuds on so in a louder than necessary voice she yelled out:

“Do me now mom, I don’t want to burn either.”

I can just imagine what those guys were feeling watching us oiling each other up and seeing that the mom was feeling up her daughters. I couldn’t have planned it any better myself! I proceeded to oil up Amy and it was quite exciting as this was the first time I put my hands on her nude body. God, it felt so good. Her nice firm body felt so good in my hands. I first worked her back and shoulders running my hands to the top of her titties. I had her turn around and I worked her titties. I was working her titties in my hands and was so turned on. I wanted to bend zeytinburnu escort down and put those pierced nipples in my mouth so bad. I continued to play with her nipples making small talk about her piercings. She said that I was making her nipples tingle so I better stop. We laughed and she turned over and I worked her ass. It looked so damn hot from the thong she was wearing. I wanted to slip my finger in her pussy from behind but didn’t have full access to it like I had with Jenni. While I was kneading Amy’s ass cheeks I head a little moan come from her. Hmmmm? I think Little Miss Amy might like this!

After I finished with Amy I went to my spot to read my magazine and Jenni came over to oil me up.

“Here you go momma, let me take care of you now.”

With that she proceeded to rub my body with oil and it felt so good. That little vixen knew what she was doing by tweaking my nipples, squeezing my titties , squeezing my ass and rubbing my pussy from the front and back. I was soaking wet and Jenni just had this smile on her face knowing what she was doing to me and the men who were still watching. Damn, I could have fucked her right there and not cared who was watching us I was so turned on! After she finished we enjoyed the sun and cool drinks and had a wonderful afternoon. About an hour and a half later Amy decided to take her thong off and the sight of her ass with that tan line was something to behold. It was so fuckin’ sexy!! She turned around and spread her lips and said that she was sure she wanted to pierce her pussy.

“I’m gonna do it guys, I’m gonna get kitty pierced. You should both come with me and get your bellies pierced. Shit, we might even get a group discount!”

We laughed at her little joke and I told her that sounded like a good idea. Jenni was all for it and I wanted to pierce my belly too. Why not? Both my daughters thought it would look good on me and it wouldn’t look ridiculous. My pussy was wet all day looking at these girls. I didn’t want it to end but I thought we better head out soon before we get too much sun. The girls agreed but wanted to go in the water before we left. We all got up and worked our way to the surf. You would not believe how many men followed us out to the ocean. I swear it was like a comedy, as soon as we got up and made our way at least 6 to 7 guys got up and went too. Couple of them who hadn’t taken their eyes off us all day had semi hard ons. One of the guys had a total woody. How funny!! Normally I would be gawking at the nice cocks but I was too turned on by my daughters to even worry about that.

We eventually made our way back to our towels and after some sexy drying each other off we got dressed and made our way back to the car. I think we gave all those guys a great show that they’ll be reliving as they’re stroking their cocks when they get home! Hahaha!!

The drive back home was great, we were all singing Katy Perry’s “California Girls” at the top of our lungs and acting crazy.

“How do you know that song mom?” Amy asked.

“Hey, you have a hot momma, remember?” We all started laughing!!

When we got home I told the girls to take their showers and I’ll get the BBQ set up and we can grill some steaks. I was starving haven’t really eaten anything since breakfast. Jenni came out and grabbed me and gave me a kiss. I pushed her away afraid that Amy might see us.

“Don’t worry mom, she’s in the shower. I’ve been waiting to do this all day!!”

With that we held each other and kissed like only lovers can. My hands reached down and cupped her ass while our tongues played tag with each other. Jenni was stroking the back of my neck as we were kissing knowing that I love that so much.

“I’m going to get the hot tub started so it will be ready for later, OK mom?”

“Sure, that’s a great idea Baby. I had so much fun today. I was aksaray escort so turned on looking at you and your sister. I wanted to fuck the two of you right there!”

“I know mom, me too. Amy is so fuckin’ sexy isn’t she? If she wasn’t my sister I’d fuck the shit out of her?”

“Let’s see? You’re fucking your mom but you won’t fuck your sister? How does that make sense?”

“You’re right, aren’t you? I guess I would. If she was up to it I’d do it. Would you mom? Would you fuck her if you could?”

I didn’t even have to think about it. Not even batting an eyelash I told Jenni I would. “I’d fuck her Baby, yes I would. I’d love to fuck the two of you together.”

“Oh God mom, that would be so hot!! Can you imagine all of us together? I don’t know if I could handle it.”

“Well, let’s play it by ear and see where it goes. I don’t want to force it on her or try to persuade her. It has to be on her own. But we can always tease her and see where it goes. You said she was looking with a lot of interest last night when you were rubbing my titties. And today when I was oiling her up I grazed her pussy as I was rubbing her ass with oil and she was moaning. She likes girls, so you never know. And I know none of her friends are as hot as you and she did say she had a hot mom! We’ll see Baby, now go shower so I can get mine.”

“Not before I get another kiss Sweetie.” Jenni said, she came over and kissed me passionately and grabbed my titties while doing so.

“Wow, looks like you two are having fun!”

Amy walked in and saw us kissing. Oh shit, what now?

“Yeah, mom needed a kiss to calm her down a little from seeing all those hard cocks that were watching us earlier today” Jenni said.

“Shit, I could care less about those cocks, I was getting turned on looking at you and mom!”

“OK you two knock it off and get showered Jenni. I want to get mine so we can eat, I’m starving.”

Jenni took her shower and I followed with mine. We prepared an awesome steak dinner with all the trimmings and enjoyed the patio and conversation. Jenni broke out some wine and the three of us had a good time taking about work, school and the latest episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. Some serious stuff going on, yeah right!!

The evening starting coming about and the weather was so nice. We get a good breeze in our patio and sometimes it even gets a little cold. The hot tub was primed and I was ready to have a nice relaxing evening. We cleaned up the dishes and I told the girls that we can continue our chat in the hot tub. I made sure we had another bottle of wine and proceeded to grab some towels. Jenny was the first to go in and she went in naked.

“Aren’t you going to wear a bathing suit or bikini hon?”

“Nah mom, why? We saw each other naked all day so what’s the big deal?”

I couldn’t argue with that, nor did I want to, so we all jumped in naked. I could not get over how turned on I was looking at my daughters. I swear my pussy has been on overdrive since this all started. Jenni was sitting directly in front of me and as soon as I jumped in the tub was running her toes up and down my pussy. Amy was sitting next to me and her thigh was right up against mine. Jenni manipulating my pussy felt so good and I was getting quite a thrill being up against Amy.

All of a sudden Amy blurted out “So how long have you two been fucking?”

What did she say? Did she say what I think she said? Does she know? Oh fuck!!

“I don’t care, I think it’s hot. I’d want to fuck a hot girl like the two of you. Don’t get all weirded out that I know. I knew that Jenni was with you in your bathroom yesterday mom. I saw the way she was rubbing your titties last night, I saw you two making out before we went to the beach and I saw you two kissing tonight. Besides, her toes have been rubbing your pussy ever since you ataköy escort got in to the hot tub.”

Sitting in the hot tub I had the chills running through my body even though we were sitting in hot water. I looked at Jenni and she had an “Oh shit” look on her face. What do I do now?

“Yeah honey, your sister and I are lovers. It happened by accident and I know it’s wrong but it feels so good. I don’t know how to explain it. Don’t hate us.”

“Hate you? God, I’m so horny for the two of you I want in!”

With that she turned her head towards me and kissed my sticking her tongue in my mouth. Here I am sitting in our hot tub making out with my youngest daughter as my other daughter comes over and starts sucking her titties. Amy pulls away from me and kisses her sister on the lips while my hands are all over her body. They break their kiss and Jenni comes over and kisses me. Amy has my nipple in her mouth and tells me that she was so horny for me all day. The three of us are all over each other and Jenni says that we should dry off and continue this inside.

We dried each other off and ran to my bedroom. I’ve never appreciated a California King bed until that night. I was on my back making out with Amy as Jenni was eating my pussy. I’ve never been in any kind of threesome before but to kiss somebody and have your pussy eaten is indescribable. My hands were all over Amy’s body as she was kissing me. She told Jenni to switch. She wanted to taste my pussy. They switched and Jenni looked in my eyes and could tell that I was in ecstasy. Jenni worked her way from my titties to my lips while her sister was giving my pussy a licking from heaven. Jenni straddled my head so I could eat her pussy. She was so wet. I snaked my tongue in her pussy and clamped my lips on her clit. There was no need to try to build a climax or any type of lovemaking. This was strictly fucking with nothing but lust involved.

Amy came up and spread Jenni’s ass cheeks apart and started to tongue her ass while I was eating her pussy. Jenni had to brace herself against the wall due to the intense feeling she had down below. I would pull away occasionally and kiss Amy in between our attack on Jenni’s pussy and ass. After Jenni came we both pushed Amy to the bed and took turns kissing that sweet pussy of hers. Amy was moaning like I’ve never heard before. One of my daughters was quiet when she came and the other was so loud. We got Amy off so good but weren’t finished with her. I straddled her face as Jenni proceeded to eat her pussy. I came so good from my youngest daughter’s tongue. I couldn’t believe this was happening!

We continued this for awhile and then decided to daisy chain each other. I was eating Amy’s pussy while Amy was eating Jenni who in turn was eating me.

“OOOH, that’s it Baby. Eat my pussy, make me come Baby!!”

I can’t even start to describe the feelings that were going through my body. I wanted to explode I was so turned on. Amy’s pussy was like a juicy peach in my mouth. You know how you bite into a peach and juices fly everywhere? That’s what I was experiencing. She tasted so good and her cum was so think like pancake syrup. We then turned around and switched our positions and reversed our order. I could not get enough of this pussy in front of me. I can’t remember how many times I came. Damn I felt like I was about to pass out.

After we all couldn’t cum anymore we all jumped back into the hot tub to relax. We all had a glass of wine and just stared at each other. Amy looked like she was exhausted to the brink of passing out. Jenni could not get that “Cheshire Cat” grin off her face. I was so sexually satisfied that my body felt like it had zero energy left. Between caressing each other and kissing each other there wasn’t much said while we were in the hot tub. We just knew that we passed a certain boundary and there was no turning back. Everybody seemed to be OK with what just happened and I know that I most certainly was. I love my daughters and I know that they love me. It’s been “us against the world” since my husband and I divorced a long time ago. I don’t ever see that changing but now we have certain benefits. Yep, I think we’ll be alright!!

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