My Cumslut Mum Ch. 03

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Waking up to the new day was really feeling like waking up to a whole new world. The air in the room was very cold, the boiler must have packed in again. The room smelled of stale sweat and sex. The sharp white light came in through the brightening the room in a pale winter light of cold and cloud.

I slowly blinked in the new light, trying to avoid waking up as much as possible. Hazy memories of last night came flooding into my mind as I lay on my bed. I smiled so widely and felt a warm happiness that I had never felt before. I felt in love. I felt like I never had done before. I looked over to the bed next to me but only saw empty pillow and a flat duvet. My heart suddenly beat hard and heavy. Was last night just a dream? Where was Mum? She did come last night, didn’t she?

I looked beyond the bed and saw two empty glasses from the tequila. She must have been here. I wasn’t dreaming, but where was she?

I calmed down a little and dragged myself out of bed. I picked up my jeans from the floor and pulled them on. The rest of the clothes cast aside by my Mum and I were still there. I checked my watch on the bedside table, eight thirty-six in the morning. I needed coffee and to find my Mum. Venturing outside my room, I heard a bit of activity down stairs, probably from the kitchen. Dressed only in my jeans, I went down stairs and saw my Mum facing the counter in the kitchen. She was facing away from me and I stopped, looking at her wearing just one of my shirts she must have gotten out of my wardrobe. The shirt came down to just below her ass and she looked amazing. Her beautifully smooth and supple legs showed just how athletic she was. She reached up and opened the cupboard above her head to get something and the shirt lifted up, displaying her perfect ass to me and showing the thong the was wearing disappear between her firm, round ass cheeks.

I walked over to her and gently placed my hands on her hips and pulled myself into her from behind. She frozen in place, her hands still in the air and slowly turned her head round to look at me. I leant in and kissed her passionately. I pulled away and felt her sigh heavily before opening her eyes and looking at me.

I Said “Good morning, my love.”

She smiled and replied “Good morning. Coffee?”

“You bet. I could get used to waking up to seeing you look so perfect, making your man morning coffee.”

Mum smiled at me and continued to make some fresh coffee as I started to kiss her on the neck. She leant her head to the side to allow me to continue kissing her and get better access to her smooth, long neck. I slid my hands around her middle and started to lift up her skirt, baring her ass to me. I looked down at the beautiful peach in front of me and ran my hands around to it, fondling and squeezing her ass cheeks. She leant forward, leaning on the counter top in front of her and lowered her head.

“Slow down, lover.” She said “We’re in the kitchen, one of your flat mates might see us.”

“It’s half eight in the morning. They’re still asleep.”

I squeezed her ass cheeks again and then pulled them apart, revealing the thong running between the perfect orbs.

“Someone might see us…” She continued to warn.

“You’re so gorgeous. Don’t be shy of how perfect your body is. You should be proud of it.” I said as I slowly pulled her thong to one side, revealing her beautiful little pink ass hole. “You’re so beautiful, Mum. Such a perfect little cumslut.”

“Even if they see my pussy?” She asked.

“Especially your pussy. You have the most amazing pussy I have ever seen. So tight and pretty. So wet…” I said, sliding my finger down her ass cheeks, rubbing her ass hole and down to her pussy. It was soaked with excitement. I could smell how turned on she was and it was driving me wild with excitement too.

My cock was like a rock by now. Sliding two finger straight into her tight pussy just made it harder. I pumped my fingers in and out of her a few times, making her gasp and bend over in front of me more. Quickly, I hooked my fingers around the band of her thong and pulled them to the floor. Then I unbuttoned ataşehir escort my jeans, releasing my cock, allowing it to spring straight out and point at my Mum’s pussy, knowing exactly what it wanted.

I grabbed my cock and guided it straight into her opening and pushed deep into her wet pussy. I forced my cock so deep into her that she tried to buck her ass away from me, but only into the edge of the kitchen counter. She arched her back as I grabbed her hips and started to pound my cock hard into her. I fucked her like an animal, pounding myself inside her as hard as I could. Her pussy juices dripping around my cock, leaving a creamy white coating around the base of my cock.

I reached out and grabbed a fistful of her hair on my right hand and pulled her head hard. This made her yelp and arch her back almost to right angles. I yanked at her hair even harder as I continued to try and break her pussy with my cock.

“Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck… fuck, fuck, fuck…” she gasped continuously.

I could feel my orgasm building, but didn’t want it to end yet. I released her hair, letting her fall forward a little and pulled out of her pussy.

“Oh, my god.” she gasped.

I spun her around by her waist so she was facing me, standing in front of me in my arms. I lifted my fingers up to my mouth, still sticky from her pussy and sucked on them whilst looking at her. They tasted so good, like a nectar from heaven.

“Your pussy tastes so good. As good as it feels around my cock.” I told her.

She panting, she smiled at me. I pulled the shirt up over her head, her arms in the arms, lifting her breasts up and reminding me just how beautiful she was. She stood naked in front of me, stunning and so fuckable.

“You should lick yourself off my cock, cumslut.” And I grab her hair and force her to her knees in front of me, my cock pointing straight at her face. She didn’t miss a beat and immediately took my cock into her mouth and started to swallow it as much as she could. She was sucking her juices off my cock with a hot passion that drove me crazy. I could feel myself wanting to cum.

I pulled her head off my cock and she looked up at me with a heat and passion that was making her wild. It was making me wild too.

“Get up.” I commanded her.

She stood up and I quickly lifted her into the air, her legs wrapping around me instinctively. I carried her over to the kitchen table next to the kitchen door and put her down. She lay on her back with her legs lifted into the air, her knees pulled back towards her chest. I looked at her soaking wet pussy and guided my cock back to her hole. I thrust myself deep into her again, making her push her head back and gasp. I fucked her as hard as I had before, pounding myself deep inside her pussy.

“Fuck, your cock feels so good.” She panted.

“I am going to cum, Mum. I am going to cum in your tight little cunt.”

“Yes, baby. Cum for me. Fill your Mum with your hot cum. Fill me up. Pump your cum into my womb.” She begged.

I thrust harder a few times and I could feel my cock erupting. “Fuck, Mum. I’m coming. I’m coming inside you.” And my cock pulsed hard, shooting a huge amount of cum inside of her. I could feel my cock pumping and pulsing over and over, forcing more of my cum into her as her pussy orgasmed hard. Her pussy clenched onto my cock, squeezing every drop of cum out of me into her.

Eventually we stopped orgasming and I collapsed onto her, my head on her heaving breasts. We lay there on the kitchen table, breathing heavily, my cock slowly getting softer inside of her pussy. I loved her so much and there was nowhere I would rather have been.

We were in total post sex bliss, no cares in the world apart from the other body that we were entwined with. Until Mark came in, that was. He came into the kitchen and then stopped immediately. He stood and looked at my Mum’s big, round, bare breasts and the embrace that we were in, her legs around my waist.

“Holy fuck.” He blurted out. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you two were fucking in here.”

“Hey, Mark. Don’t avcılar escort worry. It’s ok.” I said as calmly as I could. I stood up, exposing my Mum even more. I pulled my now only semi erect cock out of her pussy, allowing all of my cum and her juices to pour out. I pushed my cock into my jeans and buttoned then up.

“Look, I’m really sorry. Jesus. I’ll come back.” Mark said, blushing heavily.

“Don’t worry, buddy. It really is ok, you don’t need to leave. She’s great, isn’t she?” I said to her, nodding towards my Mum.

Mark stopped mid motion in leaving and looked back at my Mum, still lying on her back, her breasts heaving, covered by her arm. Her legs now closed together and a pretty scarred look on her face as though to say “Ben, what the fuck?”

“Err, yeah. She’s gorgeous.” Mark said hesitantly.

I leant over to my Mum and brushed her hair with my hand. “It’s ok.” I said to her. “He’s right, you are gorgeous. You should let him see how perfect your breasts are.”

She looked at me, questioning my suggestion. Unsure of what I was asking her.

“It’s ok. Sit up and let him see how beautiful your tits are.” I gestured to her to sit up and held out my hand to help her. She took her hand off her tits and grabbed onto mine. She pulled herself up and sat on the edge of the table. I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She seemed to relax a little, relaxing more as we continued to kiss more passionately. “I love you.” I whispered into her ear. This seemed to give her a new confidence. She sat up straight, arching her back a little to stick her boobs out for Mark to see.

“There’s perfect, aren’t they?” I asked Mark. He stood and looked at her big, firm, round, perky tits and his mouth was open. She really did look perfect, now with a naughty mischievous grin on her face. She was starting to enjoy being the object of such lust.

“They’re, err, well, they’re beautiful.” He said eventually.

I took my Mum’s hand and pulled her off the table. I brought her round and kissed her on the lips again. I guided her to stand in front of Mark and I who were standing next to each other. “Kneel down.” I said to her. She looked at me with a hint of doubt. “Kneel down.” I said again. She knelt down slowly and looked up at Mark and I.

“You know that she is a complete cumslut, Mark?” I asked him frankly. “She loves cum.”

“Oh?” Was all he could manage. I could see the bulge that was forming in the front of his pyjama bottoms. It was already sticking out with purpose and making a tent.

“Why don’t you show him, slut? Show him how much of a cumslut you are.” I said to her. She hesitated, looking at me for reassurance. “I love you so much, it’s ok. He needs a good slut to relieve him. Go and suck his cock like a good little slut that I know you are. You are such a good girl and it’s ok. I want you to.”

She smiled at me and slowly shuffled herself closer to Mark. She raised her arms to his bottoms and pulled the waist band down, allowing his cock to spring out, almost hitting her on the chin.

“Oh, wow!” She exclaimed. His cock was very thick. It had a lot of girth and looked as hard as a rock. It wasn’t the longest, but she would struggle to get it all in her mouth seeing how thick it was. She looked up at him and smiled. She gently took his cock in her hand and guided her lips to it. I watched as she started with kissing it on the end and then kissing and licking it up and down. She started playing with her pussy, rubbing her clit, rubbing her juices and my cum all over her pussy, as she took his cock into her mouth. She sucked him hard, taking him all the way down his cock. I could hear the slurping noises of her sucking on him, her spit glistening on his cock as she energetically fucked his cock with her mouth.

My Mum was getting into it now. She was taken completely with Mark’s cock in her mouth and her rubbing her clit. She looked so amazing, sucking off my flat mate whilst he stood next to me. I watched her push her head hard onto his cock, taking him into the back of her throat. She was moaning with excitement and the avrupa yakası escort pleasure of her rubbing her clit.

“Oh, my god. She’s so good at this.” Mark said, watching her suck his cock. “She looks so fucking hot.”

He was starting to moan as well, bucking his hips slightly in time with my Mum sucking her way down his cock. I could see that he was starting to want to cum. She could feel it too, and started to fuck his cock harder with her mouth. Pushing her head all of the way down onto his cock, her nose pushed up against his public hair.

“Yes, yes, yes. Keep going.” He said.

She did. She continued to fuck his cock with her mouth, slurping and wet slopping noises from his cock sliding in and out of her lips with her saliva dripping out the corner of her lips and onto her tits. Mark bucked his hips a few more times and then grunted loudly. He was cumming into my Mum’s mouth as I watched her take all of his cum. Every drop. She held her lips firmly around his cock, sucking on it as he spurted his cum into her mouth.

Quickly, he finished cumming and she slid her lips off his cock, taking every drop with her. She smiled her big wide smile and him, cum dripping a little from the corner of her lips, and swallowed a big gulp. I watched, thinking of how another man’s cum was sliding down her throat into her stomach. She giggled and smiled so big and happy. She loved it. Being told to suck off another cock in front of me. Being told to be a cumslut in front of another man. I loved it. I had only just cum as well, but watching her be such a slut for me was intoxicating. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

She stood up and faced me, her tits covered in saliva and a few drops of cum. I could see my cum running down the inside of her thigh. She looked more beautiful that she had ever looked before.

“So, did I do well? Was I a good girl?” She asked in her naughty little girl voice and a giggle.

“Oh, yes. You were a perfect little cumslut.” I said. She stepped up to me and put her arms around my waist. I wrapped her in my arms too, pulling her in close to me. “I love you so much. You looked perfect sucking on his cock. Swallowing his cum.” I leaned in to her and we kissed passionately. I could taste the rich taste of Marks cum on her as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. Mark put his cock away and watched as we kissed each other. We broke the kiss off and looked at each other.

“I think that you should give Mark a hug and kiss too.” I said to her. She turned to look at him and left my arms. She stepped over to him and pulled her naked, cum filled body up to his. He slowly put his arms around her waist and stood, waiting. She leant into him and kissed him gently on the lips. He responded and opened his mouth and they kissed deeply. They went on kissing for a long time, their tongues and lips exploring each other.

Eventually, Mum pulls away from him. She looks at him, both of them breathing slightly harder than they were a few minutes earlier. “Maybe if my Master lets me, you might be want to fuck my pussy as well later? If you don’t mind fucking my pussy if it’s full of his cum?” She looked at Mark with an innocent smirk.

“Err, no. Nope. I don’t mind.” Mark said back. I don’t think he could grasp what had happened.

She turned to look at me, still in his arms. “Do you mind, Baby? Would you let your cumslut fuck Mark?”

“Let’s see about that later.” I said. “Go upstairs and kneel on the floor, waiting for me to come up.”

“Yes, sir.” She said and skipped naked up the stairs.

We waited to hear the door open and close from my bedroom.

“What the fuck!” Mark said to me. “Seriously, what the fuck? Where the hell did you get her from?”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Fuck off. After that, I’ll believe anything. Who is she?”

“You seriously want to know?”

“Yes, of course. Tell me.”

“Promise not to freak out.”

“If she is sticking around, freaking out will be the last thing I do. Whoever she is.”

“Ok, Mark.” I said. Pausing a bit.


“She is my Mum.” I revealed as though it was a matter of fact and nothing out the ordinary.

“Your Mum?” He said incredulously.


“You’re fucking your Mum?”


“No shit.” He said. “Well, your Mum is fucking amazing. I’d want to fuck her if she was my Mum too.”

To be continued…

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