My Cousin, My Lover

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For many years I’d been in love with my cousin Bethany and for good reason. She had the looks of a goddess. Long, silky blonde hair, a perfect pair of breasts, the tightest ass any man could ask for, shapely legs and a smile to die for. And while Bethany had the looks any man would want in a girl she had other qualities I loved too. She enjoyed the outdoors and the sports of hunting and fishing, she loved to go horseback riding and she was simply a fun person to be around. Needless to say Bethany was the woman I wanted more than any other in the world and for many years I’d dreamed of being able to fuck her one time.

Fucking my sexy cousin wasn’t something I ever thought I’d get the chance to do but a short time after her nineteenth birthday I began to catch clues that Bethany was as attracted to me as I was to her. We spent many hours out in the summer sun swimming and fishing together. Often Bethany was clad only in a scanty bikini which showed off her perfect figure, and sometimes I’d catch her glancing towards my hard cock that I always seemed to develop when we were alone together.

While I was beginning to realize that I stood a chance at getting Bethany I still had one major problem—breaching the subject of sex. As often as Bethany and I were together not once did our conversation turn towards sex. We never talked about her boyfriends or my girlfriends. It was as though by unspoken consent every time we were together we talked about life, the outdoors and everything but sex. But that summer the drive to take Bethany as my lover was starting to tear me apart and I knew that I had to tell her how I felt and hope that she could accept me.

One night as we were on the riverbank fishing, as we often did, I decided for better or worse I had to let Bethany know I wanted her. So with my heart pounding a thousand beats a minute I began the conversation I knew would either end my torment or send it soaring to new heights.

“Hey, Bethany, can I ask you something?” I asked, knowing that that is the stupidest way to begin a conversation but so blinded by her stunning beauty I was incapable of thinking of a better way.

“Sure Kevin,” she responded.

“You remember how when we were younger our parents always used to put us in the bathtub together and we washed each other’s backs and everything,” I said.

Bethany laughed and a smile crossed her face as she recalled all the times we were together as youngsters.

“Yeah, I remember. What about it?”

“Well, I was remembering how close we were back then, how we never had to worry about anything but each other. Why’d we ever stop doing that, Bethany? Why’d we lose that youthful love for each other?”

When Bethany’s smile vanished I thought my heart would burst. I’ve blown this before it ever got started, I thought. But Bethany wasn’t angry like I thought she was. She was just reflecting, and fortunately she had an answer I will remember for the rest of my life.

“We stopped because we grew up. When we were kids bathing together was okay. It was cute, acceptable, and because it was acceptable we never thought about whether it was right or wrong to love each other. We just loved, and that made us closer than we’ve been since.”

“Do you think we could ever love each other like that again, Bethany?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. But it’s a lot harder to love someone as an adult than it is to love as a child and I think it’d take a lot more than taking a bath together to reignite that spark.”

After the way this conversation started I was ecstatic at how it was going now. Here I was discussing love and sex with Bethany without turning it into some incestuous act. I was just hoping we could keep talking and maybe I could get up the courage to tell her how much I loved her, to ask her to be my lover. But first I had to know if she wanted to fan the flame that had been dying since we were kids.

“Bethany, do you…do you,” I stuttered and took a deep breath. “Do you want that relationship back? Would you like to, reignite that flame?”

I paused after that, my heart beating hard in my ears. And as misfortune would have it, that moment was when a fish decided to hit Bethany’s bait, squealing the line as it sped away from the shore. With a quick jump she snatched her pole and set the hook never realizing that the hook she set in me was far deeper than the hook she set in that fish. For the next twenty minutes Bethany fought that fish before finally reeling it into the shore. It was a magnificent catch, a catfish at least thirty inches long and probably forty pounds I estimated. Quickly dashing to get the net I helped Bethany land her big fish. As that catfish flopped on the riverbank Bethany pumped her fist zeytinburnu escort and gave me an excited hug.

“This is incredible!! Do you see the size of that fish?”

“Yeah, that’s quite a catch,” I responded, noticing that my dick had gotten very hard after Bethany’s embrace.

With the calm precision I admired in her so much Bethany took the fish off the line, posed for a picture from her camera and deposited her big catch back in the water.

I thought that was the end of it at first. She’d spent twenty minutes fighting that fish so I didn’t think there was any way she’d remember the conversation I was trying to have with her. But I was wrong.

“That fish hit my line at a good time,” Bethany said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you asked me if I want the relationship like we had as kids back. I needed some time to think before I answered that. The fish gave it to me.”

“Oh, that is fortunate,” I said. “Well, what do you think? Do you want to try to get that close again?”

Bethany paused and ducked her head slightly, her blonde hair drifting past her face. With a careful hand Bethany tucked it back behind her ear and looked up at me.

“Yeah, Kevin. I want that back. I miss all the time we spent together. We were best friends, as close as anybody can be and it seems like we’ve lost some of that as we’ve gotten older. I mean, we still fish together and everything but we never really bond like we used to. I miss that. I miss that a lot.”

I smiled at her and reach out to her, taking her hand in mine.

“We’ll never get it back if we don’t start trying Bethany and there’s no better time than the present.”

Bethany looked down at my hand holding hers and up into my eyes.

“I know, but I don’t know where we can start. We can’t exactly go back to taking baths together.”

When she said that I thought my heart was going to fail me. Great, I thought. All this work getting her to say she wants to go back to being in love with each other like we were as kids and she’s denying me the one path to sexuality I have.

“Why not,” I asked desperately trying to gather the courage to tell her I wanted to make love to her.

“Because we’re not kids anymore, Kevin. We’re adults and adults don’t take baths together when they’re cousins.”

“That’s not true,” I countered. “People marry their cousins all the time. Franklin D. Roosevelt was married to his first cousin Eleanor and Edgar Allen Poe married his cousin when she was only thirteen. If we want to take a bath together we can. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

Bethany glanced at me sharply, a sudden thought clearly visible one her angelic face.

“Kevin, are we talking about renewing our friendship or are we talking about something else? Why do you want to take a bath with me so much?”

This is it, I thought. I can lie to her and tell her I just want to make our friendship deep and strong again. I can lie to her and tell her the bath is just a figurative way of saying it’s acceptable for us to express love towards each other. Or I can tell her the truth—that I want her, I love her, I need her. Honestly I didn’t know what I was going to say until the words came out of my mouth.

“I guess we’re talking about love Bethany. The love I have for you. The love that makes me wake up at night with the sheets tangled around me because you’re not there. The love that makes my heart thunder inside my chest every time you walk by, knowing that you’re not mine. The love that gives me cause to hope that one day you will be mine. There’s no man in this world that can love you, or care for you like I do, Bethany, and I guess I was just hoping that you’d feel the same way about me, like we did as kids. Except now, I think I’d like to express it in a different way. I was just hoping that taking a bath with you again might reignite that in you.”

Bethany didn’t say a word for the longest time. She just sat there on her tackle box, staring out at the river as it swept by. It was probably an hour before she spoke to me again. The sun was just starting to drop beneath the trees, the brilliant oranges and purples of the sunset lighting up the sky and reflecting off the gentle waves of the river.

“Yes,” was all she said.

“Yes to what,” I asked.

“In a very roundabout way you just asked me to be your lover. I’m saying yes, Kevin.”

“What,” I asked, surprised delight in my voice.

“Kevin, I feel the same way about you that you feel about me. I love you. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve woken up at night and wondered what it would be like if you were there. I often find myself wondering how things would be if we’d aksaray escort never stopped taking baths together as kids. Now I’m going to find out. Reel in your line and let’s go home and take a long hot bath together.”

In that moment my heart must’ve skipped a dozen beats. One thought kept echoing in my mind—Bethany is going to be my lover! Bethany is going to be my lover! I couldn’t believe what was happening as I quickly reeled in my line. Removing the bait off my hook I tore down my pole, attached the hooks and gathered up my tackle, preparing to go home and make love to my cousin.

As quick as I was at getting my gear gathered in, Bethany was quicker. It was as though once her decision was made she was as anxious as I was for us to be with each other. Needless to say the walk up the riverbank to the car was the most exhilarating hike we’ve ever made. I swear I think Bethany drove eighty the entire way home to her house.

Once we arrived we quickly exited the car and raced inside the house. Walking down the hall to the bathroom it hit me how lucky I was to be going into the bathtub with Bethany. I watched her closely as we walked down the hall. Is she going to be as beautiful without her clothes as she is with them, I wondered? What will her breasts feel like in my hands? How will the tightness of her pussy feel as it envelopes my dick? And what about her ass? Is it as rock solid as it looks? As she opened the door to the bathroom I knew all those questions were about to be answered.

I followed Bethany into the bathroom, gently latched the door behind us and turned towards my incredibly sexy cousin. I could tell Bethany was as nervous as I was. Her hands were shaking as she reach down to lift her shirt up over her head, exposing her bra-encased breasts. My breath caught in my throat as her hands went behind her back to unfasten the clasp of her bra and with a careful motion Bethany swept her bra straps off her shoulders, catching the cups before they could slide down and expose her breasts to my eyes.

She’s waiting for me, I realized. With a quick motion I pulled my shirt over my head and then quickly unfastened my jeans, pushing them down to the floor and standing before her in only my boxers. Bethany glanced down at me, noticing how my dick was so hard it was sticking out of the top of my underclothes. With a gasp, she looked back into my eyes and I saw the love and admiration burning there. I reach up, placed my hands on her biceps and gently began running my hands along her arms. Slowly, Bethany moved her arms up to encircle my neck, letting her bra fall to the floor as she did. We kissed for the first time then, her lips meeting mine and her breasts gently pressing against my chest.

It was many long moments before our lips parted. As we pulled away from each other her hands quickly went to my waist, pushing my boxers to the floor. With just as much enthusiasm my hands raced to Bethany’s waist, unfastening the clasp of her belt and the button of her pants. With a quick movement I pushed her pants and her silk underwear to the floor. We stood nude together for several minutes, each of us examining the other’s body.

In my mind all I could think of as I looked at her was “My God! What a perfect girl!” As we’d walked down the hall I’d wondered if she was as beautiful naked as she was clothed and as she stood before me I knew that in my grandest dreams I couldn’t have made her any sexier than she was. An artist couldn’t carve a statue with a figure as perfect as hers. Her 34B breasts rose in perfect rhythm with her breath. The nipples were the size of a quarter and perfectly rounded. Her skin was creamy, unblemished and softer than satin against me. Her abs were exquisitely formed. Her legs, which I’d seen before in her bikinis, were supple and smooth. Her pussy hair was shaved into a neat little rectangle above her pussy. Her ass felt perfect in my hands as I groped her firmly figured hips. In all my life I never thought I would hold a woman such as her and yet here I was, about to make love to the greatest of God’s creations.

As impressed as I was by Bethany’s figure it seemed she was impressed by mine, which was strange to my mind. I’d never considered myself attractive especially since my rough childhood had left me with many scars on my body including a long cut down my chest where I’d had rib surgery. All the scars just seemed to intrigue Bethany though. She traced her fingers down my chest and took my hard cock in her hand, rubbing it gently. With careful movements she put her hands behind me and groped my ass, letting out a soft moan as my dick touched her naked pussy.

With a smile and a sigh, Bethany moved away from ataköy escort me and stepped into the bathtub. Quickly twisting the knobs of the facet Bethany turned on the water. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist, slowly moving them up till I held her breasts in my hands. I kissed her neck and savored the smell of her hair as she nuzzled against me. As the tub filled we continued to kiss and touch each other’s bodies, each of us finding places where the other loved to be touched. Once the tub was full we settled down for the best bath either of us had ever had.

Smiling shyly Bethany pulled the soap off the soap dish and lathered her hands. Wondering what she was doing and why we weren’t already having sex I just grinned back. After she’d gotten a good lather going Bethany reach over and began washing my dick with her hands. Moaning softly I ran my hands down her spine and reach for the soap myself. Quickly lathering my hands I began to rub her breasts, then her abs, then her pussy as she continued to wash me. Bethany slowly moved up from dick to wash my abs and chest, then my arms, and my back. Turning away from me she indicated for me to do the same for her. With the practiced motions I remembered from our childhood baths together I washed Bethany’s back and then her incredibly sexy ass.

Grinning over her shoulder, Bethany indicated her approval.

“You never used to wash my ass like that.”

Grinning back, I responded, “All you had to do was ask.”

Laughing Bethany grabbed the shampoo and began washing my long brown hair. Once she’d rinsed it clean I returned the favor, savoring the touch of her luxuriant locks. Then I began to wash her legs, noticing the smoothness and suppleness of her thighs I knew we were close to beginning the transition to lovers.

Gently, I kissed her lips.

“I love you Bethany, more than anyone.”

“I know,” she responded. “Otherwise we wouldn’t be doing this.”

With those words she pressed me against the back of the tub and climbed on top of me, pressing down with her pussy against my dick. This is it, I realized. This is the moment when Bethany and I cease to be friends and become something greater, something more. This is when we become lovers.

Slowly Bethany pulled her hips back and then pressed them forward against my dick. With a gentleness that spoke of her inexperience she began to increase her rhythm, humping me as we both sought each other’s bodies. I began to run my hands along her spine, knowing that touching the nerve clusters scattered across her back would be incredibly sensual for her. Bethany arched her back as I touched her and moaned softly, showing her approval. I slid my hands down her back and around her waist where I could touch her beautiful breasts. Gently I began to fondle her perfect breasts, noticing the perfection of the texture on them. Leaning forward I brought my lips to her breasts, licking around her nipple and then sucking her. Moaning louder Bethany brought her hands up to my head, holding me against her heaving breasts. Sucking first one breast, then the other, I realized how incredibly sensitive Bethany was and leaning back I began to fondle her again. Bethany brought her hands up to mine and rubbed her own breasts as I continued to fondle her. Then she brought her hands down to my chest and began to rub them against me as the steady rhythm of her hips continued. Both of us were rapidly approaching a climax and we knew it. I moved my hands from Bethany’s breasts to her ass, squeezing her buttocks tightly in my hands and then relaxing them in rhythm with the movement of her hips. Bethany moaned again and leaned back into my hands, which still groped her ass. With a loud sigh of ecstasy Bethany experienced an orgasm, then another and as she did I ejaculated inside her, groaning with delight as my lovely young cousin became my lover.

After we were done Bethany collapsed against me, her head resting on my shoulder. I ran my hands along her back, allowing her to savor the taste of what we’d done together. Raising her head Bethany kissed me firmly on the lips.

“I can’t believe it took us nineteen years to do this.”

I smiled into her eyes.

“I know. Amazing what we’ve missed isn’t it?”

“Yeah, fortunately we don’t have to miss it anymore.”

She smiled up at me and kissed me tenderly once more.

“I take it this means we’ll be sharing the bathtub more often?”

Bethany laughed.

“It means we’ll be sharing the bathtub, my bed, your bed, my car, your car and anywhere else we want to make love to each other.”

I pulled Bethany against me and kissed her hair as she said that, knowing in my heart that we would be sharing far more than that. I wanted her, and not just as my lover. I wanted her as my wife and I knew that when I asked her she would say yes. We’d been best friends since we were children and now we were lovers. Smiling in satisfaction I kissed Bethany’s hair and wondered how I had ever lived without my cousin, my lover.

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