My Buff Hot Sister Ch. 01

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It was early Friday afternoon when my sister Colleen arrived for a weekend visit. I always enjoyed her visits as she is witty and has a good sense of humor. After her divorce several years ago she had immersed herself into a bodybuilding lifestyle. I have a thing for female muscle and have enjoyed seeing the transformation. Colleen is 35, 5′ 6″ and now a very muscular 170 lbs. with 16 ½” biceps and a nice set of DD implants. Barbara my wife, we all call her Baba, and my sister gets along very well and call each other sis. Baba is 45, 5′ 10″ 140 lbs. very fit and also has a nice set of DD implants.

Shortly after arriving Colleen decided to get in a quick workout in our well equipped home gym in our basement. After a half hour she called me and my wife to come downstairs. When we got down to the basement my eyes just about popped out of my head. There was my sister standing in front of a mirror completely nude. She put her hands on her hips and flexed her back in a lat spread, two huge muscles popped out from below each of her massive shoulders. Her back flexed and rippled with massive, solid muscle from top to bottom, side to side. She lifted her arms up and flexed her biceps. They stuck out like two huge cantaloupes. Muscles rippled and striated all up and down her upper back, shoulders, and arms as she flexed my cock was totally erect straining against my shorts. My wife just stared with admiration. Awesome! Beautiful!

That was the only thing I could think of as she went through her display of massive female muscularity. When she turned around I saw her nipples beylikdüzü escort & clit were pierced, damn those big fake tits are gorgeous. She turned sideways, dropped right arm to her waist, and flexed her bicep and chest in a side chest pose. My mind was a blur. Her bicep bulged out again, and the muscles at the very top of her chest bulged out. There were large ripples running across her chest, and a very deep cavity right down the middle. Her chest muscles accentuated her big round nicely shaped fake tits. She straightened both arms out in front of her emphasizing her triceps. Large, striated muscles bulged out of the lower part of her arms. Awesome! Beautiful! I kept thinking. She flexed her chest even more. I didn’t think it was possible, but it looked like it was ready to pop right out of her skin! She turned and faced us directly. She stared in my eyes, and she raised both arms and flexed her biceps again. “Oh, my God!” my wife and I stammered simultaneously.

Her biceps danced about, silently playing the most beautiful melody I’d ever heard. She put her hands behind her neck, her biceps continuing to bulge mightily. Then she flexed her abdominals, “Oh, my God!” I muttered. I didn’t realize it, but I must have sounded like a broken record. Her stomach muscles flexed. They were striated and looked as hard as diamond plate. Her thighs bulged out like two large tree trunks. When she stood completely on her toes, they popped out even more. The lower muscle on each thigh was so huge that it nearly covered her knee. “Oh, my God!” I said beyoğlu escort again. “What power!” I thought. As she stood on her toes, her calves were flexed mightily. She turned around. There was a line separating each side of her calves. It was very deep, and almost looked like cleavage. They were hard as rocks. She turned around and faced us. She clasped her hands in front of her muscular stomach and clenched them together in a “most muscular” pose. Her whole upper body flexed magnificently, revealing the massiveness of her upper arms, forearms, chest, and especially her shoulders. They appeared almost as large as her head! Sweat dotted my forehead. I looked at her face, and she was smiling sweetly at us.

My 9″ cock was tenting my shorts obscenely, which both women took note of. My sister then asked if we wanted to feel her muscles. Both my wife and I started moving our hands all over Colleen. Feel my biceps she directed, “Touch it!” we put our hands on top of it, and felt its massiveness, and its roundness. It was hot to the touch! It was a fantastic sensation! My beautiful sister with these hot, huge biceps. I was completely turned on as was my wife. Colleen then grabbed my wife’s hand and said, “Were going in the hot tub and are not to be disturbed”.

From our master bedroom bay window we have a nice view of the hot tub so decided to sneak a peek of my sister in and wife. My wife and I have been swingers for about five years and often entertained in our hot tub sans clothes. As far as I knew my sister didn’t know about our swinging. bomonti escort This was getting better now they were kissing and groping each others DD’s. I pulled out my hard 9″ cock and stroked it as I watched. I was thinking of joining them but thought I better let this play out by themselves and see where it goes. After about ten minutes of them groping each other both above and below the bubbling water my wife had my sister sit up on the edge and buried her face in my sisters steaming pussy. I cracked open the window to hear.

“Ungh! Oh yes, sis, eat me, eat me now honey, ooohhhh you do that so good,” Colleen moaned as she moved her hips to meet her face. I watched in amazement as Baba swirled her head between her legs and licked the swollen lips of her huge pierced clit & cunt. I watched as my wife concentrated on her huge clit more than on the rest, but her tongue seemed to be everywhere. Then Baba stabbed her tongue in and out of her cunt as my sisters swirling hips thrashed about. “Sis! Oh Sis baby! Ooooh uummm,” she moaned in ecstasy as her hips ground into my wife’s face.

“Wow, oh wow,” I thought as I watched Baba cup the muscular ass cheeks of my sister in her hands to help hold her bucking pussy to her mouth. It looked like my sister was close now, and I watched as her hips thrashed harder and faster into my wife’s face.

I have witnessed my wife eat pussy many times before but this was far and away the hottest ever. Suddenly I saw her hips arch high off of the edge of the hot tub and heard her moans of ecstasy as my sisters climax crashed over her. “Sis! I’m Cuming, Sis, oh God, Sis baby, I’m Cuming!”. My wife kept her lips glued to my sisters pussy until she was pushed away. Then I heard my sister say to my wife “that was the best pussy eating I’ve ever had”. The ladies grabbed their towels and headed back inside.

To be continued

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