My Brother Kevin

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When we were in our teens, I spent a summer giving my brother head. I was home from college; he was 18 and going into his senor year of high school. The first time, it just sort of happened. We were playing Frisbee in the back yard. After I threw it particularly badly, we both ran after the disk, and ended up wrestling for it in the grass. Next thing I knew, we were both really turned on. Kevin was a cutie; tall, blonde, slim and muscular. I was horny: I hadn’t gotten any action at school (it didn’t help that I was shy and insecure about my looks), and since I had been back home I hadn’t had any hope at all of getting any. Kevin didn’t have a girlfriend, and as far as I knew he never had. He could have had just about any girl he wanted too. Several of my girlfriends had confided in me that they would love to jump his bones.

Before I even knew it, I had his jeans down around his knees, and his nice big dick flopping out in the fresh summer air. It looked delicious. I didn’t even think twice before I had his hard cock in my mouth. I sucked and slurped and licked like a girl possessed. I loved having his dick in my mouth. Kevin sure didn’t seem to mind either. He was moaning and groaning and humping my mouth. It was so sexy! Before long he was squirting hot salty come into my mouth. I stayed with him, drinking every drop out of his softening penis.

He gave me a dazed look as he pulled up his pants. “Wow” he gasped. My panties were more than damp.

“Let’s play Frisbee Bro!” I shouted, picking up the disk and jogging away. That night I would masturbate again and again to my brother and his yummy long dick fucking my mouth.

The next morning we all had breakfast together. Mom made waffles. It was the first breakfast that the family had had together in a long time. I kept playing footsie with Kevin under the table, trying to crack him up. Our parents had to go to work. They left us to finish breakfast and do the dishes. As soon as they were out the door Kevin said to me “You wanna?”

I sure did. As mom and dad were backing out of the driveway, I had Kevin sit on the table with his pants around his ankles. I poured maple syrup all over his cock and balls, and sucked him until he again delivered a tasty load in my mouth. In return, he did the dishes.

This went on all summer. Any time we found ourselves alone, his dick would come out, and I would take great pleasure in sucking him off. I thought the situation was incredibly hot, and managed to block any weirdness from intruding into my head. After all, it was just fooling around. Kevin taught me to give a really good blowjob, to tickle his asshole and otele gelen escort to lick and kiss his balls and tantalize his cock until it was hot and red and swollen and he was begging me to let him come. Sometimes I let him play with my breasts under my shirt while I sucked him, but that was all. We never talked about it. It was our little game, and we both enjoyed it all summer.

Then I went back to college, and Kevin went back to high school. We never resumed our game. I had boyfriends and a couple girlfriends, and a few one night stands. I graduated from university, and moved to New York City, where I got an apartment and a job, and built my own life.

I kind of lost touch with Kevin. Growing up we had been really close, but for several years we didn’t see each other very often. After he graduated from high school, he spent a little time traveling, and then got a job in a clothing store in our home town. He still lived with our parents. Sometimes when we talked on the phone, he told me about how he wanted to go to school, how our parents were driving him crazy, how he wanted to make something of his life. One night, he confided in me that he was gay. I told him that I would always love him no matter what.

One day, Kevin called me up out of the blue, and told me he wanted to move to New York. He wanted to know if he could stay at my apartment for a while. I had a two bedroom place, and my roommate had just moved out. I asked him why he didn’t just move in with me. Three days later he showed up at my building with a backpack and a suitcase.

I was 29 and single and frustrated with my job and the New York experience. It was nice to see Kevin experiencing the city for the first time, to show him my favorite places and things to do. We had a great time together. He landed a job with a graphic design firm, and started going out on his own more and more.

I was in the habit of running after work. I had ambitions of doing the New York City Marathon. One evening, I got home after a long run in the park, and surprised Kevin sitting on the couch watching a porno. He was naked from the waist down, and had his dick in his hand. On the screen, two muscle bound studs were going at it, slurping each others dicks in a hot sixty nine.

I liked porn. I had seen plenty on the internet, but I hadn’t been exposed to much gay porn. As Kevin stammered apologies and tried to cover up, I stood mesmerized by the action on the screen.

“Do you mind if I watch too?”

Kevin didn’t mind. I sat down on the couch next to him and pulled down my running shorts and sweaty panties. pendik escort Together we watched, our excitement building, as the two studs in the movie pleasured each other. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. “Kev, could you pause the movie for a sec? I want to get my vibrator.”

When the movie resumed, I started working my vibrator. I was watching Kevin as much as I was watching the action on screen. I hadn’t seen his dick in over seven years, and it still looked delicious. I noticed that Kevin’s eyes kept flicking to my pussy and the purple toy sliding in and out of it. I was soaking wet. I get really wet when I am excited, but this was exceptional. I was making a big wet spot on the couch. My vibrator was coated in my juice.

“Have you ever seen a girl masturbate before?”

“No” he answered.

“Do you like it? Do you think it’s sexy?”

“Yeah. Yes I do.”

“Even though you’re gay? Even though I don’t have a dick?” My clit was throbbing.

“Yeah.” He said. “I think it’s really hot.”

I buried the vibrator in my pussy, enjoying the feeling of the buzz deep inside me. I toyed with my clitoris, pulling back the hood to show Kevin my excited little button.

“Do you remember what we used to do?” Kevin asked me.

“I sure do” I answered.

“Would you like to again? Just this once?”

“Yes I would.” I said. “I can’t wait to suck your dick.”

I lay my face in his lap and took him in my mouth. I could tell he was really excited, and I didn’t want him to come right away. I wanted to enjoy this. His cock felt so good in my mouth. I slathered my tongue all over his shaft, enjoying his taste.

Meanwhile on the television, one stud was rimming the others asshole and stroking his own cock. I knew what I wanted to do. I slipped my hand under Kevin’s bottom, and started fingering his hole. Kevin raised his ass off the couch to give me better access, and moaned in appreciation.

I raised my mouth from his big wet dick as the man on the screen inserted his condom-sheathed dick into his buddy. “Can I fuck you Kevin? Can I suck your dick while I fuck your tight little asshole?”

In a flash, we were in a 69 position on the floor; Kevin kneeling above me, with his dick bobbing in my face. I pulled the vibrator out of my pussy, and pressed it against his puckered little hole. Still warm and slippery from my juices, it slipped right in. Kevin groaned aloud as I penetrated him. I couldn’t believe how eagerly his ass swallowed my toy. It was a little awkward getting his cock into my mouth in this position, but I managed it, his balls pressed rus escort into my nose. I could feel the hum of the vibrator through his shaft. I reamed his ass as he fucked my face. I felt his tongue on my pussy, and when he found my clit, it was too much for me. My stomach heaved and shook as I came, fucking his ass with all the strength in my arm. My thrashing set him off. He arched his back and squirted jet after jet of hot come, first into my mouth, then onto my heaving chest, staining the t-shirt that I hadn’t bothered to remove.

He rolled off me, and I let the silicone cock slip out of his asshole. He surprised me by licking the stray come off my face. It felt sexy; hot and nasty. It made me want more.

I would have to wait. Kevin seemed embarrassed, now that he was recovering from his orgasm. We showered separately. By the time I was out of the shower, the video was gone, and Kevin had retreated to his room. I wanted to tell him that it was ok, that it didn’t have to be anything, or mean anything, but I didn’t see him again that evening. I had soup for dinner and went to bed early, still feeling horny and confused from the action earlier.

Later that night, I heard Kevin come home. He wasn’t alone.

I could hear them through the thin walls separating our bedrooms. I had already warned Kevin that the place was less than soundproof. I had listened to Anne, my previous roommate entertaining her male friends before with a mixture of titillation and annoyance. She had tried to be quiet, but the sound of her bedsprings squeaking, her lover grunting as he thrust, her little gasps as she came always kept me awake.

Kevin and his boyfriend weren’t even trying to be quiet. I could hear my little brother ordering the boy named Justin to “suck my dick real good, yeah just like that.” It got quiet, and I imagined what must be going on in there: Kevin was bending some pretty red-haired boy over his bed, lubing up his ass, getting him nice and ready. By this time I had my ear pressed against the wall, and my vibrator was humming against my clit. Sure enough, Justin started moaning really loudly, and Kevin’s bed started squeaking rhythmically. I could hear them both grunting and gasping now, faster and louder. Kevin must be fucking the boy’s ass without mercy. I was incredibly turned on. My pussy gasped as I heard him beg Kevin to fuck him harder, to come in his asshole. When Kevin cried out “Shit I’m coming!” I pressed my vibrator hard into my clit and pulled my nipple ring hard with my free hand, giving in to the orgasm that had been building. My body shook as I came in time with them. I slept really well that night.

I didn’t see Kevin again until the next evening. I got back from running, dripping in sweat, and he was sitting on the floor playing Playstation.

“Hot date last night?” I asked him.

“Yeah.” He grinned at me. “I am gay you know.” I knew things were going to be ok.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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