My Boyfriend , I

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Author’s note:

Written by two people, boyfriend = him, author = me.

Started by him.

* * * * *

Evening, our place. I arrive home late. The house is quiet. I quietly close the door, take of my shoes and walk into the living room. My food is in the oven but I’m not hungry. I put my bag on the floor and take my coat off. I start to wonder where you are. You are usually still awake around this time. I quietly climb the stairs and peek into the bedroom. The television is on, but the picture is only showing snow. “Must be a video that’s finished,” I think.

I look towards the bed and see you lying on top. You are dead to the world. It must have been a very exhausting day for you. I do notice however that you aren’t wearing anything. It’s understandable because it’s at least 20 degrees, even at night. But thanks to a cool breeze the room isn’t stuffy and therefore you don’t sweat that easily. You are sleeping on your back with your head to one side, the remote still in your hand.

I gently take the remote away. You have the expression of a person that has been working hard all day and have nothing to show for it but sore muscles. I decide that you need to get into a very relaxing mood. I find a feather that has fallen out of the pillow. I start to tickle your sides very gently. You don’t wake up but you do roll over. Now you are lying on your stomach. It’s very arousing to see you lying there naked on the bed.

I slowly start to massage your shoulders. You wake up but don’t move. This is something you’re familiar with and definitely like. I start to rub all over your back. You begin to moan. A sign for me that what I’m doing is right. I climb on top of you to get a better position to massage you. I begin again with your shoulders. Rubbing them deep and gently, you love every second of it. I then slowly go down further right until your hips. You still love every minute of it. I stop. You give a disappointing moan.

I then however start to kiss your back. You moan again, more pleased this time. I start to kiss and lick you all over your back. Not a spot is missed. I then go down to your butt and begin to kiss you there. I start to kiss the sides, making you turn over back onto your back again.

You now look at me for the first time that night. A very big smile is across your face. I give you a passionate kiss on the lips. Then a second, and even a third. At the third however your mouth opens slightly giving my tongue the opportunity to go explore.

Our tongues are intertwined and we cuddle in each other’s arms. I begin to caress your breasts, and you undress me. We are now both naked. I begin to kiss, lick and playfully bite your breasts. You lean back to enjoy. I make sure that both your breasts have equal attention. While I kiss, lick and nibble one, I’m caressing the other. You are thoroughly enjoying it.

I move down lower to your belly button. I play with your piercing and delve my tongue into your navel. This is a very sensual spot for you. My hands however haven’t been still either. They have gone down even lower. My hands are slowly rubbing your most sensitive spot. My mouth then follows my hands example and goes down as well. I start to kiss and lick you to a climax. Your breathing is getting faster.

With your hands you push my head hard against you. I continue to lick. A finger disappears and reappears constantly. You are clutching the sheet now and you are almost at your climax. You let out a scream, you’re going to cum. I notice this and it only encourages me. I push up the tempo. Everything goes faster. You canlı bahis cum, but I still continue. This is a tremendous orgasm. It lasts for at least 30 seconds. It seems like a lifetime. You are totally exhausted.

I go back up and look at you. You look at me and smile. Our tongues start their playful game again. After that you turn back on your stomach. I give you another massage. However this massage is so soothing that you fall asleep again. I lay beside you looking at you while you sleep. The next morning you wake up to find me there with a tray of breakfast…

Continued by me.

Luckily it’s Saturday, so neither of us has to go to work. After eating breakfast together I decide to take a shower, you decide to stay in bed. When I’m finished in the shower I walk back into the bedroom to find you’ve fallen asleep again. I decide to “get you back” for last night and I slowly and quietly climb on the bed.

I kiss you carefully on the lips so I won’t wake you up. I start to move down your neck to your chest while still kissing everywhere my mouth touches your skin. Apparently you’re in a deep sleep because you’re not moving a muscle. I then start using my tongue too and start licking and kissing you all over your chest.

This does wake you up and you push yourself up to see what’s going on. I just smile at you and you lay back down again. I ask you to roll on your stomach so I can kiss your back. You roll on your back and I continue my kissing and licking. When I get to your waist you roll back again. I start kissing your cock and you let out a soft moan. I then start licking and sucking, which makes you moan a little louder.

I start using my hands too, which gets you close to climax. I want to continue this and you know it so you just lay back and enjoy this intense feeling. You tell me you’re close, so I lick and suck faster until you can’t hold it anymore. You climax and lie on the bed exhausted. After about 5 minutes you stand up to take a shower.

When you come out of the shower I dressed myself in a very sexy outfit that immediately gets your attention. I’m wearing a long, black, transparent dress. You can see my bra and panties and I’m also wearing lace stockings…

Continued by him.

You are standing there as beautiful as ever. Naturally what you’re wearing is a big turn-on. I laugh to myself knowing that you won’t be wearing that outfit for much longer. You switch on the stereo and play a very romantic song. Slowly we walk towards each other. In the middle of the room we embrace and begin to sway to the music. You put your head against mine and we dance to the beat of the music.

You have put on an intoxicating perfume that is driving me wild. The dress has an open back. Or at least it does after I open the zipper. I slowly caress your back. I start to kiss your neck. At that moment you can do nothing but enjoy yourself.

I kiss you all around your neck and then give you a long and passionate French kiss. Our tongues do a kind of mating dance all of their own. I then step back and you slowly and seductively slide the dress of your shoulders. The dress falls straight down to the floor. I walk back up to you.

All I’m wearing is the towel around my waist that is surprisingly still there. I give you a cuddle and kiss your neck. My hands slide to your back and I undo your bra. I slowly remove your bra and begin to caress your breast. Your nipples get hard. I go down and begin to lick and nibble on them. You are still standing there with your panties and stockings on.

I go down further to your belly button. I bahis siteleri lick and play with your piercing, something that you always enjoy. While my tongue is playing in your belly button, my hands go down further and pull down the panties. I go down further and begin licking your pussy. Your knees get weak, so you sit down on the bed and lay back. I’m still kneeling on the floor.

I open your legs and continue where I left off. You are loving every movement of my tongue. I then plunge my tongue deep into you. A powerful groan comes from you. This is a signal for me to continue. Within seconds you cum. I keep licking through the orgasm making sure that it lasts as long as it can. When you finally can’t stand anymore I stop and let the orgasm pass.

I go back up, licking my way everywhere ending with another kiss. By that time my towel has fallen off and I’m at full strength. We climb further on the bed so that we can both lie down. I lie on top of you and slowly and gently enter you. Slowly but steadily we make love. You cum two more times before I reach my climax. Together we cum and fall into each other’s arms. We both smile at each other knowing that this is going to be a long Saturday…

Continued by me

After we catch our breath you fall asleep again. I decide to do something completely different than what we are both used to. While you are sleeping I quietly climb out of bed and walk into my closet. I take four silk scarves and walk back into the bedroom. Coincidently you stretched yourself in your sleep, which only makes it easier to do what I want to do.

Slowly I approach the bed, I take your left arm and tie it to the bedpost. You let a deep sigh and I’m afraid you might wake up. I stand there for what seems like eternity, holding my breath. You move your head to the other side and I decide to continue. I walk down to the end of the bed and take your left leg and also tie it to the bedpost. I do the same with your other arm and leg.

Seeing you lying like that is unexpectedly a turn-on. Not being able to turn around in your sleep wakes you up. You look up and see me standing at the end of the bed, still naked from our earlier lovemaking. You ask me what’s going on and I tell you that I wanted to try something different. I ask you if you mind that I did this, but you just smile at me.

Encouraged by your smile I get even more turned on. I walk to the stereo and play a slow song. I walk back to the bed and start moving to the music. At first a little insecure, I start moving my hands over my body. Starting at my stomach and slowly moving up to my breasts.

When I reach my nipples I can feel that they are already hard and I touch them briefly with the palm of my hands. When I softly squeeze my breasts I let out a soft moan. I start moving my hands down again, this time along the side. Touching my waist, moving back to my butt and slowly moving back to the front of my body. When I reach my pussy I look at you.

You are fascinated with the way I move my hands over my body and I can see that you are very aroused with my little performance. Your cock is standing up straight. The sight of this makes me want to come over to the bed, but I control myself and continue with what I was doing.

I start moving my hand over my pussy, I can feel my hand is getting wet. Slowly I push one finger inside and let out a soft moan. I start moving my hand up and down, allowing my finger to almost come out and then in again. I start moving my hand faster, with the other hand I’m touching my breast. I’m close to cumming and I have to use all my strength bahis şirketleri not to fall to my knees. I have to lean against the bedpost and when I cum a shiver runs through my body.

Now I do fall to my knees and I have to catch my breath. I look up at you a little embarrassed because I never did this before. At least not in front of you. You tell me to climb on the bed and I lay next to you. We start kissing, slowly at first. We open our mouths and our tongues start playing. I move away from your face and start kissing your neck.

Leaving a trail of kisses to that sensitive spot between your neck and shoulders. Moving down to your chest, briefly licking and nibbling at your nipples. You try to move but you’re still tied to the bedposts. I climb on top of you so I can kiss you all over. I lick my way down to your stomach, moving to the side to kiss your waist and hips.

You can feel my pussy close to your cock and you try to push up your hips. I quickly pull back so you can’t reach me. I have to laugh at the look on your face. I tell you that you have to wait a little longer. I go down again and continue my kissing and licking.

When I get to your cock I touch it softly with the tip of my tongue. You let out a soft moan. I start licking around the top, slowly moving down. I work my way back up and when I reach the top again I open my mouth and slowly take your cock in my mouth.

You hold your breath because the feeling is very intense. Slowly I start moving up and down, still using my tongue as well. Since you can’t move you have no other choice but to just lie there and enjoy what I do to you. I start moving up and down faster. I can actually feel you grow in my mouth. I can hear your breathing is getting faster, so I slow down a bit. I let go which results in a disappointing moan.

I start kissing your stomach again, slowly working my way back. When I reach your face we start kissing very passionately. I look into your eyes and slowly climb on top of you. I move down a little bit and I can feel your cock touching my pussy. I move down further and with the little possibility you have to move yourself, you push up and I can feel you push the top of your cock inside me.

Because you can’t move anymore I move down and I slowly sit up straight. The feeling of having you so deep inside of me is so intense that I almost come. You tense your muscles inside me and I laugh because it tickles. I start moving up and down slowly, trying to enjoy this feeling as much as possible. I lean on your chest for support.

You ask me to give you a kiss so I lean down to kiss you. To my surprise I suddenly feel your arms around me. Apparently you managed to get yourself untied. You hold me tight as we slowly move together. You want to untie your legs, so you ask me to move aside. Of course I refuse at first. I get of you and you lean forward to untie your legs.

When you lay back I try to climb on you again but you hold me back. You push me back on the bed and climb on top of me. Almost immediately I open my legs and again I feel the top of your cock touching my pussy. You slowly push yourself inside me and I hold my breath until I can feel you completely in me. You start to pull back again slow until only the top of your cock is inside.

Suddenly you push back really fast which makes me grasp for my breath. Again you pull out slowly and push back in fast. This goes on for a while and I can see that you have to use all your strength not to cum. You start moving faster and push harder. I’m close to coming and start breathing faster. You push up the tempo even more and I cum. Immediately after that you let out an intense moan and push your cock in as far as possible and you cum as well. You fall down next to me and after we catch our breath, we fall asleep…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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