My Best Mistake Pt. 03

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I have been asked several times how closely I resemble the Tiffany character in my stories. The answer to that, is quite a bit.

Ok! Ok! If I was being completely honest we are almost identical.

I try to keep my stories as close to real life as possible. Some of the excerpts, situations and conversations actually did happen.

My Mother for example, while not in Real Estate, closely resembles her character as well. I honestly believe that her frank and open discussions of what most people consider difficult subjects was one of the greatest gifts she could ever give me or my siblings.

When I came out to my family it wasn’t a tough decision at all. I didn’t agonize over it like some of the people I knew did. Or suffer from any lack of acceptance or persecution. My girlfriend says my coming out was about as controversial as deciding between paint colors of the same shade of white. I liken it to an episode of Leave it to Beaver (pun intended). I remember that I actually did it as a passing remark in regards to what I was planning to do one Friday. Of course the conversation went a little further than that but it ended with a Ok hon have fun, can’t wait to meet her.

And yes my Mother did take me to get my first vibrator although it didn’t happen quite like it did in the story, but it did happen after a pretty involved night of masturbating with my curling iron.

Sarah? Again pretty darn close. She is the one person in the world I’m closest to, other than my significant other. I sometime fear I don’t do her justice in these pages that I have written.

Whatever this is…Mental ejaculation, Psychological enabling or just the fantastical ravings of a sexual deviant. I find it therapeutic. My own Personal Home Muscle Massager if you will. It has helped me understand myself better, certainly when it comes to the sexual attraction I have felt for my sister.

Regardless of my reasons I need to thank my girlfriend, long overdue as it is, but it was her encouragement that helped me open this door.

I should also thank my sister. Without her blessing and understanding I would never have let the genie out of the bottle.

And to think it all started with a pair of your panties sis!

Love Tiff XOXO

As I lay there with my head on the sheets and my ass in the air, I reflected on how I had gotten to this point. Had it really been just a couple of days ago that I had eaten my sister’s pussy? Two days seemed like an awfully short time span to completely ruin the relationships of 3 people.

The vibrator slipped out of my ass and landed in the wet spot that was the only evidence left of my orgasm. I felt a little cheated of what had been the makings of a huge one, but quickly suppressed that thought.

Sarah was just sitting there with her eyes closed.

“Shit, shit, shit!” She said. “Now what are we going to do?”

“Relax I will take care of it.” I said.

“How, huh? How are you going to do that? She saw us don’t you get it?” She sounded slightly hysterical.

“Yes I do! She saw you using a vibrator on me. Nothing more. You weren’t eating my pussy! I could always tell her you were just helping me, which you were if you think about it.”

She was silent for a moment.

“Really? You think she would accept that?” She asked.

“Possibly but it’s not really the whole truth now, is it?”

I turned the vibrators off and went to my closet to get some clothes. Neither one of us had bothered to get dressed yet. Looking at the clock I saw that it was only 3:00 in the afternoon. My mother was over 2 hours early.

“Go get dressed Sarah. I will talk to Mom.” I leaned down to kiss her and she turned her head. That hurt! Way more than being found out by my Mother did.

I knocked on my Mother’s door. Surprisingly I was pretty calm.

“Yes?” The answer was flat and devoid of any clue as to her present mind.

“Mom, can I talk to you?” I asked through the door.

I heard a sigh. “Of course. Come in!”

She was laying on her bed one arm thrown over her eyes, almost as if she couldn’t stand the sight of me. She sat up quickly enough once I walked in though.

“About what you saw mother, I can explain!” I stated.

“You can? Wow that would be great! I would truly love one that would explain how my daughters ended up in bed together having sex!”

For a moment she almost seemed like her old self. I opened my mouth to tell her that Sarah was just helping me. A sort of curious exploration between sisters. That it was a one time thing that had never gone further.

And she would have known that I was lying my ass off.

“How long has this been going on Tiffany?” She sighed.

“It started Saturday with Sarah’s panties…” I told her the whole story start to finish. As I told my story I saw her face change from frank refusal to a soft acceptance.

“It wasn’t planned Mother but now that I found this, I don’t want to lose it! Haven’t you always told us to find our own way? Don’t let society tell us who to love, beşiktaş masöz escort what color they should be or what gender. You always said that true attraction knows no boundaries. Was that all a lie?”

“Of course not Tiffany but she’s your sister…I…You..”

“So? So what? It’s not like we’re getting married or anything. Nor are we sleeping around with a bunch of people we don’t know. What could be safer? Neither one of us would ever do anything to hurt the other. The only thing that says that we can’t do this is society. And we all know how you feel about society telling us who we can and can’t be with.”

“What about morally wrong then?” She said.

“Where’s the morality? I can’t get Sarah pregnant. Nor did I ever say that I want us to be together the rest of our lives and raise children What I can say is that my whole life I have been looking for someone who gets me! Me! It’s really no wonder I ended up in bed with a family member. Since they are really the only ones whom I can relate to and I’m not talking because of my sexuality. Maybe in the future that will be someone like Danni, but right now its Sarah!”

She stared at me for a few minutes and then smiled. “Seems like you have it all figured out then! I can’t say that I approve, but…you’re both consenting adults. If you really want this I won’t deny it or even turn you away! Your my daughters, how can I condemn you for taking my own teachings to heart!”

“Thanks Mom!” I said hugging her.

“But you have to promise me 2 things, ok?”

“Of course!”

“First, nobody and I mean nobody can know about it. Its nobody’s business but yours and Sarah’s. So be discreet, that includes not letting your brother know. Second that this won’t effect your relationship with Sarah. Once its ended can you girls go back to being just sisters? I won’t have you guys fighting or hating each other like some divorced couples I have known.”

“Promise!” I said hugging her again. Maybe it was my heightened awareness or the fact that my orgasm was kind of cut short. But I could see that her nipples were hard and I thought I detected the faint aroma of an aroused pussy.

“Ok” She sighed.

“Why are you home so early, anyway?” I asked.

“Your Father is bringing your brother to school in the morning. They were getting ready for their annual trip after school is out and weren’t quite done. I figured I would surprise you girls and take you out for dinner instead!”

“Well you certainly surprised us!”

“That makes 3 of us!” She laughed. “I guess I should go talk to Sarah…”

“Let me first…Then I need to get cleaned up!” I said feeling much better.

“Yes you do! You smell like pussy.”

So do you Mom, was my thought as I left.

I knocked on Sarah’s door. “It’s me Tiff. Can I come in?”

Sarah was a mess. It was obvious she had been crying. She was dressed but badly. I sat down on her bed and gave her a hug. I then gave her the whole run down.

“Really? She said all that? My god our Mother must be the coolest Mom on the planet!” I had to agree.

Before I had a chance to say anything she ran out of the room. I presumed that she was looking for our Mother.

Deciding to give them some time, I went to take a shower.

My asshole felt slightly abused but in a good way, if there is such a thing. My pussy was still tingling and would throb every time I ran the loofa over my pussy or tits…or ass for that matter. Idly I wondered if Sarah would join me?

Hopping out of the shower, I saw that Sarah had come quietly in and was waiting on me, lost in thought. She gave a little start then smiled at me.

I wrapped the towel around myself and grabbed a hair towel.

“Hey…” I said.

She came right up to me and kissed me as thoroughly as I have ever been kissed. “Sorry about earlier.” She said. “I guess I kind of freaked out!”

“It’s ok. I completely understand!” I replied.

“No it’s not! Let me make it up to you!” She said removing my towel. She dropped to her knees and before I could say Boo her tongue was in my pussy.

After my sister had finished apologizing and I had finished cumming on her face, it was her turn to get cleaned up.

I was looking in the mirror doing my makeup and she came parading in wearing just that little white thong that started it all.

“Which skirt you should I wear? The grey one or black?” She asked.

“Grey!” I said trying not to stare.

“Good choice. You know, this is almost like a date!”

“Yeah with our Mother to chaperone!” I said laughing.

She laughed with me. “She’s there to ensure that you don’t take advantage of my innocent and trusting nature by defiling my purity!” She said with the accent of a southern belle.

Skipping out I found myself staring at the little bit of material nestled between her ass cheeks.


And later.

“Did Mom seem strange to you?” she asked.

“Well she did just witness her oldest daughter fucking beşiktaş otele gelen escort her younger daughter in the ass with a vibrator. So…no not really!”

She laughed. “Not what I meant, but she didn’t let me in right away when I knocked and the door was locked.”


“When was the last time Mom locked her door? I can’t ever remember it being locked. We would never go into someone’s room with the door shut. So why lock it?”

“I don’t know…” I was thinking that I certainly have heard my Mother masturbating before though. We both have and there had never been a need to lock our doors before now. I never really thought anything about it though, kind of in the same way kids who hear their parents having sex. It just was. She had needs she took care of them. I knew she had at least one vibrator and the lube Sarah got from her room.

“I had the thought that she may have been masturbating!” Sarah gave me a look that spoke volumes. Do you think she was thinking about us it seemed to say.

“She was probably just getting changed.” But what I was thinking about was that faint aroma of an aroused pussy.

“I’m not so sure!” She said.

We looked at each other in the mirror for a moment.

“Girls you better hurry!” My mother yelled.

Dinner was a blast. It really was almost like a real date. Out of respect for my Mother we didn’t hold hands or kiss or anything.

God knows I wanted to though! That grey little flared skirt Sarah had on was causing a puddle in my panties. She had flashed her own little white panties at me twice before we even got out the door! Then again at the restaurant. I wanted to jump on the table and howl like a cartoon wolf.

How she kept my Mother or our waiter from seeing was a mystery to me.

At the restaurant my Mother ended up having a couple of more glasses of wine than usual. Don’t get me wrong she wasn’t drunk…just really buzzed. Sarah still 4 months shy of 21 would sneak little sips whenever Mom wasn’t paying attention.

We were discussing my plans for after graduation, with me and Sarah sitting on one side and my Mother on the other. I felt Sarah take my hand that I had in my lap and place it high up on her thigh.

Now we were discussing possible majors, but obviously my sexy sister had other things on her mind. Grabbing my hand she slipped it up her skirt so that I was touching her wet little panties. Putting both arms on the table she scooted closer to the table pretending to be absorbed in the conversation.

I was trying to slip my finger inside her panties to give the little minx the fingering she was so desperate for but the angle was all wrong.

Finally I removed my hand. She pouted a bit at that until she felt my hand slide up under her skirt near her ass. Smiling she lifted her butt up for me. Keeping herself raised up while supporting her weight with her elbows. I pulled her soaking wet thong to the side and inserted my finger into her. Finally she sat back burying my finger completely inside her pussy. She started making little rocking movements back and fort.

The whole time we were carrying on a conversation with my Mother.

Perhaps it wasn’t as unobtrusive as I thought. The pauses in our conversation with Mom became longer. My Mother would steal quick glances at the other one when ever she was talking to one of us. Her nipples were clearly visible through her shirt, her lips were parted and her breathing had deepened noticeably.

My sister closed her eyes and let out a barely perceptible moan. The smile on her face was beatific. I’m sure my Mother knew something was up, but in her current state not exactly what.

“Ok girls! Let me pay the check and hit the bathroom, then we can leave!” She said.

As my Mother was reaching for her purse, I pulled my finger out of my sister and stuck it my mouth.

“Ladies. How was everything tasting tonight?” The waiter asked.

I finished sucking my sisters juices off of my finger.

“Delicious!” I said and smiled.

Going home, I drove. My Mother sitting in the backseat was a regular Chatty Cathy. It was obvious that she hadn’t let het hair down in awhile. That and the shock of seeing Sarah and I together, probably caused her to drink a little bit more than usual.

When we got home she gave us both kisses on the lips and told us good night and not to stay up too late. With a knowing look in her eyes she headed to her room just the tiniest bit unsteady.

I felt a trifle bit guilty. Here she was going to bed alone, while I was planning on fucking my sister’s brains out in the next 5 minutes. By the look on my sister’s face that would be 5 minutes too long of a wait, but I was determined to make her wait a bit as punishment for her teasing me all night.

Walking up to her I held her face and gave her a deep kiss.

“Your panties! Give them to me!” I told her holding out my hand.

She looked at my Mother’s door which was closed but not shut. Reaching beşiktaş rus escort up under her skirt she slowly slid the little white panties down.

She held them up in front of my face then dropped them into my hand. The were soaked, I doubt if they could have been any wetter if she had poured water on the crotch. She smiled at me.

“Well you got my panties…now what?” She asked.

My answer was a sensual kiss. Sliding my hand up between her thighs, she spread her legs to give me access to her soaking wet pussy.

I played with her a little bit before she got impatient and grabbed my hand. Taking 2 of my fingers she shoved them into her pussy, then leaned back against the wall and spread her legs wider.

“Come on little sister fuck me please!” She whispered.

Curling my fingers up, I used my thumb to rub her clit. She started to hump herself onto my fingers and It wasn’t long before her pussy juice was leaking so much that little droplets were flying everywhere.

Sensing she was close to orgasm, I stopped. She whimpered with frustration and groaned. “Your cruel!”

I stuck my fingers into her mouth and let her taste her cream off of my fingers.

“Shhh! Mom’s door isn’t shut!” I whispered back.

Taking her hand I led her into my bedroom while simultaneously trying to remove her blouse and kiss her at the same. Which is a lot easier said than done.

I had gotten her beautiful breasts bared and was in the process of bathing each one lovingly with my tongue, when she whispered. “I need to taste you!”

I began to remove my clothes. She removed her skirt, then moved to help me. She may have been trying to help, but sucking on my ear lobe and playing with my nipples was not going to speed things up.

Finally I got undressed and laid down. Sarah moved between my legs but I stopped her.

“Wait!” I reached into my bedside table and grabbed my vibrator. “Turn around and straddle me.”

She hesitated only a moment. Then she was lowering her pussy to my waiting tongue.

That’s when I heard it.

What did I hear? I wasn’t sure. A creak? A step? Whatever it was it came from my bathroom.

If my sister had heard it she wasn’t stopping, with a moan she dove into my pussy. Her tongue was sliding from my clit to the base of my pussy and back up the inside of my lips.

“Hmmmm you taste so good Tiff! Eat my pussy please!” She was humping her pussy towards my tongue.

I turned on the vibrator and took a small lick between her lips but needn’t had worried since she was so wet the vibrator just slid right in. I felt a shiver run through her body then she settled back down as I began to lick around her clit while pumping the vibe in and out of her beautiful pussy.

She was moaning non stop now and every once in awhile her body would shudder like an electric jolt was passing through it. Her hips were humping up and down.

If I haven’t told you before how good my sister’s pussy taste, let me tell you that of the girls I have been with she by far tastes the best. That and the feeling that yes I am indeed eating my own sister’s pussy, is always enough to make me cum.

I kept thinking to myself, this is my Sister’s pussy, Sarah’s pussy…I’m eating my Sister’s pussy. God she tastes so good.

She attacked my own pussy with a hunger that I had never seen. Using the juices that flowed from me, she slipped a finger into my ass while she concentrated on my clit.

I rubbed my own fingers over her little ass hole then I pulled the vibe out so I could taste inside her…and that is when she squirted. Now I can often squirt when I’m really turned on. As can Sarah. I have seen her do it for me a couple of times now. Must run in the family. But those times were nothing compared to this one.

This was a steady stream that landed mainly in my mouth and on my face and neck. I put the vibrator in her again and quickly pulled it out and she did it again. Then again and again. Then she pressed her hips down and started to cum.

“Oh God I’m cumming Tiff! I’m cumming all over your beautiful face. Oh shit, shit. Eat my pussy baby sis. Eat me! So good! So good…” It ended in a massive shudder and the creamiest orgasm I have ever seen from a woman.

I heard an “Oh my God!” from the bathroom and I started to cum!

“Cummming! Oh god I’m cumming!” I screamed and I nearly bucked her off onto the floor.

And another moan from the bathroom.

Poor Sarah was nearly comatose. Making unintelligible little whimpering noises.

Oh no! I thought, I fucked her brains out! She rolled off me and I sat up. I moved to check on her thinking no way could I sleep in my bed tonight. It was so wet it was like Sarah had peed. I pushed her hair out of her face and saw her eyes were closed but that she had a huge smile on her face.

I kissed her. “Are you Ok?” I asked.

“Nope!” She laughed. “Somewhere in there I died and went to heaven! Holy shit! What did you do to me? It was almost like I was peeing. I wasn’t was I?”

“Nope you squirted a lot though!”

“That’s like saying the Mississippi is a river. Holy shit!”

“Can I sleep with you in your bed tonight? Mine is soaked!”

She kissed me. “Absolutely!”

I grabbed a sleeping shirt from my dresser but didn’t bother with panties. I wanted to give Sarah easy access if she woke and decided to eat my pussy.

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