My Autography Ch. 02

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The party was going at full bloom and it was difficult to listen to anyone in the ensuing noise of the party crowd. Mom and dad were beaming to the guests as we kids were having a great time with our friends. It was my first time that I was attending ‘their’ party. I was amazed to see the various ways people were dressed up. Nice and decent friends of my parents were dressed rather provocatively. To add to my amazement, everyone commented upon everyone, some did this in a blatant and obscene manner.

I remember one of my dad’s colleague commenting about the goodness of my mom’s body by saying something peculiar about her fairly exposed and prominent tits. Dad just laughed it out by saying, “——but the knockers of your wife are great too, a bit of sag is what is normal at her age”. It was only when mom chided them and reminded them about the presence of the kids that they shut themselves up.

The party was on my birthday and I was dressed for the occasion, though not outrageously like the adults in the party, but still my white dress was sexy. It clung to my body and accentuated my good enough curves. My neckline was a bit deeper than what I usually had in my dresses.

Najia too was wearing a dress that was a combination of western and eastern culture. A sleeveless shalwar kamiz (shirt and baggy trouser), which showed her ample cleavage. Her dress clung to her well rounded curves. She was being treated like a queen in the party and even my father’s friends and bosses were ogling at her. She was beaming with pride as a result of all this attention that she was getting.

Soon the time came when I cut the cake. As I blew out eighteen candles, one by one, I was thinking fast. “Is my decision right?”, “How would my family react to it?” What would they think of me? “

I blew out the candles; I cut the cake with my hands shaking. I got hold of a small piece and held it, a bit too long, and then turned towards mom. I offered her the cake and everyone clapped again. I looked in her eyes and saw a look of extreme amazement. Then I looked towards dad he was looking like a fighter pilot returning from a grueling mission. I looked towards Najia; she was smiling while a big boss of my dad was having an arm around her lower back, rather on the side of her hips.

The dinner started and everyone had his share, with lots of wine. Najia was not left alone by my dad’s boss even for a minute. He made sure he touched her whenever he got even half a chance.

I saw dad drinking more and more and I was perplexed and thought again about my decision. Then I smiled over some thoughts and went to him. He was holding a drink in his hand and was looking lost. As I approached him, he looked towards me with questions in his eyes.

“Dad, I love you and I love everyone else in my family. Tonight is not the end of life.” I said to him.

“Oh! Nado, that’s no problem. I and your mom has always believed on the freedom of choice, and now how can I object upon your choice.” he replied while offering me a drink.

I took the drink and wanted to continue the conversation but the same friend of dad, who had earlier commented about mom’s bosom, walked towards us.

“Your daughter sure has grown up.” he said to my dad while looked at me lecherously.

“Not the way your daughters have.” dad said, in a rather funny tone.

I excused myself and walked towards mom who was standing with few of her friends. When I got near her, she introduced me to her friends. I mingled with them and enjoyed their gossip. I looked around to find Najia but she was nowhere to be found.

I excused myself as the wine had straight away hit my bladder. As I went upstairs towards my room, while passing by Najia’s room, I heard some strange noises. I moved closer, I heard Najia moaning and got worried. I got near her door and opened it slowly. What I saw was both baffling and erotic for me: My sister was riding on my dad’s boss’s face and she was totally nude. Although I opened the door with care, she was able to take note of me and she smiled. I closed the door and hurried to my room.

There while sitting on toilet, I thought about my family. Incest was on, so was my sis fucking my dad’s boss. My head started spinning and perhaps I dozed off on the toilet. I woke up with someone tapping on my shoulder. As I opened my eyes, I saw my sis standing over me, adjusting her clothes. I was able to make out that she was not wearing her bra and her nipples were clearly indented through her shirt. I got up and went out of toilet with her.

“Baji (elder sis), what the hell is this, why the dad’s boss?” I asked her.

“It was dad’s wish, otherwise he is too old for my tastes.” Najia replied, while straightening her dress.

“What! Dad asked you to fuck his boss, why on earth, for god sake?”

“You know Nado, dad is in the promotion zone. Why should I not help him rise, after all he has done a lot for all of us,” said my sis with a smile while adding, “Come on lets go downstairs, beşiktaş anal yapan escort guests must be leaving and we must see them off.”

As we both headed down, we saw guests leaving. Mom and dad were seeing them off. Dad’s boss was also there, he said thanks many times to dad and mom. Dad looked a bit out of his true self and I don’t know what the reason was; offering one of his daughters to his boss or missing the opportunity to take the cherry of his second daughter.

When all the guests left, mom sent our younger brothers to their room. I, Najia, mom and dad were left there. No words were spoken for quite a long as we all sat in the drawing room.

“Nado, you surprised us all. We were not expecting you to be so unconventional.” Said dad.

“Dad, I am confused. I don’t know whether my decision is right or wrong. I just fancy mom, she has been so accommodative in our family.” I replied as I snuggled closer to mom.

“Nado, I love you. It’s not only that I have been accommodative. The things we are doing, within the family and out, have given me lots of pleasure and joy.” Mom replied as she put an arm around my shoulder.

Mom took me in her arms and kissed my cheeks and forehead repeatedly. When she separated herself from me, I could see tears in her eyes. She addressed dad and said, “Looks like that she is different from her sis.”

“Yes, she indeed gave me a shock of my life.” replied dad. He moved forward and kissed me on my cheek, just a fatherly peck. After kissing me lightly, he leaned forward and kissed mom passionately on her lips, inches away from my face. It was something very erotic, seeing him kiss mom at very close range.

“Darling, it’s because of you that we all are enjoying, I was so close to getting addicted and wasted when you came to rescue me.” He said to mom.

After having some more chit chat, while dad kept on kissing mom, Najia seemed to have had enough of watching, “I think we have wasted quite a bit of time. Let move on. Dad, don’t worry you will have enough of both of them after I get married.”

Even on that day, when I was myself poised to enter into incest, Najia’s comment made me blush. Dad got up after listening her but not before he kissed me, a bit more passionately before they left. I could felt his tongue touching my lips for a few moments and then he was gone with my sister.

Mom and I followed them upstairs. We saw them getting into Najia’s room and the door was closed behind them. Mom looked at me and smiled as she must and have seen a look of mile bewilderment on my face. Then we went to the master bedroom. Mom told me to make myself comfortable while she went to washroom. I sat there waiting with anxiety, waiting with a fear of unknown. I heard water splashing in mom’s shower and suddenly I myself felt dirty. I decided to change into something comfortable and so I left for my own room.

While on my way to my room, I passed Najia’s room and heard all too familiar moaning and humping voices. I held myself with an extreme effort from having a peek at my sis and dad. On reaching my room, I hit the shower, had it quickly and changed into my sleeping dress. Nothing too flashy, just simple shalwar kamiz, that was loose to allow me comfort. Without drying my hairs, I proceeded to mom’s room. Najia’s room, as before, was emanating sounds of love.

As I opened the door of mom’s room, I found it dimly lit and reverberating with light music that felt good to my ears. I found mom lying on the bed under her covers. I halted for a long moment at the door with lots of questions simmering in my head.

“Oh! You went to shower and change. I thought that you have changed your mind.”

“Mom, I took the decision after a lot of thinking, I won’t change my mind.” I said while standing in the doorway.

“Then why are you standing there? Come here, we have a lot to talk.” She beckoned me to her bed.

I took few steps needed; she got to a side while lifting the bedcovers as I sat on a side of bed, still with my feet on the floor.

“Are you gonna run, it seems you have lot of questions in your mind,” she said while patting me on my back.

Her touch sent shivers down my spine. I slowly lifted one, and then the other foot, and lied on her side, still managing some space between us. She brought one of her hand and touched my forehead and then took it to my head and started caressing my scalp. Her touch was both electrifying and soothing at the same time.

“I know! Your mind is having a whole bunch of curies squirming. Just don’t bother. No one is allowed to force one’s will in this house. Everyone is free to do what he feels like, but if it involves someone else, then the consent is must.” She said while she ran her fingers through my scalp and her touch was relaxing me.

“Nadia, if you don’t want to follow on the footsteps of your sister, or for that matter, if you don’t like the ways that we follow in our lives, you are beşiktaş bdsm escort free to live as you feel like. No one will force anything on you.” she continued while gently playing with my hairs.

“Mom, its not that——–, that I don’t like you,—————– or anyone else way in the house. It’s just that I don’t know much about the reasons. Mom, I love you, and all my family and I very much hope that I would also enjoy like you all do, but I want to know certain things.” I replied while extending my hand to her’s and holding it.

“Nado, ask what you want. I am all ears.” mom said while she took my hand in her’s and place it over her chest, after passing it behind her neck.

“Mom, I saw Najo——————-, with Mr __________________ (name not needed), —————————–, you know, dad’s boss. Errr———–, she was having ———————————— sex with him. She then told me that she was doing it because of dad’s wish.” I was feeling very hard to frame my speech.

Mom shifted her position and turned towards me while lifting herself on her elbows. I was able to have a glimpse that she was wearing a light gown. As she lifted, I was benefited by a close up view of her ample cleavage.

She then placed her cheek on my shoulder and said, “Nado, what your sis did, was with her own free choice. You know, your dad is in promotion zone. Your dad’s boss had an eye on Najo for a long time but we avoided. Najo, however, came to know of it somehow and was all willing to help your dad. So it happened. And by the way, it was just fucking. Your dad had fucked his boss’s family a lot of time.” Mom was whispering all this in my ear as her warm breath breezed lightly over my neck.

“You know Nado, when I and your dad got married; we were just like ordinary newlyweds, just a bit more communicative and kinky. It all started when we were posted to Peshawar, back in 70’s, and I felt that your dad is a bit lost for a couple of days. He was trying to avoid me. I confronted him and he revealed that the base commander’s wife was after him. He was a real stud and that particular lady was nothing but a painted tart. He told me that she has threatened him that if he did not comply with her wishes, she would get him grounded. For your dad, flying was a passion just as I was.” She kept on saying and now she was again lying on her back and my hand was back on her chest.

“He had initially refused the lady, but was very perturbed over the whole issue as he was expecting to get grounded. I was also shocked but loved him so much that I told him that he should fuck that bitch, if that’s what she wanted. After all, I told him, that it was just fucking, not love.” With lot of tentativeness, I started exploring her bosom, and she responded by bringing her arm to my thigh.

“He did fuck her, and did it throughout our stay at the base. We made our rules and stuck to them. He would always tell me about the ‘dates’. He would also relive all the details of fucking that bitch.”

“The lady was very horny and was addicted to all forms of sex. She revealed that her hubby was a homosexual and was infatuated with a couple of tough looking guys and he would get his ass fucked like a mad man. The lady felt neglected. Your dad told me that she was fond of blowjobs and felt good when degraded in bed. She liked her ass fucked in a rough manner.” By this time we both were actively exploring each other. My shalwar was wet near my groin and I could feel mom’s nipples rising to my touch.

“All these narrations made us hot and we fucked like people possessed by some evil spirit. We realized that my decision was a good one as your father rose in rank steadily and our relations also improved. He got good reports and we lived happily.” I now had my fingers prying into her neckline and she was pulling the cord that held my shalwar.

“One night, after he had come back from one of his date and we were having sex, I asked him, what would he feel if some of his boss asks for me? Your dad went quiet for a long time and then said that his answer would be “no”. I asked him the reason and he replied that he won’t sell the body of his wife for promotions. He said it was not enjoyable to fuck without love. I agreed with him.” Mom had removed my shalwar and was now turning her attention towards my upper body. I, too, was not lagging behind as by now her gown buttons were all open.

“He then asked me, what would be my reaction to such a proposal; I replied jokingly that if the guy was good, I would definitely think about it. We both laughed like mad. I told him later that it was just a joke.” I was fondling mom’s tits and she had my neckline devoid of any buttons.

“He was not done yet and put up a hypothetical situation in front of me and asked, ‘Suppose you are willing to have sex with someone else, who would he be, or she be?'” Mom’s touch on my boob was electrifying and I responded by pulling her nipple.

“I tried beşiktaş elit escort to avoid the question but he was adamant. After a lot of cajoling from his side, I named a friend of his; named Ali (not the real name). He went into deep thought and later asked me the reason.” Mom was lightly caressing my tits and I was returning the favor in kind.

“I told your dad that his friend was good looking, humorous and his wife seemed to be sexually content.” Mom pulled me toward her and I lifted my face and placed it between her tits.

“We had a lustful session of sex afterwards. He took my ass, and it was not the first time though. We have been experimenting with everything within our bedroom since our wedding.” Mom continued and I started licking between her ample tits. She was now groping my tit and her intensity increased as she felt my tongue in the valley of her tits

“A few days later, on a weekend, he called me from base that I should arrange for dinner for two guests. I enquired about the guests but he stone-walled my question.” I slowly took my lips to her well projected nipple and heard her moan.

Mom’s narration was revealing new secrets to me. Mr. Ali was a family friend. His daughters were our schoolmates. Unfortunately, Mr. Ali died in a crash, few years ago. Our family was still in touch with his widow and daughters.

As she lay beside me her body was emanating a heat that it gave an impression that she was running a high fever. We now lay face to face to each other with mom’s hands on my back. I had my hands on her now boobs and her skin was smooth as silk and warm. She caressed my back and went lower to hold and caress my buttocks.

“When your dad came he saw me busy with dishes. He checked the progress and asked for anything that I wanted from the market. I again asked, who the guests were, and he told me that I will not be disappointed. He then told me to wear a black sari, that he gave to me on our wedding anniversary and I instantly understood that he wanted me to show off.”

I had shifted my hands and was now caressing over her back and I could just feel the swell of her buttocks as it rose prominently below my exploring hands. Mom held me close and kissed me on my neck. I replied back by kissing awkwardly on her lips. The kiss lasted for few seconds and we exchanged saliva; overall it was wonderfully erotic.

“That particular black sari had a blouse that showed off a lot. I had never worn that in public and it was only for your dad. He soon went out to get the things I told from the local market and returned when I had already completed cooking.”

“I went to shower and asked your dad whether he wanted to join me but he declined saying that we should better save our best for tonight. This comment made me take longer time in the shower and I even shaved my cunt. For reasons unknown, my cunt was gushing with moisture.”

I moved my hands over mom’s sides under her arms and again felt her breasts. They were as firm as those of mine, just a bit bigger. Her nipples were now fully erect, like pencil erasers, may be a bit bigger. Feeling my hands on her tits, mom replied by placing her lips on my nipples and I just went mad with lust. She sucked gently for sometime and I was drenched down-under.

“When I returned after having my shower,” she resumed “your dad went in. He took lot of time and when he emerged from the shower, I was dressed up in the dress he had asked. He commented that I looked marvelous. While I was putting up make up, the bell rang. As I was already dressed and my make up was also over, I went to answer the door.”

“To my surprise, Mr. and Mrs. Ali were there, all dressed up and looking a magnificent couple. So this was the surprise, I thought and my mind instantly recalled our conversation regarding Mr. Ali.” Mom continued with her narration while pecking my bosom with her lips and I was also treated by occasional licks.

“Exchanging pleasantries, I ushered them into our drawing room. While we were busy in having a chit chat, your dad joined and mingled with us. My heart and mind were racing and lots of questions were coming to them. Suddenly I became conscious of my dress, but seeing Mrs. Ali dressed the same way, my shyness soon vanished.” Mom put a hand behind my head and gently pushed me to her bosom. I hungrily went after her erect nipple and started sucking like a baby. I also kept my ears open to her narration.

“As it was dinnertime already, I excused myself and went to the kitchen. Mrs. Ali joined me to help. She was dressed in a sari that was white in colour. Her skin was a bit darker, and the white color suited her fine. Her blouse was sleeveless like mine and showed a bit more of her ample tits. We arranged the dinner on the table and called our hubbies. I sat by the side of your dad and Mr. Ali was just opposite to me.”

“During the dinner, the discussion jumped from one topic to another and finally the Base’s Tart came under discussion. Obviously, Mr. Ali was also had something to do with it as his wife smirked when the boss’ wife came under discussion.”

In the meantime, mom’s hand had gone down and she was feeling bare skin of my thighs. I was too numb with the sensations that I just kept on sucking mom’s tits. Mom explored the front for sometime, gathered some moisture and went for the crack of my ass.

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