Moving On Ch. 01

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James was down on his luck. No girlfriend. No money. Rubbish job. No prospects. Every new day felt like the last.

A standard week for James consisted of 6 split shifts at the local Italian restaurant, ‘Giorgios’, a few pints with the other waiters on a Saturday night, and a cheeky wank on his morning off. Yep, he was living the dream.

He had no idea how he had gotten here. In school he had been smart, hardly ‘A Beautiful Mind’ but he was in the top class in his year and got grades that most would be proud of. He was in good shape, cycling to and from work and University 6 days a week for three years had seen to that. He had ambitions. He was creative. He was going to become a graphic designer. He got a solid degree from a semi-respectable university and had spent the last 8 months looking for that first rung on the ladder to success.

But jobs were not the easiest thing to find these days. James spent hours every week going from one reputable design firm to the next between his shifts. Looking for jobs, internships, scholarships, anything!! He went from one interview to the next, full of hope, only to wait for that phone call or email that never came. Whenever he chased a response, he was told that there was someone just that bit more qualified or experienced than he was.

His love life had had a similar trajectory in recent times. James was in no way a modern day casanova, but he had always enjoyed a fair amount of success with the fairer sex. Until recently he had been seeing girl called Julie. It had all ended pretty horribly when he found out that she had a bit of habit of falling into bed with his friends.

So here he was… 21, single, depressed, with seemingly no end in sight. The following story is how James turned his life around.

*****9 AM****

‘Fuuuuck!’ James thought as the alarm on his phone drilled it’s way into his very soul. The start of another fucking fantastic day no doubt. James slowly rose from the pit he called a bed and slowly shambled his way to the bathroom for his morning relief.

Skipping breakfast, James got his work things ready and jumped on his bike to start heading to work. Giorgio’s was about 5 miles away from James’, so depending on the morning traffic he could usually make the journey in about 20 minutes without breaking much of a sweat. Today was a pretty mild day so he decided to forgo the usual layers and wore shorts and a old t-shirt while on the go, securing his work things neatly in his backpack.

When he arrived at work, James felt his phone vibrating in his pocket. Once he secured his bike behind the old pizzeria. He got it out to check who was messaging him this early in the morning.

“Mmmm, cycling recently suits you! xXx” – Unknown number.

‘Who the hell sent that’ James thought, replying to the text in slightly less abrupt terms.

Instead of waiting for a response, James went inside and got ready for his shift, putting his phone in his bag and forgetting about it for the rest of the day.

James liked to think he was good at his job, as rubbish as it was. He usually worked behind the bar, keeping things moving. In Giorgio’s it was the barman’s responsibility to keep all of the checks up to date in the register, as well as making all of the drinks and entertaining customers waiting for a table. It meant that he wasn’t running around like a headless chicken for most of the day and that he got to meet some pretty interesting people along the way.

Today was panning out just like every other, until she came in. James noticed her immediately from across the room. After talking to the Maitre de, she walked over to the bar, straight out of one of James’ more ‘interesting’ dreams.

She was brunette, around 5ft 10, and was wearing a figure hugging black evening dress that left little to the imagination. The slit in the side of her skirt giving a tantalising glimpse of her stocking-covered thighs. In truth, she was quite overdressed for the restaurant, but James did not mind one little bit! She looked like she was in her mid-twenties, but something about the way she carried herself made him sure that she was older. Her face formed of gentle lines and curves. She had a smile that would melt glass.

James tried not to stare as she approached the bar and gracefully took her seat. Doing his best to not look flustered, he threw his tea towel over his shoulder nonchalantly and approached this beautiful creature.

“Good evening, what can I get you Miss?”

“Hmm”, she said. “Do you have a cocktail list?”

“Of course” James replied as he reached for the menu. “It’s of my own design, so apologies in advance.”

She smiled as she started scanning through the menu. “You made this?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, the old one still had cocktails from 1920s on it. I told the owner I’d redo it as a favour. Plus it meant i got to choose the cocktails.”

“In that case,” she said, placing the menu down on the bar and running her finger down the leather cover. “What do you recommend?”

James illegal bahis looked her in the eye as she smiled at him over the bar. “Well, that depends.”

Mock intrigue flashed across her face. “Depends on what?”

“It depends on how much you trust your bartender”, he smiled. “This is a very powerful position you have put me in.”

“How so?” She was enjoying the childish back and forth.

“Well, the drink you have before your meal determines what food you’re going to choose later.” he replied. “For example, if I made you something bitter like an Espresso Martini, you are subconsciously going to choose a little sweeter to balance your palate. If i give you a heavy drink, like a Pina Colada, you will have something light and salty.”

James could tell she was slightly taken aback by his explanation, as if she was trying to work out whether it was true or not. He had no idea, of course, but he had years of experience when it came to making bullshit stories sound realistic.

After a few moments thought, she looked at James and said “Well I’m looking for something salty later so I guess I should have something sweet.” A flashing image of this goddess taking a cock in her mouth raced through James’ mind, causing his cock to twitch involuntarily. “Yes, something light and sweet should just hit the spot”

Something about the way that she said ‘just’ sent James’ mind racing again. He quickly turned and started making her drink, taking some Midori and Amaretto and mixing in some cranberry juice, finishing with a straw and a small cocktail umbrella (Where do you think this is? The Ritz?).

She giggled like a schoolgirl when she saw the umbrella. “Oh, I have always wanted one of these! You sir, have made my night!”

James performed a mocking bow. “You’re very welcome, m’lady! Just wait until you’ve tried it”

She took a quick sip and instantly relaxed back into her seat and exhaled. “Wow, that IS good! I might just be ordering another.”

Just then, as James was preparing another wonderfully witty response, a hand appeared over her right shoulder, gently caressing her slender frame. She turned to greet the lucky bastard that had the pleasure of her company that night. Tall and handsome, with a shitty One Direction style hair cut and face that looked like it had been moisturised every waking moment since infancy. James hated this guy from the moment he saw his hand on her shoulder. He looked like the sort of guy who had never had to work to get a girl into bed, but just had to smile and call a cab. Bastard.

He offered his queen his arm and she took it, as he guided her to their table. his heart began to sink as she smiled and laughed at something Bastard had said. Battling his envy, he knuckled down and got on with his other duties, casually glancing over at their table to sneak a peak at his new obsession.

She seemed totally engrossed in conversation, as if James was already a distant memory to her. Bastard.

As time passed, the restaurant came busier, with more customers taking up his invaluable peeping opportunities. James had just about given up hope when one of the waiters came over and called for her bill. Soon she’d be leaving and be out of his life forever. He resigned himself to defeat.

When the bill came back, aside from the cash and a miserly tip (Bastard!) there was a napkin on top of the check. James took it off the plate and was about to throw it in the bin when he noticed that there was a message written on the back. He just about jumped out of his skin as he read;

“Thanks for the cocktail. I was really impressed by your menu, call me some time. D”

James’ heart was pounding out of his chest as he lifted the check and saw that a business card had been left under it.

“Danielle Davis – Director – DDDesigns Ltd”

‘So, my angel has a name,’ he thought. He looked up sharply to see Danielle walking towards the door of the restaurant with Bastard. As she left, James noticed something different about her hair.

It was now held in place over her right ear by a cocktail umbrella.

James’ mind was doing cartwheels. What did the message mean? Did she him to call her socially? She works for a design firm, one that he had already applied for. Did she want him to apply for a job? Either way, he secured her card in his wallet. He was making that call!


As his shift was coming to an end, James cashed up the register and began to lock up. When the last of the work was done and the staff had sat down for a drink, James retrieved his phone from his bag to check to see who hadn’t been calling him today.

2 New messages – Unknown Number

“Your secret admirer. xXx” sent 9:55am

“Meet me in The George tonight? Bring your cycling gear! xXx” sent 10:30pm

The George was a pub slightly down the road from Giorgio’s, and you guessed it, owned by the same guy. Apparently he has a bit of a hard on for his own name. The staff were heading that way anyway once James locked up he decided to illegal bahis siteleri tie the bike up outside and head along for a quick drink.

Curiosity got the better of him when the staff found somewhere to sit down and he started to scan the pub for potential admirers. He had half expected it to be one of his mates playing a trick on him, so he kept his work gear instead of getting changed like he normally would. As he was looking, he suddenly had his eyes covered from behind by someone’s hands. “Guess who?” asked a giggly voice from behind him.

“My secret admirer?” James laughed, as he began to recognise the voice. He felt her chest pressing against the top of his head as she kept her hands in place.

“Very good, James. But who am I?”

“Well judging from the facts in front of me. Giggly voice. Penchant for the dramatic. Strong fingers… Charlotte?” James guessed. He was 90% sure at this stage.

“Strong fingers?” she said, huffing as she moved her hands from his eyes. James turned to view his tormentor, confirming that it was indeed his old colleague from the restaurant, Charlotte Younger. She was the same age as James and had worked at the restaurant to fund her way through her medical degree. She was short, at around 5ft4, but not petite. Despite not having much in the chest department, there was always something about Charlotte that made James wonder what it would be like to fuck her. “Where on Earth did you get ‘Strong Fingers’ from?”. She went to grab a seat next to James as the other restaurant staff went back to their conversations.

“You tell me” James laughed, holding up two fingers together in a provocative manner and grinning from ear to ear. A rosy blush started spreading across her cheeks, offsetting her dark brown hair.

“Asshole!” she exclaimed, punching James in the shoulder. She followed it up with a hug. “So how’ve you been?”

James and Charlotte started to catch up over a drink or two, recollecting days gone by and finding out what each other have been up to since they’d last spoken. Char had asked how things were going with Julie and he filed her in on how much of a slut she was. He’d forgotten that one of his ‘mates’, Tim, who she’d slept with, was Charlotte’s ex. They’d not been together when he and Julie had hooked up, but it enraged Charlotte nevertheless.

“What a bellend!” she said. “I knew he was a twat when I dumped him but I never thought he’d do that to a mate!”

“Me neither, Though to be fair we weren’t technically going out, so I can’t blame them”

“What do you mean?” She asked. “I thought you two had been together for a while?”

James described how the relationship with Julie was mainly a sex thing. Neither of them had time for a relationship, so whenever they found a rare moment of time together, they’d usually find their way back to her flat and relieve a bit of stress. Only James made the mistake of thinking he was the only outlet for her. How wrong he was.

“Wow!” Charlotte gasped. “So you were just fuck buddies?”

“Yeah, I guess so, when you put it like that.”

“Still though, I can’t believe that asshat Tim ruined it for you!”

“Like I said, it wasn’t just Tim.”

“Still though, I feel like we should get back at him somehow!” Charlotte looked over at James and blushed slightly, as if she’d just thought of something that embarrassed her. James thought he knew what that might be and decided to pursue it.

“So, you a fan of the cycling gear then?” he teased.

“Hell yeah, when I saw you this morning I nearly wolf whistled, before I recognised you! I didn’t realise you’d gotten so fit!” she twitched as she finished her sentence, blushing again as she realised what she’d just said. James smiled.

Last orders were being called at the bar and James had started to gather his things as the staff started to leave. Charlotte waited until the others were out of earshot. “Listen” she said quietly. “If you still want to get back at Julie and Tim, come round to mine tonight!”

James almost had to double take. Charlotte had never seemed like the kind of girl to be so forward. He knew it was an opportunity not to be missed. “What did you have in mind?”

“Just bring your cycling gear and be at mine in 15minutes” she said, playfully slapping James on the arse and walking out of the pub. ‘Where the fuck had that come from?” he thought. Without hesitating, he grabbed his things and headed to the pubs toilets to get changed.


Arriving at Charlotte’s flat, he locked his bike up and pressed the buzzer.

Quicker than he had expected, the intercom buzzed and the door latch was unlocked. He made his way upstairs to her flat and noticed that her door had been left slightly ajar. Making his way in and closing the door behind him, he left his bag by the entrance to the flat and made his way into the living room.

Charlotte was lying provocatively on her sofa, flashing James a wicked grin. Strangely, she had changed into what looked like running gear, with a light canlı bahis siteleri blue sports bra and black yoga pants that showed off how great her body looked. James got the feeling he was going to help her scratch a very particular itch tonight.

“So, what do you think?” She said, running her hand down her hip and over her leggings.

“I think we’re both ready for a workout” He replied.

She smiled as she stood up and slowly made her way across the room towards him. She paused slightly just out of arms reach and looked James over. James did the same.

“This is going to be fun!” she said, as she closed the gap between them and kissed him hard.

Their tongues intertwined as if fighting for control of their shared mouth space. He let her win as his hands began to explore her body. She was incredibly toned and had obviously put in a lot of work at the gym to look this good. He grabbed her ass and pulled her closer towards him, enjoying the feel of her body against his.

As she broke away from the kiss, she grabbed his hand and said “Let’s take this to the bedroom?”

James didn’t budge, she turned and looked at him questioningly. “Nope” James said, pointing over to the (obviously well used) yoga matt in the corner of the living room. “You wanted a work out? No?”

A positively evil smile crossed her face as James pulled her back into an embrace and kissed her again. He picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist and made his way over to the yoga mat, placing her down gently, whilst still engaged in lip lock. Charlotte’s body rose to meet James’ and they could both feel how turned on they were. He released her from the kiss and started to kiss her neck, nibbling gently as he made his way down to her shoulder. Brushing his hands over her breasts, he slowly lowered himself down, enjoying every inch of her as he went. He brushed his tongue over her sports bra covered nipple, causing her to shiver with excitement. Slowly but surely, he made his way down to his goal, making light kisses against her abs until he got to the yoga pants.

James had always had a thing for yoga pants, he was sure he wasn’t alone. Something about them on an even semi fit girl, just got his pulse racing. On Charlotte, the effect has magnified tenfold. His hands ran down her hips and caressed the outsides of her thighs as he brought his face down level with her crotch. He could almost taste her. He ran his tongue over the felt-like material of her crotch and confirmed his suspicions. She was wet, and she tasted great! Charlotte moaned in appreciation as her hips rose to meet his eager mouth

Gently, he eased his fingers into her waistline and pulled the pants down as far as her ankles. As the yoga pants descended, he was greeted by a perfect, and incredibly aroused, pussy. He smiled as he realised that she wanted this as much as he did. He began tracing the tip of his tongue down from her hips, skipping around her neat brown landing strip and landing soft kisses as he got closer to his prize.

“Mmmmphh” he heard Charlotte hum from above him. His tongue had reached it’s destination, and started to slowly trace it way around her labia, carefully running alongside her sensitive lips. After a couple more laps, he brushed the tip of his nose against her clit as he slowly circled inwards. ‘God she’s wet’ James thought as he felt her arousal drip down his chin.

Changing the pace, he suddenly darted his tongue into her waiting pussy, stretching out and reaching inside. Charlotte gasped and her legs began to twitch. Suppressing his grin, he moved his tongue upwards until it was dancing over her clit. Charlotte began to writhe underneath him. He slowly inserted a finger into her as his tongue continued it’s assault. He could feel her legs closing on his head, spurring him on, so he added a second, slowly working his way in and of her.

Her back arched and her legs jolted as she got closer to the edge. James could sense how close she was, so he increased his intensity. Suddenly, James felt Charlottes legs rise up and wrap around his shoulders, holding his head in place. Within moments, she gasped and began twitching uncontrollably as the orgasm overcame her, squeezing his head into her pussy. He lapped up some of the excess juices, savouring the taste.

“Wow!” she gasped, to no-one in particular as she stared at the ceiling. She looked down to see James grinning at her mischievously. She sat up and reached for his face, kissing him fiercely, obviously not bothered about tasting the arousal that still salted his chin. She grabbed his shoulders and threw him down onto the mat. Feeling her way up his thighs, she let her fingernails gently scratch him as her hands roamed up his stomach under his T-shirt. Lifting it over his head, she attached his mouth again with vigour when became available from under the garment. Lifting herself onto his lap, she ground her wet pussy against James’ straining shorts. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been this hard.

Charlotte sat up, still grinding her pussy against his crotch, grabbing the underside of her sports bra and raising it over her head, releasing her small breasts. Her nipples hard and sensitive. James sat up and took one into his mouth caressing the other with his spare hand.

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