Moving Day

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My estranged husband and I have been separated for years but remain friends for the kids sake. Today he has to move from the apartment he’s been living in to a cheaper place. Most of his family members are helping along with one of our older kids. I don’t no why I volunteered to help, I mean I don’t get along with anyone in his family and haven’t seen them for years.

It is the middle of summer and hot as hell. I decided that is I was going to do this I would at least make sure I was as comfortable as possible. I chose to wear a pair of stretch pants, no underwear, and a skimpy tank shirt without a bra.

We’re separating into two groups. His sisters and mom are at the new place to organize what’s being moved in, at least I didn’t have to deal with his mom. Doug and his brother Mike are moving the items and our son and I are packing up the boxes for moving. There’s beer here for Doug and his brother but since I feel so awkward I’ve been sipping the beer also when nobody is looking.

Doug’s ready to leave with the second load and there’s probably one left to do. Mike ended up hurting his one hand slightly so our kid offers to do the moving and Mike’s staying here to help me finish packing the last items. I pick up a beer and drink the last few large gulps, this is going to be uncomfortable being alone with Mike. The sips I had already taken have given me a buzz and I was feeling halkalı bdsm escort pretty good. I grab another beer and it’s time to finish the packing.

Mike and I pretty much ignore each other, not even making small talk. I go to take a few remaining things off a high shelf, being short I stepped on a stool to help me reach. As I turn to get down I lose my balance and Mike who just happened to be walking past me catches me and we both fall to the floor, my landing flat on top of him. With the amount of beer we both had, we start laughing and I tell him this is kinda like a dream I had shortly after Doug and I were married. Mike asked what the dream was about and I told him I dreamt that he and I had been left alone like this and we had sex.

Mike wrapped his arms tighter around me and asked me to tell him exactly what we did in my dream. I just smiled and said, “All I’ll tell you is that you thoroughly enjoyed it.” Mike put his one hand behind my head and said, “OK, don’t tell me, show me.” He pulled my mouth to his and kissed me.

I guess it must have been the beer combined with the fact I hadn’t been with anyone in quite awhile, that kept me kissing him back. Our tongues dancing in each others mouths, sucking each others tongues. His hands started groping my ass as I grounded my hips against his and could feel the bulge in his pant growing, halkalı elit escort getting harder and pressing against my crotch. I pushed myself up, straddling him and he sat up and pulled my shirt off. He started fondling and sucking my tits as I worked to get his shirt off. I kissed his chest and nibbled on his nipples while running my hands up and down his back and sides. He pulled at my pants as I did his. We got our pants off and I went to work enjoying the feel and taste of his big cock. Stroking him with my hand as I licked the sides and sucked on the head. Sucking the pre cum into my mouth.

Mike had me position myself so that I was sitting on his face while continuing to deep throat him. He fingered my already wet pussy, exploring every crevice with one hand and shoving his other fingers inside me. Mike’s warm tongue felt like a live wire when it started licking my pussy. My whole body began to tingle as he tongue fucked me, licked my ass and sucked my clit. I sucked him harder. Pressing my pussy hard down on his face, I came in moments, my juices being sucked into his mouth as I orgasm over and over again.

I reversed my position once again so that I was straddling his hips and slowly lowered myself onto his throbbing cock. After I had him all the way in I started riding the hell out of him, stopping occasionally to grind myself in halkalı escort circles so his pubic hair was tickling my clit. Mike pull me down flat on top of him and rolled us over so he was on top. He lifted my legs to his shoulders, holding my ankles, and I raised my hips so he could get maximum, total penetration. He pounded me hard and fast for minutes on end. I didn’t know if I could handle the roughness but I wasn’t about to tell him to stop. I pulled him toward me so I could kiss him again. My nails digging into his back as his balls spank my ass. He finally came, exploding deep inside me, his whole body jerked as he orgasmed and we simultaneously let out a satisfied low moan. I could feel his hot juices running out of me, oozing between my ass crack onto the floor. It felt like buckets of cum puddling beneath my ass. I held him as we caught our breath and our hearts slowed down.

“That was way better than the dream I had,” I whispered.

“It’s a shame we never had the opportunity to do this before,” he smirked.

We both drank some more beer as we got dressed. Just in time too. We heard the door to the apartment open and we hurriedly began packing boxes as if nothing happened. Doug, looked over what was left to do and asked us why we weren’t done yet. Then he noticed a wet spot on the floor and asked what that was from.

Mike and I just looked at each other, smiling slyly and Mike told him he spilled a little beer. Doug bought it and said nothing else. I couldn’t believe he didn’t notice the thick smell of sex in the apartment. Then as he and our kid took the already packed boxes to the truck, Mike and I smiled at each other again. Guess I actually get along with one member of his family.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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