Mouse Bk. 04 Ch. 02

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Things had gone better than Mouse had expected with Michael. He didn’t hold her stupidity against her. He already knew about her temper, so he had never expected her to control that. And like her he seemed almost relieved that someone knew now, that it was no longer a horrible secret bottled up just between the two of them.

There was a certain freedom in that, limited as it was. Beyond that he agreed, or at least hoped, that Mouse was right about Melanie needing to keep her silence. He wasn’t quite sure of the point of the “show,” as much as he ultimately enjoyed being a participant.

He was very uncertain which way it would push Melanie. Drunken memories in sober daylight were more often draped in regret than anything else. Melanie would certainly feel guilty about her role in their love making, and Michael was pretty sure that she’d quickly turn that back on them.

Maybe he was right.

* * *

It took all of Mouse’s self control to keep from calling her sister before early afternoon. Mouse had to let the inevitable hangover subside, and give her big sister time to think. But she had to get to her before the kid came home, so she’d be free to talk.

“Hey,” Mouse began tersely when Melanie picked up the phone.

“Hey,” Melanie replied, after an uncomfortably long pause.

“Can I come over?”

“No. Ick. I’ve showered three times today, trying to wash last night away.”

Shit. She needed to get her drunk again.

“Okay, look, I’ll just call back later.”


” ‘kay. Bye.”

* * *

Two evenings later, Michael was working very late. Being a V.P. of operations was a pain, Mouse thought. Nice house, but the price in time and stress was steep.

She took the opportunity to invite Melanie over for a drink. A little one, she promised, but they had to talk. By now, Melanie knew she couldn’t refuse. She couldn’t hide forever, especially if she wanted to continue to be the mature, confident big sister.

Melanie arrived promptly once again. She was wearing another satin blouse, like the one she had worn the night they went drinking, but powder blue, with a tight knee length skirt. Conservative, but it outlined her shape nicely, Mouse thought. She sat in it across the room from Mouse, on the couch, her knees primly together and angled off to the side, as a woman her height would have to do to sit politely. Mouse sat with her knees pulled to her chin, her feet on the cushions, wearing a tight skirt herself, and a tight formfitting top.

Having learned her lesson well, Mouse let her sister work through two drinks before she steered the conversation into uncharted waters. Melanie seemed perfectly content to do just that, to simply drink.

“So,” was Mouse’s lame start.

“So,” was Melanie’s equally lame deflection.

“Been thinking much?” Mouse asked.

Melanie rolled her eyes, “No, not at all, jeeze. Yes.” She ducked to take another sip of her drink.


Melanie stared at the wall. She put her drink down on the coffee table.

If only she knew what we’ve done there, Mouse thought, watching Melanie settle the glass while compulsively straightening the coaster beneath it.

“Look, the bottom line is you were right,” Melanie blurted out. “I can’t do anything. I’m not sure if I want to, but it doesn’t matter. I’m powerless. You win.”

Winning didn’t make Mouse happy. Well, it did, it was the goal after all, but she wanted something more, now. She wanted acceptance and support.

“I’m not the prude you think I am, you know,” Melanie continued unexpectedly.

“Oh? How so?”

“I’ve had my… experiences. I went to college, lived on my own in the city. I was hot enough in my day. Some guys get really turned on by a tall, athletic woman.”

“I’ve always thought you were hot,” Mouse said honestly, but with feigned disinterest. “Still do.” This last was said, with extreme cowardice, into her own drink.

“Thanks,” Melanie mumbled, smiling tightlipped into her own drink as well. “Anyway. In college, I did two guys at once one time, after a party. I even did a girl once.”

“No.” Mouse was truly shocked. The lesbian desires were clear, the other night, but Mouse never dreamed she’d ever allowed herself to indulge them. She looked at Melanie in a new light.

“Yes,” Melanie said. Her eyes were sparkling with a mischievous pride as she looked at Mouse over the lip of her glass, taking another long pull on her drink, clearly enjoying the role of being the naughty one.

Good, Mouse thought. Loosening up again. She liked where this was going.

“You slut!” Mouse said. “A lesbo and a DP, both! And a voyeur, watching live sex! That’s three wild sex acts. They should put you away.”

They both laughed, Melanie much more nervously than Mouse. It still wasn’t easy to discuss, even after what they’d shared. Especially after what they’d shared.

“I have to admit, Mona, you were good. Very good. You should do porno flicks.” Her eyes went wide as she realized kağıthane escort that Mouse would be just the one to act on the suggestion. “No! I was kidding, no porn princesses in the family, please!”

More laughs. “So I was good?” Mouse asked, trying to sound insecure, but knowing damn well what the answer was.

“Yes, very good. I’d like to try some of what you did, if I can figure out how.” Mel was getting uncomfortable again, staring off at the walls.

“So, lesbo, DP and voyeur.”

“What’s DP?” Melanie asked, a bit embarrassed at being the older sister yet not knowing as much as Mouse.

“Double penetration. You really didn’t know that? You need to rent some porno, yourself.”

“DP. I like that.”

“You did?” Mouse asked, intentionally misunderstanding her. It was her turn for her eyes to twinkle from behind her drink.

Melanie smiled.

“What kind?” Mouse asked.

“Kind?” Melanie echoed, confused.

“What kind. What kind of DP. Mouth and pussy or ass and pussy?” Mouse was half-expecting an answer of “Ewwwww”.

“Both.” Another sip, and yet another devilish look from behind the glass.

“Wow, super slut! Lesbo, double DP, taking it everywhere, and a voyeur.”

“Not just any voyeur,” she interjected, seemingly finding her composure now. She set her nearly empty glass back on the coffee table. “I watched my little sister fuck her brother.”

Mouse grinned at her across the room.

“And you liked it! Admit it!”

Melanie paused. “It was… hot, yes.” She squirmed a bit in her seat. “I can’t believe I just said that.”

The conversation was getting to her, Mouse thought.

“After you left I nearly raped Dan,” Melanie offered, again surprising Mouse. “I woke up just enough to ride him like the wildest slut he’s ever had.”

“No.” Mouse was shocked again. It was Melanie’s turn to grin.

“Mmmm, hmmmm,” she hummed proudly into her glass as she drained the last sip.

“And did you do it?” Mouse asked innocently, in her best little girl voice.

Melanie narrowed her eyes at her, not understanding.

“Do what?”

“Imagine he was Michael.”

Melanie almost choked.

“No!” she protested.

“Liar,” Mouse said, fishing. “Come on, it would be easy. Didn’t you ever notice how much Dan looks like Michael?”

Melanie’s gaze turned to the wall and faded out of focus.

“Oh, my god. You are lying. You did! You thought about Michael! Oh. My. God.” She loved doing that to Melanie, now. Over-punctuating was fun!

Now it was Melanie’s turn to feel like a caged animal, to look around the room for an escape.

“You fucked your brother, Melanie.”

“No I didn’t, not for real!” she shot back, glaring.

“Close enough. One night you saw your brother’s cock, and an hour later you imagined yourself riding it!”

Melanie glared at her, but she knew she was in too weak a position to fight the accusation.

“And I’ll bet its not the first time,” Mouse said, her eyes disappearing into the bottom of her glass as she drained it, too. She didn’t need to see Melanie’s reaction to that. She knew.

Another blank, unfocused stare told her she’d hit home again. She smiled evilly at the control it gave her over Melanie. Melanie wanted Michael, maybe always had, just like her.

A sudden realization struck her before long, draining the smile seemingly out of her face and back into the glass. She set it down. In a few days, she was heading home, leaving Melanie here with Michael. She’d broken the ice for them, given them an easy path to an incestuous affair that could effortlessly supplant her own. That would kill her.

Melanie somehow read Mouse’s thoughts through her change in expression, and answered the unspoken question.

“I wouldn’t.”

Mouse looked up at her, and their eyes locked.

“I wouldn’t. I never would.”

“Are you sure?” Mouse asked timidly, hopefully.

“Look, first of all, I don’t think I’d be much of an experience after you. I saw you work, and you’ve got nothing to fear from me.”

Mouse accepted the compliment with a small, uneasy smile.

“Second, I’m happily married. Dan and I have a good sex life. Not like that, jeeze, but good enough. Yes, it’s a great fantasy, but I have no need to complicate my life like that. Or his. Or yours. I can hardly go from assaulting you for your inane judgement to doing the same, only worse.”

That sold Mouse more. She felt more at ease and showed it in her body language, opening up and taking her feet off of the chair to rest them on the coffee table.

“And last, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but yes, you were right. He is happier, and as insanely wild as you are, I have noticed a change in you, too. I don’t know how permanent it is, and I’m scared to death of how you guys will screw this up, but you’re in it too deep now.

“At least, now that I know, I can help. I can try to temper you two,” Melanie finished.

Surprise, kartal escort surprise, Mouse thought, Melanie wants to be in control. Oh, well. This could easily work out for the best. Now she had someone to talk to, and they both had a co-conspirator to cover for them instead of working against them.

Mouse got up to pick up both of their glasses. The conversation took a brief intermission while she clattered around in the kitchen, refilling the drinks.

* * *

When Mouse returned, she handed Melanie her fresh drink and sat down beside her, pulling her legs again up onto the cushions, while turning sideways to lean on one arm and look closely at her older sister. She felt a slight buzz, the beginnings of that warm, foggy feeling that alcohol gave her. She wondered if, hoped that, Melanie felt it, too.

“Okay, where were we?” Mouse started again.

“You were fucking your brother, frequently, and I was actually going to help you.”

“Ewwwww,” Mouse teased, earning a shove from Melanie. Her big sister’s touch lingered pleasantly for a moment, before returning her hand to her side.

“I can’t believe you’re so two faced,” Mouse needled. “And a slut. Lesbo, double DP, voyeur, incest voyeur, incest fantasies, et cetera, et cetera. Where will it end?”

“My list will never match yours, I’m sure.”

“Touché.” Mouse conceded. “Okay, tell me about the DP. No! Wait. Tell me about the girl. Who was the girl?”

Melanie hesitated, then inhaled and went for broke.

“It wasn’t in college, at least. That would have been too cliche. It was my first real job, after graduating. She was a petite, little blonde, about your height. We were both new at the company.” Melanie paused.

“Go on,” Mouse prompted, thinking about the petite-like-you part.

“This is harder than I thought,” Melanie said hesitantly.

“You watched me fuck our brother, Melanie. Loosen up, come on, unlike you I want details. The more the better.”

Melanie smiled. “Well, we went out after work and got drunk, and started to make fun of the guys in the bar, a lot like you did the other night.”

Ah ha, Mouse thought, a very lucky shot.

“We got a bit touchy feely, no big deal, I didn’t think much of it, just typical girl stuff. When we went home she acted nervous and asked me to escort her up to her apartment. I thought it was a bit weird, a bit guy-on-a-date-ish, especially since it made me the guy. But that was silly. We were two girls out for happy hour after work, and she was so cute and petite, not butch at all.

“She always had her hair and makeup done perfectly, and she usually wore really tight clothes that screamed ‘come fuck me’. She was constantly pushing her tits and ass out at the guys in the office, trying to get a reaction. I thought she was a real slut, always trying to get laid. I was so naive, I had no idea.”

“Sounds like she was a slut trying to get laid,” Mouse pointed out. “She just wasn’t as limited as you in her selection of partners.”

“Obviously not,” Melanie agreed. “So, up we went, and she asked me in. She didn’t turn on the light right away. No big deal. She asked me to sit down, so I did and didn’t think twice. The next thing I knew, she dropped in my lap, making a joke about one of the guys in the bar, one we both thought was cute.

“I thought the lap thing a bit weird, but we were two young, drunk girls giggling all night. Then she just kissed me.”

“Just like that?” Mouse asked. “No foreplay, no warning? No flowers, no dinner, no small talk?”

“No.” Melanie smiled at the memory. “No, just one of those sudden, long, awkward eye to eye looks, and then her lips were all over me.”

“Sweet,” was Mouse’s only observation. “And then?”

“I was shocked at what a good kisser she was. Shocked at that and at myself, for thinking it. It didn’t take long for me to kiss her back. And that opened the flood gates. She had her hands in my blouse in a blink, just like a guy. But she knew what it felt like, so she did it right. No eager grab-and-squeeze shit.”

Melanie stopped to sip her drink. She leaned forward to set it down. When she eased back, Mouse noticed they were a bit closer to each other than they had been.

“She had a soft, warm touch, and she spent a lot of time on my nipples, with easy, light caresses. It was… nice.” Melanie continued.

It was Mouse’s turn to squirm a bit, feeling a warmth spreading between her legs. She repositioned herself once, carefully ending up closer still to her big sister. Melanie was looking forward, afraid to make eye contact while she recounted the story. Mouse, less inhibited and now virtually on top of her, studied her face intently as she talked.

“I was nervous as hell, more nervous than the first time I was with a guy. I can still remember my shock when her hand moved down to my skirt and started to push up the inside of my leg. I swear I must have frozen solid, but she didn’t slow down at all. It seemed like she had her fingers inside me küçükçekmece escort in no time. Not right away, she rubbed and played outside my panties at first, but she made her way in soon enough. And I was actually embarrassed at how wet I was when she entered me.”

Melanie laughed, casting a quick glance at Mouse. Suddenly she appeared to realize how close Mouse was, and how intently Mouse was looking at her. She reached forward to take another sip, composing herself, and sat back. But, Mouse noticed happily, she was still just as close as she had been, close enough to easily be kissed, if Mouse wanted. Mouse watched Melanie’s hand reach up to fiddle with the pendant on the necklace above her cleavage. Mouse knew she’d seen that often before, and now she knew what it meant.

“Imagine that. A lesbian was pushing her fingers inside me, and I was embarrassed because I was so wet that she might think I was a lesbian, too.

“Anyway,” Melanie continued, “she was good, first with her hands, then she hitched her own skirt up, straddled my leg and rubbed herself on my thigh, riding me like you rode Michael last night.” Melanie glanced again at Mouse, then glanced away, and now they both looked at different walls with unfocused eyes and embarrassed expressions.

“She drenched my leg pretty quickly, rubbing her pussy against it. I was too afraid to touch her, keeping my hands at my sides like a frightened teenage girl, but I didn’t have to do anything. She did it all. She kept her fingers in me, moving them in and out and rubbing herself against my leg, all in a single, fucking rhythm.

“She pushed her little tit into my mouth, and I sucked on it, awkwardly I’m sure, but she started to scream, and I started to scream, and I grabbed her ass and after what seemed like an eternity the two of us clawed at each other in a wild dual orgasm.

“Once we were done, she held me for a while, sitting in my lap with her head on my breasts, teasing them a bit with one finger tip. Then I panicked. I bolted up and virtually ran out the door. We never even talked after that. She quit a few weeks later for another job.

“The end.”

Mouse asked her next question softly, but not meekly. “So that was it? You never had a woman lick your pussy?”

“What?” Melanie asked, startled, turning slightly to look at her, then turning away again in panic. “No, I mean, I would have, I’ve thought about it, but it didn’t happen.”

“You should try it,” Mouse suggested.

“Yes, yes, I’m sure the family porno princess here has,” Melanie teased.

“Ever thought about licking pussy yourself?” Mouse probed, inching a bit closer to Melanie’s ear.

“A bit, not much,” she answered, turning boldly to face Mouse, this time not turning away.

Mouse studied her cheeks and nose and lips up close, careful to avoid looking into her eyes. She could feel Melanie doing the same, studying her own face, but Melanie kept looking at Mouse’s eyes. Melanie couldn’t stop looking at Mouse’s eyes. Mouse leaned closer still.

“I should go.” Melanie was suddenly cool, looking away.

“You don’t have to,” Mouse told her through half closed eyelids.

“I should.”

“Should what?”

Melanie hesitated.

“I want you to stay,” Mouse breathed at her.

Melanie didn’t respond to that, either. She didn’t move. Mouse leaned forward to kiss her cheek, letting the warmth of her lips linger there for a moment. Melanie turned and looked into her eyes, which Mouse quickly closed. They both leaned into each other. At the end Mouse forced their lips together, offering a slow, simple, warm kiss. She opened her own eyes to find Melanie’s now calmly shut.

Mouse waited patiently for her sister to open them again, so she could look into her sister’s eyes before closing her own once more, and entering into a more active, more sexual kiss. She took her Melanie’s upper lip between her teeth, then released it and flicked her tongue across both lips. Melanie’s mouth parted instantly, just a bit, inviting her in, hoping she would come in.

Mouse took the bait carefully, shyly, moving her tongue partially in while pressing their lips firmly together. She leaned forward hard, pressing her body against her sister, pressing her sister back into the couch. In a moment, she had straddled Melanie’s thigh, just like the petite blonde from the past. Mouse brought one hand up to her sister’s nipple, all the while maintaining the lock on her big sister’s lips.

The kiss was slow and loving. They explored each other’s mouths unhurriedly, completely, lingering where ever they touched. Their lips touched first here, then there, then moved back. Mouse explored Melanie’s lower lip. Big Sister did the same to Little Sister’s upper lip. Mouse felt both of Melanie’s lips on her one, then Melanie’s tongue flicking gently against her between them.

When they’d had enough, they shifted, and Mouse discovered the shape and feel of Melanie’s upper lip. Mouse was shocked at how much her sister kissed like Michael. She could almost feel him in her lips. Only the soft pressure of Melanie’s breasts on hers kept her aware that she was kissing her big sister, not her big brother.

Melanie recovered enough to push her sister back, to push their lips apart. Her eyes were still closed, but she held Mona away from her.

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