Mountain Ride

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Lyn eased her way up the unfamiliar mountain path. She had not really planned this ride up the mountain but her horse “Lucky” needed to stretch his legs and she was tired of driving anyway.

The tack store owner told her it was a half day ride to a beautiful lake. He had not mentioned that while the mountain path was narrow, the scenery along the way was incredible. She rounded a switchback and passed a hiker on the left. He was about her age and very firm with a steady rhythm even though he was carrying a huge backpack.

She turned a little red as he turned and greeted her. She had almost been caught checking out his butt in those shorts. It was nice and firm but his eyes were dazzling and the smile made her melt.

Still she managed a “Hi” as she passed him and moved on up the trail.

As she continued on up the path the miles seemed to melt away in a steady rhythm. All too soon, she found herself entering a clearing with a beautiful little alpine lake.

She worked Lucky around the path to get a better view and began to cross the tiny stream that fed the lake.

Just as they touched the stream an Elk bounded out of the trees just ahead startling her and Lucky; Lucky ran up the stream and slid off of a rock onto a sharp piece of stone.

As she got him settled down she jumped off to look at his leg. It was bleeding quite a lot.

Lyn spent the better part of an hour patching Lucky up. She got the bleeding stopped and it seemed well enough to walk out. Her thanks for her hard work was a shove just as she placed the final bandage. The shove from Lucky threw her into the cold water of the lake. She pulled herself out of the water soaked to the skin.

As if on queue, just as she got out of the water, a stiff wind came up. She looked the direction the wind was coming and saw a fierce line of clouds forming over the mountaintop. They looked dark and cold. She felt the temperature drop even as she stood there looking.

She picked up Lucky’s reigns and turned back towards the trailhead that brought her here. She tried not to think about the wind picking up even stronger or what must be a six hour hike leading Lucky. it would be dark in a few hours and she was wet and cold with little food. Things were looking bleak.

Just then he came into sight. The hiker she had passed earlier in the day was right in front of her. He looked startled. Then she realized how bad she must look, soaking wet and blood from Lucky all over her.

He quickly asked if she was alright. Lyn explained what had happened and that she would be fine and started to move around him.

“My name is Glenn”, he said, “I know you don’t know me but I hike in these mountains quite a bit and I am a certified mountain rescuer.” “There is a storm coming up, you’re wet, you have an injured horse, and it’s going to get dark well before you can get back to the trailhead.” he continued. “You ought to think about staying put.”

“I don’t have the supplies for staying here” Lyn said. “I only brought enough for a day trip: some trail food, water and a first aid kit which Lucky has already used up. If I don’t head back now, I’ll soon be out of supplies.”

“I have plenty supplies for both of us.” Glen answered “I have a water purifier so we as much water as we want. I have extra pack rations, a tent sleeping bag and even a change of clothes. I’m happy to share all I have.”

Lyn thought about it for a minute and as if to help make up her mind, the wind picked up and the first drops of ice cold rain began to fall. She realized canlı bahis she had little choice after all. She just nodded and helped find a campsite.

They quickly found an area sheltered from the wind. Glen had the tent set up in a matter of moments and handed Lyn a shirt and warm up pants. As Lyn crawled into the tent she was surprised to see a small camp stove with a chimney hanging from the top. The tent was already quite warm. She saw that he had a folding hanger to dry her old clothes by the stove.

Lyn quickly undressed and hung up her clothes to dry. As she put on the things he had given her she realized that while they were warm, they were also thin and stretchy material like runners wear. The top stretched to cover her large breasts but the material made her look more exposed than if she was naked. The bottom was not much better. It stretched to cover her but clung to her like a second skin. The whole effect made her look and feel like she was naked.

Just as she realized how she must look, Glen called in from the opening of the tent asking to come in. Lyn quickly grabbed the thermal blanket he had laid out and wrapped it around herself as she replied that it was OK.

She was shocked to see that Glen was covered with snow as he crawled in. When she looked past him, she could see that it was snowing hard outside.

Glen slid beside her and sat next to the small heater. He quickly pulled of his wet shirt and hung it beside her things near the heater. He held his hands next to the heater and shivered just a little as he tried to warm up. Without thinking, Lyn wrapped him in the thermal blanket.

Glen turned and thanked her for the gesture. She saw his eyes widen in surprise at how she filled out his shirt. He turned away quickly to spare her more embarrassment.

As he warmed up he no longer needed the blanket and offered it back to her. She took it and covered herself while they chatted. They ate from his pack meals and talked for hours. Before long she let the blanket drop as she was getting quite warm in the little tent.

As they talked she caught herself staring at Glen’s bare chest and stomach while she caught him looking at her boobs stretching out his shirt. Soon the topic began to turn to slightly suggestive topics. Eventually it turned to chatting openly about sex.

Lyn had never talked this openly to anyone about sex but she found herself trusting him. He was the most open uninhibited man she had ever met. His experience in sex made some wonderful and exciting stories. He had done many things she had only dreamed of doing. She found herself asking him questions about details and reliving his memories of past experiences vividly.

She learned that he likes to write erotic stories and that his past history was the subject matter for many of his stories.

As the talk got more and more intimate she felt herself getting aroused; when she looked at the bulge in his shorts, she knew he felt the same.

Even as she said it, Lyn did not know what was coming over her but she said it anyway “Those shorts look pretty uncomfortable especially since its getting close to sack time; feel free to take them off and let them dry out.”

Glenn looked at her for a long moment then shrugged his shoulders and peeled off his hiking shorts. He faced her and sat cross-legged Indian style. He continued the conversation right where he had left off. The difference was he openly stared at her breasts and body as he did so. She would have felt uncomfortable about it but she was too busy staring bahis siteleri at the bulge in his underwear.

They continued their conversation. By now the conversation was so intensely sexual that the tension between them was rising with each minute. As Lyn observed, the tension was not the only thing rising. She was transfixed as his cock continued to grow. By now it was pushing at the band of his underwear and threatened to poke out of the top at any moment.

Lyn began to hope that would happen.

As their talk continued she began to get too warm in the long pants and long-sleeved shirt he had given her. They were obviously made for cold weather and provided ample heat in spite of the thin material. “Besides”, she thought, “perhaps this would get it to poke free.”

“I’m plenty warm now, thank you for loaning me the shirt” she said as she pulled it over her head freeing her breasts for his hungry eyes. “You’re welcome” Glen said and with a wicked grin added “You finished with the pants too?”

“Yes, thanks” she said as she peeled off the pants.

Lyn sat in front of him now completely nude. Her nipples were hard with excitement and she was thankful she had shaved that day. She watched as her nudity had the desired effect. She began to see the tip of his cock just peek out of his underwear.

She crossed her legs like his, exposing her freshly shaved lips and mound to his view. His cock sprang up even more the whole head now peaking out. It began to form a drop on the tip and Lyn found herself leaning forward and licking the drop from the tip without a word.

She eased his underwear off while he lifted himself up and took him deep in her mouth.

Glen leaned back and tried to hold himself together as Lyn began to suck him harder. She licked the tip of his thick cock and sucked it into her mouth then back out again all the while using her hands to stroke the length of his shaft.

Just as Glen began to feel like he could hold out against her skill she surprised him again. Lyn sucked him deep into her mouth only this time she did not stop half way; this time she swallowed him into her throat. Glen moaned in pleasure as each swallow sent waves of pleasure down the length of his cock. Lyn now used both hands to massage his balls and thighs.

He felt the warmth of his orgasm rise from deep within; it felt like it was coming from his toes. But most of all it was entirely unstoppable. He managed to moan out a warning but Lyn just sucked him all the harder and did not stop even after the first wave flew down her throat. In fact she did not stop after the second wave spewed, nor even the third. She would not stop sucking him even after he stopped cumming and became too sensitive to continue. In spite of his moaning protests and thrashing around, she continued.

Much to Glen’s surprise and a little to Lyn’s he began to grow again inside her mouth. In fact his moans changed from protests to begging her to continue. Spurred on by his renewed interest and the idea of making a man cum twice in a row she sucked and licked him harder than she ever had. Soon she was rewarded by the tell-tale signs of his orgasm. He began to get unbelievable hard while his muscles tightened and finally in a loud scream he came once again into her throat. She swallowed every drop and let his quickly deflating cock slip from her mouth as he tried to catch his breath.

Then he looked at her with lust in his eyes and said in a low whisper “your turn”.

Glen practically sprang on her as he dove his mouth between her bahis şirketleri legs. Before she could even react, he was licking her thighs; his hot tongue licked closer and closer to her wet lips. She moaned in anticipation as he licked all around her thighs and shaved mound.

Glen made big circles with his tongue, teasing her and making her hotter than ever before diving into her wet slit. She gasped aloud when his hot tongue found her opening and began to lick up and down her super-sensitive lips. Each time she felt like she could handle the rhythm of his licks he would change direction: up and down sided to side driving his long tongue inside her making it hard then soft then pointed.

She began to feel her own orgasm rising all too soon. All she could do was hold on as he found her clit and worked the orgasm from deep within her body. She moaned and came quickly on his face. She tried to push him away but he was wedged between her thighs still licking. He licked even harder and began to pump in and out of her with his fingers. Before she even had time to react another orgasm swept over her. She panted and began to recompose herself but he did not stop. This time he rubbed her lips with his fingers while sucking her clit. She came yet again. Still he refused to stop. His fingers dove inside her filling her like a cock while he licked her lips and then flicked his tongue across her clit, she came again, and again and again.

She could no longer remember how many times she came and she was so sensitive it seemed like only a glance from his blue eyes would make her come again when he finally stopped.

They both laid back and rested.

Well, it was his intention to rest. He did not count on Lyn’s hunger in that plan.

As he laid back she saw he was aroused from pleasing her. And in spite of her recent orgasms, she wanted him inside her. With lust in her eyes she crawled on top of him and slowly slid his hard cock inside her.

She settled down on top of him enjoying the feeling of him filling her for a while before she started slowly rocking. She felt his thick head slowly slide down inside her as she rocked forward until it almost popped free of her then slowly back in. She kept her pace slow and steady pushing him down and telling to relax each time he tried to take over the rhythm. She was in charge and loving him slow and steady.

She kept riding him all the way to the end of his cock then back inside her to the hilt over and over again. She kept the slow pace in spite of her own rising excitement and she could tell it was having an effect on him too. He began to moan with each stroke and she could feel him getting harder inside her. He cock began to throb regularly making it all the more difficult to maintain her resolve.

As she felt him get close to cumming she took him all the way inside and began to squeeze him with her muscles. He gasped in pleasure as she milked his cock inside her. All he could do was let it cum. He came hard inside her. In spite of his recent release he filled her with cum and as he throbbed his release inside her she came making a whole new wave of pleasure for them both.

Completely spent, she finally collapsed in his arms and slept.

The next morning they arose and broke camp. He helped her lead Lucky out of the mountain trail and they each said they would write or call but knew that their lives were too different to be together. This one night would be enough, it was wonderful and magical but it was all there was.

Lyn took lucky to the vet for his injury. She learned that in spite of the blood he had only a light scratch that had broken a small abscess. He would have been fine to ride out immediately after it happened. Lyn suspected as much, nodded and thanked the vet.

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