Mother’s Way Back

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This is the first part of an eight-part (or eventually nine-part) story, telling about a romantic affair between a reluctant, unsatisfied, divorced mother and her 18 years old, eager, sex-starving son. The reverse build up goes with some fluctuation all the way from sex through blowjob, handjob, masturbation, and down to complete alienating from one another. Enjoy or contemplate — the choice is yours, my reader, my good fellow!


Divorced, lonely mother and reckless, horny son — two ends of one family rope. It will take you a few seconds to tie it into a knot of depravity, and then – if you try to untie it — you will lose your time and you will scratch your fingers to blood. And in the end you’ll have to cut it.


It was the middle of July. The California coastal strand was sloping down like a g-string between the asscheeks of the sea and the earth. Over the near hills the rocks were cracking and crumbling from the heat.

On one of those hills there was an expensive villa, and in one of its rooms Kelton Presshold, age of eighteen, called by his mother Kelly, was lying down and was furiously masturbating.

His penis, sticky with slime, was smacking melodiously in his hand, the sweat was flowing down his bare chest. The bed was creaking in a corresponding rhythm.

Right in the middle of the jerk-off, all of a sudden there was a patter on the door and soon after, the room was entered by a lavishly endowed, charming, middle-aged brunette, dressed in a swagger, provocative swim-suit. The beautiful lady was Kelton’s mother.

The teenager had enough time to tuck the penis into his pulled down boxers and to cover himself with a blanket, but nothing more.

– Kelly, we have to talk! — his mother, Adeline, sat on the bed next to him. Òhe upper piece of her bathing suit was scarcely holding her bursting tits. Her thighs were shining right up to the elastic g-string, the garment incising in her feminine folds.

– Talk about what, mom? — miserably squeaked the son.

– About your behavior, Kelly. You can’t stay all day long in your room. I didn’t bring you with me in this luxurious rented villa, in order for you to stay away from me. After all, we see each other quite rarely, since you choose during the divorce to stay with your father. We’re together too rarely for you to ignore me this way. Now I want you to come with me outside by the pool and I don’t accept “no” for an answer.

– But, mom, can’t you see, that I don’t want to.

– I can see that! — said the exasperated, beautiful woman, her scarlet, mellow lips quivering. — But I can’t see why?! What do you need to spend some time with your only mother? Why do you always avoid me since we came here?

– I don’t avoid you.

– Oh, yes, you do!

– This isn’t true.

– It’s true! — Adeline came to the boil. In her fury her sexy, almost naked body climbed over the bed and straddled the blanket-covered lad. She jammed his groin with her firm ass and her breasts dangled in front of his eyes; her hands nailed his shoulders, her face glared an inch away from his and Kelton felt her breath upon his lips. — And you will tell me here and now why you avoid me! End of the games, Kelly, I want an explanation!

And then suddenly she felt with her pussy, wrapped in a skimpy garment, his excitement — his big, hot, hard excitement. As if she has been struck by a lightning, a look of bewilderment appeared on her face, then a look of realization.

Her anger did not subside because of the befallen enlightenment, on the contrary:

– So this is it?!

– What? — her son tried to look confused. Unsuccessfully.

– This! — Adeline rose and with her hand behind her back flung the covering towards the feet of the youngster. The boxers came into view, stretched by his dick like a tourist tent. Òhey have been moistened by Kelly’s pre-semen fluids and with their wet spot they now touched the barely veiled vagina of the mother. As a matter of fact, from the movements of her body the cloth-strip has clang between her lower lips, leaving just a bit to the imagination of the stiffened young man. They were large, bloated, purple pussy lips; everything around them smoothly shaven.

– Mom… — the son writhed his voice apologetically.

– What “mom”, what? This is what I am talking about! — and she pulled with vigor Kelly’s underwear to the side, so that his prick sprang out from his left boxers’ sleeve. The massive purple head shivered, covered in a gummy rheum.

– Oh, God, it’s enormous! I can’t believe it, Kelton! — the woman grew rabid. Her breasts were shaking in wrath in front of his face. — And because of this you don’t want to be with me?! Because of your goddamn… rod?! beylikdüzü otele gelen escort Why all men, including my own son, think only with their baseball bats? Doesn’t it matter at all that I am your mother?

Right in this moment for Kelly it really did not matter if the woman above him was his mother or not, yet he definitely would not confess his indifference to that fact. He was only aware of her lovely, overflowing, gorgeous body, of her nipples, protruding through the scanty swim-bra and, most of all, of the soft pussy lips, spilled around the bikini fabric. He soon forgot even that the delicate lines of her face were contorted by anger, let alone their blood relationship. He was savagely and uncontrollably eager to fuck.

– Answer me! — the woman shook his shoulders, trying to meet his gaze. – Doesn’t it matter for you, that I am your mother?!

From the shacking, Kellly’s penis started to rub along his mothers’ interspace, thus forcing the bikini even further into the vagina. Òhe dickhead’s slush glued to the brims of the feminine cave. It was a warm and pleasant sensation for the boy, only the elastic resistance of the swim-suit was irritating him.

His hand stretched in that direction.

– This is why I dumped your father, Kelly! — Adeline was almost screaming — Because he thought only with his goddamn manhood!

His fingers got at half an inch distance from the jointed genitals. He had not felt better since the beginning of his life.

– And you are like him, the same animal, without a droplet of love inside your heart!

A little bit more.

– When you look, you see only lust, nothing else!

Now or never, the boy thought, his hand trembling. He pulled out and then aside the annoying thong.

– Do you hear me at all, when I’m talking to you?! Answer me, you, little lecher! I swear I will… Oh!… I will… OH!… Kelton, what for Christ’s sake… OH!… What is going on, god?!

The inevitable had happened — the prick was stabbing with all of its might into the tight vagina — again and again. Lad’s strong hands were holding woman’s hips, moving them up and down, his penis countering. The mother lost balance and her head fell onto Kelly’s shoulder. The pain from the penetration and the surprise made her speechless and she was only sobbing miserably for a while. Her thoroughbred ass was jumping dizzily. She tried to bring together her thoughts, but she failed at the first try.

After several more thrusts, somehow she pushed with palms herself up from the naked strong chest of her son and she managed to speak by fits and starts:

-Kelton… cease it! Do you hhh… do you hear you mother… ohh… ohh… I’m gonna kill you, if you… oh…don’t stop…

In response the boy lashed his hand and pulled off the top of her swimsuit, which was anyway almost decorative. In an instance both tits sprang out and started bouncing naked in front of his eyes. Then his hand went back on his mother’s hips and continued moving them.

At first Adeline did not even notice the change — the pain in the depths of her womb was consuming her.

– Kelton… stop… it’s too big… it hurts, Kelton… ohh…. You, nasty scoundrel… – her body flew into some kind of stupor and she didn’t have the power to do anything beside supporting herself on the thick manhood of her son.

Droplets of sweat ran down from her brow, her toes were flexing convulsively.

Then she saw that her tits hang freely.

This should not have been happening in front of her son’s gaze. God, this was sinful and terrible.

-Rascal… – one of her hands rose with effort and started packing her fat water-melons back in the bikini cups. At the same time her ass continued flinging down on her son’s blunt weapon. Not on her own will, naturally, but controlled by two impudent male hands.

Gradually the pain there started to subside.

After all, her frail strains resulted in success, as she hid her tits. She dropped her hand back on her son’s chest to take a rest, because she was exhausted by her effort in this arduous situation. Kelton stretched his hand up one more time and for a split second destroyed all she had achieved — her breasts again swayed on exhibition. They were huge, goldly baked by the sun and they were alluring to be bitten.

Òhe fucking continued with rabid force.

– Oh, for Christ’s sake — plaintively moaned the woman and reached again for her swimsuit, which was hanging under the naked jugs. The shock had disbalanced not only her body but her mind too, her priorities were messed, it seemed more important to her to hide her tits, before trying to rise up from her boy’s organ. Imperceptibly by her beylikdüzü rus escort mind, her vagina came loose and spilled her first juices to ease the way of the large-scaled phallus. Her thighs, although rarely, already were wincing not only from the shoves.

— You will regret that, Kelton… no son would ever do… this with his mother… no one, oh…. — She continued to stuff the melons behind the cloth in front of the teenager’s hungry gaze. She had almost succeeded, when a resonant slap on the ass made her to lose hold of them and to start right from the beginning. The jerk dared to slap her asscheek! Forlorn howl escaped her throat, but she overcame it and clenched teeth.

The feeling in her bowel was changing and it suddenly frightened her. The familiar tickle could mean only one — that her body disagrees with her protests.

She have not fucked for a long time, God only knows really how long. Certainly not after the divorce, before that there was also a continuous desert period. And now this dick was so well fitting: suddenly from too big it became almost perfect. Frighteningly perfect, unthinkably on the right place. The enormous tool was stuffing what was build to be stuffed – she recalled now that it was build for that. The thing was stretching her vaginal walls, irritating the clitoris, maddening her body and mind. But the worst, the most terrible was that this dick was not random, it was her son’s. The dick that was cramming her like a duck, was the dick she gave birth to. Thå awareness of this fact was taking her to the edge of insanity, it was draining her resistance forces.

A few more impaling jabs came to pass and then her ass twirled lightly to intensify the sensation. Adeline became aware of that and it made her nibble at her lip both from fear and anger. She was afraid of herself, of her own reactions, of her body betrayal.

In the meantime she was continuing her attempts to put her tits under cover. Her fingers, however, were not listening to her, they were soft like cheese and were only sliding over her goose-fleshed, protruding nipples.

Kelly was breathing heavily with a concentrated countenance and not slowing even for a moment the headlong pace of the act. His ass, sweaty and tensed, was jigging off the bed sheets. The long greasy penis was delving with a squelching sound into the

kneeling woman above him. The ill-fated ribbon of the thong, that, alas, did not provide any protection to Adeline, was scrubbing

the dick’s stem sideways.

The mother wished fatuously if at least the sex-position was different, so that she could not have such movement freedom, such opportunity to control her ass and to discredit herself in the eyes of that snot, her son. And while wishing of that, she once again twisted her ass a little bit, which cause a soft sob to slip out of her mouth.

Only five minutes ago Adeline was an incensed predator and her son was an unfortunate prey and now there they were, roles exchanged: She was impaled without any mercy by the young hunter’s javelin.

Eventually her breasts were covered once again… evanescent success: With a superluminal speed, Kelly swiped and pulled the swim-bra down — the soft milky flesh spilled for a third time, the hardened nipples violently vibrating from the gesture.

– Damn…ooohh… damn you… filthy little… child — Adeline gave up, she could not occupy herself anymore with her tits. She did not have any stamina left, the drilling male probe in her innermost cave was sucking it.

The parent took à deep breath after the last deep penetration and tried to bring a reason to her son. She spoke fast:

– Kelly… – her mouth was dry, she licked her lips — You do know, that… that I… oh… I love you, but this… ohh… is not a proper way to show… love to each other… oooh… ooh…because we are mother and… son, dear… I beg you… have mercy… come to your senses… I swear, I will lavish… care on you… if you can only come to your senses… – and as if to support her words or maybe for some other reason, her ass swirled and pushed vigorously against the dick during one of the stabbings. — Mmmmfff… please, darling… – she raised and impaled herself again in a rhythm with her son’s next shove. — Mommy begs you… – She managed to withstand a few strokes, then her pelvis responded again to her son’s jabs and she even wagged it back and forth when he got all the way in — Mommy wants.. oohh… you to stop with this… this is horrible, Kelly… – for a better stability Adeline clutched her son’s bare shoulders and now moved slowly her ass left and right, then in a circle. The dick continued to cut her body in two like a perpetual chainsaw. — Just tell… beylikdüzü türbanlı escort tell me what do you want, my dear…oooh… oh, god… and you’ll have it… your mother… mmmphhh… will give it to you… mmm… – her voice was trembling and even when she closed her mouth she could not stop her whimpers.

In her vagina everything was sticky with love juices. Little turbulences made her squeeze spasmodically the muscles of her sex around the wet wooden spike inside. It was indescribably pleasantly. Crazy, incredibly… She was fucked to the bottom of her soul, the room-walls were blurring in front of her gaze. The whole sinfulness of the act was even more electrifying. The mother had lost the foundations of the normal and was sinking in the devilish cauldrons of the subconscious ecstasy.

Her voice was continuing to coax her son, while her body was adjusting to the rhythm and was falling into a wild sexual dance on the fat dick.

Spit dribbled from the edge of her mouth and onto her chin, she felt dizzy. Since when she wasn’t fucked, since when she wasn’t fucked like that… The hands of her son held her flanks like in an iron vice and the spike was piercing her deeply. Her arse completely visibly was bridling up like on a mare, to intensify the friction on the clitoris.

– Shouldn’t… Shouldn’t… – Adeline was murmuring in trance, then she started moaning, gibbering incomprehensibly. She straightened and arched her back; her hands gathered her torrential hair in a bun on the back of her neck. Her tits stuck proudly forward, not ceasing to jolt. She was raising and falling in a fleet tempo.

Her son let her waist with one hand and touched her clitoris.

– Ooohhh…. Nnoo… – the woman stretched her own hand in that direction, but she only put it over his, without the force to remove it. — Aahh… ohh…. Not there… – her eyes were shut, her mouth was gaping. Since quite a while she did not need Kelton’s hands to move, she was doing it on her own.

– Oh, Kelly, you… are screwing, damn it — the profanity escaped her mouth — damn it… you are screwing your mother… oooh, aaaghhhhh… oh… you… you are fucking me, for God’s sake!… Oh… Madness, madness… aa…aah… you are fucking me, Kelton… ooohh… you are fucking me…

– I’ll come, mom — her son wheezed out, speaking for the first time since he penetrated her.

This made the woman to press his fingers over her clitoris.

– You shouldn’t… Kelly… You shouldn’t… – she was ashamed even in front of herself to acknowledge that she did not want the fucking to end before she too had reached an orgasm. That was the ugly truth — she was wild with desire, she needed satisfaction. Her vagina was leaking, her booty was rotating, rising and falling.

– Mmm… mmm… – she started to whine like a kitten, hit by a vile kid. — Ooohhh.. — the first louder cry drifted away. She hogged her back and she nestled her head in the neck of her son, trying to hide the rapture, the shameful rapture. Her teeth bit his shoulder in despair, a maternal saliva oozed, but the sounds did not subside, as if her throat was bewitched. She could not restrain herself, her culmination was close. One hand of the mother and one of the son were moving furiously in the narrow space between them, the clitoris was threatening to burst.

Suddenly Kelton pulled with his other hand her thong, jabbing the fabric even sharper between her asscheeks, as well as alongside his penis into one lip of the vagina. Synchronously with this gesture, the boy lifted himself up abruptly and quaked. Adeline felt the lashes of the sperm into her depths, the walls of her consciousness flexed and she screamed, then she screamed again… and again. The turbulences transferred from the heavy phallus to her own body and dilapidated her. A hurricane like this one had not pass through her maybe since her honeymoon.

The gorgeous mother was shaking her tits, writhing herself and crying like a savage, the digits of her hands and feet were convulsively contracting and were clawing the boy’s skin. The seventh sky had collapsed out of the blue on her.

– Son… son… – Addy was not able to catch her breath, and the sperm was continuing to spurt deep in her swollen vagina. Her teeth, in a dead-lock, were nibbling at the lad’s shoulder.

After a few minutes of blissful tremors, finally the lush, bronze body of the brunette slid aside. The dick with a flap sprang out of the den and the bikini of the bathing suit came on their place, this way keeping most of the seminal fluid inside the mother.

Kelly drew himself away from the pliant feminine parts and got up. Hå scanned the way she was feebly laying on his bed, and then he said:

– I’ll go to the bathroom, mom. — And he hastily walked out of his room.

Adeline did not return his gaze; she had no strength to do that. She was laying sideways like a shot doe, and the sperm was seeping slowly out of her thrashed pussy, soaking the cloth of her swim-suit.


The irreversible, the absurd had happened.

To be continued…

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