Mother’s Helping Hand Ch. 08

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The usual disclaimers apply, the story contains incest and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this please don’t read any further.

The characters are over 18, the persons and events described are entirely fictional. The author reserves all rights to the story and its reproduction apart from on Literotica.

All feedback is appreciated and if you like the story please rate it in the comments section.


The following week Bobby had to return to the hospital to check the progress of his wrists, he and his mom waited patiently in a small office while the Dr returned with the results. The door opened and a cheery looking middle aged man entered with some folders.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Alison.” he smiled at her taking a moment to admire her curves.

“That’s quite alright Dr Roberts.” she said choosing to ignore his eyes roaming over her.

“Well Bobby, it’s good news. You’re recovering faster than we expected, your mother has obviously been taking excellent care of you at home.”

“You’ve no idea how excellent!” thought Bobby.

The Dr placed some x-rays on a screen and pointed out the breaks and where they were healing, but Bobby wasn’t paying much notice. All he could think of was once his wrists were healed his mom wouldn’t need to take care of him any more, and was that going to mean an end to hand jobs?

“Anyway, to conclude, you will still need casts on your wrists but they will be smaller and you will have some limited use of your hands. Now they will feel very weak to start with and it is important that you start to build strength again. Any questions?”

Yeah, will my mom still jerk me off?

“Err, no sir.”

Dr Roberts then went to a cabinet and pulled out some boxes.

“Ah here we are.”

He pulled out two red foam balls and held one in each hand.

“Now you will need to do regular exercise to regain the strength in your hands and you should start by using these.” he demonstrated by squeezing the foam balls one in each hand. “At least 30 minutes a day, more if you can.”

His mom and Dr Roberts discussed some other matters to do with his medication but Bobby couldn’t help wondering how the future was going to pan out, he knew his wrists were healing but the thought that his mom’s TLC was going to stop wasn’t something he’d wanted to consider.

His mom seemed chirpy on the drive home and they stopped to grab some fast food, with a little effort Bobby found he was able to lift the drinks carton with both hands and could just grab a few fries. It felt good to be able to start doing things for himself, but he knew some things would always feel better when his mom did them, especially when they involved his cock.

They arrived home and as the prospect of watching his mom strip off raised it’s head his cock began raising its head as well. She headed upstairs and Bobby followed as she entered her room chatting about the test results and how relieved she was. She slipped her dress off and hung it up before undoing her bra. As she slipped it off Bobby drank in the sight of her breasts, they fell slightly as she removed their support, they weren’t the perky boobs of a teenager, they were big, heavy and pear shaped but to Bobby they were perfect in every way. No matter how many times he saw them it always seemed like the first time, they bounced and jiggled as she made her way to the laundry hamper and back.

“Are you listening to me Bobby?”

“What sorry?”

“Oh my god! Sometimes I think I would be better writing notices on my chest, you might actually take some notice then.”

“Um sorry mom.” he tore his eyes back to her face.

“I said you need to start doing your exercises regularly, you don’t want to end up with permanent problems with you wrists or hands.”

“Yes mom.”

She helped him out of his t-shirt, talking about the reasons his physio was important before undoing his pants and pulling them down, his inevitable hard on springing up.

“Doesn’t this thing of yours ever go soft?”

“Um sorry mom, I guess I’m just a healthy growing young man.”

“Well I hope you don’t grow any more, you can have too much of a good thing you know.” she smiled as she reached down and stroked his cock. Her fingers felt electric, delicately caressing his shaft and the underside of his throbbing dick.

Bobby said nothing but just groaned.

She continued to admire his hard on for a few moments, before sighing, “Well we can’t just stand here all night, why don’t I fix us a snack and we can relax on the couch?”

As she turned to head down stairs instead of releasing his cock she continued to hold it in her hand using it to lead him downstairs after her. He couldn’t believe she was being so provocative, and she hadn’t even had a drink. As he shuffled along behind he admired her ass. He wasn’t sure if it was his imagination but he was sure her panties had become skimpier of late, these were frilly, high cut and showed off almost all of her perfect butt.

She halkalı bdsm escort directed him to the couch and went to the kitchen to fix a drink and get some snacks.

“Here Bobby catch!”

He turned and his mom threw the two foam balls to him, he attempted to field them but his hands were still far too clumsy and they bounced onto the sofa.

“You can start exercising your hands with those while I get us some snacks.”

He watched her walking to the kitchen, boobs bobbing and butt wiggling like she was on a catwalk, before directing his attention without much enthusiasm to the foam balls. He clumsily picked them up before attempting to hold them in his hands. His fingers felt unwieldy and weak and as he attempted to squeeze pain shot through his wrists. He tried for a few more minutes before giving up and tossing them on the floor in frustration.

His mom returned from the kitchen with a drink and a bowl of some pretzels.

“Given up already?”

“It just hurts real bad when I try.”

“Hmm, well it will do Bobby, but you need to do it all the same or you may not recover properly” she set the bowl down on the table her knockers swinging deliciously as she did.

His dick lurched and his brain checked out as he admired her magnificent tits swaying as she stood and sipped her wine.


“Er yeah?”

“My god, you’re worse than your father, I swear he never heard a word I said when I took my top off!”

I’m not fucking surprised! Jee-zus! They were mesmeric.

“Err, sorry mom.”

“So are you going to do your physio?”

“I guess, but it just hurts so bad.” a wicked idea struck him, “I guess if I just had more of an incentive.”

“More of an…” she looked down at her chest, “Oh I see. You mean you would like something else to exercise your hands on?” she sipped her wine.

“Um yeah… that’d help.” his eyes were fixed on her tits so he missed her amused smile but his flexing cock left no doubt about his true thoughts.

“I see, anything in particular?” she said sitting next to him .

“Errrr.. a couple of things.”

“Would you mean my breasts by any chance?”

“Err, well now you mention it mom, that would be… um..”

“So you want to use my breasts for your physio?”

“Well if it’s, I mean if you don’t, err…”

“Oh well, if this is the only way I’m going to get you to do your exercises I suppose so.”

“Oh wow, I mean thanks.”

He looked at her face and saw she was smiling encouragingly, before redirecting his gaze to her tits, just inches away.

“Oh god, she really meant it. He could hold her boobs!”

He reached out slowly with his trembling hands and for the first time felt the smooth skin of her breasts as his palms encompassed as much of those opulent orbs as he could. At first he just let his fingers stroke over the skin, feeling their cool smoothness. He then ran his palms under her melons and attempted to hold them. His hands were filled to overflowing by her heavy full boobs as he lifted the magnificent melons and felt their weight. God they were heavy! He hefted them and squeezed them together marvelling at their size and softness before releasing them and watching them fall back into place. He then ran his fingers over her nipples, feeling the hard rubbery nubs stiffen even more at his touch. He thought his mom inhaled as he explored her sensitive nipples before letting his hands run back down to feel the weight and fullness of her tits.

She watched him with an amused smile, playing with her boobs like a kid with a new train-set

“I take it you prefer them to the foam balls?”

“Oh god mom, they’re amazing.”

“I got the idea you liked them. Well since you seem to have decided to do your physio on me don’t forget you need to squeeze.”

He attempted to squeeze as much as he could with his weak fingers, even though it hurt he didn’t care, his mom’s beautiful tits were in his hands and she was letting him have his way with them. His weak fingers were no match for her huge boobs but he did his best as his fingers weakly massaging her boobs. She leaned away and he thought she was going to leave him but instead she picked up her glass of wine.

“Well since it looks like I’m going to be here a while I might as well be comfortable. I must admit I’d never thought of myself as a piece of physio equipment before!”

“Mom if you were there’d be guys breaking their wrists every day.”

“Bobby!” she scolding him half heartedly.

They sat together, Alison sipping her wine while Bobby groped her boobs, exploring every inch of them as much as his battered hands would allow. Eventually Alison finished her wine and gently removed herself from Bobby’s hands.

“Well, Dr Roberts said 30 minutes and I make it 40, so I think that’s enough physio for one night.” she saw the crestfallen look on his face, “Don’t worry Bobby you have have them back tomorrow!” she said as if she was talking halkalı elit escort to a small child about their toys before heading to the kitchen.

“Honestly, all you men are the same!”

Bobby lay back on the sofa exposing his hard on which by now was throbbing so much it hurt. His cock curved up towards his belly the head swollen and partly exposed where the skin had drawn back, as it lurched with excitement his balls drew up under the base of his shaft. His mom returned with a fresh glass of wine and took in the sight of his cock waving at her.

“I suppose you still need me to help you with that?”

“Yes please mom.”

She sat next to him with her legs curled under her and flicked through the TV channels with the remote while she sipped her wine, she cuddled up to him, her bare skin against his and seemed to be taking her time choosing what to watch. His cock ached and he wished she would hurry up and jerk him off but she was obviously not going to be rushed, finally she settled on a show and set the remote and glass down on the table, leaning over him as she did and letting her tits brush against his cock as they hung over his lap. Jesus, she was killing him! She sat back, resting her head against his shoulder and cuddling up against him, her boobs against his chest.

“Well this is nice, a typical cosy mother son evening together watching a movie.” she chuckled.

His cock was lurching, in anticipation of some attention, pre-cum dribbling from the head onto his belly. She ran her hand absently down his chest feeling his hard muscles under her fingers and his cock lurched at her touch, lifting up away from his belly and partly blocking her view of the TV.

“Do you suppose you could keep it down in front, I can’t see the movie.”

“Err, sorry.”

“I’m only kidding, I guess it wants some attention.”

She let her fingers trace around his stomach for a few more moments before running down to his balls, lightly squeezing them before slowly and gently tracing up the underside of his cock. Just as she reached the sensitive head she removed her fingers leaving his cock lurching for attention while she went back to gently stroking his abdomen.

She repeated the process, giving his cock shaft a fleeting caress which stopped just short of the head and left him desperate for more. He knew she was teasing him, and he loved it but it was driving him crazy at the same time.

She then ran her fingers up his cock again but this time she continued her journey and let her hand continue to the swollen head of his cock, the tips of her fingers running around the partly exposed glans, smearing the pre-cum that oozed in a steady stream around his cock head. His cock lurched and bucked under her delicate caresses, jumping out of reach and so she gently took hold of the head in her hand and drew the foreskin back exposing the head, before slowly sliding it back up again, feeling his dick lurching and jumping in her fingers. She slowly continued her gentle stroking of his cock head, keeping her movements frustratingly slow.

She then ran her fingers down his cock and gently played with his balls, squeezing the heavy gonads before slowly running her fingers up the shaft and teasing the head again. She then resumed her stroking but increased the tempo this time, letting her fingers run up and down over his purple glans and shaft before releasing it and teasing the shaft with her finger tips again. After a few moments she resumed her stroking, this time letting her fingers run up and down the length of his cock and increasing the pressure slightly, slowly, inexorably building his climax, only to stop every few moments and play with his balls or run her hand over his toned stomach.

She was like a concert pianist at work he thought, or should that be penist? Either way was giving a world class performance of the concerto in D for dick major on his cock. His prick was lurching like a snake with its head cut off as she once again paused her stroking to gently squeeze his balls. God it was unreal, she was making him delirious as she slowly increased his excitement and frustration in equal parts.

After giving his balls a firmer than usual squeeze she ran her fingers up his cock and began lightly tugging on the head, letting the subtle movement of her fingers on his cock slowly build his climax. As he felt his orgasm began to creep closer she slowly increased the tempo of her stroking, building it at an agonisingly slow pace but bringing him gradually closer. As his cum started to rise though, she somehow sensed his impending release and backed off, slowing her strokes until they were no more than feathery caresses designed to tease but not enough to bring him off.

She continued to bring him closer and closer to the edge but each time denying him the ultimate release until she could see he couldn’t take any more, he was groaning and scarcely able to focus he was so desperate to cum.

She increased her stroking and halkalı escort maintained the pace, feeling his body begin to tense and his cock swell and harden to the point it seemed it would explode, she watched his huge balls pull up to the base of his cock and felt his cock begin to pulse in her hand before a huge blast shot over their heads onto the couch and carpet, she adjusted the angle of his cock and the next blast struck her square in the face. She instinctively closed her eyes and turned her face away at the same time lowering his cock further so the subsequent blasts splattered over their chests and arms, as usual most seeming to end up on her tits. Finally as the blasts turned to spurts and then to dribbles he regained his senses and blearily focussed on her.

“Oh my god mom, that was unbelievable!”

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed it!” she said wiping a streak of cum from her cheek with one hand while gently caressing his hard twitching cock.

“Oops sorry.”

“Well I suppose I was the one who was aiming it. I’ll get some wipes.”

She took her glass and sipped some wine as she headed off to the kitchen, her ass jiggling in her high cut lacy panties as she went. He looked down at his still hard cock, cum dribbling on to his belly and some splatters on his chest and his cock lurched. It was hard to believe that a month ago the most physical contact he ever had with his gorgeous mom was a peck on the cheek and now she was letting him grope her naked tits and had just given him the best hand job he’d ever had in his life.

The thought disappeared as she returned and he was treated to the view of her near naked body as she walked towards him sperm dripping from her chin and her cum splattered breasts bobbing. She had a fresh glass of wine in one hand and a box of wipes in the other. She set the wine down, her heavy breasts hanging down and swaying as she did so, before taking a wipe and cleaning some of the cum of the couch.

As she scrubbed it vigorously the movement caused her pendulous boobs to swing and wobble in time with her scrubbing, Bobby’s cock lurched at the sight and another dribble of cum emerged from the head. She then sat next to him and took another wipe before cleaning the cum off her arms. Eying her cum splattered boobs bobby sensed an opportunity and said, “Here mom, let me help.”

He managed to clumsily pull a tissue from the box and then began to wipe cum off her tits.

“I thought you were going to clean yourself!”

“Err, well you seem to have more of it on you.”

“And surprisingly on my boobs, which you are so kindly cleaning.”

“Err, yeah mom. Well, like Dr Roberts said, got to get my strength back!”


He held the wipe in his fingers and dabbed her boobs while with his other hand he lifted and moved them as best he could, trying to make sure he got all the cum and making sure to grope her breasts as much as he could in the process. She sipped her wine with an amused smile, watching him as a strand of cum still hung from her cheek.

After Bobby had cleaned Alison she took a tissue and wiped the cum off Bobby’s chest before gently cleaning his still hard cock.

“You’re still hard as a rock,” she commented stroking his cock with the wipe, “don’t tell me you are you ready for round two already?”

“Err, sorry mom.”

“Oh well,” she sighed, “seconds out I guess.”

Having finished cleaning his cock she took hold of his shaft once again in her hand and began stroking it, her grip firmer this time, allowing her fingers to run the full length of his shaft before twisting around the head. Having just cum he was able to hold off for quite a while this time, revelling in the sensation of her hand on his cock. She brought her other hand onto his shaft, stroking it with her left while her right played with his cock head, the combination was amazing and had the added advantage of squeezing her breasts together between her arms.

He took advantage of his new found freedom to reach out and run one hand over her heavy melons, feeling their firm weight and teasing her hard nipples. She seemed to respond to his touch, her movements becoming faster and harder, jerking his cock this time without pausing and giving him a chance to recover.

The combined affect of both her magic hands on his cock and his hands on her her huge knockers was driving him crazy. Even trying his best he couldn’t hold back forever under this assault and as he felt his cum slowly begin to rise. His mom seemed to sense she was winning the battle and leaned over him. At first he was disappointed her boobs were no longer in his hands but then he saw her lean further and her her huge knockers were hanging over his cock bouncing and swaying with the motion of her hand jerking him off.

The feel of her hands jerking him and the sight and sensation of her huge tits bouncing and swaying around his cock was amazing and he felt his cum begin to rise inexorably, after another minute or two his balls tightened and his cock begin to spasm, spraying his cum onto her tits and hands as she continued to jerk him. His orgasm seemed to go on forever and when he regained his senses and looked down his mom was tenderly caressing his cock between her boobs which were dripping with his cum. She looked a little embarrassed as she took in the spectacle.

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