Motherly Love Ch. 01

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By Amanda Williams aka mandywilluk2000
In collaboration with
James Edwards aka jamesinlondon2001

A series of accounts examining the taboo subject of mother and son sex.

All characters in these accounts are over the age of eighteen and are completely fictional having been created from the authors, imaginations

Part 1 The Realisation

As Kate flew out to Italy to meet her son she had no idea that things would happen as they did. But then who could have foreseen what happened? It certainly wasn’t planned. Events like that rarely are, they just happen.

Grant was at Durham University studying psychology having done extremely well at school in all areas, Soccer captain, 1st eleven at cricket and a superb tennis player his sporting achievements were equalled by his scholastic attainments in most subjects.
Kate was so proud of him particularly, as for the past eight of his eighteen years, she’d brought him up alone after she and her husband divorced. She’d done a good job not just in his prowess at school but also in the way he related to other people and in the close yet very open relationship she and he had.

They’d tried to arrange a holiday before he went up to uni but so many other things were going on that it hadn’t been possible. So this Easter was the first time they could both get away to enjoy what really was Kate’s present to him for doing so well at getting to Durham. It had been easier for him to fly from Newcastle with Kate leaving from Heathrow so as her plane started to descend into Naples airport she felt excited at seeing him for they hadn’t seen each other for over three months, the longest time they’d been apart since she’d given birth to him. “Hello gorgeous,” Grant smiled taking Kate into his arms when she came through customs.

“Hello darling, how are you?” Kate replied hugging her son and kissing him on the cheek.

“Let me look at you? Hmmmm you look as though you’ve lost weight, are you eating properly?”

“Stop fussing ma, I’m fine. How are you? You look as though you’ve put some one.”

“Don’t be cheeky,” Kate replied giving him a playful smack as she slid her arm through his and walked alongside him as he wheeled her luggage trolley to the car rental area.

This had become something of a regular joke between them for like most mothers whose sons are living away from home Kate worried that he wouldn’t eat properly. And for as long as Grant could remember his mother had been on and off diets fighting against increasing her weight. She wasn’t big or overweight at all really but she was curvy with a figure in the 36d 27 37 area. Rubenesque her ex had referred to it a few times. As Kate made the arrangements for the hire car they chatted away telling each other their news and talking about how much they were both looking forward to the holiday in the house she’d rented in Sorrento.

A little on the small side the house tucked up in the cliffs just a modest walk from the town. It was beautifully furnished with two bedrooms a lounge and a tiny kitchen. There was an outside terrace overlooking the sea and a small pool.

“Its great mum,” Grant said walking around it and out onto the patio that looked down the cliffs to the sea.

“Yes its lovely isn’t it?” she said standing alongside him looking at the view.

They’d picked up some basics at a small supermarket on the way to the house so after unpacking they had a glass of wine on the terrace and caught up with each others news. Grant told her all about life at uni and she filled him in on events at home. It was easy, comfortable and very family.

They walked to a pizzeria and had a simple but typical of Italy, beautiful meal washed down with the local cheap wine that tasted like nectar. Strolling home Grant slipped his arm round his mother’s shoulders and she slid hers round his waist.

“What a great idea K,” he said using the nickname he’d given her ages ago.

“Well we used to come here when you were young Grant and I’ve always loved Italy and thought now you were grown up you would get to love it as well.” They chatted away until they got back to the house around nine when they opened another bottle of wine and took that onto the terrace.

“It’s a bit chilly K, shall we go inside?”

“Well it is only April. Yes I think we’d better don’t want to catch a chill on our first night do we?”

They put the TV on and found a satellite channel showing British films and settled down in the easy chairs.

What with the flight, the drinks before dinner and the wine with that and now they both felt tired and a little tipsy. Kate was stretched out on a sofa and Grant was sitting on the floor leaning against it. Occasionally Kate would run her hand through his blonde hair and he’d put his hand up onto the sofa and briefly they’d hold hands.

“Mum,” he said quietly looking up at her.

“Mum? Where’s the K gone? I was quite enjoying the anonymity of that and the fact that people might think I was away with my toyboy,” she said smiling.

“Oh OK, K then,” esenyurt anal yapan escort Grant replied the tone of his voice making Kate realise he wanted to talk seriously.

“What is it darling?” she asked sitting up.

He sat on the sofa beside her.

“I have to tell you something.”

“What, what is it?”

Grant looked down his eyes avoiding hers as he said quietly.

“I think I might be gay.”

That hit Kate like a bombshell for she had absolutely no inkling of it and he’d always been popular with girls having had several girl friends before going to uni.

“Why Grant? Why do you say that?”

He went on to tell her some of his innermost secrets. It took quite a while for several times he almost broke down making Kate’s heart go out to her son to see him fighting back the tears. He told her that he’d never had full sex with a girl and that on two occasions when he’d been near he’d lost his erection.

“I just don’t know what to do mum. I get so nervous and when I start to undress a girl I get, er, um I don’t know, frightened I suppose.”

Kate tried explaining that it was probably quite normal and was just nerves. But then Grant blew her arguments away.

“It gets worse,” he said looking at her the most pitiful look in his eye. “You sure you want to hear?”

Kate put her arms around his head and kissing him said. “Of course darling I want to help you, understand you. Don’t worry we’ll win.”

That made Grant smile and he went, on, albeit slowly, and clearly quite embarrassed explained that he’d hurt his leg playing football. He’d told some of his mates about it and a couple that were studying medicine quickly diagnosed it as a strained hamstring. One offered to treat him and had come to Grant’s room the next day. Grant had removed his trousers and was lying on his bed in his underpants as the guy massaged his leg. He explained that at first he was massaged on the back of his leg but then the other chap said for him to turn over. Almost sobbing with embarrassment Grant said.

“And as he massaged the front of my leg I got an erection.”

Kate didn’t know what to say or what to do and listened quite shocked as her son then told her that the man looked at the growing bulge in his boxers then stared into Grant’s eyes before smiling and saying. “Mmmm nice want me to sort that out as well?”

“And mum I let him masturbate me,” Grant told her now actually crying.

“Oh baby, baby,” Kate whispered into his ear as she cuddled and kissed him desperately trying to console her son.

They talked for some time and then around11 they went to bed.

She just couldn’t get to sleep worrying about Grant and what she could do to help and console him. It wasn’t the fact that he might be gay that worried her so much it was the confusion and turmoil that she knew he was going through. The worry and concern that he might be gay. If he was , so what she thought? She wanted to help him realise it wasn’t the worst thing in the world and in any case it was probably just part of his sexual growing up. And on top of that she wanted to help him. It seemed so unfair that boys and young men had to go through such a difficult and traumatic learning path with girls. As to the masturbation with the other guy she didn’t think that meant much other than perhaps a son was like her and could as they say “swing both ways.” She could identify with him for she’d been there, had the same feelings, confusion and worries.

“Grant are you asleep?” Sarah asked opening his bedroom door.

“No K I’m not I can’t sleep.”

“Neither can I,” she said adding, “OK if I come in???”

“Of course.”

Kate hadn’t bothered to bring a dressing gown with her so she was just wearing a mid thigh length, thin cotton, tee shirt dress. She sat on the edge of her son’s bed and taking his hand said.

“I feel so sorry for you luv but I’m sure things’ll be ok.”

“But mum, sorry K I really am so worried.”

“Grant I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anyone else other than your father. I’ve thought very carefully as to whether I should tell you and because of what’s happened I feel I should.”

“What is it then?”

“Please don’t think too badly of me,” she said gripping his hand, a little too tightly which in turn pressed the back of it more firmly her bare thigh.

“I won’t I promise.”

Kate then blurted out to her son that she’d been with several women over the years. “Was that why you and dad broke up then?”

“No that had nothing to do with it.”

“OK,” he replied.

“You see Grant what I’m saying is that anyone can gain sexual satisfaction from their own sex without being gay.”

“You mean bisexual.”

“Yes I suppose so.”

“Do you think you are?” he asked.

“Yes I probably am.”

“Do you still enjoy men then?”

“Yes, yes I do, even though I haven’t been with one for some time,” she said smiling. “We’re a right pair aren’t we then?”

They esenyurt escort looked at each other for a moment or two with Kate stroking his hand his fingers pressing into the skin of her thigh half way between her crotch and her knee. He looked so young and innocent lying there with just the thin blanket over him. He had a bemused look on his face that Kate thought made him look even more handsome.

At last he smiled. “Yes we are aren’t we mum?” They stared at each other for a moment or two before Grant said. “Thanks for telling me that K.”

“You don’t mind then darling? You don’t think too badly of me?” Kaye asked feeling tremendous relief.

“No. no not at all I’m pleased you told me and I think I can understand and it helps me.”

Kate leaned forward and resting one hand on the bed the other side of her son’s body she leaned forward and kissed him on the forehead.

“Thank you for being so understanding darling,” she breathed as her lips met his skin.

As she did her full, heavy breasts rested on his bare chest and due to her moving her legs the hem of the dress rode up a little. The movement caused Grant’s hand slide slightly between her thighs, some eight to ten inches above her knee. Kate felt a jolt of sexual energy surge through her as his fingers touched that smooth and sensitive skin on the inside of her thigh. She pulled away and brushed his long blonde hair off his forehead. Recovering from the strange and rather dangerous feeling she said softly.

“Well I think it’s time for bed now, don’t you Grant?”

“I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep yet so why don’t you stay a little longer. Maybe we could have another glass of wine?” he suggested.

Giggling Kate said, “Like a midnight feast really, but why not?”

Grant pushed the blanket back and clambered out of bed. In the dim light Kate saw that he was naked but thought nothing of it for when he lived at home before uni she’d often see him around the flat like that.

She lay back on the double bed as Grant turned the light on in the lounge and got the wine and glasses. She glanced up as he walked back in the light from the lounge illuminating his lithe muscular body. As he approached the bed and she saw his long penis hanging down she again felt a sexual surge go through her.

What on earth’s happening to me?” she asked herself panicking a little as he climbed past her and sat on the bed not bothering to cover himself with the blanket. He handed her the drink and they both sipped their wine.

“K how old were you when you first went with a woman?” “Actually, almost exactly your age and that was at uni as well.” “And you enjoyed it?”

“I was scared at first but after a few times yes I did and still do enjoy it?”

“When was the last time then?” he asked.

“Just a few months ago.”

Smiling at her he asked. “Do I know her? Was it an affair or what?”

“Now now don’t ask such questions,” Kate said assuming a jokingly serious tone. Turning she saw that he was now laying flat on his back and had pulled the blanket up around his waist.

“It’s got a little chilly so I thought I’d get in. Why don’t you?” he asked pulling the sheet up.

“No. No I don’t think I should,” Kate blurted out without thinking and realising she sounded guilty and apprehensive. Which wasn’t surprising for that’s exactly how she did feel.

“Why not?”

Recovering her composure, she said. “Well I think I need to get some sleep now as, young man, you should as well.”

“We can sleep here, he said quietly looking right into her eyes.

“Is he feeling the same things I am?” Kate wondered looking at him holding the blanket up for her, his nakedness beckoning her like a beacon.

On balance she felt it would sound less controversial if she agreed rather than demurred.

“OK,” she said sliding in beside him.

They chatted for a while their legs occasionally touching until Kate said. “Well time for sleep now.”

She turned onto her side facing him and he did the same. She kissed him on the cheek as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

He whispered. “Thank you K, I do love you, you know.”

Involuntarily she slid her hand forward and it rested on his hip as she again kissed his cheek. As her hand rested on her son’s flesh it was as if she got an electric shock. She pulled it away only to get another similar charge when his hand slid down from her shoulder along her arm and onto her wrist.

“And I love you Grant but now we really must sleep mustn’t we?”

She turned over and faced away from him her heart pounding and her mind racing from the forbidden thoughts and emotions she was experiencing. She lay there in turmoil running all the things that had happened over in her mind. Her paramount worry and the one she just couldn’t put to one side was whether her son had realised that his mother was getting sexual arousal from him.

“Oh shit,” she said, “we’ve left the light on can you turn it off love I’ll never be able to sleep with esenyurt eve gelen escort it on.”

“No.” he said sharply. “No would you mind doing it K?”

Puzzled Kate said. “Sure but why can’t you?”

“I just can’t, please don’t ask me why?”

Instinctively she knew. Her female and motherly intuition combined to give her the explanation. She turned back towards him and looked him in the eye a small smile on her face.

“See darling,” she whispered. “I told you, you aren’t gay didn’t I?”

He looked worried but managed a slight grin as he replied. “Yes but this is worse isn’t it?”

She didn’t know what to say or do. She was in completely unknown territory and what she’d always thought would be a totally no go area of sex for her. The only clear and somewhat satisfying aspect was that she now knew that he had felt similar things to her.

“I really don’t know darling, I’ve never thought about it before.”

“Oh shit,” he said loudly with a note of frustration in his voice. What the fuck’s happening to me. One minute I think I’m gay and the next I get an erection over my mother. Am I going fucking crazy?”

“No of course you aren’t Grant. It’s not about me it’s about you thinking of me with other women I expect. That’s a big turn on for all men, well most I think”

“It’s my turn to say please don’t think too badly of me isn’t it?” he asked his hand resting on her hip his foot touching hers down the bed. Neither of them moved their feet away as Kate replied. “And yes that is quite a turn but now when one of the women you’re imagining is your mother for Christ’s sake.”

“Of course I don’t think badly of you. I love you. Perhaps I shouldn’t have told you my dark and hidden secret?” “No, no, I’m pleased you did. But what a bloody pervert I’m turning into,” he exclaimed his fingers digging into the slight excess of flesh on her hip.

“No, no you aren’t love,” Kate whispered plucking up her courage before adding. “Nothing’s perverted in sex if both party’s feel the same.”

“There” she thought, “I’ve done it, I’ve said it.” She waited with bated breath to hear his response.

“Mum, no sod it, K does that mean. Er, um are you saying. Oh fuck I can’t even say it”

“That I feel aroused as well darling, is that what you’re trying to ask?”

He turned onto his side facing her. Their bodies were almost touching. His firm muscular chest was just inches from her large breasts. Their knees and feet were touching and his cock was just a short distance from her pussy.

“Yes K that’s exactly what I wanted to ask. Do you?”

It took all the courage she could muster to say just two words to her son but she mustered it and whispered.

“Yes Grant.”

“Oh my God,” he moaned his hand pulling at her hip moving their bodies even closer.

She kissed his cheek again and ran her hand through his hair as she whispered. “I don’t know what’s happening to us.”

“No nor do I.”

They stared into each others eyes their hearts pounding as Kate’s hand slid slowly down her son’s body. Over his breasts, across his firm lower chest, onto his waist and then to his taughtly, muscled stomach. They both knew where it was headed. It was going to where they both so wanted it to be. Where their bodies were demanding it to be but where their minds were saying it shouldn’t be. The tension and excitement for both of them as it went nearer and nearer to that destination rose higher and higher. Kate was breathing heavily and a little moan slipped from her mouth as the enormity of what she was about to do fully dawned on her. Grant was panting and groaning as the full realisation of what his mother was about to do hit him.

Even the journey across her son’s smooth skin and tight body was amazing for Kate. “He’s so lovely,” she was thinking as her fingers strayed through the slight mass of hairs on his lower chest and flat stomach. “I can’t stop,” you realised as her fingers slid those few further inches. “I want to have sex with my son” her aroused body persuaded her tormented mind as her fingers closed around his erection.

Grant grunted as his mothers soft fingers grasped him. His arms went round her pulling her body against his. Her soft, full breasts squashed against his firm young chest as she felt such a surge of excitement from the feelings in her hand. He was so hard, so warm and so long and so wonderful.

“Oh darling,” Kate breathed as she felt his body shudder from her touch. “Oh baby, my baby,” she cooed gently rubbing him.

“Oh mum, fuck no, K, oh K,” he groaned back feeling his loins thrust themselves against his mother’s hand.

Their faces were buried in the others neck as she stroked him.

“See darling it’s easy, it’s lovely,” she whispered slightly squirming her breasts against his chest. “Is it good Grant, is it nice for you?”

“Oh yes, yes, yes, its wonderful K, it’s fantastic,” he moaned back his hands gripping on the rounded cheeks of her bum.

“And you haven’t lost your erection darling you’re wonderfully hard for me aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes, yes I am K, I am,” Grant said sounding so pleased that it made Kate feel marvellous. “See you aren’t gay darling you’re like me completely bisexual.”

“Oh God yes, yes I am. But making you do this to me, its madness”

“You didn’t make me luv. It wasn’t just you Grant,” she replied reassuringly.”

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