Mother Mistress Ch. 09

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Patrick opened his eyes lazily. He realized that he was still in Mother Mistress’s bed and stretched to bring himself fully awake. Sitting up he looked at the clock and it read ten o’clock. He quickly jumped out of bed and ran naked out of Agnes’s bedroom and down the hall toward his own room.

Just before he made it to his room he ran into Susan who let out a mock scream as she shouted, “Help! Naked man running through the house! Help!” The shouts brought Agnes and Cindy scurrying up the stairs. They took one look at Patrick then joined Susan in laughing at his predicament.

“Very funny, Susan,” Patrick sneered at her, “How come I’m not laughing?” Patrick shook his head and glanced at Agnes and Cindy to draw imaginary circles over his temple then pointed to Susan. The three females snickered at Patrick as he ran to his bedroom and into the shower. He quickly dressed and glided down the stairs to eat some breakfast and get ready to go to school.

It was the weekend, but he needed to visit the library for a research project. Susan teased him that he was only using his ‘project’ for an excuse to see Kayla. That remark brought on several minutes of teasing from the ladies until Patrick told them who Kayla was and how he met her.

After a few more playful remarks from the ‘girls’, Cindy volunteered to drive Patrick to the library. She dropped him off at the entrance and told him to call her on her cell phone if he needed a ride home. Cindy kissed his cheek, in big sister fashion, and Patrick left the car to enter the library.

He really had a research project to work on, but he was ahead of schedule on it and this just might give him a chance to talk with Kayla. Patrick looked for her, but could not find her in the reading room where she usually worked. One of the librarians saw him looking about and whispered to him, “If you’re looking for Kayla, she is in the upstairs computer room.”

Patrick thanked her and quickly climbed the back stairs to the second level. He saw Kayla sitting at one of the library’s personal computers, intently reading from a web site. Walking slowly and quietly, Patrick hoped to surprise her. Kayla’s concentration was total as she had no clue that he was approaching her. He stopped behind her chair and peered over her shoulder at a familiar web page.

It was a story page from He read a few lines and it was a story about Exhibitionism and Voyeurism with a BDSM plot. Patrick recognized the story because it was one of his favorites from an author who wrote some stories about college girls that were into Domination and humiliation.

Patrick had often visited this erotic story site and enjoyed it immensely. But now he sought some way to retreat to let Kayla know of his presence without embarrassing her. He was positive that she didn’t want anyone to know that she was reading erotica, especially if she was supposed to be working.

Patrick quietly retreated toward the door. When he was neared the door, he stopped and dropped his books on a table so that they made some noise. Kayla’s back straightened as though she had been shot. She had the presence of mind to swiftly press the Ctrl, Alt, Delete keys to reboot the computer then turned around to see Patrick.

“Oh, hi, Patrick,” she said casually, even though she wondered if he had seen or recognized the web page she had been visiting. “What brings you here on a weekend?” He removed his jacket, hung it on the back of a chair and walked over to Kayla.

“I’m doing a research project and thought I might get a little ahead of the bow wave by working here on it,” he replied. Kayla breathed easier as she stood up and walked over to Patrick’s table to sit down. He knew that the library snack room was just down the hall and he invited Kayla to join him for a cup of coffee. She smiled, nodded ‘yes’ and they walked off down the hall to the snack room.

The snack room was small with only three vending machines, soft drinks, juices and coffee. It also had three small tables with chairs, and it was against the rules to bring any drinks into the rest of the library. “Coffee?” Patrick asked and Kayla nodded yes and he dropped the required coins in the slot as they each selected the ingredients they wanted.

“How about that, Patrick,” Kayla said, “We both like it black with sugar.” They sat down to sip the hot coffee as both wondered privately if that was a sign, or a coincidence. The expected small talk followed as they sipped their coffee and talked about their classes and college activities. Patrick felt that perhaps he should tell Kayla that he had seen which web site she had been visiting. He didn’t want to embarrass her, but he also wondered why she was so keenly interested in that site. After all, she was risking losing her student job if she were caught visiting erotic sites on library computers.

Patrick mentally wrestled with his conscience. He wanted to warn her, but he also was keenly interested canlı bahis in how she came to be reading erotica and was she as drawn to it as much as he was. Her deep concentration in the story text told Patrick that perhaps there was a chance to build and develop a relationship. But if she became angry or even upset, he risked any chance to develop any sort of relationship or even friendship with her. He sipped his coffee and tried to listen to Kayla’s conversation, but his mind continued to overload on the erotic site she had been so keen to visit.

“Kayla,” he began when she paused in their small talk. “There is something I need to discuss with you, but I want you to hear me out completely before you get angry with me.” Kayla cocked her head slightly and smiled. She assured Patrick that she wanted to hear whatever he had to say and she would not become angry or upset. “I saw which web site you were visiting just a few minutes ago, Kayla.”

The young woman’s eyes widened as she started to stand, but Patrick gently placed his hands on her arms and asked her to listen to him then make up her mind. Slowly, Kayla sat down again, but her eyes seemed ready to fire lightning bolts through him.

“I wasn’t snooping or spying on you, Kayla. I saw you at the computer and was going to surprise you with a ‘guess who’ as I covered your eyes.” Kayla’s eyes softened a little as he continued, “That is one of my favorite sites, too Kayla. I love to read erotica and visit there often, with my laptop or PC at home. But I was concerned that if the University catches you visiting that site, you may lose your job. I couldn’t live with myself if I had not said anything and you lost your job next time if someone caught you.” Kayla sighed and her eyes welled up in tears, but she quickly daubed them with a tissue and took a deep breath.

“I…I guess…” she searched for the right words to say, “I guess that it was a good thing it was you that saw me,” She swallowed hard and continued, “I have been concerned about getting caught, but I’m hooked on some of those stories. I read them whenever I can, which is not everyday, but often. I like to read them, but I’m not addicted to them.”

She sipped her coffee and mulled over her next move in this minor confrontation. “I’m fascinated by the stories about Domination and submission. Do people really do those things?” Patrick nodded, yes, and told her that more people than she could imagine, not only did those things, but devoted themselves to that lifestyle. Kayla opened her mouth in fascination to his response, “I’m somehow thrilled to hear you say that, Patrick.

I thought that ‘lifestyle’ was just a fantasy, to get ‘weirdo’s’ excited. I didn’t really think that ordinary people were involved in that lifestyle,” she admitted. Patrick went on to tell her that she would be very surprised at some of the people, both ordinary and extraordinary people, who enjoyed that lifestyle.

Further, she had probably met several of them, but didn’t know it, he told her. Kayla smiled as though she found a treasure of some sort. “Now, I’m really glad that you told me that you had ‘caught’ this naughty girl reading erotic stories.” Now it was Patrick’s turn to exhale deeply and breathe easier.

“God, Kayla, I’m glad you didn’t get mad. I have been into erotic stories since I was a sophomore in High School,” he admitted. “I recently read that same story you were reading and let me tell you, it turned me on.” He apologized, but Kayla told him there was no need to apologize and maybe they were literary soul mates. She grinned and held both his hands in hers. Patrick went on to tell her that he had the same interests in that lifestyle as she did.

As they talked, he noticed that her breathing became more pronounced as progressed deeper into their ‘lifestyle’ discussion. He wondered if she was getting as aroused as he, because his hardon throbbed and he was glad the table hid the bulge in his jeans from her.

Kayla told him she discovered the web site from someone who had logged on, but left the PC on and didn’t log off. The library computers are programmed to turn the monitor off after ten minutes of inactivity, but the PC was still on. She had inadvertently bumped the computer and the monitor came on to display Looking to see what the site was all about, she found a story and began to read it. After a few seconds of reading she realized that it was an erotic story, but she was so into it that she had to see how it ended. That was just before winter break and she confessed to being an avid reader ever since.

“Patrick, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, but…would you like to read some of the stories together? I know you might think I’m trying to get you to be an ‘accomplice’ in this ‘crime’, but I just think it might be fun…and I’m not trying to seduce you either!” she said emphatically. He smiled ay Kayla, ‘Go ahead, try and seduce me,’ Patrick thought to himself.

“Yeah, bahis siteleri that sounds neat, Kayla. I think I would enjoy that, since we have a common interest in erotica.” His mind raced with thoughts of reading those stories together and becoming so aroused that they just couldn’t help keeping their hands off of one another. After all, Kayla was a very pretty girl and making love to her would be great.

Thoughts of including her in the ‘Groups’ activities, however, bothered him, because he felt that he wanted her all to himself. He was positive that the others would not see it his way, but he decided to pursue a relationship with Kayla now and think about the group another time.

They exchanged telephone numbers and agreed to call one another to ‘study’ together. Patrick left the computer room and went to work on his research project. As he worked, Cindy called him on his cell phone to tell him she would be by to pick him up in a few minutes. He gathered his stuff and went to wait for Cindy just inside the library doors. Cindy picked him up and they drove off towards home.

Patrick decided to confide in Cindy, because she was more worldly than he was and also a very good friend. He told her that he would like to pursue his friendship with Kayla and he wondered if Mother Mistress would be upset if she found out. He assured Cindy that he wanted to remain a member of the group, however. Cindy remained quiet as she thought about answering him.

“Patrick,” she began, “Mistress Agnes doesn’t want you to forego the normal pleasures of growing up or college life. She has included you in the group because she really loves you in her own motherly way. If it were me, I would just talk to her about dating Kayla and that you also wanted to remain an active part of the group.

“Mother Mistress is really a very wise woman and seeking her advice on nearly any topic, would always be a good idea.” She glanced at Patrick as they were nearing their home to reassure him that it would turn out fine. Patrick nodded, thanked her and started to think about having his talk with Mother Mistress.

Agnes was in her study working on some charity problems when Patrick approached her and asked to speak privately with her. She smiled then closed the door to sit next to him on the sofa. Patrick explained that he wanted to spend some time with Kayla, once in a while, and get to know her better. He also told her that he was grateful to Agnes, enjoyed being a member of the group and hoped that he could do both. Agnes looked at him as she knew he was very nervous and uncomfortable asking for this of her. She smiled warmly at him and took his hand in hers in a motherly way.

“Patrick, I want you to enjoy your college years and to be a part of my family too. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have friends, or lovers, outside the group.” Agnes smiled as she thought of her son, Robert, and how he too had faced the same dilemma several years ago. “I want you to date, Kayla, and have fun with her in any way the two of you decide. I want you to invite her here for dinner and to meet all of us so she knows she is welcomed here.

“You will still be a very important member of the group and we will enjoy those times too. I wouldn’t tell Kayla about the group at this time, however. There may never be a ‘right time’ to tell her, but she may at some point want to belong and we’ll all welcome her there too, love.” Agnes hugged and kissed Patrick on his cheek in a motherly fashion. “Mother Mistress loves you and Susan very much. I’m glad you sought my counsel about this, Patrick”

Patrick was elated and thanked Agnes warmly. He sought out Susan to let her know, so she wouldn’t hear it from someone else, or feel left out. Susan was happy for him and teased him a little about a Ménage a` Trois with her, him, and Kayla. She hugged him and gave his ‘package’ a special little pat then teased him that he had violated Mother Mistress’s ‘naked in the house, rule’.

Patrick quickly undressed to display his now hard cock. Susan immediately dropped to her knees and swiftly covered his cock with her mouth sealing her lips around it. She licked his cock mercilessly, especially the sensitive spot just under the cleft, in the front of his cockhead.

Patrick moaned with delight. Susan felt the first stirrings of an orgasm building up when Patrick’s balls drew up tight and spasmed. She pressed his cockhead hard against the roof of her mouth with her tongue, to drain some blood from to prevent his orgasm. She released his cock from her mouth. “You don’t have Mother Mistress’s consent to cum, you naughty boy,” Susan gleefully told him as she turned and wagged her naked ass at him.

Patrick groaned in frustration as Susan moved her shoulders to jiggle and sway her lovely tits at him as she grinned in a warped victory. Patrick sat down in an upholstered chair and pulled a pillow over his throbbing hardon while Susan giggled. “Poor baby,” she teased, bahis şirketleri pulled the pillow away, kissed his cockhead and licked away a huge dollop of thick, clear precum that oozed from his cockhole. “Mmm, mmm, good. Just like the soup in the red and white can,” she teased and walked away from him.

After supper, and with Mother Mistress’s approval, Patrick called Kayla. She invited him to the apartment that she shared with another girl. When he arrived, Kayla greeted him with a smile and invited him in. She asked him to log on to Literotica as they sat before her twenty inch monitor. Soon they were looking at the list of new stories and selected one marked ‘hot’ in the ‘Erotic Couplings’ category. As they each read the story silently to themselves, Patrick could see Kayla’s nipples harden and push out the fabric of the loose sweatshirt she wore. Kayla quickly glanced at Patrick’s lap to see a huge bulge in his jeans.

They finished the very ‘hot’ ‘Erotic Couplings’ story and Susan selected an ‘Exhibition and Voyeurism’ story, about college girls and boys. It dealt with two female roommates, one Dominant and the other very submissive, who enjoyed being humiliated. In the story, the submissive girl rationalized her ‘going along’ with the humiliation and degradation, because it ‘pleased’ her roommate ‘Mistress’.

Patrick discerned a small, but growing, wet spot on Kayla’s sweat pants. They read how the submissive girl was forced to be naked in front of other girls, while waiting on them as a maid. When their dates arrived, the naked ‘maid’ was forced to serve the boyfriends too, increasing her humiliation.

Soon the girl’s Mistress ‘forced’ her to suck off each of the boyfriends and collect their cum from her mouth into a small clear glass bowl. When the last boyfriend contributed his sperm to the glass bowl, the submissive girl was ordered to drink the thick gooey cum. Reluctantly, she complied with her Mistress’s instructions, to please her, to the delight of the girls and boys that watched her.

She was further humiliated when her Mistress told her she was a ‘cum breath whore and to go brush her teeth.’ Again the girl obeyed, with tears welling in her eyes, as she went into the bathroom to brush. Variations of this type of humiliation and exhibitionism continued throughout the story. The crotch Kayla’s sweatpants was drenched with her juices when they finished reading it.

Patrick’s jeans bulged nearly to the breaking point as he too was very aroused after reading the story. Kayla looked into Patrick’s eyes as her hand reached out to clasp his cock through his jeans. “I want this, Patrick,” Kayla told him as she kissed his lips deeply and probed for his tongue. As they kissed, Kayla continued to hold his cock in her fingers while Patrick’s hands slipped under her sweat shirt to find her braless firm warm breasts.

His fingers softly close around her breasts as he began to gently knead them. His thumbs roamed over her hard nipples and their half inch length. She moaned passionately as she unbuckled his belt. He released her breasts to slip his hands into the waistband of her sweats, pleased to discover that she wasn’t wearing panties.

Kayla, moaned as her breath became labored as his hands pulled her sweat pants over her tight firm ass and let them drop to gather around her ankles. She pulled her top off revealing her magnificently shaped breasts which were a little bigger than Patrick had thought. Kayla helped him pull his shirt off too then dropped to her knees and pulled his jeans to the floor.

He stepped out of them just as Kayla discovered his ample foreskin. Kayla was mesmerized by his foreskin as it was the first she had ever seen. She drew his foreskin down gingerly, revealing his pinkish purple cockhead that was inches from her face. Looking up and smiling at Patrick, she opened her mouth to engulf his cockhead into her mouth.

Her magic tongue swirled wonderfully all over his sensitive cockhead. Patrick worried that she might make him cum too soon. Kayla released his cockhead from her mouth to lick all along his cockshaft to his smoothly shaved balls. She licked his balls taking each one separately into her mouth for some special ‘Tender Loving Care’. All the while, Kayla stroked his cock with his foreskin, amazed at how it easily flowed up over his cockhead and down again. She kissed and licked his pubic area, which was also devoid of any hair.

Her tongue seemed to be everywhere at once on his cock and balls while she continually moved his foreskin up and down. She gazed up at him as her lips sealed around his cock then she began to bob her head up and down over his cock. Her tongue swirled over and around his velvety glans then licked the sensitive spot under the cleft of his cockhead.

Patrick knew he was rapidly approaching the point of no return and murmured that she had better stop, or he would cum in her mouth. Kayla paused to look up at him, smiled and assaulted his cock with her mouth and tongue with renewed vigor. He moaned with pleasure as he felt his cock throb and spasm. Then he blasted a huge wad of his salty, thick and pearly cum deep into Kayla’s throat.

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