Mother-in Law Lust Ch. 03

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Peter said to Martha, “I want to eat and fuck your pussy all night. Let’s take a break and have some champagne and talk, but only for a short time. I don’t want lose any love making time.”

“I would love that, Peter. I want to do things I never did and haven’t did in a long time. I just can’t believe a handsome well fit man like you would want and old woman like me.”

“I always wanted and older woman and you are one of the sexiest I ever met. Not only that I found one that likes the same things I like in the bedroom.”

Peter took his hand and rubbed Martha’s cheek and kissed her very softly. It lasted about a minute as their tongues explored their mouths. Martha kept rubbing her hands over Peter’s muscular arms. She kept thinking how she was getting so wet again. Martha could feel Peter’s cock touching her thigh and was amazed how big it was getting again.

Peter said, “I want to make love to you again and make it last a long time. Would you mind cutting a hole in the crotch of your pantyhose and take them off? I want to put them on for you. Leave your dress on so I can take it off.”

“Anything for you my love. This is going to be one special evening. I want to be your slut for the evening Peter. I want to fuck you so badly!!!”

Martha went into the bathroom and decided to put on a see through lacy teddy. She took off her pantyhose and cut a hole the crotch and put on her dress. She came out of the bathroom and beylikdüzü ucuz escort threw her hose at Peter and said “Do your thing Peter.”

Peter crabbed the pantyhose and smelled her juices that were still on the crotch. He loved that smell. Then he started to rub them all over his cock. “Look what these do to me Martha. I am going to put you into ecstasy, like you never felt before. Come over and sit on the edge of the bed. You are my whore and slut tonight.”

Martha sat on the bed. Peter took the pantyhose and slowly pulled them over Martha’s foot. He pulled it half way up her calf the started to lick her feet. “This tastes so good and they are so silky. You have the most incredible legs. Feel my how hard my cock is” Martha couldn’t believe how much this turned her on. She put her down to his throbbing cock and started stroking it. She was excited and said loudly “That feels so great!!”

Peter continued pulling the pantyhose up both of Martha’s legs. She helped him by lifting up her ass so he could pull them up the whole way. The he starting licking her ankles and slowly ran his tongue up her leg. “I can’t take much more!!” Martha screamed, “Please lick me!!!”

Peter licked her thighs until he smelled the aroma of her pussy. He loved the smell of sex oozing out her pussy. Martha kept her pussy trimmed but there still was some pubic hair, which he loved. Peter stuck his nose into beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort her slit and inhaled as Martha clamped her thigh around his head. The feel of her pantyhose made him start licking her very wet pubic hair. Martha was moaning and grunting as Peter started to lick faster and harder. “I’m cummmming, Peter!!! Oh God Peter I love being your fucking slut. Make me cum!!”

“Cum on my face you slut. I’ll bet your husband never made you cum like that.”

Peter got up and kissed Martha’s lips. “Taste your juices.” Martha licked her cum over of Peter’s face. She loved the taste.

Peter took his cock and slid it inside the open crotch of the pantyhose and said “Martha, look at my cock. It is so big from rubbing the silk of your pantyhose. This is what you do to me.” Martha grabbed it and stroked him and said “It is so beautiful and magnificent. I hope you it’s only for me from now on. I don’t want to be jealous of daughter having access to this cock.”

“It is only for you my dear. I don’t want anybody to play or fuck me other than you.” Peter was playing with her hard nipples and kissing her breasts. “You are all I ever dreamed of babe.”

He sat on the edge of the bed and had Martha sit on his lap as he penetrated his cock inside her pussy. He started pumping in and out of her pussy. She screamed “Oh my God that feels incredible. I am going beyoğlu escort to cum on that big cock of yours. Ahhhhhhhhh!! I’m cumming Peter. Oh I love you so much!!!” She was going crazy “YES BABE keeping pumping me!!!” Her cum juices were flowing down his cock.

Peter stopped and laid her on the bed and sat beside her. He took her foot and placed it on his hard cock and rubbed it up and down the shaft. “I love the feel of silk on my big dick. Feel my balls, I am building up my cum for your pussy. We’ll do this and then I’m going to fuck you so hard, it will be the best fuck you ever had.”

“Yes Peter give me everything you have. I want to be fucked hard.”

Peter turned her over and said, “I want to fuck you doggie style.” Martha was on her elbows and put her ass in the air. Peter took his cock rubbed his cock in a swirling motion all over silken covered ass. Then he slowly took the head rotated his cock in a circular motion over her pussy.

Martha screamed, “I can’t take it. Please fuck me now and hard!!!”

Finally Peter entered her pussy and started to push in and out slowly then building it up. He went faster and faster. At the same time he was caressing her breast. “Hold on my love. Here I cum. Let me know when your are going to cum. I want to cum with you. He continued to fuck her faster and harder. Martha yelled, “I’m going to cum sweetheart!!!”

Peter couldn’t hold back anymore and he exploded inside her pussy as Martha cummed on his cock. He held there for a minute and rotated his cock inside her pussy.

Martha said, “I can’t believe how great you are that was best fuck I never had. I never knew how great love making could be.”

Peter turned her around and kissed her on the lips and said. “You are the best and I don’t want to do this with anybody else.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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