Mother Daughter Tags Dad , Me

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My Dad has been divorced from my Mom for several years. She is now married and lives in England. I moved back home with him after me and my fiancé broke up. So we are a pair of confirmed bachelors – Father and Son – trying to stay single at all costs.

He started dating a woman, Jill, who is very attractive. She has red hair and large boobs; quite firm, they really poke out. He was afraid she would get too serious. He and I help each other out a lot, in our endeavor to remains single. Well Jill has a daughter, Sarah, who is couple of years younger than me and VERY hot – she’s blonde, has a nice ass and perky tits – so we agreed to double date. I had already gone out with Sarah a couple of times and so it really wasn’t unusual. More like a family sort of outing.

Well apparently being very sexual not only runs in my family but it also runs in her family, too. After dinner we went back to our place and we all sat around the TV, put a movie on, and pretty soon we were all making out on the sofa. Sarah and I moved to the love seat across from Dad and Jill. At a break in the kissing Sarah and I both looked over and saw Jill sucking my Dads cock. I was taken aback at her being so brazen but Sarah called out, “Way to go Mom!” It was as if this made bizimkent escort everything more acceptable because Jill turned and looked at us and winked without even taking his cock out of her mouth.

That must have been a signal because Sarah went for my cock and she was amazing. It was as if they had rehearsed because both of them took their tops off at the exactly same time. It was a bit unusual because I hadn’t had sex with Sarah before, although Dad and Jill were having sex but not like this, of course. Dad and I were thinking that Jill or Sarah would have been offended by us being perverts, and we were trying to be gentlemen, but it back fired.

They both took off the remainder of their clothes. I’d wondered what they looked like naked – both Mother and daughter are beautiful, in fact its hard to decide which one is better looking. Now here they both were standing naked before me, leaving nothing to the imagination. Jill said to me, “Come back to the sofa and don’t be so shy.” Then mother and daughter both got down on their knees and Jill worshiped Dads cock while her daughter worshiped mine.

I laid back and closed my eyes enjoying the blowjob. Then I heard Dad say, “I like that.” I looked bostancı escort over and Sarah was sucking me but she had her hand around my Dad’s cock, stroking his hard cock into her mother’s mouth. Then her mom did the same thing. Sarah asked, “Does it bother you that we are doing this?” We both said keep doing whatever you want to do.

Then Sarah said, “Mom,” and they switched and Sarah was sucking my Dads cock while her mother sucked mine. Let me tell you, Jill is an incredible cocksucker. Then Sarah moved to the love seat where we were sitting on before, and started rubbing her pussy, legs spread wide and one leg cocked on the arm of the love seat. Her mother sucked both of us off while we watched Sarah.

Then Dad suddenly got up and sat on the loveseat next to Sarah. She stood up over him and sat on his dick facing us, reverse cowgirl. Sarah started cumming the minute Dad plugged into her young wet pussy.

Her mother got up, bent over the sofa and I got behind her and started rubbing the head of my hard cock on her wet pussy.

Then the head of my cock popped in and I was fucking Sarah’s mother’s hot wet pussy. Jill was good, she moaned and writhed around on my cock. I could tell she was cumming büyükçekmece escort by how wet her pussy was, it was dripping down the insides of her thighs.

At this point Dad and I exchanged a high five. I mean, it really was great for Dad and I to do a mother-daughter. Sarah rode Dad until he was on the verge of cumming, then she spun around and sucked him dry. It was amazing to watch my Dad pump his load into Sarah’s willing mouth.

Then Dad just laid back on the sofa while I fucked Jill. Sarah kissed me while I fucked her mother, and I sucked Sarah’s tits. Then it was my turn, I was cumming, and I shot what seemed like gallons of white hot cum inside Jill’s pussy. It was incredible.

We sat around afterwards – naked – and talked things over. It turned out that Jill and Sarah are just like Dad and I – perverts – and they’re willing to have no-strings-attached sex with either of us.

Since it happened, it has happened again and again, and its different each time. It’s kind of funny when you think about it. My Dad’s fucking my girlfriend and I’m fucking his, and at the same time I’m fucking my girlfriend’s mother and he’s fucking his girlfriend’s daughter. And sometimes I’m fucking both Jill and Sarah, and sometimes when I’m out my Dad and Jill and Sarah are having a three-way.

I think I enjoy it best when Sarah’s mother is jacking me off into her daughter’s mouth, or the other way around, or I’m watching either of them jack my Dad off onto their uplifted smiling faces. Its really something else . . . it really is . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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