Morning Playtime 01

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He woke up gently, floating somewhere between dream and reality. Sometime during the night, he’d tossed his sheet off and the fan was blowing the cool morning air across his body. He lay there for a few moments, enjoying the breeze, until a small sound caught his attention. He decided it sounded like skin on clothing. His morning hard-on throbbed at the thought, fully exposed to whoever was the source of the sound.

Slowly, he cracked his eye open, thankful his nocturnal tossing had left him facing the door of his small bedroom. His 25-year-old stepdaughter Kacey stood in the doorway. She had moved back in when her husband filed for a divorce and she really should have been getting ready for class at the local beauty-school. Instead, she was staring at him, hands massaging full breasts through her nightshirt that stretched tight across her ample boobs and belly. He watched as she teased her nipples, rigid and straining against the cloth, and wondered what she was up to.

She crossed the space between his doorway and his bed with three tentative, silent steps. As she reached out toward his chest, he fought to keep his breathing unchanged. Her hand came to a stop millimeters away from his skin — close enough for him to feel the heat of her blood. She pinched her nipple and bit her lower lip as she let her hand slide down toward his waist. Her nostrils flared as she inhaled sharply and her hand came to a stop over his cock. He wanted to shove it up into her hand, but kept still and watched her.

She was focused on her hand and his lower region, rubbing her other hand across her breasts and stomach as her breathing quickened. Slowly, without a sound, she unbuttoned her shorts and slipped her hand down between her legs. Her sharp intake of breath told him how aroused she was and he imagined the feel of her swollen clit under his thumb. As she slowly stroked herself, her free hand and her eyes roamed back up his body to hover over one of his nipples. The thought of her touching him made it difficult to lay still. He decided she would, before everything was finished.

Her hand sped up inside her shorts and she started panting. Her other hand floated back to hover over his cock. The wet sound of her fingers against her lips carried clearly to him and she moaned softly, just once, before biting back down on her lip. Gradually, her eyes lost their focus as pleasure took over her brain until they finally closed, accompanied by a long sigh.

He opened his eyes and stared directly at her, slipping one hand into her crotch to press against the one moving furiously there. At the same time, he caught her other hand around the wrist and pulled it down the few millimeters to meet his throbbing cock. Her eyes popped open even as her fingers curled around bakırköy türbanlı escort his shaft.

“I’ll help,” he whispered.

She whimpered and leaned into his hand, moving her hips in time to the motion of her fingers. He pushed upward and she moaned, soft and low. Her knees slowly gave way and she leaned against the bed, pumping him gently at a pace that echoed the movements of her other hand.

Letting go of her wrist, he stroked one of her breasts, nipple swollen and straining against the tight shirt. He caught it in a light pinch and tugged at it. She threw her head back and clamped her lips shut, making a long, drawn-out “mmm” sound as her body shuddered in release.

When her shaking finally stopped, she leaned over to kiss him on the forehead. He moved his hand from her crotch to cup her ass. “Where’s your mom?”

“Out running,” she whispered back. “She left just before I came in here.”

“Good.” He slipped the hand already on her ass up into the leg of her shorts. His other hand slid down over her breast and around her side to slip into her shorts from the waistband. “Very good. Get these off.”

She tried to stand up. “Oh. Oh, god. I’ve got to get ready for school.”

He caught hold of her shorts and pulled them down her thighs, letting them fall to her ankles. Rolling up onto one elbow, he wrapped his other arm around her waist and pulled her over on top of him. The smell of her desire was maddening. “There’s always time for sex, girl.”

She giggled and straddled him, hands on his chest. Her neatly-trimmed mound was pressed against his cock, soaking it with her fluid. She leaned over to nuzzle his neck. “You drive me crazy. I always know when you are watching because I get insanely horny. I get off in the dark or when you aren’t here so that you can’t watch, just to drive you crazy in return.” She nibbled at him as his hands slid up under her shirt to stroke her back. She arched against his hands like a cat. “I’ve wanted to be right here like this forever.”

“But you hated me when I told you I was interested.”

“Mm.” She laid her head on his chest, rubbing her short spiky hair on him. “More like I was scared because then I knew I really could make the choice to have you, rather than just pretending and fantasizing about it. But now that you’ve grabbed me and thrown me into bed, I don’t have a choice.” She sat up for him and her shirt joined her shorts on the floor, allowing her breasts to hang free.

He caught one and pulled it to his mouth, kissing his way around the huge dark circle. She cupped his head and pulled it against her chest. “Oh, god — don’t tease me — just suck it!”

He did exactly that — sucking the engorged nipple bakırköy ucuz escort into his mouth. She moaned softly and shuddered, twitching as his hands cupped her bare ass again. He felt a seep of hot fluid leak out along his cock and she sighed.

Slowly he pushed her upright, savoring the unfettered view of her in the early-morning light. “I want to make you scream,” he whispered.

“If I do, we’ll get caught,” she said.

He slid a hand down her belly until his thumb rested atop her puffy clit. “I know. I didn’t say I was going to do it today.” He winked at her and began lightly massaging her with his thumb. She sighed and shuddered, leaning back on her hands. “We’ll do this again when everyone else is gone off somewhere. Then I’ll be able to take my time and build you up to a screaming explosion.”

“What if I don’t want to do it again?” She was panting again, shaking as his thumb moved faster.

“We’ll see about screaming later, but the explosion part can happen…” he pressed down on her clit “…now.”

She pressed her lips together, biting them closed from the inside, whimpering and shaking as she wetted him again. She sat up straight, looking at him with wild eyes. She dragged his hands away from her and leaned forward, trapping them over his head. She leaned down and nibbled at his lips. “Good, because I’m pretty sure I want a later. I want to ride your face until you are soaked. But that is guaranteed to not be a quiet event.”

She shifted her legs and moved her hips until the head of his cock was pressed into soft, wet flesh, parting in eager anticipation. She kissed him, eyes locked on his, and slipped her tongue deep into his mouth. After an eternity, he groaned around her kiss and tried to finish impaling her, only to have her move with him, keeping him just out of her core.

“Do I drive you crazy?” she whispered.

He pulled his hands free and lightly ran his nails down her back. “Totally.”

She settled onto his cock slowly, grinning. “Good.” She sat up straight, holding him deep inside her and giggled. He grabbed her breasts and began massaging them as she started rocking along his length. She leaned back on her hands, sighing. “God, that’s perfect.” She whimpered softly. “You fit just right.” She shook in pleasure. “God, I could do this every day.” She looked down at him and smiled for a moment before her eyes rolled back in her head and her body stiffened. She shortened her stroke, rubbing faster and shaking harder. “Ah… yes. Yes, there,” she whispered. She lapsed into a drawn-out moan that rose and fell with her strokes until finally she jerked madly and clenched around him.

Slowly, she leaned forward until she was hanging over him. She başakşehir escort focused on his face with difficulty. “And you aren’t finished yet? God, and Mom doesn’t want this as often as she can get it?”

“Not often enough, little girl,” he whispered.

He rolled them over and she hooked her ankles behind his thighs and hands under his ass-cheeks, drawing him in deeply, moaning in satisfaction. “She’d kill me for fucking her man,” she whispered. “But god, how could she let this go to waste? Do me — make me yours for now.” She brushed her hands up his chest until they covered his nipples. Lightly, she scratched at the tiny buds with her thumb-nails and shivered as he thrust against her.

He pushed deep, until he felt the head of his cock rest against her back wall. He started moving inside her — slowly in and out of her deepest recesses, building speed until he was slamming against her. She held him tightly, locking arms and legs around him as she moaned her way through one orgasm after another.

Fighting to open her eyes and focus on him, she smiled. “I want to scream for you,” she whispered hoarsely. “You make me-” gasp “-want, oooh, to, ahhh-” she arched up against him, grinding her hips against the throbbing shaft thrusting into her “-scream!” The last word came out as a squeak then her mouth fell open in a silent “O.” Her eyes locked with his and he exploded with her, shoving himself in, trying to go even deeper as his juices mixed with hers.

The world went away for an eternity, broken when she nuzzled the side of his neck and giggled, whispering, “Jainey saw you when you dropped me off a couple of months ago and asked me then if I was doing you — right there where everybody was standing around smoking! God, I was embarrassed! I told her you were my step-dad and there was no way I would do you. She said if hers looked as good as you, she sure could and with the way I was staring after you, I sure should.” She rolled them over, putting her on top again and his spent cock began swelling back into life. She made an appreciative sound deep in her throat. “Wow, I almost hate knowing what I have been missing all this time. She keeps asking me, too, pretty much once a week. She’ll probably smell you on me and not bother asking, but just give me knowing smirks.”

She looked over her shoulder at the clock. “Now I really do have to hurry,” she whispered. She nuzzled one of his nipples and licked it, sending another shiver through him. Sliding herself off him, she looked down at the very obvious signs of their encounter staining the bed and giggled. “Good thing you were supposed to change the sheets today. She’d kill you for screwing her daughter.” She kissed him hungrily. “But if she doesn’t want what you can give her, I’ll gladly take it.” She climbed out of the bed and picked up her sleeping-clothes off the floor.

“God, that was wonderful.” She stopped on her way out the door and looked over her shoulder. “So. Still think you want to make me scream, sir?”

He reached out and ran a finger down the curve of her ass. “Count on it, little girl. Count on it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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