More than Siblings Ch. 01

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All people over 18!!

It’s just a quick story that I wrote if you don’t like it that’s fine but your feedback on whose pov to make part two would be much appreciated!! Thanks!!


My name is Jack. My sister and I are both in college but sadly we attend different colleges and don’t see each other often except for weekends where we both make the commute home. This particular weekend our parents were at a convention for God only knows what, but my sister and I had not seen each other in a month or two so we still made the trip back.

I have curly, dirty-blond hair that I like to keep short and blue eyes that many girls swoon over. Being the college quarterback, my physical stature is good and I keep a nice a tan. My sister, Alyssa, has slightly darker hair that qualifies as brown with the same blue eyes as I do. Being heavily involved in soccer, she too has a nice build but unlike me she doesn’t have to work on her tan. My sister and I are very close and when it comes to us we don’t have any secrets. We talk about everything (and I mean EVERYTHING).

When I got back to my parents’ house Alyssa’s car was already in the driveway. Careful not to make to much noise and alert her of my presence, I made my way into the house. bakırköy escort She was looking through our movie collection and I snuck up behind her.

“HELLO!” I said poking her in the sides.

She squealed and jumped up to hug me.

“Did you pick a good movie?” I asked as our tradition was to watch a movie together whenever we were both home.

“Sure did!” She said enthusiastically. “Ready?”

“Yup lets do this.”

I made myself comfortable on the couch as Alyssa put in the movie she had chosen. She plopped down next to me, grabbed a blanket that she had brought out, and snuggled up next to me with her head on my shoulder. She pulled the blanket up over us as I put my arm around her shoulders and linked it with my other hand that I had draped across her. We began watching the movie and as the credits came to an end I noticed that Alyssa was moving her arm up and down her toned thigh that was perfectly shown by her tight, short, athletic shorts. I turned my attention back to the movie but when she continued to do it through the first ten minutes it became really annoyingly distracting.

“Will you cut that out.” I pleaded.

“Sorry. I can’t seem to sit still and I just don’t bakırköy eve gelen escort know what to do with my hands.” She replied looking up at me.

“I have something you could do with your hands.” I said with sexual innuendo as we have never been shy of inappropriate jokes.

“Matey I will.” She smiled at me coyly.

We stayed looking at each other for another minute then we turned our attention back to the movie. She continued to rub her thigh at a much slower rate and keep moving closer and closer to the edge of her thigh that was draped all to closely to my package. She allowed her hand to slip off of her leg and the fifer tips to lightly brush my package through my jeans. My cock twitch in excitement but I just continued looking at the tv screen. When j made no moves of protest she did it again only this time she let her whole hand glide over my jeans and just left it there. Again I made no moves to stop this act. She then began rubbing it a bit more forcefully, but not too much. Then she slowly unzipped my jeans and rubbed my cock through my boxers. This went on for a good ten minutes and it felt GOOD. Then when I thought it could get no better she pulled my cock out so it was bakırköy grup yapan escort fully exposed and continued rubbing. The bare skin on skin contact felt even better. She started slow but within just a few minutes she had picked up speed and squeezed a drop of precum out of the tip. She was rubbing very fast and applying just the right amount of pressure and within another three minutes I was on the verge of erupting. I tried to focus on the movie but I was beyond the point of no return. I felt my body tense as the first shot of cum left my tip. She did not loosen her grip or slow down and this added sensation was too much and I felt like I would loose conciousness. Finally when the last drops of cum were expelled from my body into the blanket and my body was spasming from her continued assault I shot my hand down and planted it firmly on hers.

“Too much!” I said breathlessly.

She looked up at me and in an instant we were locked in a heavy kiss. The feelings I had towards Alyssa were feelings no brother should have towards their sister. As we broke the kiss both panting she looked up at me with sadness.

“What’s wrong.” I asked worried that this may have been too much.

“I’m really sorry.” She said beginning to cry.

“Hey don’t cry! It’s not like you forced me into anything that I wasn’t ok with!” I reasoned.

“Jack I… I want YOU.” She said looking into my eyes.



Part two may be told from Alyssa’s point of view if that’s what the majority of people want… I have good stuff planned for part two.

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