Monday Night Football

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To Readers-this was my first submission. Please comment below and I will try to improve!


I parked my compact rental in the apartment complex, away from other cars under the canopy of a large Oak. It was nearing 7:30 in the evening but Florida Septembers are still brutally warm until the sun is long gone.

I had a rental because my car had been stolen a week prior. I was in this apartment complex because it was a third date with a girl I’d met on Match. Neither incident was related but my mind was cluttered with my future. I had come over by her invite and had no expectations. I just needed company after a long week.

I am average, maybe slightly higher. Five-foot ten, dark blonde hair comb length and parted on the right. Blue eyes and a summer tan. Running marathons and cycling keeps me slim and high-energy with thick quads and a cut if light upper body.

Kim had invited me over for Monday Night Football. She was a Chicago native and her Bears were playing the hated Packers in Favre’s last hurrah, maybe.

Our previous two dates had been to nice restaurants sizing each other up, building subtle chemistry. The first date ended with a hug in a parking lot. The second date was capped by a kiss, a little tongue, at her apartment door.

Tonight, I was bringing a cheap flower bouquet, a bottle of wine and some chips. I don’t drink and she was making burgers.

I gathered my gifts and walked around a small retention pond dressed fancy for lakefront ambiance and knocked on her door. Kim opened the door as I semi-melted in the heat. She was wearing black pajama pants and a blue Bears Urlacher jersey.

“Hey there,” she said, grinning as I struggled to present everything to her. “Flowers, that’s so sweet. Thank you.”

“No problem. They were lying by the lake so I swiped them,” I said in my dim humor she thankfully understood.

Kim was a 6 or 7 on my first impression meeting her. A little short at 5’3 and a little overweight at I’m guessing 140. What attracted me to her profile was long curly red hair and a nice cleavage shot. Shallow, maybe, but she had checked out my photos too. is great, like shopping on eBay for what you are looking for. Opening the package and being pleased is another matter.

Our first date, I was a little taken back by her conservative long, floral print dress. She was on the quiet side but laughed at my observations on the other patrons. When she gave me a hug goodnight, I was 50/50 about making a second date.

It was the next day my car was stolen, a headache of police reports and transportation issues and lost personal items. I called her to whine and she was very calming. She suggested dinner and we flirted over pizza.

Now back to Monday Night Football. Her apartment was a two-story one bedroom inefficiency to me. Not sure why the floor plan was made that way but you basically went inside and directly up a flight of stairs to her small place. I followed her up the stairs and had my first glimpse of her thick but firm back side.

Kim had been training for a month to do a half-marathon with friends. The results were showing and it gave us something to discuss on the first two dates. Secretly, I was pleased to know she may be slimming down a little in the future.

“Make yourself at home. The game is coming on in a few and the burgers are ready to cook. Anything to drink?”

“Coke is fine,” I said as I made a small tour of her living room/den/kitchen area. I removed my shoes and admired her books.

“Thanks for the wine, too. I know you don’t drink. I may save it for later. Think I’m having beer right now if you don’t mind.”

“Go for it,” I said as the game came on and team lineups were announced.

Over the course of the first half, we watched the Bears score two touchdowns and control the game. We sat on the sofa as mere sports fans. Kim had two beers and was getting more into the game. Alcohol is great for loosening anyone up.

It was during a commercial break in the third quarter that I leaned to my left and kissed Kim on the cheek. It was impulsive. It was play-action.

I was recalling the sensuality of our good night kiss on the second date and was making moves for a little more kissing tonight. Kim smiled marmaris escort with the gesture and quickly responded with a kiss to my mouth before I retreated to my end of the sofa. Trying to be a good boy for her game.

“That was unexpected,” she said warmly as we moved a little closer and the Bears were still leading.

“Sorry for the beer breath.” Kim was self-conscious of many things and was worried about my comfort in her place.

“Oh, no worries,” I said. It was actually slightly foul to me but with my body warming up, a slight beer breath was totally tolerable. I gave her right knee a squeeze to reassure her but kept my hand there.

“Well, I know it can stink. I may get some mouthwash at the next commercial break,” Kim teased.

The Packers were coming back late in the third and we were both cheering more enthusiastically. But every commercial break, our flirting became more heated.

My hands had shifted to caressing. Holding the back of her head and combing her long red hair. Next break, my left arm was wrapped around her back and my right hand high on her right thigh. My erection growing.

We were still sitting on the sofa, restraining ourselves for football but now we were anticipating the commercials more than the game.

Early in the fourth after a Packer TD to tie the game and a slight sigh from Kim, the commercial came on. By this time, over 40 minutes of making out, my erection was starting to ache under my jeans.

Our kissing by now was full-on necking at each break. This time, I moved my right hand from high on her thigh and placed it high between her legs. To my surprise, she was wet through her dark pajama bottoms. She made no attempt to stop my soft rubbing.

“Oh god,” she moaned.

She was the disciplined one, stopping us each time the game resumed.

“I’m enjoying this but this is the Bears, Packers,” she said with a frustrated grin. “You have me very excited. Just wait until the next commercial, okay?”

“No problem. I’m personally hoping for overtime,” I joked.

The Packers were now up a touchdown but neither of us had the same interest as in the first half. We caught each other staring at each other. Laughing as we would glance simultaneously, the chemistry assured.

The next commercial came on and Kim slid of the sofa. I’m thinking her pants may have been somewhat stuck to it as she was wet beneath. She turned in front of me, straddled on top of me, and placed her tongue forcibly deep into my mouth. I was surprised by her aggressiveness but very pleased.

I grabbed her large round butt, massaging the buns in my hands.

She turned back to the tv to make sure we weren’t missing the game yet and I let out a satisfied laugh.

“Another two commercials, I bet,” I said looking into her eyes and knowing she felt my hard erection digging into her wet mound.

“I’ll keep you posted,” I said as I kissed her neck and started sucking her right ear lobe.

Based on her groans, I had found a sweet spot. She swayed back, still sitting atop me, and raised her Bears jersey up over her chest to give me a view of her large tits held full in a pink Victoria’s Secret bra.

“Do you like,” she teased and I just nodded as she was the most endowed woman I had ever been involved with. A full C cup, if not a D. When I should have grabbed hold of them or kissed them, I simply stared.

“Oh, the game is back on,” Kim alerted me as I slowly released my hands off her ass and let her sit back on the sofa.

“I’m so horny and wet right now,” she shared matter-of-factly. “You are being a very good boy for me.” She and I blindly were watching a Favre-dominated fourth quarter and she now was rubbing my hard erection as the game played on.

I placed my left hand on her right to apply more pressure to my now visibly pulsating dick under the jeans. She was squeezing the head then rubbing the long shaft.

The two-minute warning couldn’t come soon enough. As the commercials started I leaned over and pushed her back onto the couch. I was dry humping her wet pajama mound with my bulging dick. We were Frenching and my left hand was under her jersey grabbing her left breast and squeezing. I could not get over their natural size on such a petite girl.

“We marmaris escort bayan are almost over,” Kim said between kisses. I wasn’t paying attention at this point but assumed she meant her team. “I want to watch the Bears last possession. They have a shot. After that, I’m all yours.”

“I think my jeans zipper is going to bust. Please Bears, win and win quickly,” I yelled into the air and slowly got off her. She rubbed my cock like a little send-off, a friendly pat to say she’d see him again soon.

She sat up straight and watched the last drive as I held her in my arms. I was kissing the back and right of her neck from behind and rubbing my hands up and down her thighs. She was slowly moving her ass over my crotch.

The game ended on a Grossman interception. The Bears lost and their hated rivals had won. I would like to think Kim would have normally been more upset but she had other thoughts on her mind.

“Crap! I hate Favre. Good thing you are here to soothe my loss.”

“I hope that I can somehow ease your pain. We can help each other,” I teased as she slowly stood up off the sofa and my hard-as-iron by now cock.

“Give me a second, okay. I want to wash up and do a quick clean in my bedroom. I have piles of clothes stacked on it.”

“I’ll be right here.”

She gave me another extended kiss, tongue playing with mine, her left hand rubbing, painfully not jacking off my dick, and me trying to send her off so we could quicker get to her bed.

She went into the bathroom first and locked the door. My guess was she was drying off her drenched pussy, maybe doing some last-minute trimming. I don’t think either of us had planned for this tonight.

I sat on the sofa watching the game highlights, counting the seconds and chuckling as I heard her gurgling away the beer breath remnant.

She opened the bathroom door but I didn’t look as she went into her bedroom and starting throwing things off the bed. A couple of minutes later she was calling me to come in.

I stood, fully erect and walked like an excited schoolboy into the unknown. Peering into the dimly-lit bedroom, Kim was wearing a black bra and black g-string. A vision. Her fair skin was glowing under her pulsing blood, her chest and beautiful tits rising with her heavy breathing.

I thanked God in that moment for a stunning picture to store forever. I walked up to her and gave her a deep, passionate kiss as my hands fell to her hips. She pulled me close and my dick was rubbing her just below her navel.

“Let’s start by taking your shirt off,” she said and I threw it off in one quick motion, returning to her kiss without missing a beat. She mercifully ran her hands down my chest, happy to feel a lean six-pack of a long distance runner. She unbuttoned my jeans and lowered the zipper.

“I can’t wait to have it in my mouth,” she said, prying my dick out of it’s prison of jeans and boxers. I lowered them both and stepped out of them, now fully exposed and hard for her.

“I think I’ve made him wait long enough,” Kim breathed into my right ear. She was gripping the 7-inch hard cock in her right hand and stroking it with some intensity. I had to pause, not wanting to explode.

“Turn around,” I said and rotating her back to me before she understood what I wanted. I kissed her neck as her ass was firm against my cock. I nibbled her ear lobe and starting rubbing her black bra and the amazing tits beneath.

“What are you doing,” she asked breathlessly as I continued to kiss her neck, now removing her bra and having full access to her tits. The bra had pushed them up slightly but there was no other deception. Their size outstanding. Bigger than my hands, her tits were natural wonders with quarter-size nipples the color of her pink lips.

I rubbed my dick against her ass and g-string as I continued to massage her breasts. I could have cum there if I wasn’t so excited to explore more.

“Get on the bed,” she ordered and I did quickly without hesitation. I laid on my back, head on her pillows as the queen-size mattress was soft and the sheets warm against my skin.

Kim let out a sigh, a call of finality, bending over and removing her g-string and climbing on the bed. With the low sounds of the tv in the other escort marmaris room, she crawled down the foot of the bed. Taking a long admiring look at my hardness, Kim crouched onto her knees and wrapped her small mouth over my dick and polished it’s quivering head.

The warmness of her mouth, the wetness of her spit and tailing tongue, the release of pleasure was mind-blowing. She proceeded to put most of the shaft into her mouth and to the front of her throat.

I heard her almost choke, release and cough a little, then repeat. My hard dick was now wet in her mouth and she was throwing her head up and down on it.

At this point, my dick no longer ached as it was being serviced. And never one to cum from a straight blow job, I was not worried about exploding into her mouth. Yet, the way she continued to swallow my shaft with a steady rhythm, I could begin to feel my balls tighten.

She must have read my mind as her left hand began rubbing my lower abdomen and her right hand cupped my balls. She squeezed them like putty and massaged them, all the while slurping and spitting, going up and down on my dick.

I motioned her to turn her body around to the side. She was focused on her work and took me a gentle tug of her shoulder to turn to the side.

I licked my right index finger and started rubbing her pussy lips. Her quickened head and slight humming on my dick told me she liked what I was doing. I slid the finger slowly inside and she stopped for the first time to look up at me.

“Oh god that feels so good! Put two fingers in. I love your cock. It goes in next,” she resounded with excitement and frustration to have so many things she wanted done.

I placed two fingers into her tight, warm snatch and studied her face as she came quickly and silently. She looked into my eyes as she maneuvered forward and backward into my fingers.

This quiet orgasm was followed by a yell of ecstasy. She looked back down at my shining dick, grabbed it in her right hand and looked at me as she gave me a hard hand job.

“You need to get on top of me,” I said as I pulled her to me and I kissed her gently on the lips.

She positioned herself on me, running her hands over my chest. Sitting on me and my cock fully erect behind her and between her buns. She started rubbing herself against me. Her tits heaven, two or three pounds each of heaven against my chest.

“I need you inside me right now,” and with that, Kim reached around and guided my cock into her warm self.

“Of fuck I’m cumming” she yelled right away in a level that had me worry of neighbors. She gyrated on me, her thick thighs and wet pussy against my groin. I looked into her face as my hands grabbed and palmed her tits. She was climaxing for twenty seconds as I watched, a glad accomplice.

I moved my mouth to her right tit and started sucking on the tender nipple, it never hardening but the rest of Kim telling me it felt wonderful.

As she slowly started moving on top of me again, riding my shaft, I grabbed her ass in both hands as support and started drilling into her. I used my feet as anchors, my quads as pistons and started fucking her as the bed began vibrating.

“I’m cumming” she announced in partial tones again and I buried my mouth into her tits. There was no stopping this time. With all the foreplay, my cock was ready to explode.

“Come here, look down,” I whispered to her as she was grunting at the ceiling. She bent down to me and I forced my tongue into her mouth, needing to seal off our shouts, more her’s than mine.

I drilled into her as my balls were tightening up, my dick at the point of maximum exertion, her grunts sounding through our tight kiss.

I was fucking her fast and hard and started cumming without disrupting rhythm. She came again as her fingers dug into my shoulders. I could feel the cum dripping out of her and back onto me.

“That was amazing,” she said as I thought it. My dick was still hard inside her as I started biting her left nipple.

“I’m sorry about your team,” I whispered with a subtle grin.

“Well, that’s okay. You are on your way to helping me forget.” Kim started kissing my neck and I was starting to thrust my hips without a rest.

The night had no more commercial breaks but several water breaks. I came twice that night and Kim came five. On that night, the home team won.


To Readers-this was my first submission. Please comment below and I will try to improve!

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