Monday Morning at 6 AM

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Big Tits

I was barely awake, still laying in bed, my hand in my boxers idly fondling my cock. The sun was just starting to rise and everything was silent except for the soft, regular breathing from the sleeping form beside me. Soon enough, though, I heard the familiar, faint sounds of 18-year-old Sara stirring in her room, and I knew she was heading for her shower.

I got out of bed as quietly as possible to keep from disturbing the figure beside me, carefully closing the door behind me as I left my room. Creeping across the hall, I slipped silently into Sara’s room, again closing the door and turning the lock. I saw her panties and the short little t-shirt she usually slept in lying on the floor next to the bed.

When I eased the bathroom door open, the moist steam from the shower felt like the tropics. I slipped my boxers off, taking a moment to secretly admire the outline of her body through the clear shower curtain. Her head was thrown back as she massaged the shampoo into her hair, and I admired the sensuous curves on tantalizing display.

I beşiktaş escort pulled back the curtain, and Sara gave a little gasp as the cool air hit her and she unexpectedly found a naked man standing in her bathroom. Realizing it was me, she smiled, and I stepped into the shower without a word.

I took her in my arms, my hands immediately cupping her delicious ass. She draped her arms over my shoulders, and our mouths met in a hungry, desperate kiss.

I lifted her and backed her against the tile wall. As she wrapped her legs around my waist, I broke our kiss long enough to run my tongue along her neck and ear. I felt her slide a hand between our bodies, taking my thick cock and stroking it slowly. She smiled again and planted her feet back on the tiled floor before gliding down my body. I felt her tongue teasing my nipples and licking down my belly. When she reached her knees, she again grasped my cock and smiled up sweetly.

I was even more filled with lust and need as her eyes locked into mine, and she beşyol escort pushed my cock up and licked the underside. She worked her tongue all the way down the base, bathing my balls with her mouth. All the time, she never stopped stroking me softly but firmly, and it’s all I can do to keep from grabbing her and shoving myself fully into her mouth.

Instead, the water cascaded over us as I ran my fingers through her wet hair. She continued to tease the head of my cock with that sweet, pink tongue, swirling it around the head, licking me lasciviously, moaning softly. I smoothed her hair back, and then she locked eyes with me again and finally took my shaft between her lips.

She went slowly at first, easing inch by inch into her mouth. About halfway down, she pulled back, then down again, repeating that motion, taking my shaft a little deeper each time. She had one hand on the base of my cock, pumping me and massaging my balls as I began to stroke in and out, fucking her mouth.

She knows that I can never last beykent escort long on these mornings because I need her too badly. It was only minutes before I leaned forward, resting my hands on the wall as I pumped into her mouth faster and harder. She began to hum around my shaft, a sensation she knows drives me wild, and I felt my balls tightening. I wanted to hold back; I need to be inside her, but she won’t stop because she also knows how much I savor the look on her face as she swallows my cum.

She gives my nuts a gentle squeeze and slides one of her fingers further back, grazing my asshole, something she’s only recently discovered I enjoy. That takes me over the edge, and I began to jerk, pushing my cock into her, spilling my seed into her sweet, hot, sucking mouth. I groaned with pleasure as I emptied myself completely.

She released my cock from her mouth with a pop, and then licked it up and down, getting every last drop she can before the water washes it away. I stare down at her in wonder, knowing I can’t stay, that I have to get back before anyone else wakes up.

She stood and slipped her arms around my neck as I encircled her in my arms. When our mouths met again, I could taste myself on her tongue. When this kiss finally ended, she looked up at me. She smiled as she softly whispered:

“Good morning, Dad.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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