Mom’s Special Boy

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Growing up, I hated my brother. He was always a jerk to me. Kicking sand at me in the sandbox, breaking my favorite toy and lying to my parents to stay out of trouble. He was the worse. I always got the short end of every thing while he enjoyed being praised, got attention from mom and earned special privileges on the weekend.

Our parents meet each other in college and soon fell in love. They married a year later. A few months later Chris was born and mom decided to be a stay at home mom. Dad continued his college courses and got a degree in computer engineering. A few months after Chris, I was born. Mom was happy to have two sons.

As we got older, we developed differently. Chris was everything I was not. He was tall, handsome, well built, popular and attractive. I on the other hand was short, fat, unpopular and a loser. He made sure to remind me of it every day in highschool.

He would stuff me in my locker, have his two friends dunk my head in the school toilet and flush it, he’d eat my lunch and embarrassed me to no end in front of girls.

At home, it was still the same thing as in school. I was humiliated to no end. Whenever our parents questioned the marks on me, he’d tell them that we were rough housing. They believed him over me.

He always got away with everything. Mom began to pamper him more.

Then we both entered senior year, and by then I was still unpopular and a loser. I was also still a virgin, while Chris got laid practically every weekend. Whenever we had a party at our house, I was made to stay in my room.

A few months after, I began to avcılar elit escort notice how’s mom’s treatment for him changed. She’d allow him to stay up late on a school night, always asked him to go shopping with her and even skip school sometimes. On the days he missed, she’d call the office and make up some excuse for him. She’d even take him out to eat sometimes as a special reward, if he got good grades.

I never got that treatment, why was mom spending more time with him instead of me? I wish she’d look at me that way. She’d still praise me, whenever I got a good report card, but she’d never spoil me like him.

Then I’d notice how quickly they’d move away from each other whenever I entered the room. How mom would usher me away when they were watching a movie or talking. She also started wearing revealing outfits and giggled whenever he commented on them.

One weekend, dad had to travel to another business and told everyone that it’ll be for a week. No one was more excited than mom. After dropping dad off at the airport, Chris took the front seat while I sat in the back. Mom and him talked the whole time. Laughing and joking around with each other. I began to get jealous.

As we stopped at a red light, I saw Chris lay his hand on mom’s thigh. Mom jumped a little by his sudden touch and giggled. She smiled at him and placed her hand on top of his, before placing it back on his lap. What was going on between those two?

They stared at each other until the red light turned green and mom focused on driving again. When we got home, avcılar escort mom told us that we are having pizza for dinner. After she ordered pizza, she asked Chris to run down to the store and get ice cream for dessert. Then quickly added she needed to get some things too and said she’d join him.

Mom gave me the money for the pizza and drove off down the street. The pizza guy came a few minutes later and I paid him. Mom and Chris still haven’t come back yet. I texted mom a few minutes later and got no reply.

Finally forty minutes later, they came back. Mom had a bag of groceries in her hand while Chris carried another. They both looked…lovey dovey. I noticed how they held hands and walked up to the front door. I sat at the table as they came in.

“Sorry for the delay sweetie,” said mom, “for some strange reason the car stopped working on the drive back. I seriously need to go to the shop and get it checked out.”

Chris had this grin on his face the whole time she said that. But also confirmed mom’s story. I kept my eye on them after that.

After we had dinner and enjoyed our ice cream, mom suggested we watch a movie. Chris volunteered to pick the movie and we sat in the living room. I sat on the couch, while Chris and mom sat on the loveseat. I noticed how Chris placed his hand on her thigh again. At this point, I knew something was wrong. As a son would never do that to his mother.

“Chris why is your hand on mom’s thigh?” I asked.

Mom quickly tried to remove his hand from her thigh. But Chris just continued to lay it there. avcılar eve gelen escort He had a big grin on his face.

“What you jealous?” he snickered, “you jealous that mom treats me different than you?”

My face turned red from embarrassment.

“N-no!” I said almost hesitating my words.

“Oh my god,” chuckled Chris, “you totally are jealous.”

He laughed before removing his hand from her thigh. My whole confrontation turned on me instead of them. I couldn’t watch the movie anymore and got up to leave.

“Sweetie where you going-” began mom.

“To my room!” I said, “away from Chris…and you!”

She looked at me dumbfounded and shrugged her shoulders. I stomped upstairs to my room and slammed my door. I flung myself on my bed and sighed. I really hate Chris. Why was mom allowing him to do that? Why couldn’t I get treatment from her like that.

I loved my mom. She was a beautiful woman and I can’t deny that I found myself jerking off to her. She was very youthful and didn’t look her age at all. Chris loved bragging to his friends about how hot she was.

I sighed as I got up from my bed. Chris was right, I was jealous of how she treated him. Maybe if I was built like Chris, maybe mom would pay attention to me more instead of him.

But first I need to apologize to her for my outburst. I never yelled at mom before and the guilt us really tearing me up now.

As I head downstairs, it was all dark and quiet. I checked the digital clock on the wall. 1045pm is what it read. Strange, mom and Chris should still be up. I froze as I heard something move in the living room. I tip toe towards the entrance.

As I got nearer, I could hear the faint sounds of heavy breathing and a wet smacking sound. My heart was beating fast in my chest. I felt for the light switch and turned it on. The last thing I saw was a fist making contact with my face and I black out.

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