Mom’s Nighttime Surprise Ch. 03

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The past few days have been some of the most arousing moments I have ever experienced. What started as an accident has grown into a full out lust for my son. He could fuck me at any moment and he has no idea how quickly I would take that wonderful cock of his.

I have been thinking about him and his cock all day today, since I woke up. I walked to the showers with him this morning and did my very best to seduce him. When I heard his shower start up, I yelled out “Damn, I forgot my shampoo!” He heard me of course. “Would mind if I came over to borrow some shampoo.” He said “No”, and that he was the only person in there. I wrapped the towel around my body and headed over. I could hear his shower still running. When I got there, he was waiting with his towel around him. Even in his a towel, I could see how large his cock was.

My towel was tied loosely and I knew exactly what I was doing. When I got near him, he was holding the bottle out with one hand and holding his towel tight with the other. I took the bottle from him and told him I would just put a little in my hand and leave the bottle with him. To do that, it required both of my hands, one to hold the bottle and the other to pour the shampoo. As I was putting the shampoo in my hand, I let gravity help me out a little.

It took about 5 seconds, as I was opening the shampoo bottle, the fold of the towel above my breasts sprung loose. I knew it was coming, I watched his eyes as it popped off. His eyes opened wide, looking at my breasts and erect nipples, then down to my pussy. I acted shocked and dropped the shampoo bottle. I turned and bent to pick up the towel behind me. I bent avcılar üniversiteli escort from the waist so he could see my ass in a vulnerable way. As I stood up, I turned and secured the towel snuggly around my body.

“I better try that again”, acting as nothing had happened. As I pored the creamy white shampoo into my hand, I looked at this cock again. Just as I had hoped, he was getting hard. When you have a cock his size, it is very hard not to show in a towel. He must have noticed about the same time I did because he turned around. He was embarrassed, because he had no real reason to turn around and he knew it.

I said, “Thank you honey” as I reached around him with the shampoo bottle. The bottle in my right hand was pressed against his tummy. My other hand reached around the other side of him landing on the arm holding his towel. I kissed his back as I pressed against him.

I paused, wondering if I should make the first move. I let my hand slide down his arm, over his hand, and squeezed it tight. I closed my eyes, but just couldn’t do it. I turned and left the stall.

As I got back into shower, I was sure he was going to masturbate, I could not wait. Just then, I heard others entering the shower area; men. My son finish up and rush out of there.

I did the same, I wanted to catch him stroking in the RV. I walked very quickly and I expected the door to be locked, but when I turned the handle, it was open. As I opened the door I saw exactly what I was expecting to see, with a twist. My youngest son was laying on the bed, his cock out, stroking it like crazy. avrupa yakası escort He must have forgotten to lock the door.

We were both shocked, but for very different reasons. I expected to see his bothers massive cock and my youngest didn’t expect to see anyone. He moved as quickly as he could, but I got a very good view. He actually had a very nice cock, not his brothers size, but very nice indeed.

He sprung up with a red face, his cum oozing out of his cock. He must have been right on the verge of cumming when I walked in. He was trying desperately to hide his cock and get out of there. I was entering the RV as he was trying to get around me. His cock was still hard and flipping cum everywhere. I grabbed him and told him to calm down, “Its OK”. I watched him put his cock away and he wouldn’t look me in the face. I pulled him close to me, hugging him. He was about my size and I could feel his stiff cock pressing against my pussy mound. I whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry about this, I won’t tell anyone about what I saw” He walked out with his head down.

Wow what a morning, two very horny young men running around here, not to mention a very horny wet and ready mom.

Part II.

I talked my hubby into staying one more night. My plan was to fuck my oldest son, it was time to let that happen once and for all. When evening rolled around, my plans began to unravel.

My husband said that I need to sleep out in the tent with my youngest son, he had enough of the tent. I was totally bummed out, but what could I do.

I was so frustrated as I laid there thinking about bağdat caddesi escort the events of the day. My youngest son was sleeping, I guess he put it all behind him. Suddenly, without notice, he flipped the covers off, pulled out his cock and started rubbing it. He was sound asleep, or was he? He must do this all the time? I whispered his name, he didn’t stop. I reached for the little light and flipped it on. Yep, he was asleep and yes, he was stoking his cock. I put the covers back over him and put the light under the covers so I could watch without the light showing through the tent.

I enjoyed watching but I just couldn’t believe he was still asleep. He stopped stroking but his cock was still out and hard. I pushed on him and whispered his name to see if I could wake him. He didn’t wake up. I think he really is asleep. My pussy could take no more it throbbed to be touched, I pushed my panties down and started to rub.

I just stared at that cock, it looked just right. Almost without realizing it, I reached down and took his cock in my hand. I stroked it up and down, up and down with one hand and rubbed my pussy with the other. His cock wasn’t large but it was very very hard. I held it very lightly but I could feel he was very close. I wasn’t sure what to do next. I was thinking about sucking him and I even thought about mounting him. Before I had time to make up my mind, he started cumming, it oozed out, onto my fingers. I froze, but he was still asleep.

My pussy was floating in juice now. I took my hand off his cock and licked my fingers clean. I was rubbing my pussy looking at his semi hard spent cock. I could feel my cum building, I decided I wanted to cum with his cock in my mouth. I took his whole cock in my mouth and tasted the cum still on it, my pussy exploded. I just let his cock lay in my mouth as the waves of pleasure went through me.

He never did wake up. After my orgasm the guilt came over me, but I did sleep very well. This was the best camping trip ever.

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