Mom’s Home Movies Ch. 03

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Thanks to Literotica member, Smoothed, for his help with editing and creative detail.


“What did you have in mind for today?” Tiffany was happy the technical conversation was over. She wanted to get busy making a video.

Ben swallowed hard. “I think we need to be progressive in our approach. We need to do something different.”

Tiffany crossed her legs. She was becoming moist and her nipples hardened. The gradual escalation in the complexity of their scenes and the increase in sexual contact was making her more aroused than she had been in many years. She found Ben’s video projects to be exciting, scary, and fun all at the same time.

“Okay, what does that mean, Ben?”

Ben realized that his mom liked to know what was going to happen in a scene. He decided his best course of action would be to subject his mom to his previous idea of a “dry run”. He’d lay out his plan and then they’d physically walk through it so she could know what to expect, and in the process, give him more access to her body.

Walking his mom through rehearsals for scenes would allow him to double the opportunity for sexual contact, and possibly make her more comfortable with what they would be doing on camera. Looking down at his mom’s amazing breasts confirmed his idea for the next video.

For as long as he could remember, Ben always had a thing for his mom’s epic tits. He vividly recalled going through puberty and fantasizing about them. He’d actually experienced his first climax in their pool, with the jet aimed at his dick, staring at his mom’s bikini-clad breasts as she sunbathed. He had fantasized about them more times than he could remember and most of the time his fantasies had her on her knees in front of him sliding his cock between her bare breasts. Tit-fucking her was his oldest and favorite fantasy.

Sitting there, looking at the thin fabric of the tube-top that barely concealed his mom’s bulging, mammoth tits, he again slipped into his old fantasy. He could envision his cock being surrounded with her massive, pure white breasts as she moved them up and around his shaft. He pictured his bulbous cock head perched atop her cleavage like a pendant in that moment.

It was time to take a shot. He decided to introduce her to his idea.

Ben stood up resolutely and hooked his fingers into the waistband of his shorts. He pulled it over his already stiff cock and let them fall to the floor.

He resumed his seat on the cream-colored leather couch in their living room and began explaining, his erect dick sticking in the air like an empty flagpole.

“Here, I will sit on the couch, and you kneel right in front of me.”

Tiffany stared at the thick tool and noticed she was finding it very difficult to refrain from reaching out and grabbing it. A clear pearl formed at the tip of his head.

“Mom?” Ben said, realizing her inaction.

“Oh, now? Ok. What about the camera?” Tiffany noted that it was not turned on.

“We’re just rehearsing the scene. Is that okay? You know, doing a dry-run.”

“Oh, yes, yes, The dry-run, right. Got it.”

She did as she was instructed, rising from the couch, then kneeling in front of her seated son with his hard penis standing up and ready for action. As she got into place, she felt her pussy respond. She was beginning to soak the cotton fabric of the boy-shorts she was wearing. Tiffany knelt. Her tits wobbled, threatening to fall out of her white tube- top as she leaned over to get comfortable. Ben could see the slight curve of the top of her areolas peeking out, causing his cock to become even harder.

“Scoot closer to me, in between my legs.” Ben spread and parted his knees wide, giving her more space. Tiffany complied.

She inched closer, her body now squarely between his legs. Tiffany observed her son as he sat comfortably, naked, holding his towering cock in one hand. It loomed before her, thick and stout. Below the fat base of his penis, Ben’s heavy balls rested on the couch cushion. Tiffany moved her gaze to meet his eyes, then at his dick, then back to his eyes again. Switching back-and-forth as if caught in some inner quandary. Tiffany’s mouth was watering. She wanted his penis in her mouth. Part of her was hoping that was the idea he had in mind.

Ben continued to explain the scene, wielding his monumental erection. He was strained to full hardness.

“Okay, Mom, my plan is to have the camera real close, on the end table,” he nodded toward it, “and angled straight at your breasts. You’ll be kneeling here and will slowly wrap them around my penis. At that point, you’ll use your breasts, and only your breasts, to stroke it.”

Ben held his breath in, hoping she would go along with it.

Tiffany looked again from his cock to his eyes. She was thinking deeply about the scene, running the idea through her mind. Then, without hesitating, she grabbed the front of her top and drew it down over her colossal tits.

Ben sat mesmerized by the sudden revealing of his mom’s heavenly breasts. ataköy türbanlı escort He had never seen them completely naked before, and they were absolutely perfect.

As she yanked her tube-top down, her tits flopped out, shaking as a result of the quick release from the tight garment. Ben closed his eyes tightly then blinked them open again in disbelief as he absorbed the raw image of his mother’s bare tits for the first time in his life.

‘How could they be so fucking perfect?’ he marveled.

Their smooth, white skin, with just a light dusting of freckles, was bulging out and away from her body and forming perfect, full, tear-drop shapes. Her quarter-sized areolas, bumpy and tight, surrounded her pink, erect nipples, which were positioned perfectly on each breast just where the curve reached its apex.

“Damn, Mom. You are so beautiful.” Ben’s mouth was open and his eyes wide. There was no hiding his total appreciation for the breasts that were now but two feet away from him.

Tiffany sat up, arched her back, and took a breast in each hand, each one spilling over her grip. Looking at her son’s dick, she leaned in and slapped her breasts around it, taking it from Ben’s hand.

Ben exhaled excitedly.

All of those years of trying catch a glimpse of his mom’s tits; sneaking peeks at her cleavage while she was bent over, staring at her under the cover of his sunglasses, ogling her when she wore tight T-shirts, all came to an amazing head in that moment. Even this past week, watching her shake them around the house without a bra, all those countless masturbation sessions where he climaxed just thinking about them, and now, here they were, exposed and wrapped around his cock, so quickly, enthusiastically, and immediately presented, that he could hardly believe what was happening.

“Like this?” she asked, blinking her bright green eyes up at him.

Ben swallowed hard. “Uh, yeah, Mom, exactly like that,” he said dumfounded, still trying to regain his composure.

Tiffany pushed her tits together firmly and felt Ben’s cock throb in her warm cleavage. She felt a pulse of balmy liquid gush against her skin. She lifted her heavy tits up and let them fall while maintaining her hold of them, keeping Ben’s cock enveloped the whole time in her soft, squishy flesh. Her tits slapped with a skin-on-skin sound making loud contact with Ben’s thighs. Her hard, pointed nipples were aimed right at him. She began tit fucking his big dick, essentially using only her tits to stroke him.

He took a moment to enjoy his new-found freedom with his mom. He wasn’t going to miss the opportunity presented before him. Ben held out his hands, open, and pressed his palms against her stiff nipples. He continued pressing his hands forward as Tiffany pumped her tits up and down. Her warm skin filled Ben’s palms. He was in heaven, having fantasized about this exact moment so many times. He felt her hard nipples drag up and down against his open hands.

‘Oh, my God!’

Not believing his eyes or his hands, he firmly closed his grip, his fingers digging into the skin of his mom’s supple breasts. Ben squeezed and mashed her huge, bounding orbs, groping and fondling them. His hands powerfully gripped her tits over her own smaller hands, then released them and pinched her thick nipples, which grew even stiffer as Ben trapped each one between his thumb and forefinger. He tugged them roughly, eliciting a sigh from his mother. He lifted her tits by her nipples in time with her pumping movements.

“Jesus.” Was all he could say.

Tiffany loved the attention Ben was giving her breasts. It felt so nasty and inappropriate. It had been so long since they had been touched.

“This is going to be a best-selling video!” She remarked excitedly.

Ben extracted his raging-hard cock and brandished it by its base. Tiffany paused, confused, still holding her bosom up for him, not knowing what he was about to do.

Ben roughly slapped his fat dick against the top half of each breast, sending ripples over her supple mounds, before he continued his narration of the scene.

“Then we’ll do this for a little bit, and go back to you stroking me with your breasts.” Ben was dragging his hard dick over the top of her cleavage.

“You can say ‘tit-fucking’ Ben, I know what it is. You don’t have breasts like mine and not know what tit-fucking is,” she said knowingly.

Ben laughed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right, Mom.”

Tiffany re-wrapped his shaft with her breasts and resumed tit-fucking him, looking at her son in the eyes. Ben noticed she wasn’t smiling but rather had a lustful, sensuous look to her. His cock was very stiff, but since the only lubricant was the small amount of precum he was producing, their thrusts were generating a fair amount of friction. Their skin was getting hot and not gliding very smoothly.

They both seemed to notice this at the same time, making eye contact as Tiffany paused.

Ben looked at her beautiful ataköy ucuz escort face and her thick ruby lips. They were shiny. He couldn’t tell if it was from her lipstick or if they were actually wet.

“How does the scene end?”

Her mouth looked very wet as she spoke, which it was. She had her warm breasts spread across her son’s bare thighs with his cock jutting out of her cleavage. Ben shuddered as he imagined how warm her wet tongue would feel on his dick head. He swallowed hard.

“I’ll have an orgasm on your breasts.” Ben said simply.

Tiffany felt her pussy throb at that thought, her breasts providing enough stimulation to help her son achieve an orgasm by themselves. She squirmed slightly, feeling uncomfortably dank between her thighs in the boy shorts.

Ben noticed that when she touched his cock, she looked into his eyes, and when she wasn’t touching his cock, she was looking at it.

“What do you think of that scene?” Ben asked.

“I think it’s definitely a sexy idea that will sell lots of downloads. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s just a random scene. Why are we starting the video like this? Shouldn’t there be a lead-in, some sort of back story to provide context?”

Ben thought for a moment. His mom was right. It would be better if they had some scenario that brought them together. His masturbation videos and the massage video at least had a reason for the interaction. This was just a tit-fucking scene.

“But don’t you think it will be difficult to have a plot with dialog when we can’t show your face?” Ben was trying desperately to think of something that would add to the setting that the tit-fuck would take place in.

“Maybe. Let’s have lunch and see if anything comes to mind.” Tiffany pulled her top back up and re-arranged her breasts under the stretchy fabric, then left the room for the kitchen.

Ben was a little disappointed the dry-run ended so soon, but his mom seemed to be thinking about something and had obviously become distracted. He reluctantly dressed and helped her make grilled salmon salads with garlic toast, one of her favorite meals. Tiffany had a large glass of white wine poured sitting next to her plate.

As they began eating, Tiffany asked, “Hey, how’s ‘The Massage’ video doing?”

“Yes! ‘The Massage!’ It has sold almost one hundred downloads, and I categorized it under a different category too. I didn’t know what to expect posting something in the Big Tits section, but we’re making money on that one.” Ben was relieved that the video was performing well after all the time he put into editing it.

“That’s fantastic, Ben!” Tiffany smiled.

“I’ve been thinking, maybe you should consider sending your dad five thousand dollars as a first payment. I’m not telling you what to do, but you might as well start paying him back, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, that’s not a bad idea. It may keep him off our backs in the process.” Ben took a bite of salad.

To Tiffany, Ben’s casual comment suggested that both she and her son wanted Larry to leave them alone. She stared out the window thinking about what would happen if he came home for any length of time. She didn’t want him to come back. She knew what that was like. He would try to pretend like he wasn’t in love with another woman, lying and creating reasons why he needed to leave town so soon after returning home. He wasn’t the same man she married. He seemed to be attracted to much younger women now, and never seemed to stay with any one of them for more than a few months.

“You’re probably right about that, Ben, but whether you make a payment to him or not, I don’t think he’ll be coming back to stay.” Tiffany took another sip of wine.

“Why not? What’s up, Mom?” Ben put his fork down and waited for an answer.

“He’s been seeing other women. Younger women, like in their mid-twenties.” Tiffany ran her tongue over her teeth under her lips, something Ben knew she did when she was angry.

“Oh. Wow. Mom, I’m sorry. I had no idea.” Ben reached over and rubbed her shoulder briefly.

“That’s okay, Ben. If he wants a divorce, that’s fine. I should stand to make about ten million when we divide our assets.” Tiffany turned her head quickly in a wide smile.

Ben and his mom laughed together.

“Hey!” Tiffany’s eyes lit up. “I have an idea for the next scene!”

“Okay, what is it?” Ben began eating his salad again.

“It’s a mom and son video where the son’s hands are bandaged because they were somehow burned. He can’t masturbate and he eventually convinces his mom, who already feels pity for him, to masturbate him.”

Tiffany was noticeably excited with her idea.

Ben wasn’t so thrilled by it. He felt he had just made a huge breakthrough by getting his mom to agree to a tit-fuck scene. This was going in the wrong direction, back to jacking off. He vowed to dissuade her.

“Well, that’s great, mom, it’s really a good idea, but there are a couple of problems with ataköy üniversiteli escort it. First, there are already at least a few videos out there similar to what you’re describing, and second, how does your idea set us up for what we just rehearsed for? We were going to do a tit-fuck scene, remember?”

“No, I didn’t forget. Remember I said we should focus on more quality videos, even if it takes a little longer? Here’s what we do. We shoot a video that sets up a series. I already have four videos in mind, just off the top of my head. The first two will be about the mom masturbating the son, then for the third video, the son gets sore from his mom’s hand, and they have to…tit-fuck to avoid his getting abrasions.”

Ben thought back to the two videos he had seen about the mom having to help her son because of a hand injury. Both were bad. They didn’t have his mom and her hot body, they were poorly executed, and they didn’t include tit-fucking. Besides, there was no rule that said he couldn’t redo a theme from someone else’s video.

After giving the matter some thought, Ben shared his approval with Tiffany.

“I think you’re right. It may work. Let’s plot it out!” Ben was now as excited as Tiffany, but a thought lingered in his mind.

His mom clearly said that she already had four videos in mind, and that the tit-fuck scene would be the third. Did his mom have something else in mind for the fourth? Or had she misspoken? He decided he wouldn’t bring it up.

After lunch, Ben and Tiffany sat at the kitchen table with a spiral notebook and planned the set-up, basic dialog, and pacing for all three videos. They decided to do the first that afternoon, at Ben’s insistence, since they were both excited about it and Ben was already worked up and ready for a scene. He was delighted that his mom’s interest in recording videos was growing. She seemed to want to play a larger role in the project.

For the first video, Ben would have to hold the camera in point of view perspective some of the time, and have it stationary for the other parts.

They decided to do the first scene in the garden area of their backyard where there was a wrought-iron table with chairs and a beautiful backdrop of perennial flowers.

Tiffany would start the shoot inside, holding the camera over Ben’s shoulder so he could present his injured hands, thoroughly bandaged in medical gauze. He would be talking to himself to explain what was going on, introducing the plot and holding up both hands for the camera.

They began the recording.

“Damn, my hands. I can’t do shit with them like this.” Ben spoke with Tiffany over his shoulder as if the camera was seeing through Ben’s eyes.

To get the angle right, she had to be very close to Ben, behind him. Her large breasts would occasionally smoosh against Ben’s bare back as they filmed.

Ben could smell his mother’s irresistible scent and occasionally feel her soft hair brush against his back, not to mention her heavenly breasts. His dick filled the empty space in his shorts almost immediately.

Ben held his gauze-wrapped hands up and feebly tried to somehow get under his waistband. Tiffany shot the scene, but she struggled to hold the camera steady, focused on her son’s bulge. It looked enormous.

“Fuck! I- I need to jack off, what the hell?” Ben huffed in frustration.

Tiffany paused the camera, lowering it, but continuing to stare at her son’s obscene lump.

“Right, okay, that’s good. I’ll take my place.” She looked at her son, handing him the camera. Her nipples grew stiff in her tight shirt as they shared an excited smile.

Tiffany went outside where she would be sitting at the table in the garden area reading a book dressed in a white, V-neck T-shirt and a red skirt with sandals.

Ben continued the recording from indoors.

Ben filmed one of his bandaged hands opening the glass door and walking outside. He sees his mom from across the patio about twenty yards away.

As he approaches, he pans the camera down to his crotch, his obvious tent jutting out before him. He crosses the patio and stands near Tiffany’s chair, immediately focusing on her breasts. On cue, she shakes them slightly to show off their size.

“Hey Mom.” The camera stays trained on Tiffany’s tits.

“Hi, Benny. How are your hands?”

“Awful. They ache, and I can’t, you know, perform certain bodily functions.” Ben moved the camera to his bandaged left hand, then back at Tiffany’s chest.

“I thought you were able to go to the bathroom, but it just takes you longer?” Tiffany used a sweet, motherly voice.

“It’s not that. It’s, you know, Mom. I’m nineteen. Guys my age, we need to relieve ourselves. Gosh mom, it’s embarrassing!”

“Benny, I don’t understand.” The camera showed Tiffany closing the book and placing it on the table.

“Mom, I can’t do what I normally do.” Ben moved the camera to his left hand again and made a jack-off motion in front of his crotch.

Tiffany gasped. “Oh, dear! I see. Yes, I guess you wouldn’t be able to do that, would you?” The camera shot Tiffany’s hands pointed upwards in a puzzled gesture.

She cleared her throat, playing up her discomfort, and continued. “What about your girlfriend, Monica?”

“We broke up like two weeks ago, mom. I don’t know what to do.” Ben made his voice sound hopeless.

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