Mom’s Christmas Tradition-Redux

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Ass Hot

Author’s Note: This story is the reason why I am writing on Literotica today. I enjoy reading love stories. The real kind, like talking to an older couple who have retired and are enjoying their fiftieth wedding anniversary, I will sit and talk with them long after their children and grand children have come and gone. And I will listen to that married couple tell me all of the tales and lessons they learned in their relationship. There are very few authors on that I follow, and Lovecraft68 is one of them. Probably seems odd to some that I like reading this author’s work since a good deal of it is dark, but then…aren’t we all? The romances were what first attracted me to the writing and I began to read the other stories and saw the emotion and energy the author put into writing them.

Obviously, not ALL of it would appeal to me, but it was easy to see the attraction people had to every single one of the tales.

What you will be reading here is the first piece of literature I truly wrote and wanted to send to someone else. I wrote this because the story it is based on got under my skin and moved me in a way I wasn’t familiar with. I wrote this almost accusatory alternate ending and sent it to LC68 and immedeitely sent an apology for being a jerk! I got a heartfelt reply telling me what I wrote was sound, and very much appreciated!

This blew me away since, well, I didn’t feel it was very good. LC told me that an author ALWAYS appreciates getting an emotional response from their writings since it lets them know they have done their job to make people think.

Of course…then I was told that my form sucked and my work was filled with typos, and spellchecker was a requirement not an option and I needed an editor then I should probably post it and see what others think!

I never posted it since I had another story in mind to write, but I think now would be a good time to post this small work that made someone say to me, “Hey, you ever think about writing?”

So…this ones for you LC, thanks for all your encouragement.

The original story can be found at this link, you may want to read it first. Or else nothing is going to really make any sense.

Mom’s Christmas Tradition (Alternate Ending)

Takes place shortly after the brother’s leave Matt alone in his bedroom with his Mother around page 6.

Chris and Todd walk out of my bedroom door, closing it behind them. I hear the click of the lock as it shuts. I remember how when I was younger I couldn’t sleep if there was too much noise. Dad had gotten me a thick solid core wood door that stopped the sound from carrying through to my room. I am glad he did because I could just imagine my two older brothers talking back and forth outside my door. I always appreciated having them in my life. Even if they were sometimes the most infuriating, aggravating….guh!

Why am I thinking about this now when Mom is…is…oh my gosh!

Mom…my Mother. The woman who raised me, who all other women in my life I would compare to and the vast majority would fall short! For no one would ever love me and care for me like she would. That is a proven fact. Now she is standing in front of me elegant and sensual with a smile on her face so similar to other’s she has given me, but more. I can see the heat in her eyes, the slight rosy flush on the skin of her neck and on her breasts. Her lips are parted and I can hear her breathe a little faster with every passing second.

All I can do is sit there with my mouth open and stare!

Remember when you were young? The first time you saw a lingerie ad? Or you saw the cover of a dirty magazine behind the counter at a convenience store? Or something similar…anyway, remember those feelings you felt? The rush and the roaring in your ears and the really good but twisty feeling you got in your gut? It was intense, so intense that you knew you had reached a new level in your life and could never go back?

This was like that but stronger, for what I was looking at was a person who I have loved dearly all of my life.

“It’s just you and me baby.” She said softly.

The nightgown she wore was loose and flowing. She looked elegant and sensual. A walking wet dream made flesh and bone and soft curves come to life. I still could see in my mind’s eye the looks of lust on Chris and Todd’s faces as she stepped into my bedroom. I could see her kiss them both, letting their hands roam her skin as she proved to me what they had told me wasn’t a lie. My cock was so hard I could probably pound a sixteen penny nail into a 2×4 with one strike!

“I’ve looked forward to this all year Matt.” Mom continued as she seductively moved towards me.

I sat on the edge of my bed, mesmerized by this goddess made real as she drew closer.

“And I am so glad to see you have been looking forward to it too!” She cooed softly.

I was still immobile, entranced by her body. She gently gripped my cock with a murmur ataköy anal yapan escort of appreciation and I whimpered and said, “Mom, I…Ohhh”

“Doesn’t this feel good baby?” She said softly. Then she leaned in closer, still stroking me through my shorts. “Oh, this is so nice…you are so hard for your Mother aren’t you.”

It’s wasn’t a question, not at all. A nearly naked beautiful woman was touching me, a teenager, in a place I had wanted to be touched since I had found out how much fun it was to touch it!

Yep! My motor was running and it seemed like the brakes were out of commission! Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes.

Then Mom’s hair brushed my cheek as she leaned closer and something happened. Maybe it was the boozed eggnog my brother’s had me drink, made me nostalgic. Or it was…no idea. The smell and feel of my Mother’s hair triggered a memory inside of me.

I had been walking home from the school bus drop off in our neighborhood, I was six years old at the time and feeling very grown up and mature since I could walk home from the drop off by myself now. It was raining and there were puddles on the street. I heard a car coming from behind but paid it no mind since I was on the sidewalk and safe.

Suddenly the car drove past quickly and a wall of dirty water rose up and splashed me hard at the car’s passing. I yelled and covered my face trying to clear my eyes of road grit and stinky run off. I could hear someone laughing from inside the car and a voice yell out merrily, “Sorry kid!” Then more laughter as the car drove on.

I began to cry tears of shock and discomfort. I couldn’t see, and my eyes hurt and I was spitting nasty water from my mouth and I could feel the cold of it in my small clothes. Just as I was getting ready to really cut loose and cry I felt arms around me, and a warm comforting smell cut through the foul ditch water and soothed me. I turned and clutched my Mommy and sighed at feeling her warmth and love.

“There, baby boy. Let me see…” she said lovingly. I felt the handkerchief she carried in her purse gently clean my cheeks and around my eyelids. I blinked, wincing at the grit I felt, then I could see again, albeit a little blearily and she cleaned the gunk from around the corners of my eyes. I could see her worried, but loving face look me over for injuries.

“Mom?” I asked. Her being a mother and having two boys before me, she already knew the answer to the question I was trying to ask.

“You’re old enough to walk home by yourself, but I still love you, and worry about you.” She turned and pointed towards the large tree down the street.

“I hide behind there everyday when you get off the bus, then I follow you home. I did the same thing for Todd, and then for Chris. They don’t know that I did that, so don’t tell them.” She smiled and held a finger up to her lips.

“It will be our secret, okay?” She said conspiratorially.

I smiled, but tears still rolled down my cheeks. Again, Mom seemed to know what to do.

“Your brother’s are already home. Go ahead and wipe your face and square your shoulders sweetie. Keep going. Tell them what happened and how you finished walking home by yourself. Don’t tell them Mommy helped you.” She gave me a soft punch to the front of my right shoulder.

“You show them how tough and how brave you are. Earn you a little bit of street cred, okay Tiger?”

I was so full of love from that moment for my Mom…she had known exactly what I needed to hear and how to help me. I threw my arms around her legs and hugged her tight.

“Love you Mommy!” There was so much more that I wanted to say, but I only knew enough to say those words and hug her as best as I could.

“Love you too baby boy!” She replied.

That whole memory flashed through my mind in only a moment, and my hands flew up to grip my Mom’s shoulders, her skin soft and smooth under my fingers. She held still, seeming to sense the conflict inside of me. She must know that for my whole life I had been taught that this was wrong, what we were doing. She must know that I had seen on TV or read new stories of people who have participated in the act of incest go to jail or worse. My Mother must know the consequences of the actions she wanted to do with me, that she had already done…twice before!

Wait, no…that can’t be right. I thought back onto what Chris and Todd had explained to me, about it being a longstanding family tradition and then my thoughts of Mom and Grandpa…

Oh GOD! That would mean that my Aunt had…

Oh and my cousins…

I felt my eyes get hot and I scrunched my lids shut to block the tears threatening to escape. The earlier buzz of booze was still there, but doing it’s job. It was lowering my inhibitions, just not in the way my family was expecting.

“Baby?” My mom asked softly as she tenderly kissed the side of my neck. My fingers trembled, and then tightened…hard.

“Put ataköy bdsm escort your robe on Mommy. We need to talk.” I said quietly.

She stood and then put her robe on and sat next to me on the bed, her arm around my shoulders as she looked at me. I kept my eyes on the floor, but she deserved my full attention. As my Mother, she deserved my respect so I stared into her face for the conversation we were about to have.

“This…all of this is hard to take in. Family traditions, history of…yeah.” I began. She nodded and didn’t say anything, just waiting for me to come out with it.

“You don’t feel…uhm…weird about doing this with me?” I tentatively asked. She smiled that smile she always used with me.

“Not at all! You are my baby boy, and this is what our family has always done.” She squeezed her arm around me and kissed my cheek. I pulled away a little, had to. Damn hormones clouding up my brain. I stood and paced a little in front of her.

“Mom, seriously…do you know how this sounds?” I asked, my hands running through my hair in exasperation.

“This sounds like…” I stopped, my head looking back and forth from her and around my room as if searching for inspiration.

“Crazy…it’s sounds crazy doesn’t it?” Mom asked me, her smile small and sweet. I nodded my head lamely.

“I thought so too when my Daddy came to me as well, but he was so good and gentle with me, and I learned so much!” She started to stand and looked like she wanted to continue but I held out my hand and stepped back and she stayed sitting on the edge of my bed.

“Yeah, let’s talk about that.” I said. My head was a whirl with thoughts and feelings but I was starting to be able to piece together parts of it and coalesce some coherent thoughts. I tapped my fingers on my chin and then gave mom an inquisitive look.

“So when you think of Grandpa, what do you remember?” I asked. Right away she answered and her face lit up.

“I remember the feel of the sheepskin rug in front of the fireplace. His warm body and the feel of his hands holding me as he brought me to rapture again and again!” She said enthusiastically. I nodded, my suspicions confirmed.

“Mom…my first memory of you, when you moved close to me, and I smelled you? Do you remember our secret at the bus stop?” I asked. I saw her face change, and the lust dissipated and her eyes softened and the smile she gave was truly the one I had seen while growing up.

“Yes, my brave boy! I was so proud of you. You walked all the way home and didn’t even look back to see if I was following you. I heard later from Todd and Chris how much they thought of their tough little brother. I still hear about it, every now and then they bring it up.” I nodded again, and then fixed her with a hard stare.

“I’ll bet you anything that if I was to go to my brothers right now and ask them what their first memory of you is…it would be something really similar to your first memory with grandpa.” I said quietly. Mom appeared confused and I knelt down in front of her taking her hands in mine.

“Listen to me Mom…” I said, she opened her mouth to speak and I gripped her hands a little tighter giving them a shake and repeated myself before continuing.

“Listen to me! I love you, and I love everything about you. With what you did with your dad, and Chris and Todd. You exchanged the importance of their memories. I remember first, and above all else, a woman who wanted what was best for me. She wanted me to become strong and confident, Yet she also wanted to look after me. So she followed me in secret to make sure I was safe to develop that confidence. When I got hurt you didn’t walk me home crying like a baby boy. You helped me, then let me walk home alone the rest of the way and I was no longer your baby boy…I was your Tiger. Do you see?”

I was despereate for her to understand what I was trying to say and those unshed tears were pricking at the corners of my eyes.

“Mom…Mommy, I want the first things, the first memories of you in my mind to be of that woman. I don’t want a fantasy creature in my bed rolling around and doing every sexual thing I wish. I want the woman that loves me!” I said, my voice breaking a little.

Mom quickly cupped my face in her hands and said quietly, “I still am! You think that we do here tonight changes anything? No! I am still your mother and I still was the one who changed your diapers and kissed your boo boos and helped you with homework…”

I shook my head and cut her off.

“No…NO! Your not!” I almost shouted and she recoiled back from me and I stood again. I took a few steps back and leaned against my closet doors and folded my arms around my chest. I felt like I was holding myself together so I didn’t fly apart! How do I make her see…?

“When I was downstairs, and you were going to work. You looked great. I brushed it off at the time but both Todd and Chris were looking at you with ataköy elit escort hungry eyes…” My voice trailed off and I had to cough a few times to clear it. I could see Mom waiting for what I had to say, but her face was pale. I don’t think she was going to like what I was going to share with her.

“They do see you as Mom, but as the Mom who slept with them and gave them the best sexual thrill of their lives.”

I saw her smile a little at that I quickly continued speaking.

“You don’t get it do you? I am only eighteen but I get this! Mom, they look at you and the first thing the feel is lust, only after a few minutes they feel love of a son for his Mom. I want to be able to remember all of the times of you being a mother, and my best friend. I don’t want to be like them panting after you all the time for a memory that happened years agao that they can never have again.”

Saying that sparked a little bit of anger in me that the rum in the eggnog fueled into a full blaze!

“And what type of fucking family tradition is this anyway huh? So we get one night with you…Big deal! What if it was the best sex we ever had? We could never repeat it! Even if we did have someone better, the very fact that we could never be with you again would elevate that one night to LEGENDARY status! No one can compete with a legend which is what you would be to us. I am guessing Chris, being a horndog that he is, will have a trail of divorces behind him as he tries to fill the void that you put into his chest.”

Mom gaped at me saying that.

“Let’s talk about the cheating then now shall we?” I ask with a touch of a sneer. Can’t believe I am sneering at mom! Way too much rum in that eggnog!

Mom stirred at that, “It’s not cheating Matt! You know I would never…EVER have cheated on your father!”

I nodded, “Really? Good to know, interesting your choice of words though. You called him my father, not YOUR husband. Was Grandpa so good he achieved the legendary status and Dad just wasn’t enough so it was easy to lie to him when you took Todd out for his Christmas Eve present? Did you tell him you were taking him to a hotel to initiate him into the family tradition? Or did you lie…because Dad wasn’t part of the family tradition.”

I chuckled darkly, “Interesting…supposed to be a FAMILY tradition and last I checked, husbands are considered family after all.” I snorted as Mom paled even more.

“At least Dad was dead when you slept with Chris. That way you wouldn’t cheat on him since he wasn’t around.”

Mom seemed to drum up some courage, “It’s not cheating! It is an act of love that all of us on my families side have taken part of for generations! It is in our blood, it’s who we ARE!”

“I think I get a little bit more of my Dad’s genes than I have of yours Mom.” I said quietly. She gasped and put her hands over her face. I heard her groan and her shoulders began to shake with sobs. I moved, like a good son should, to pull her into my arms and hold her tight.

“Mom, I don’t hate you…” She kept sobbing and held me tighter. “Mom, really…I love you!” I whispered into her ear fiercely.

“Then why…” She gasped. “They why won’t you be with me tonight?”

“Because you are my Mommy…” I said softly. “To Chris and Todd…? You are an object of lust and desire. To me, you are so much, so incredibly much more than that!”

I leaned back and smiled into Mom’s tear stained face. Then gently wiped her tears with my fingers. “I love you, so much. You have taught me and guided me all my life, and I am allowed to stand on certain principles that I believe to be correct.” I curled the index finger on my right hand and tilted her chin up to meet my eyes directly.

“You taught me to make my own way, and I choose to break tradition.” Her eyes widened and tears began to form again and I brushed them away again.

“I choose to date a woman and not think ahead to when my daughters turn 18 and I get to have a night with them. I choose to not have to think about that for the rest of my life. I choose to love whoever my spouse is fully and without reservation and worry about keeping a part of myself away from her.” I sighed and shook my head. Then I let the tears fall and my voice cracked as I let my frustrations spilled.

“I choose Mom…to not be like you!”

Then I hugged her tight and let my sobs come out, Mom held me and I could feel her trying to soothe me, and then her own frustration grow as she realized that she couldn’t, that SHE was the cause of my pain and her own tears fell and she cried her eyes out as well.

When our emotions began to come back under control I pulled back from her and offered her a Kleenex, which she took gratefully to blow her nose.

“You must hate me Matt…” She began.

“I do not hate you Mom.” I interrupted her.

Mom gave me a sad smile, then turned to leave. An idea came to me then, and I grabbed her around the wait and pulled her back to me. She gasped in surprise and then melted in my arms as I kissed her. I kissed her and let all my sadness, frustration, love and every pent up emotion I had come out in that kiss. I slowly and firmly explored every millimeter of surface and hungrily licked the inside edges of her mouth. Part of me felt sick, but the physical side of me roared in satisfaction.

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