Mom’s Bridal Lingerie Ch. 04

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Still stunned by what had just happened, Mitch made his way across the room as if in a trance. As he continued to stare at his sexy mother, the pearly residue of his cum still glistening on her pretty face, he wanted to take his cock in hand and start jerking off again, just like he always did when he looked at all those pictures he had of her dressed this way. She looked so fucking hot in her wedding dress, her voluminous breasts making the front of the strapless gown strain enticingly, the upper swells of those massive guns almost spilling over the jam-packed cups. But he realized he didn’t have to just whack off, that this wasn’t a dream, that his mother had just jerked him off all over her face, and then given him the most incredible blow-job imaginable. What had happened was actually real, not one of his never-ending fantasies. His mind was swirling with the possibilities of what was going to happen next—but that blisteringly hot look on his mother’s face told him that she was in no mood to stop now.

“Mom, you are so beautiful,” Mitch breathed softly into her ear as he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back against his broad chest, his lips nuzzling over the soft skin of her exposed neck.

“Mmmmm, that feels nice, baby,” Nicole responded to his tender kisses, turning her head up and closing her eyes as his lips traced gently over her neck before nibbling teasingly on her earlobe. She reached down and grabbed one of his hands and pulled it to the front of her body, encouraging him to cup her large breasts.

“Mmmm….” It was Mitch that was purring like a kitten now as his mother pressed his hand against the underside of her protruding tits, removing her own hand as she squeezed gently, looking down over her shoulder at the generous amount of tit-flesh oozing up from inside her dress as he squeezed. Even though he had just come twice in a row, looking down at those spectacular breasts of hers sent another tingling jolt right to his midsection. Her tits looked absolutely exquisite, but he wanted to see more—he wanted to see her in the sexy bridal lingerie he knew she had on underneath. He gave her a little teasing nip on her earlobe and squeezed her breasts again before stepping back and brining his fingers to the back of her dress, her own hands still holding her hair and veil out of the way. He undid one of the little pearl buttons that he’d done up just a short time, and quickly moved onto the next one, feeling the straining dress seem to go “aaaahhh” as the tension of holding her tremendous breasts was lessened. His fingers were almost flying now, trying to get all of them undone.

“Well, well, somebody’s eager, aren’t they?” Nicole said, looking at him slyly over her shoulder. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, you don’t need to be in such a rush—Mommy’s not going anywhere.”

Once again, his mother’s provocative words had the blood rushing back to Mitch’s cock, which was still hanging out the front of his pants and standing at half-mast. He took a deep breath to try and calm himself, trying to will himself to slow down, but he wanted to see how she’d look in the lingerie so badly, that there was no way he could stop his manipulating fingers from their speedy work.

Nicole smiled to herself, happy that her suggestion ended up having no effect—no, her son was too excited to wait, but she’d work on that. Yes, with that magnificent cock of his, and what she could teach him, he’d be the perfect lover in no time.

“I think that’s got it,” Mitch said, undoing the final pearl button where the small of her back met her curvy rear end.

“Thanks, baby,” Nicole said, still holding the front of the undone dress against her. She let her hair and the wispy veil fall back onto her shoulders before turning and looking at him coyly. “Would you like to take some pictures as I get undressed?”

Totally overwhelmed by everything that had happened, Mitch had all but forgotten about his camera, his very life’s blood when it came to providing the fuel for his endless fantasies about his mother. “Yes,” he gasped out, striding over to the table where he’d left his camera.

“If you want to take my picture while I get undressed, you’re going to have to get undressed first,” Nicole said teasingly as she nodded to his half-hard cock still hanging out of his pants. Not wanting to waste a minute, Mitch set down his camera and hurriedly peeled off his clothes, taking off every last stitch. Nicole watched intently, the smile on her face growing bigger as more and more of her son’s toned muscular body came into view. She loved the look of his shaven abdomen, the clean look making his prodigious member appear even more compelling. It was arcing out heavily, refusing to go down, but still not quite ready to stand fully at attention after his two quick climaxes. She knew that beautiful prick would be standing fully erect and ready to go soon enough. “There, that’s better. Are you ready?”

“Y…yes,” Mitch gasped out, picking up his camera once more and bringing his mother into focus. After all those pictures he’d ataköy escort taken of her when she hadn’t been watching—like those times she’d been out by the pool and he’d hidden in the pool shed, or taken pictures from the window of his room using a zoom lens—this, this was another of his dreams come true: to have her agree to take pictures of her as she undressed.

“This dress did fit a little tighter up top than I remembered,” Nicole said, taking a quick glance down at the swelling breasts before looking directly into the camera. “I think I’ll feel a little more comfortable out of it. What do you think?” As she gave the camera a provocative look that could melt steel, she started shimmying her hips slowly from side to side, pushing the dress down at the same time.

“Yes,” Mitch replied excitedly, starting to snap away with the camera as his mother’s stunning wedding dress started to come down. She pushed at the sides of the dress as her sumptuous backside shifted from side to side, and then the tightest part of the dress slipped past her wide motherly hips. It came down in a rush to pool at her feet as she held onto the top and deftly stepped out of it, taking the dress in her hands and carefully laying it across her bed. She turned and stretched, her arms rising high in the air.

“Mmmm, that feels better,” Nicole said, rolling her head around on her shoulders as she stretched, as if loosening up stiff muscles. Her eyes glanced down to her son’s naked crotch as he stood in front of her snapping one picture after another. She spotted one muscle that was stiffening up already.

Mitch’s mouth was gaping open as he stared, struck dumb by the amazing display of pulchritude right before his eyes. His mother looked incredible in her bridal lingerie, so fucking hot he felt his cock twitching already, even after the two loads she’d just taken out of him. As she’d leaned forward to step out of the dress, he had a perfect view right down into the depths of her deep dark cleavage, the cups of the dress giving way to the even more heavily-structured cups of the merry widow beneath. Like the dress, it was strapless as well, and now that it was fully exposed, he could see how perfectly it fit her curvy hourglass figure.

“Jesus,” Mitch mumbled under his breath as he stared at the exquisite garment, the brilliant white lace-covered corset looking amazing as it molded itself to her voluptuous body. He could see the vertical piping sewn into the garment that gave it the alluring shape, nipping in waspishly at her slender waist, and then flowing out as it shaped itself to her wide matronly hips at the bottom, and then up and out to support the equally reinforced bra cups above. His eyes zeroed in on those gorgeously full bra cups, the satin reinforced piping running teasingly in a circular fashion beneath and up between the big 36E cups. Beneath the intricate white lace covering, he could see a similar band of wired piping circling the tops of the huge cups, necessary to keep her big billowy breasts under control. But the cups were still cut teasingly low, the soft full upper swells of her tremendous tits luxuriously filling the jam-packed cups, threatening to overflow the top edge of the alluring garment.

“Fucking perfect,” Mitch said to himself as he had to almost force his eyes down from her spectacular tits to look at the rest of her outfit. The tiny g-string panties barely covered her warm mound, the shiny piece of white satin not much more than a narrow strip that rose from between her legs and disappeared beneath the bottom edge of the corset. She slowly turned around, making sure he had a view of everything she had to show him.

“Fuck me,” Mitch mumbled to himself as he took some shots of her pirouetting form, his eyes focusing in on her big curvy bottom, the enticing round cheeks on full display as the g-string ran teasingly up the cleft of her behind. He looked at those pronounced bum-cheeks, his mouth watering as he delighted in the beach-ball-like curve of the shapely spheres, the skin on her bum looking as smooth as a baby’s bottom. As she turned around, his eyes followed her shapely legs down to the tops of her thighs, where the ribbon-like garters bit tightly into the intricate lace tops of her stockings. Beneath the delicately embroidered stocking tops, the sheer white nylon gleamed all the way down as she moved, making her shapely toned legs look terrific. He was once again mesmerized by those incredible shoes, the high-heeled slingbacks with the wickedly pointy toe encasing her delicate feet alluring. God, they were so sexy.

“Well, Tiger, what do you think?” Nicole asked, putting her hands on her hips as she placed her feet about shoulder width apart. She was facing him directly as he continued to snap off picture after picture, turning her upper body slowly from side to side, her lush full tits jiggling enticingly in the straining corset. The look she gave him was setting his libido afire once more, the hot steaming look of a slutty enchantress.

“Oh, Mom,” Mitch said, his heart ataköy eve gelen escort beating rapidly in his chest as he looked at her. He lowered the camera for a second and looked her in the eye, loving the look of understanding she was giving him, as if she’d been able to read his mind for all these years. “You are so beautiful.”

“So you think your old mom still looks pretty good after all these years?”

“Mom, you’re not old. And….and you look amazing.”

She turned so she could see herself in the full-length mirror, and then glanced over her shoulder at her son. “I guess I don’t look too bad in these things. I’m glad they still fit. And I’m so glad you like the way I look in them. Now, would you like me to pose for a few more shots? I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” She paused, giving him another mischievous smile. “After all, these shots are just for you. Your father will have to make do with those ones we took earlier. Now, how would you like me?”

Mitch was barely able to breathe, his whole body thrumming like a plucked guitar string with the arousal he felt. “Uh, why don’t you go back to that chair by your dressing table, kind of like you were before? Maybe you could start by standing behind it and grabbing the back.”

Nicole strode over to the chair, her body looking fantastic as she moved. Mitch thought she looked like a runway model, her movements breathing an intense sexuality as she glided effortlessly across the room. “Like this?” she asked, taking hold of the back of the hard-backed chair and leaning forwards as she spread her feet wide apart, arching her back at the same time, her tremendous chest thrusting out provocatively.

“Oh fuck,” Mitch mumbled under his breath as a shiver of excitement tripped down his spine like the keys of a xylophone. His mother was a natural when it came to this, and he watched in wonder as she sensually whipped her head to the side, making her honey-blonde hair fall wildly about her face as she looked directly into the camera once more. Mitch’s hands were shaking, but he took shot after shot as he moved all around her stunning pose, taking numerous shots from every angle. When he stood directly behind her, he couldn’t believe how amazing her lush curvy bum looked, and he felt like stepping up behind her and slamming his rising cock deep into her right then and there. But he knew right now, it was up to her to make the next move, and after everything she’d done for him so far, he was more than willing to let her set the pace of this unexpected encounter.

“Do you think this makes a good shot, baby?” Nicole asked as she sat in the chair and slowly crossed her legs, twisting her upper body to give him a perfect view of her thrusting tits in profile.

“Oh God, Mom, that’s fantastic,” Mitch replied as he kept shooting, moving all around her as she posed provocatively. He completed his circle of the chair, taking picture after picture from all angles, until he found himself standing directly in front of her.

“What about a few shots like this?” his mother asked as she uncrossed her legs, setting those sexy slingbacks flat on the floor in front of the chair. She leaned forward, arching her back to make her huge breasts look even more pronounced, the soft swells of tit-flesh oozing from the straining bra cups. As she sat forward, she gave Mitch another sultry look, and then slowly started to spread her legs. Mitch watched from right in front of her as the gap between her smooth creamy thighs widened invitingly. He almost dropped the camera, his hands were shaking so badly. As her thighs rolled further open to each side, she placed her hands on her legs and slowly slid them down towards her knees, her red-tipped fingernails looking scintillatingly erotic against the brilliant white of her shimmering nylons. With the angle between her spread legs now reaching about ninety degrees, she stopped, and arched her back once more, her mouthwatering tits looking spectacular as they thrust forward. She tilted her head coyly to one side, a wispy lock of blonde hair falling over one eye provocatively.

Mitch kept snapping pictures, not wanting to miss a thing. She looked at him teasingly, and then slowly ran her tongue out to circle around her mouth, making her lipstick-covered lips look like a wet red gash—a perfect target for a long hard cock. Mitch’s cock was almost rock-hard again, and he felt a pulsing throb go through it as he looked at his mother’s sexy face, her lovely features burning with sluttish desire.

“Maybe you should take a close up of this,” Nicole said, sitting back slightly as she ran one red-tipped fingernail slowly up the inside of her thigh and over the front of her tiny panties. As if mesmerized, Mitch dropped to his knees between her spread legs and followed her hypnotizing finger as she ran it teasingly up and down along the warm cleft of her pouting labia, the golden treasure hidden beneath her wispy little panties. Mitch zoomed in as she suggested, snapping pictures of her slender fingers toying with ataköy grup yapan escort her sex, her bold red fingernails tracing provocatively up and down along the soft flesh beneath the silky garment. He could see that the front of her panties was almost translucent, soaked through with her flowing juices. He was close enough that he could smell her warm womanly fragrance, the intoxicating scent emanating from her dripping pussy. He felt dizzy with excitement, and put down the camera so he could see with his very eyes.

“That’s my boy,” Nicole said in a soft lulling tone. “Come closer.” As Mitch edged closer, her fingertips toyed with the leg opening of her panties, and then she slipped her fingers beneath as he watched, her fingertips moving over her hot wet flesh beneath the damp piece of white silk. Mitch watched from his spot on the floor between her creamy thighs, totally entranced as her fingers moved provocatively just out of view, the wet sticky sound of her probing fingers sounding like the sweetest symphony to his ears. She slowly withdrew her hand from beneath her panties, her fingers glistening with her gooey juices. She wafted her fingers teasingly in the air in front of him, the alluring scent of her womanly nectar overwhelming him.

Mitch kneeled there, totally transfixed by his mother’s lurid behaviour, but loving every illicit second of it. The sight of her sticky fingers was tantalizingly exciting, but the inviting fragrance drifting up from her gooey hand was so sensually arousing that he wasn’t surprised to feel another pulsing throb go through his resurgent prick.

“Is this what you want, baby?” Nicole said in that same lulling tone as she brought her hand closer to his face, waving her glistening fingers teasingly just out of his reach.

“Yes,” Mitch hissed, his eyes locked on her shiny fingers, his mouth watering at the thought of getting a taste of his mother’s warm succulent discharge.

“Does that smell good?” Nicole asked, the alluring scent of her womanly nectar filling the air as she wafted her fingers slowly from side to side.

“Oh God, yes,” Mitch replied with a gulp, his taste buds salivating like crazy.

“Would my baby like a little taste of Mommy’s sweet honey?” Nicole asked coyly, one gooey fingertip scraping over his full bottom lip.

“Yesss,” Mitch gasped in reply, his tongue running out hurriedly to lap up the sticky discharge she’d left on his lip.

“Say please,” she said teasingly, rolling her shining hand teasingly right in front of his face, his eyes following her glistening fingers hypnotically.

“P…please,” Mitch said anxiously, almost pleading with her to let him have a taste of her succulent juices.

“Well, since you were a good boy and said please,” Nicole replied, a wry smile on her face as she slid her shiny index finger right between his beckoning lips. His lips quickly closed down on her slender digit, trapping it within his mouth as his tongue rolled wantonly over the slim finger, licking up her tasty juices.

“Mmmm…..” It was Mitch purring now, loving the warm earthy taste of his mother’s discharge. She slid her finger back and forth between his lips lewdly, making it look like he was sucking a little cock.

“That’s my good boy,” Nicole said in that soft lulling voice as she withdrew her index finger and slid in her long middle finger, loving the feel of his soft full lips pulling obscenely at the sticky digit. “That’s a beautiful mouth you have, sweetheart. I know somewhere else I’d like to feel those soft lips of yours too.”

Mitch shuddered with excitement as his mother withdrew her slimy finger from his mouth, crooking her red-tipped fingernail in beckoning fashion as she sat back in the chair and let her legs roll further open to each side, her mesmerizing fingertip tracing upwards along the warm cleft of her pussy, clearly visible beneath her soaking-wet panties.

“Let me feel that pretty tongue of yours right here,” she said in a hypnotic purr as her slender finger rubbed up and down over the pouting mound of her dripping labia.

Like a moth to a flame, Mitch crawled forward, feeling his mouth watering with desire as he moved closer and closer between his mother’s creamy thighs, the inviting mound of her warm sex spectacularly framed by her white lace corset, the shimmering white nylons, and the stretched ribbon-like garters, the clasps pulling tightly at the intricate lacy tops of her delicate hose. Her alluring wet pussy was pulling him in like a magnet, the tantalizing scent filling his senses like an intoxicating drug, her teasing fingertip making him shiver with arousal as he got closer and closer to the mesmerizing treasure he knew lay beneath that tiny sliver of white satin rising from between her spread legs.

Nicole reached out, running her fingers through her son’s hair as she watched him, his tongue slipping out to run instinctively over his full lips as he basked in the aroma of her fragrant cunt, his young face flushed with arousal. She pulled gently on the back of his head, letting him know what she wanted. He seemed to instinctively know what she needed, his broad tongue slipping out from between his parted lips as he pressed it flush up against the front of her sodden panties, tasting his mother’s warm cunt-honey for the first time. “Mmmm, that’s it,” Nicole said encouragingly, a pleased smile on her face.

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