Mommy’s Good Little Boy

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Steven was relaxing in his room. Laying on his back and letting his thoughts drift. He was an 18 year old boy with dark hair and dark eyes. His body was hard and muscular. He was tall and athletic. Even so young, he was already a very attractive young man. None of the girls at school had caught his interest, though.

His mind kept wandering towards thoughts of his mother. She was petite with long brown hair and green eyes. She was sweet and loving and incredibly beautiful. He thought about her body and how it would feel to kiss her skin.

He didn’t know why he was plagued by these thoughts about his mother. He knew it was wrong but that only added to the appeal. He felt his cock starting to grow harder as he thought about her soft lips and how good they would feel wrapped around him.

Stevenn reached down and unbuckled his belt. He unbuttoned then unzipped his jeans, freeing his cock from the constraints of his clothes. He wrapped one hand around the base of his cock and closed his eyes. He started stroking himself, slowly at first.

He stopped for a moment and reached into the drawer of the desk next to his bed. He pulled out a bottle of lube and put a generous amount into his hand. He coated his cock with the slippery wetness, pretending that he was slick from the wetness of his Mother’s pussy.

“Oh Mommy, yes” he whispered as he stroked harder and faster.

He was so caught up in his own little world that he didn’t hear the door to his room open. He did hear his mother gasp in surprise, though. Panicking he yanked the blanket over him, trying to cover himself and hide what he was doing. His face turned bright red.

It was too late to hide it, she had seen him stroking his cock with intensity. She also thought she heard him say “Mommy” but she wasn’t sure. She was deeply disturbed by her reaction to what she saw. Her pussy was wet and tingling. Her heart was beating fast in her chest. Her cheeks were flushed and hot.

She could see how embarrassed Stevenn was and knew she should turn around, shut the door and pretend she had seen nothing. Instead, she stepped into the room and closed the door behind her, locking it.

She turned back towards Stevenn who was looking ashamed and confused. She smiled at him and made her way to his bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and looked him in the eyes.

“Do you want any help with that?” she asked and gestured towards his cock. Stevenn was greatly surprised. Did she really mean it? He looked at her face, hoping for a clue, an answer.

“Yes, I’m serious.” She smiled at him, thoroughly enjoying his obvious discomfort. She wasn’t sure exactly what she was doing and she knew she shouldn’t be offering to pleasure her son but logic was pushed down by desire and, right now, she didn’t care if it was wrong.

“I don’t know, I’m confused…” He trailed off not knowing what to say or do.

“Will you let me touch you?” she asked. “I can show you how to feel really, really good.”

Still at a loss for words, Stevenn simply shook his head. Even though he wanted her badly, he knew this was not supposed to happen. When she reached over and wrapped both her small hands around his rather large cock, he tried to protest.

“Mom, no!” he exclaimed. “This isn’t right.” Her hands were soft and cool and nothing had ever felt so good before. Still, he tried beylikdüzü otele gelen escort to fight against the feeling.

“Mom, you have to stop,” his breath was short. “This isn’t right,” he repeated.

She stroked up and down while twisting her hands in different directions. She knew he was right to protest. She shouldn’t be touching her son this way but, that was only making the desire stronger.

She could tell he was giving in when he started moaning. “Yes, oh yes Mom. That feels so good.” He felt both ashamed and sick with guilt for how easily he was submitting to her.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?” she asked with a wicked smile. “And, call me Mommy” she directed him. “I like it when you call me Mommy.”

He nodded in agreement that it did, indeed, feel very good. He could tell he was going to lose this fight so he decided to just give in to her and enjoy it.

“Ohh, Mommy. Yes Mommy. Please don’t stop.” He was moving his hips up and down now, fucking her hands as she manipulated his cock.

“Do you love your Mommy?” She asked. “Are you a good boy? I want to hear you say it.”

“I’m your good boy, Mommy. I love you so much Mommy.” He was getting close to cumming and her orders were pushing him over the edge.

His words lit a fire within her and she had to have more. She took one hand off him so she could rub her clit. Her clothes were in the way so she stopped for a moment to remove them.

He couldn’t believe how gorgeous his Mom really was as he watched her undress. Her body was tight and lightly muscled. Her large breasts, thin waist and round ass were the reasons that people would sometimes stop to stare as she walked by. Everyone who met her, man or woman, seemed to want her and here she was, touching him. The woman that everyone wanted, wanted him.

Fully nude, she climbed up into the bed and sat between his legs, facing him. She positioned herself on her knees and smiled again. He could hardly believe it as she leaned down to kiss the head of his cock. Being only 18, he had, had no real experience with girls yet.

She wrapped her lips around him with one hand on the base of his cock. She took him in all the way to her throat, then she pushed him in further until he was buried in her throat. Nothing had ever felt so good. He closed his eyes and let his head fall back. Blocking out everything but the way she was making him feel right now.

“Yes Mommy. Please don’t stop Mommy. Please?” he all but begged her to keep going. He was about to cum and cum hard. She sucked and moved her head up and down. Faster and faster as one hand continued to stroke him and the other was fingering her pussy.

She shifted to one side and grabbed his right hand. She pulled it to her dripping wet pussy and guided two of his fingers inside her. “Now, move your fingers like this” she demonstrated the movement for him. He obediently obliged her. Her back arched and she moaned loudly before she leaned back down to take his cock into her mouth once again.

“Does that feel good, sweetheart? Do you like Mommy’s mouth around your cock? Do you like touching Mommy’s pussy? You’re making me feel so good. What a good little boy you are.” Her words were coming out in a constant stream. She was so caught up in the feeling that she was losing control.

Her beylikdüzü rus escort words were enough to push him over the edge. “I’m going to cum, Mommy.” Stevenn gasped. “I’m going to cum.”

She pulled her mouth off him for a moment. “Oh, yes. Please cum for Mommy. I want to taste you. I want you to cum in Mommy’s mouth. Please give me your cum, baby. I want it so bad.”

She wrapped her lips back around him. She started sucking and licking him like she had never tasted anything better. Very soon, he was beginning to cum. She pulled him from her mouth and stroked his cock vigorously with both hands again. When his hot cum shot out of his cock, it went all over Mommy’s face and into her open mouth. She licked her lips and felt her own orgasm beginning.

Stevenn’s fingers were still inside her and she moved against his hand. Rocking her hips, fucking her sons fingers. With the taste of his cum in her mouth and his cock still in her hands, she came and came hard all over his hand. Wetness from her pussy flowing out of her and over his hand and wrist. She collapsed next to him and wrapped her arms around him.

“I love you so much, Stevenn.” She whispered.

“I love you too, Mommy. So much.” He closed his eyes and held her close, one hand rubbing her back.

“I think we need to do this again sometime. It has to be our little secret, though. No one can know about this. If you tell, we won’t be able to play anymore. Do you want to play again?”

“Yes Mommy! I really want to play with you again. I want more. I want to feel my cock inside you Mommy. I won’t tell anyone, just please, please can we do this again?”

“Of course we can, baby. You’re such a good boy. Mommy’s good boy. I can’t wait until next time. I’m going to fuck you next time.”

He was starting to respond to the thought of this happening again and his cock was already getting hard again. Mom noticed and reached down to touch him.

“Maybe next time will be sooner than I expected.” She smiled mischievously and caressed his cock from base to head. He was rock hard now.

Mom turned until she could straddle him, sitting so his cock was right in front of her. “Have you ever been inside a woman before?” she questioned.

“Not even close. I’ve never had anyone else even touch me besides myself and now you today.”

“You’ve really never fooled around with a girl? You’re such a good looking boy, the girls should be all over you.”

“Oh, they are but none of them catch my eye. I have you to compare them to and they all fall so far short of you. I can’t accept less than what I want and what I’ve wanted is you.”

“It seems like we’ve both been thinking the same thing for some time now. I’m glad we both know it now. We can have lots of fun together.”

With that she moved until she was directly over his cock and slowly, oh so slowly lowered herself down onto him. Once the head of his cock had disappeared inside her she paused for a moment enjoying the feeling. Then she took him all the way inside her with one swift movement.

He cried out in ecstasy and she moaned his name “Stevenn…” Was all she could say. He clamped his hands around her waist and began steadily moving in and out of her.

She rode him with her head thrown back. Her body on full display for beylikdüzü türbanlı escort his enjoyment. He drank in the sight of her, still having a hard time believing this was real. All the times he had thought about her, all the times he had tried not to think about her and she had felt the same way about him all along. He was feeling very happy right now.

She rode him faster, harder and he could tell she was close to cumming again. “Yes Mommy, cum on my hard cock Mommy. Cum for me.” He urged her on.

She cried out and started fucking him with a frenzy. Urgent, desperate for more her body moved on instinct, she no longer had control over her movements.

She came on his cock with a flood of cum drenching them both. His mommy was a squirter, even better. He loved the feeling of her cum on his body.

He drove his cock deep inside her, hard. Driving into her. He stopped and lifted her up and turned her around so she was on her hands and knees in front of him. He took a moment to admire her prefect round ass before he thrust his cock back inside her throbbing pussy.

He fucked his Mommy with an intense determination. Pounding into her, his hips slamming into the cheeks of her sweet ass. He was about to cum again. He was going to cum inside his Mother’s pussy.

That thought pushed him over the edge and he yelled as he emptied his balls inside her. Maybe he would get her pregnant, he thought. The idea turned him on though he wasn’t sure exactly why. He wasn’t in a mind to question anything right now, though.

He felt a warmth on his cock and looked down to see her using her tongue to clean him. When she was done, he grabbed her and pushed her down onto her back. She didn’t fight him. Feeling bold, he pulled her legs apart and looked at her pussy on display for him. He could see some of his cum leaking back out of her.

He leaned down and kissed her clit. Then he stuck his tongue inside her and licked his cum out of her. She squirmed and moaned again. Her breath was coming fast. He could tell she was still close so he pressed his lips to her clit again then sucked it into his mouth. He stuck two fingers back inside her and stroked her. It took less than a minute and she was cumming for him again. The flavor of her cum was the best thing he had ever tasted. He drank her in as she lay there, panting.

After a few minutes, she had regained her composure. She put her clothes back on while she kept her eyes on her son’s amazing young body. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. Neither could he. Both of them looked forward to the next round.

As she opened his bedroom door, they both heard his dad coming into the house from the garage. She said “our secret” and shut Stevenn’s door before she went to great her husband with a big hug and kiss.

“How was your day, honey?” she asked him.

“The usual,” he said. “How about you? Anything exciting happen around here?”

“Nothing at all,” she said. “Just another day.”

Stevenn had walked into the kitchen at this point and she smiled at him.

“Hey sweetheart, did you have a nice nap?” she asked him with a wink.

“Yeah, I had some crazy dreams but my body really needed it.”

It was all she could do not to start laughing at his double meaning. This was their secret for now.

He was in shock but also very happy about the events of that afternoon. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow when he would have her alone again. So much of his life had just changed because Mommy had walked in on him touching himself. He was very glad he hadn’t locked his door. Part of him knew that he always left his door unlocked on purpose. He had been hoping she would catch him and like it. What a lucky boy he was.

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