Mom Fights for Me to Stay Ch. 01

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All characters are over fictional and at least 18 years old. Sorry for any typos or errors, I’m doing this on my phone.


My mom and I have always been super close, but the last couple weeks have been a bit rough. That was when I told her I was accepting a baseball scholarship to a bigger school out of state, leaving her alone. She didn’t make a big scene, but I knew it hurt her. Ever since though, she has been pretty cold to me. She escapes to her room whenever I am around, my attempts to get her to watch movies or anything always get politely declined before she excuses herself.

It’s always been just the two of us, her high-school sweetheart knocked her up at 18, he responded by joining the army. We don’t know if he died or not, either way, he never came back. Her parents helped her out at first, but my mom persevered, getting a high paying job at an advertising firm. We had our own place by the time she was 21 and she never looked back. Laura Harris was always an attractive woman, but she grow more beautiful everyday. At least to me, I know it’s weird, but I’ve had fantasies. She is 5’8″, short brown hair, big natural breasts on a thin frame. She dates, I’m sure she fucks, but she is usually discrete, I guess it all happens at guy’s place, or girl’s, who knows.

Luckily it seems she is in a better mood today. I came downstairs and found a delicious breakfast waiting for me, then she asked to spend the day together, wanting to make the most of our time together before I leave. After breakfast we took a walk to the nearby park, halfway through she held my hand and leaned her head on my shoulder, which was new.

“How could you want to leave this?” She asked in an innocent.

“Come on mom.” I replied with a groan. “I’m not leaving to get away, I’m doing what’s best for my future. I have an outside shot of getting drafted if I go to a bigger school.”

“Arthur, if you’re good enough you can get drafted no matter what school you go to. Tech won a National Championship!” She cried.

“That was 40 years ago Mom!” I said with a laugh, trying to keep the mood light.

She released my hand and walked over to the wooden fence overlooking a small pond. I dropped my head before looking over at her, I couldn’t help admiring her long legs as she leaned against the fence in her little jean shorts. After a moment I make my way over next to her, leaning on the fence.

“Mom.” I start, not sure where I intend to go. “It’s killing me that this is hurting you so much. I’m not doing it to be hurtful.”

“But it does hurt!” she snaps, tears running down her cheek. “You have been my whole life since the day you were born, now the second you become an adult, you can’t wait to go on and start your new life.”

“That’s not what…” I start.

“I’m not giving up yet.” She cuts me off, poking my chest with her finger, before turning to head back to the house in a hurry.

“The hell does that mean?” I mutter as I watch her walk away.

Upset, I sit down on a nearby bench and put my head in my hands. I truly believe I am doing the best thing for my future, but I also love my mom more than anything, and seeing her upset is tearing me up inside. Eventually I get a text from Kat, my sometimes girlfriend, usually friend canlı bahis with benefits asking if I would meet her at the mall. I agreed, hoping it would take my mind off of things.

The Uber drops me off at the mall about an hour later and I find Kat in the food court. She is the opposite of my mom, she is short, blonde, and curvy. We started dating in freshman year, but eventually we broke up, but really liked having sex together. We still hangout, so it’s not unusual to hangout of the mall, though I would expect sex to come after.

“What’s with the thousand yard stare?” Kat asks as we walk towards the next store.

“Huh?” I ask, barely aware of what’s going on.

“You’re completely zoned out dude. You didn’t even register when I suggested I go try things on at Victoria Secret.” She teased.

“Oh, sorry.” I say, giving an apologetic smile. “Things with mom are really bad since I told her I was leaving. I thought she was better this morning, but then things got even worse.”

“I don’t blame her, you’re kinda her entire life.” She says as she leads us into another store. “I know you say she dates, but I don’t think she does, I think she just hooks up.”

“Jesus Kat.” I groan.

“Oh grow up, I’m just saying, you are the relationship in her life. You are her connection.”

“Oh, shit.” I mutter. “I never thought about it like that.”

“I tell you what.” She says, putting a dress back on the rack. “No more shopping for today, let’s go back to my place, it’s empty for a few more hours.”

I didn’t need much convincing, within the hour we back at her place and I was kissing her against the wall as soon as we got inside. We continue to kiss against the wall for a few minutes, secretly I am aware that my dick isn’t responding as it should. I kiss at her neck for a while before I just slowly stop.

“What?” she asked confused. “Why are you stopping.”

“Im not getting hard.” I say quietly.

“Fuck dude, get your head right.” She says as she pushes me away and heads for the couch.

“I thought that’s what we were doing.” I say, head down in shame.

“Well obviously I’m not enough to get over your mother.”

“Come on, that’s not fair.” I plead.

“Probably not, but you need to get this sorted out. She isn’t the only on your leaving you know?”

“Really? Are you upset that I’m going?” I ask, sitting down next to her on the couch.

“I’m not happy about it. I know we are on and off, but it’s hard to be on when you aren’t here.” She says, looking down at her hands.

“Great, you’re making this so much easier.” I say sarcastically.

We talk for awhile, going our relationship and where things might be headed. Neither one of us want to commit to anything, but we also don’t want to close the door. Eventually we throw on a movie and fall asleep on the couch. We got a nice talking to her when Dad got home and found us sleeping on the couch, but he wasn’t to angry. I said my goodbyes and started the walk home as the sun began to drop.

Entering the front door I notice lit candles and smell food being cooked.

“Mom?” I ask, heading into the kitchen. “What’s going on?”

“Hey baby.” She replies, now wearing a nice summer dress. “I felt really bad about what happened bahis siteleri this morning, so I thought we could have a nice dinner and talk things over like adults.”

I feel relieved at her mood change. “That sounds great mom. Do I have time for a shower?”

She nods and I head up the stairs and get the shower going. Once I shed my clothes I am annoyed to see my cock more alive now than when Kat was raring to go earlier. I decide to stroke it a bit and eventually decide to full on cum to relieve stress before talking with mom. I wish I could say I was thinking of Kat, but I wasn’t, I was thinking of Mom. Once I finished, I put on a nice button up shirt and a pair of jeans before heading downstairs.

Back in the kitchen I find mom already sat at the table, her long legs crossed and one her pretty feet bouncing up and down. I can’t help but smile as I sit down across from her and find a nice plate of pasta and a glass of wine waiting for me. It’s not the first time mom has let me drink, but it was still a nice surprise. She proposes a toast to our future before we eat and I eagerly drink my entire glass which causes her to smile.

After eating for a few minutes, I begin to feel lightheaded. Looking around I swear my vision starts to blur and get dark, glancing at my mom she just sits there with a smile, taking another sip of her wine. Just as I go to callout for her, everything goes black.

Sometime later, I open my eyes and everything is blurry, my head is pounding. My vision slowly clears up and I begin to take in my surroundings. I’m in my room, did mom carry me upstairs? I go to sit up, and that’s when I notice I am bound at the wrists and ankles. I try to callout again, but something is stuffed in my mouth. What the fuck? As I begin to freak out and thrash around, I finally realize I am naked and my cock is painfully hard. Apparently all the noise I am making gets mom’s attention and she comes into the room in a red silk robe.

“Good, you’re awake.” She says, downright cheerfully.

“Mmmmmmm!” I try to yell and free my wrists.

“Shhh, shhh, shhh, baby. Careful, you don’t want to hurt yourself.” She says, placing a hand on my chest.

I make a whining noise as my eyes go wide, it finally settling in that she did all this.

“I know baby, it’s a lot to take in, but I am doing this for us.” She says sweetly, her hand slowly trailing down my toned chest towards my rock hard cock.

I groan again slightly, my head shaking “no.”

“Yes baby.” She says with a slight laugh. “This probably isn’t how you imagined it, but I know you have thought about this, thought about me.”

I groan loudly, shaking my head even more, even though she was right. Just before her hand reaches my cock, she stands up from the bed and slides off her robe. Underneath it she is wearing a matching pair of red panties and red bra. Getting back on the bed, she straddles my thighs and lightly takes my cock in one hand.

“I’m so happy you enjoyed your wine.” She teases. “It had a little extra surprise inside. Viagra and sleeping pills. I debated the Viagra, pretty sure you would get hard for me, but better safe than sorry.”

Her hands begin so slowly move up and down my shaft, her touch so soft it drives me crazy. I notice her bite bahis şirketleri her lip and giggle to herself as she gets to know my most intimate part.

“Mpppppphm!” I try to callout to her.

“Shhh baby. Just enjoy this, there will be plenty of time to talk later, we’ll have the rest of our lives.” She says in an increasingly lusty voice.

“Hmmmmph?” I groan, looking at her play with me.

“What do I need to do to get you on board with this? Maybe this?” she says before sliding down my legs, leaning over and slowly taking me into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm.” I groan, no longer fighting as my head falls back against the headboard.

Her head slowly moves up and down, her lips squeezing and releasing my cock over and over again as her tongue trails along the underside of my shaft. I lean my head forward again, needing to watch as this happens, as my mother sucks my cock.

“Mmm, I think that did the trick.” She teases, wiping her mouth before going back down and sucking again.

I groan again, trying to give my approval for what it’s worth. This causes her to stop sucking and give me an incredible smile. Then she slides her red panties down and off of her legs before holding herself just above my cock.

“You ready baby boy?” she asks.

All I can do is moan and lift my hips a little, but not enough to reach her.

She pushes me down by abdomen before giving me one more smile before she begins to slowly slide herself down my cock. My entire body tenses as I feel myself sliding into my own mother.

“Oh Arthur, baby, your cock is incredible.” She moans as she finally sits down fully on top of me. She holds herself there for a bit before she begins to ride me, her hands grasping at my chest, her nails digging in a little bit.

“I didn’t think I would ever do this baby, but when I knew I couldn’t convince you any other way, I decided I had to baby.” She says, her eyes closed and her head tilted back.

“I’m impressed you have lasted this long, I guess I know why that shower took so long.” She teases before leaning forward and kissing at my neck and nibbling at my ear.

“Don’t hold back baby, you don’t have to worry, this isn’t a one time thing. We gotta keep doing it to make sure mommy gets pregnant.” She whispers in my ear.

My eyes shoot open and I begin to thrash at my binding. “Nmmmmmmph.”

“Yes baby, yes.” She groans into my ear. “Fill mommy up!”

Unfortunately my thrashing actually pushes me closer to the edge, the extra movement and moms increasing riding causes me to cum.

“Mmmmmmmph.” I groan, my entire body going rigid as I can’t help but thrust against my mother.

“Yes baby, cum inside mommy, yes baby. I’m cumming too.” She cries, her arms wrapping around me as she breathes into my ear.

We both lay there for a few minutes, catching our breath. Finally I start groaning around my gag. My mother sits up and kisses me all over the face, her fingers dancing on my chest.

“That was amazing Arthur, better than I could have ever imagined.” She says happily before climbing off of me, and checking the cum running out of her.

“That might do it.” She says with a laugh. “But I’ll come back in a little while for another load. Rest up.”

“Mmmmmmmph!” I groan and thrash again.

“Shhh, baby. If you’re a good boy, maybe I’ll take out the gag, but you look so cute with my panties in your mouth.” With that she turns off the lights and left the room.


To be continued…

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