Mom and Son Make a Movie

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Michael was a young guy, 18 years old. He lived with his mother, Sophie, while he finished his last year of high school. His father had sadly passed away many years ago when Michael was still young.

His mother got pregnant with him when she was 18. After Michael’s father died she struggled to find time, as a young single mother, to date and had remained single.

She was a tall blonde with 32D tits, and alluring blue eyes. She worked as a yoga and fitness instructor at the local gym and so was in perfect shape with a flat stomach and a firm ass. When she wasn’t at the gym she loved to take care of her appearance and always wore tight dresses and high heels with immaculate makeup.

She had been given the week off work whilst they installed new equipment at the gym. Michael had left quietly for school leaving her to enjoy a lie in. She woke up late in the morning and slipped out of bed and headed to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee.

On days when she was home alone she loved nothing more than wandering around the house in her baggy night shirt that she slept in. On warm summer days, like this one, she would go without underwear, just the tshirt protecting her modesty.

On the way to the kitchen she passed a full length mirror in the hall. She stopped to admire herself, she was looking good. She lifted her tshirt slightly at the back, her ass was looking incredible, those squats were paying off.

Feeling a little naughty she pulled the tshirt over her head and stood naked in front of the mirror. Her large tits were still firm, her nipples were slightly stiff. She softly pinched her nipples, feeling them harden beneath her fingers. She had a small tuft of blonde pubic hair above her soft pussy.

As she let her hands explore her naked body she grew excited. Making the most of the deserted house she walked naked into the living room and lay on the sofa and opened her legs wide.

She slowly ran her hands along her inner thighs inching towards her moist sex. Her clit swelled up in anticipation, protruding from its hood. She sighed with delight as her finger eased inside her wet love hole. She worked her fingers in and out, coating them in her juices. Grasping her tits with her free hand she pounded at her snatch furiously, the smell of wet pussy filled the air as her cum dripped down her leg.

She panted and moaned as she felt her climax approaching, her cunt was radiating heat as it dribbled with cum. She threw her head back and drove her fingers deep in her twat. She was about to cum, she could feel it approaching just as she heard a grunt.

She quickly sat up and took her sodden fingers from her pussy. Looking up she saw her son Michael stood there with his cock in his hand with a raging hardon. He panicked and pulled up his pants and ran off into his bedroom.

Michael was a tall and handsome boy who took after his father. He was 6’1 and had dark hair and brown eyes. He had a strong jaw and a toned muscular body.

She sat there panting, illegal bahis bright red with embarrassment and took a moment to gather her thoughts then put her top on and went to Michael’s door and knocked.

“Michael honey, can we talk please?”

“Go away, leave me alone.”

“Please, let’s talk.”

She heard no reply so let herself in and saw Michael lying face down on the bed, his head buried in his pillows. She sat on the bed next to him and put her hand on his back.

“Mike, I’m sorry you walked in on me doing that.” She said softly. “Sometimes I just need to relieve myself.”

“Yeah.” Came the muffled reply from the pillow.

“You must have needed it too. Is that why you got aroused watching me?”

Michael looked up from his pillow.

“Yeah, I don’t know what happened, I saw you and one thing led to another.”

“That’s O.K. Mike.”

“I’ve just been needing to do it so much recently, I don’t know why.”

“I know how you feel.”

“I know that it’s wrong but it helped when I watched you.”

She sat there in silence, thinking to herself. She was torn, she wanted to help her son in anyway she could, but couldn’t get over the fact that what had happened was so wrong.

“I think I can help.”

She got up and went to her room and locked the door. Later that afternoon she returned with a memory stick and gave it to him.

“When your alone and need to deal with things just watch this.”

Later that night after his mom had gone to bed he turned his laptop on and inserted the memory stick. There was only one file on the drive entitled Mom.mp4 . He selected it and watched in awe.

On the screen he could see his Mom’s bed. She stood before the camera and took her top off and climbed onto the bed and lay down on her back with her legs wide apart. Michael felt his cock go as hard as steel. He began jerking himself off as he watched his mother pleasure herself on camera. After the 5 min video had finished he had exhausted himself. He dosed off into a deep sleep, finally satisfied.

The next few days were difficult for Sophie, she felt disgusted that she had given her son a video of her fingering herself so he could masturbate to it. However she was glad it was helping him with his issue. And at the back of her brain she couldn’t shake the feeling that she had absolutely loved knowing that she was being filmed as she writhed around in ecstasy.

That night she was in bed, struggling to sleep with thoughts spinning around her mind. She heard a muffled groan and a familiar whimper. Michael was masturbating to her and clearly enjoying it. She felt her nipples tingle and harden at the thought of it. That night she fingered herself to orgasm as she listened to her son pleasure himself.

She spent the entirety of the next day wrestling with her thoughts, she decided when she got home she would delete the video and try to forget the whole sordid affair.

She unlocked the front door and walked into the living room. Michael was illegal bahis siteleri lying naked on the sofa slowly stroking his hard 9 inch penis. On the large flat screen T.V was the video of her masturbating.

She instantly forgot her plan and sat down next to Michael and took her sports bra off and rubbed her nipples.

“Mom?” Michael gasped.

“I need this Mike.” She said as she kicked off her trainers and pulled down her yoga pants and underwear.

She lay there naked watching herself on the screen and her young virile son as he massaged his thick member. She felt so wrong but the sick pleasure of it made her pussy gush.

Both Mom and Son lay naked together each touching their own aroused sex. The sound of panting and moaning filled the air as did the sweet sticky smell of carnal pleasure.

On screen Sophie was bucking her hips and cumming vigorously as she smashed her fingers into her cunt. The view proved to much for Sophie and joined her video self in the sweet agony of climax, throwing her legs wide and gyrating uncontrollably as waves of pleasure washed over her.

Hearing his Mom experiencing so much pleasure tightened Mike’s cum filled balls. Without warning he shot his load up into the air and watched as it rained down on his mom.

They lay together, hot and sweaty and covered in cum. Struggling to catch her breath Sophie spoke.

“I hope you didn’t mind.”

“That was incredible mom. But what came over you?”

“Seeing you and myself on the screen was too much for me.”

“You enjoyed it then?” He asked as his long cock slowly softened.

“Something about being filmed really got me going.”

After a long silence Michael turned and looked at his beautiful mother.

“I can film you, if you want to make another video like that?”

“I don’t know Mike, we shouldn’t be doing this.”

“It can be our secret.”

Sophie agreed that at the weekend she would make another video this time with Michael as cameraman.

The rest of the week flew by, they carried on as a normal mother and son would. The weekend finally arrived and Sophie began to get ready for her video.

She took a shower and cleaned herself thoroughly. After drying herself off she spread shaving cream up her legs and for the first time since her pregnancy all over her pubic area. She carefully removed every hair from her pussy and her landing strip. She smiled as she admired her now completely bald snatch. She wiped off and moisturised her whole body.

She wrapped herself in a towel and walked to her bedroom and picked out an outfit. She chose a white sun dress that had a short skirt that stopped halfway up her thighs. She matched her dress with a pair of strappy white sandals with 5 inch heel.

Before getting dressed she painted her fingernails and toenails a bright red colour to match the lipstick she applied. She put on her outfit and slid on a white gstring under her skirt, enjoying the feel of it on her freshly shaved pussy.

“I’m canlı bahis siteleri ready.” She called out to Michael.

Michael found his mom stood in the kitchen looking like a goddess. He was wearing shorts and a tshirt.

They had decided to start the video outside on the patio and then move into Sophie’s room. She stood on the patio Mike turned the camera on.

She began slowly swaying her hips and gyrating as Michael moved the camera up her body beginning at her toes working the whole way up. Her hands sensually explored her body and she lifted the skirt slightly to tease the camera with her thong, she was a natural at this Mike decided.

Finished with the teasing she confidently strode into the house toward her bedroom, her high heels clicked on the floor as she walked. The lens seemed almost glued to her sensuous ass. Mike felt himself stiffen as she climbed the stairs and he filmed up her dress, her tight thong clinging to her figure.

When they reached her room Sophie turned to face the camera and without hesitation untied her dress and let it fall away. Mike’s heart skipped a beat. She stood there in high heels and a tight gstring, her large firm breasts heaving up and down as she breathed, her nipples erect and sensitive.

She teased her tits for the camera for what seemed like an eternity. He could hardly control the urge to take out his aching knob and rub it for her. She climbed onto the bed and hooked her thumbs into the thin waist of her thong and pulled it away, the crotch clung to her pussy, glued there by her moist secretions.

Sophie could feel her heart racing as she lay naked with her hairless cunt pointed at her son. There was a nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach as she watched him film her with his cock throbbing in his shorts.

She was so turned she could hardly believe it, she had to cum soon she wouldn’t last much longer. She eased two fingers into her sopping gash, a squelching sound filled the room as she finger fucked herself.

Her fingers slipped easily in and out of her fuck hole as she moaned. Mike zoomed in as a drop of cum rolled down her leg. His cock was straining against his shorts and he could feel precum forming around the tip.

Sophie climbed up onto all fours with her ass facing the camera, her legs slightly apart gave a stunning view of her sex in all its pulsing glory. She knew she was close to cumming, that’s why she changed position, to buy herself an extra few moments.

She reached behind and reinserted her fingers and buried her face into the bed as her free hand violently rubbed her enflamed clit. Even through the bedding Mike could hear her passionate moans and gasps.

Her back suddenly arched as she let out a scream. Her hands left her quivering cunt and gripped the bed so tightly her knuckles turned white and her toes curled in her heels. Zooming in on her pussy Mike knelt down just as jets of slippery cum shot out of his mom’s glistening sex. She painted the room with her juices and blurred out the lens as she soaked the camera.

She collapsed onto the bed and fought to catch her breath as Mike turned off the camera.

“I can’t wait to watch this mom.”

“Me either, baby.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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