Mom and Sarah

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I’m eighteen and live with my mother and older sister. My old man took off ten years ago and the only time we hear from him is when his lawyer gives Mom her alimony check. I had always planned to move out and get my own place as soon as I turned eighteen but now I think I’ll stay.

Day before yesterday, Saturday, Mom and Sarah went shopping and I cleaned up the yard after Friday’s storm. I was still at it when they came home, yacking away a mile a minute like they always do.

It was a nice warm spring say and I saw Mom opening up the windows. When I went past her bedroom window I stopped short, the window was open, the blind was up and Mom and Sarah were trying on the clothes they bought. We were a fairly easygoing family but this was the first time I ever saw either one of them in their underwear. Sarah saw me watching and said something to Mom, Mom said something to her and they both laughed. But they didn’t pull the blind down. So I took that as an invitation to get a closer look.

I leaned on the window sill and grinned, “You’re lucky it’s only me out here, what if I’d been some pervert and saw you half naked?”

“I’d say there’s already a pervert watching us, wouldn’t you, Mother?”

“Oh, I don’t canlı bahis know, I guess it’s normal for a boy to want to see women change clothes.”

“Don’t let me stop you. Like you say, it’s normal for a man to watch women changing clothes,” then I got brave, “You didn’t happen to buy any new undies, did you?”

“Jesus, Mother, I think he wants us to strip for him.”

“It does sound that way, doesn’t it?”

Sarah came closer to the window and reached for the blind, “If you want to see any more you’re going to have to come inside. We’re not entertaining the whole neighborhood.”

She pulled the shade and I ran to Mom’s room.

Sarah still had her panties and bra on, Mom had removed her bra and had her back to me, taking off her panties. I stopped at the door and gawked.

“Your horny son’s here, Mother.”

Mom looked over her shoulder, “You’re not coming in here like that. Leave your clothes in your room.”

I flew across the hall, stripped and hurried back.

“Whoa, would you look at the love muscle on the kid!”

“You wrap your twat around this love muscle and you won’t call me kid anymore.”

“Is that an invitation or a challenge?”


“Hold on, bahis siteleri if there isn’t enough for everyone there isn’t enough for anyone.”

“Don’t worry, Mom, I have enough to go around. I might need a few minutes to rest up after the first one, though. You ladies look like you can really work a man over.”

“What do you think, Mother? You in the mood to fuck?”

“Always. I’m sure you won’t mind if the older of the two takes first bite of the forbidden fruit, will you?”

“I hope you aren’t going to discuss this all day. I never tried it before, but I might be able to eat one of you while I fuck the other one.”

“Now that sounds like a good idea. Mother?”

“Like the man said, I hope we aren’t going to discuss this all day. Get your ass on that bed, I want to feel your prick inside me.”

Mom had expression of pure bliss as she lowered herself around my prick. Mine was probably the same because her snatch felt so damn good. Then my view was blocked when Sarah squatted over my face. Damn, she has a sweet tasting pussy! I jammed my tongue as deep as I could reach and Sarah rocked back and forth on it while Mom rocked back and forth on my cock. I didn’t have to do a damn thing except lay there bahis şirketleri and enjoy two of the finest cunts I ever came across.

I held Sarah’s cheeks apart so I could breathe. Someone was moaning and Mom was bouncing up and down on my prick, then all of a sudden she dropped down hard and pressed herself as tight as she could. Her pussy twitched, gripping and releasing my prick for what seemed like and hour. I felt her go limp and then she rolled off. As soon as Mom got off Sarah took her place on my wet dick.

“You bastard, I’m nearly cumming already.”

“So am I. You got a real tasty cunt.”

She kissed me and chuckled, “I do, don’t I? …………Oh God! ……….. OH GOD, I’M CUMMINNNG!”

“So am I! Jesus H. Christ!!!”

If Sarah’s pussy had teeth my dick would be hamburger. And while her twat chewed and milked my dong I spurted the biggest load I ever shot in a woman.

Sarah rolled off and laid beside Mom. They looked at one another and started laughing like a couple of maniacs.

“Whooee! All this time we’ve been jilling and eating one another and we had this magnificent cock right here in the house!”

“Hahahaha, and I even wished your old man was back! Henry, how would you feel if I got rid of this old bed and got a king sized for the three of us?”

I crawled between them, put an arm around their shoulders and took hold of a couple of tits, “I already feel like I died and went to heaven!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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