Mom, All I Want for Xmas is You Ch. 16

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All characters portrayed are over the age of eighteen.


A long-time brewing, Mother and son have sex on Christmas

After having teased one another with sexually and incestuous charged pillow talk with what Susan would enjoy her son sexually doing for her and James replying in kind what he’d enjoy incestuously doing for his mother, they looked at one another. This was it. They were at the demarcation line of incest. The point of no return, if they dared cross this imaginary, forbidden line, there was no turning back. If they dared cross that imaginary, forbidden line, their lives would never be the same.

Yet, some could say that she had already crossed the line of incest by her constantly and continually flashing James up-skirt peeks of her panties and down-blouse views of her cleavage and bra. Some could say he crossed the line of incest by looking, staring, and leering at all that his mother was showing. Some could say that when she barged in his bedroom without knocking and stayed to watch his masturbation show that she had already shown her incestuous intentions.

Some may deem that they’ve already crossed the line of incest by discussing something so forbidden, a mother and son having sex. Some may deem that they already crossed the line of incest when he volunteered to sleep with her and she accepted his offer. Some may deem that she already crossed the line of incest when she exposed her naked body to her son by wearing such a sheer, sexy, and wide-open nightgown. Some may deem that he already crossed the line of incest when he stared at his mother’s naked breasts and her naked pussy without showing shame, embarrassment, or averting his eyes.

If that wasn’t enough evidence that they were about to have incestuous sex, she asked her son to hold her naked breast while spooning her. She told him that it was okay for him to play with her pubic hair, as long as he didn’t finger her pussy. If that wasn’t enough, she told him that it was okay for him to touch, hold, feel, and fondle both her breasts as long as he didn’t finger her nipples. She told him that it was okay for him to touch, feel, and squeeze her naked ass.

Now, what mother exposes her naked body to her adult son? What mother allows her adult son to sleep with her in the same bed? What mother tells her adult son that it’s okay for him to not only touch her, hold her, feel her, and fondle both her naked breasts but also to touch, feel, and squeeze her naked ass? What mother allows her adult son to hold her, touch her, and feel her where only her ex-husband, his father, held her, touched her, and felt her?

As further evidence that mother and son were about to have incestuous sex, when she was already nearly naked, she invited him to remove his pajamas and to sleep naked with her. Then, in the way that he fondled her pubic hair while spooning her, she fondled his pubic hair while spooning him. If that wasn’t incestuous enough, she held his erect prick in her motherly hand when spooning him. She even fondled the head of his prick with her manicured fingertips while slowly stroking him. What mother allows her son to hold her naked breast in his hand and feel her naked ass when he spoons her and then holds his cock in her hand when she spoons him?

# # #

She looked at him looking at her. With both of them on the same page, they were obviously thinking the same thing. Forget about the touching, feeling, and fondling, they were about to have mother and son incestuous sex. As if rethinking what she was about to say, she bit her lip. She looked at him with as much trepidation and consternation as she looked at him with sexual excitement. Then, she said what he hoped she’d say.

“What if I masturbated you? What if I just stroked your cock and made you cum all over my hand?” Not even waiting for him to reply, she fired her questions at him with nervousness. “Would that be okay if I masturbated you? Would you like for me to stroke your prick? Would you like to ejaculate all over my hand to ease your horniness and to satisfy your sexual frustration?”

Sadly and selfishly, he never thought he’d be disappointed by his mother offering him a hand job but he was. Yet, before she changed her mind, he wasn’t about to decline her giving him a motherly hand job, especially if that was all she was offering. Now that she mentioned it and now that she drove him insane with sexual lust for her, he was hoping that she’d not only stroke his cock but also suck his cock before fucking his prick. He wanted to do and to sexually experience everything with his mother.

Yet, one step at a time. Perhaps, if he showed patience and didn’t pressure her for sex, one sexual thing would lead to another sexual thing. Perhaps, after she stroked his prick, she’d suck his prick. Perhaps, after she sucked his prick, she’d fuck his prick too. He’d love nothing more than for his mother to stroke, suck, and fuck his prick.

“Yes,” he said. “That would work. I’d love for you to masturbate me, Mom. I’d ankara escort love to cum all over your hand,” he said even though he’d love to cum in her mouth and all over her face before cumming in her pussy instead.

If he had his choice, after she blew him and after he ejaculated his cum in her mouth, he’d love to give his mother a cum bath. He’d love to show her the incestuous lust that he had for her by cumming all over her beautiful face, in her lush blonde hair, and all over her big, naked breasts. Instead, enjoying the incestuous show, he watched her stroke him a little harder and a little faster.

“I’m out of practice,” she said with a nervous, little laugh. “It’s been years since I’ve given a hand job. It’s been years since I’ve even held a cock in my hand.” As if mesmerized by his prick and hypnotized by his erection, she stared down at his cock. “You have a beautiful penis, James. Your penis is much bigger and much harder than your father’s penis.”

While his mother stroked him, he felt her naked breasts and fingered her erect nipples. While his mother stroked him, he persevered in his quest to learn more about his mother’s sexual background. If nothing else, he wanted to use their sexual conversation as his incestuous pillow talk. If nothing else, especially if this was the only time they’d ever be sexually intimate, he wanted to get as much sexual fodder as he could to masturbate over later.

“Tell me what you sexually did with my father. I want to know,” he said looking at his mother with as much curiosity as he looked at her with sexual excitement. He stared down at her stroking him before he looked up at her again. Threading on forbidden ground and being careful not to upset her enough for her to stop masturbating him, he wondered if she’d tell him what sexual things she did with his Dad. “It sexually excites me to know and for me to imagine you having sex with him.”

As if she was telling him a bedtime story while still slowly stroking him, she made herself comfortable against him. Yet, her mood changed again from sexual excitement to sadness and then to anger. Obviously, she was angry when talking about her sexual past with her ex-husband. Knowing now that it was a mistake to ask her about her having sex with his Dad, it was too late to back out of the conversation.

# # #

“Your father was a disrespectful, insensitive pig, especially when he was drunk. During those last few years of our marriage, he was always drunk,” she said. “Even when I was out with him, he’d be checking out other women, especially younger women. Obviously, I wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted a young, pretty, sexy thing like your ex-girlfriend, Jessica,” she said. When she fell quiet, he waited for her to speak again. “Perhaps, he regretted making me pregnant. Perhaps, he regretted feeling obligated to marry me.”

She looked at her son as if already apologizing for all that she was ready to say about his father’s bad behavior.

“I’m sorry, Mom. You don’t have to tell me about you having sex with Dad if you’d rather not,” he said. “That’s none of my business. I’m sorry for prying.” He paused while hoping his mother would continue. “I was just curious.”

Only just as he hoped she’d tell him the sexy details of his mother having sex with his father, he wasn’t sorry for prying. Instead of her being offended, she smiled at him as if he was her therapist instead of her son. Perhaps, having never talked about what sexually happened with her husband to anyone, she seemed ready to talk about all that happened now. Perhaps, discussing what happened would allow her to move on and help her to forget her ex-husband.

“It’s okay,” she said. “Having never told anyone, I’d rather talk about what happened to someone and better to talk about it to you than to talk about it to a stranger. You’d more understand what I’ve been through than would any of my girlfriends. Besides, after leaving our house and our old life behind to move here where no one knows us, I left our friends and family behind too. Now it’s just the two of us,” she said touching his shoulder.

She fell as quiet as she looked sad. If he ever saw his father with his whore of his wife, unable to control his anger, he didn’t know what he’d do. No doubt, he’d make a public scene. After punching out his father, he’d love to strip his ex-girlfriend naked, who was now his stepmother, and take her clothes. He’d love to see her walking around naked while showing everyone the whore that she is.

“It’s okay, Mom. I know how Dad was. I’d never judge you for whatever he did or made you do,” he said while suspecting his father did some terrible things to his mother.

While still holding onto his prick and slowly sliding her fingers over the head of his cock as if it was her worry stone, she gave her son a warm smile. He couldn’t believe he was in bed with his practically naked mother. He couldn’t believe she was holding his prick in her hand while fondling his prick and slowly stroking his prick while he escort ankara felt and fondled her big tits and fingered her erect nipples. As if summoning the courage to speak, she took a big breath of courage.

“Your father loved my big tits,” she said looking down at her breasts and smiling with pride. As if he was her husband, she looked at her son staring at her tits. “He was enamored with them. He was always trying to get me to flash my tits to his drunken friends,” she said sighing and rolling her eyes.

He smiled at his mother while feeling her naked breasts and fingering her erect nipples. She had beautiful breasts, so big, so firm, yet so soft, and so shapely. Like father like son, if she was his woman, he’d want to flash her breasts to his friends too. If she was his woman, he’d love to watch her having sex with another man.

“Like father like son, I love your big tits too,” he said with a nervous, little chuckle.

She stared down at his hand fondling her breasts while his fingers fingered her nipples and while he stared down at her hand slowly stroking his prick.

“If it wasn’t enough that he wanted to expose me to his friends, he encouraged his drunken friends to touch me, feel me, and grope me,” she said looking up at her son. “He wanted me to have sex with his friends while he watched and masturbated himself.”

He looked at her as shocked and angry as he was sexually excited. Yet, like father like son, he imagined inviting his friends to touch, feel, and grope his mother. With the mothers of his friends all short, fat, and ugly, he had the best-looking mother. If his friends had a mother who looked like her and who had such a sexy and shapely body, they’d want to show her off too.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” he said not meaning it.

She accepted his apology on behalf of his father by nodding her blonde, pretty head.

“Always waiting for when I was carrying something from the kitchen to the dining room or out to the backyard, he took pleasure in pulling off my bikini top and/or pulling down my tube top. It makes my skin crawl to think how many times he exposed my naked breasts to his drunken friends. No matter which way I turned, one of his friends and/or co-workers would be there staring at my naked breasts while touching me, feeling me, and groping me,” she said suddenly looking sad.

James couldn’t help but imagine doing the same to his mother. He’d love nothing more than to pull off her bikini top or pull down her tube top in front of unsuspecting men. He’d love nothing more than to watch his drunken friends touching, feeling, and groping his mother.

“Sorry Mom,” he said again when he was more sexually excited than he was sorry.

Again, she nodded her head while holding back her tears.

“I felt so sexually used and violently abused,” she said looking as if she was about to cry. “He made me feel like such a whore.”

She looked at her son with sadness while, again, like father like son, he looked at her with sexual excitement. In the way that his father treated his mother in front of his friends, he imagined treating his mother in the same way in front of his friends. He’d love to show his friends his mother’s naked breasts. Obviously, something in his DNA, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

“Sorry, Mom,” he said but he wasn’t apologizing for his father’s bad behavior, he was apologizing for his own sexual excitement.

She looked away from him and stared down at his erect prick in her hand while continuing what she needed to say. She fondled the head of his prick with her fingertips in the way that he fingered her nipples.

“God forbid I should wear a skirt, and always worse when I was carrying something, he’d lift the hem of my skirt to my waist and pull down my panties to flash them my naked ass and pussy.” Showing him a look of embarrassment and shame, she made a face of horror. “God, I was so embarrassed to be naked exposed like that in front of a group of drunken men.

Knowing that’s what drunken men do, guilty of that himself, especially when at a party with a hot, drunken woman, he looked at his mother with compassion and understanding. Now understanding what that kind of behavior did to women, he looked at his mother with insight. Even though he’d love to expose his mother in that salacious sexual way to his friends, now that he knows how his father scarred his mother, he could never do that to her.

“I’m sorry, Mom. We don’t have to discuss this, if you’d rather not,” he said.

As if she was being brave, she nodded her head.

“It’s okay. It’s in the past and I’m over it now. Yet, being that I’m obviously still angry over this, I need to talk about this,” she said falling silent. “It’s therapeutic for me to get his off my chest and out of my head.”

While James cupped his mother’s big breasts in his horny hands and fingered her erect nipple, she continued fondling her son’s erect prick before speaking again.

“Dad was such a pig. He didn’t deserve you,” ankara escort bayan said James. “If he wasn’t such a despicable pervert, he never would have left you and taken off with Jessica.”

She gave her son a sad smile while nodding her head affirmatively.

“Just as you obviously do,” she said looking down at his hands on her tits. “Your father loved my big tits. He was proud of my shapely breasts and big nipples. I lost count how many times he showed men my naked breasts against my will, especially whenever I was too slow to react and too inebriated to stop him. With him so enamored with my big, breasts, unless he bought her implants, I don’t know how he could marry Jessica, a woman who was so flat chested,” she said with a self-deserving laugh.

James rolled his eyes.

“She was always talking about getting implants. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why she married Dad,” he said. “I wouldn’t put it past him to buy her fake breasts.”

Angry that his father would sexually assault his mother in such a disrespectful way, he looked at her with anger mixed with sexual excitement. Now that he knew how it affected his mother, he felt guilty over all the drunken women the he and his friends sexually used and abused at drunken, college frat parties. What comes around, goes around and with his mother now a victim of men’s sexual depravity too, he suddenly felt guilty over all the nasty and disrespectful things that he and his friends did to drunken and helpless women while on Spring break.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” said James suddenly feeling ashamed that he was acting like his father by asking her such personal, sexual questions and becoming sexually excited over her answering such personal, sexual questions.

# # #

Yet, like father like son, he imagined how sexually exciting it would be to expose his mother’s big, naked breasts, her shapely naked ass, and her naked, blonde trimmed pussy to his friends and/or to other men. Like father like son, now that they were nearly sexually intimate, if she wore a tube top or a bikini in front of him, he’d be tempted to do what his father did and flash her tits to unsuspecting men. As much as he understood his mother’s anger and felt her pain, he understood his father’s sexual lust in wanting to share his wife’s beautiful body by flashing her to his friends.

She continued her sexual confession and, again, as if his prick was her personal, private worry stone while rubbing his cock with her thumb, she didn’t let go of her son’s cock while telling him her sexual secrets. She even held his prick tighter while she confessed what her husband forced her to do and to endure. Perhaps, with her knowing that whatever she told her son sexually excited him, she used her sexual confession as she would if giving him hot, sexy, incestuous, pillow talk.

Now, he wondered if his mother was playing him. As if she knew exactly what she was doing to him, sexually teasing him, she used her sexual confession to further tease and perhaps even seduce her son, not that she needed to even try to seduce him. Maybe, what his father did to her was what she wanted him to do to her. Perhaps, in the way that he’s a voyeur, she’s an exhibitionist. She flashed him her panties and bra plenty enough times to be one.

“As if I was a Japanese woman riding the subway and forced to have sex with strange men, he’d leave me in a room with his drunken friends to smoke his cigar on the patio while they sexually assaulted me. Whenever I was drunk enough, he hoped that I’d have sex with his horny friends. The last straw was when three of his friends held me down against my will on the couch and stripped me naked. Admittedly, I was drunk, too drunk to stop them from stripping off my clothes. While one held my arms, another stuck his cock in my mouth, and a third was eating my pussy before trying to fuck me,” she said.

James looked at his mother in horror before looking at her with sexual excitement. He imagined his mother having sex with three of his friends while he watched. He imagined his friends stripping her naked before having sex with her. He imagined her sucking and fucking his friends while he watched. Then, when he saw the devastated look on her face, he felt her pain. Obviously, with him being sexually excited by her confession, he was just as sexually twisted as was his father.

“Those bastards! That’s horrible, Mom. Dad was a real dick to you,” he said overwhelmed with sexual excitement.

She looked at her son with sorrow.

“They would have gangbang raped me had I not screamed and fought them. Lucky for me, they were drunker than I was. Yet, for your father to allow his friends to do that to me told me that he had no respect for me and that he no longer loved me. It wasn’t long after that I discovered he was having an affair with your girlfriend, that slut. God, she was such a little whore,” she said. “It wasn’t long after that when he left me for her and asked for a divorce to marry her.”

His mother nodded her head as if she was thinking.

“Sorry, Mom. That was my fault for introducing Jessica to Dad,” he said. “I never should have brought her home. Only, in the way that I didn’t know Dad was like that, I didn’t know she was like that too.”

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