Michael , Jason Ch. 01

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Author’s note: This story deals with the topic of gay incest. If that’s not your cup of tea, I ask that you please find a story more to your liking. There are some great stories on this website. Thank you!


Mike and I have always had a strong connection. What can I say about the boy next door? I’ve been in love with him since I was thirteen. I never imagined that he would mine at nineteen. So many thoughts and emotions come along with finally being with the man of my dreams. We talked a great deal about what it meant to change the status of our already established relationship and what it meant going forward. We both decided to proceed. We didn’t want there to be doubt looming over us because we didn’t take this chance.

I wasn’t a virgin in the traditional sense when Mike and I got together, but he is the one whom I consider to have taken my virginity, and I’ve had to adjust to my new role as a bottom. He took me the first time just over three months ago on my 19th birthday, after we secretly dated long distance for three months, while I was away at school.

Now that I’m back home for the summer, we can’t keep our hands off each other. We’ve made love almost every day, sometimes twice a day, and in every imaginable position. However, there are times when it’s not making love, but a primal desire for a long, deep, and hard fucking.

Mike has an insatiable sexual appetite, which I’m more than willing to help him satisfy, but his stamina is insane. He laughed when I told him the porn industry would love him for his ability to get hard at the drop of a hat, even after he’s come just moments before. There are times when I wish his battery wouldn’t recharge so quickly, if only to give myself a chance to recover, but other than those rare times, it’s a fucking turn on to me.

I love everything about him. I accept him faults and all, except for one thing…

The smell of sex hangs heavily in the air and it’s intoxicating. The sound of skin on skin and moans fill the room.

Today, we’ve already had sex twice, and are currently in the midst of number three.

I know having his body on top of mine, pressing it deeper into the mattress is supposed to be wrong and feel wrong, but it doesn’t, it feels so right. I love feeling his warm breath on my neck, and to hear his deep moans, feeling his muscles flex in his back as I hold onto him. I especially love his thick, hard cock as he lovingly fucks me in to another mind-blowing oblivion. Our panting breaths are in perfect sync. I fist his short, brown locks pulling him in for a feverish kiss.

“Shit, baby, your ass is so tight. You’re gonna make me come again,” Mike announces. Our eyes lock, I try to speak, but I can’t because it feels too good. He whispers, “You’re all mine. Nobody else gets to have you. Say it. Tell me, you’re all mine.”

He releases my legs, grabs my wrists, pulls them above my head, interlaces our fingers, and with a sharp snap of his hip, I cry out with a mix of pain and pleasure. “I’m all yours. It’s only you. There’s nobody else, baby,” I whisper breathlessly.

From then on, I can only emit a low sustained whimper, as he continues to drill me. Less than thirty seconds later, Mike’s guttural breathing fills the room, while he spasms uncontrollably with erratic thrusts, calling out my name, and collapsing on top of me.

I wrap my long legs around him and roll my hips wanting his still rigid cock to hit my sweet spot because I want to come so badly. Mike sensing my urgency, props himself up clumsily, and thrusts deep and hard inside me. My mouth is agape as he continues to graze my sensitive gland with nearly every thrust.

“Oh my god, right there, baby, don’t stop,” I plead, clawing up his back, and he hisses. My hands continue their journey gripping his hair firmly in my fists. His head falls to my shoulder and his teeth sink in to the sensitive spot of my neck. I reach down grabbing my hard cock and feverishly beat off. I murmur repeatedly, “You’re gonna make me come.”

I shudder beneath him, claiming his lips, as my orgasm rips through my entire body, both of our moans smothered by our kiss. My warm release sprays all over my chest. I wrench my mouth from his; throwing my head back against the pillow while clutching the sheets in my hands. My throbbing hole continually clenches onto the still hard invader inside me. I love coming with Mike buried deep in me. It’s a pleasure that’s hard to describe, but the closest word: extraordinary.

Mike’s partial weight lying on top of me makes it hard to get air. “I can’t breathe.”

“Shit, Jase, I’m sorry.” He gives me a quick kiss on the neck before rolling from atop me. I whimper involuntarily at the sensation of his cock sliding out of me. His latest release slowly trickles out; I clench and drop my legs not wanting to lose any more of his essence.

“Damn!” I exclaim looking down at the splattered cum on my chest and rub it in. He takes my hand and licks it clean making me laugh.

Mike küçükyalı escort chuckles. He props himself on his knees and slowly strokes his semi-flaccid cock. “You alright, baby?”

Euphoria courses through my body. I smile, closing my eyes, and tell him, “Mm-hmm, that was the best one yet.”

“Jase, open your eyes,” he beckons softly.

I shake my head. “Not yet. Let me enjoy this for a minute.”

“C’mon, baby, open your eyes!” Mike’s hand rests against the spot he bit on my neck. The bed shifts when he leans forward to lick the spot gingerly. Goose bumps develop from that simple maneuver, and I tremble.

I look straight into his warm amber eyes. “There. They’re open. Are you happy?”

“Yes, because I have something to say to you.”

“What?” My hand moves along his thigh.

“I love you,” Mike states, looking affectionately into my hazel eyes, his large hands caress over my sweaty body up to my face, skimming over my full bottom lip before smoothing back my unruly blond hair. He rolls onto his side, pulls me with him, and runs his hands down my back to cup my toned ass. When he kisses me, I melt into him.

I whisper against his lips, “I love you too.” Mike nuzzles in closer to my neck and he sighs. I rub my cheek against his. I laugh at the feel of our stubble scratching together. “I didn’t touch myself until the end, you made me come hard.”

A shit-eating grin spreads across his face when he pulls back to look at me. “What can I say, I know how to fuck.”

He licks the shell of my ear and nibbles on the lobe. I arch instinctively into his body. I mutter, “Yeah, you do.” I lean in, latching my lips onto my favorite spot on his neck, and I begin to suck hungrily. Mike gasps and grinds against me.

“Jase, come on, no hickeys!” He laughs trying to pry my mouth from his neck. “I won’t be able to explain why I have one.”

My lips travel seductively across his neck. “Why not, you marked me.”

“Come on. I didn’t mean to. I got lost in the moment,” he moans when I flick my tongue just under his ear.

“How about I leave my mark where only I’ll see it?”

I straddle Mike with his cock nestled nicely between my ass cheeks. Rolling my hips elicits a sharp groan from him. His massive hands instinctively grip my waist to grind our hips together. Biting my bottom lip does not mask my soft whimpers at feeling him harden under me. Slinking further down, I draw a line with my tongue down his neck into the light groves of his abs making him squirm beneath me. He inhales each time I suck and bite his nipples down to the fleshy part of his hip. When I reach my destination, I take him wholly into my salivating mouth, and can taste a mixture of us both on his beautiful stiffening tool. I wonder if it’s possible to fall in love with a body part. If it is, then I’m most certainly am in love with his dick. I should have it declared one of ‘The Wonders of The World”.

“Jason,” he mewls bringing me back to the moment. His head turns to the side and his mouth tightens before moaning. He undulates slowly meeting the bob of my head with his thrusts. He grips the sides of my head firmly. Our eyes lock, he licks his lips, and blows out a slow breath. It’s not long before I’m swallowing the small load he shoots into my mouth. This is the fourth time today he’s come today, and it surprises me he still had anything to shoot. He runs his thumb over my lips. I lick it before playfully sucking and releasing it with a loud pop. “Shit, baby, I love your mouth.”

“I know you do.” I laugh mischievously.

Mike lightly massages the nape of my neck. I sigh happily. Exhausted from our marathon session, I crawl up and crash on top of him. He reaches for the blanket and covers us. He plants a kiss on my forehead. I tilt my head back, pull him towards me, and kiss him softly. I settle in his arms falling asleep in seconds.

The annoying buzz of the alarm causes me to groan loudly. I cover my head with the pillow and back away from it. Mike’s warm body reaches over mine to stop the loud intruder. He hugs me close to his chest while kissing the back of my head.

“I loved having you all to myself this weekend, Jase,” Mike whispers groggily.

“I loved it, too. Will we ever have another weekend like this?”

“I hope so, baby. I hope so.”

I grab his hand hug it to my chest, and he snuggles in closer; lazily kisses my neck and shoulder. I realize we’ve ignored the alarm and I check the time. The clock reads 5:18pm. They should be home by 6pm. I turn around to rest my head on Mike’s shoulder. I draw random shapes through the smattering of hair on his chest. “I guess I should hurry and get cleaned up before Mom and Dad come home. I smell like sex and sweat.”

He inhales deeply tightening his hold on me. “You smell amazing. Wait a few more minutes. I don’t want to let you go… not yet.”

I can’t risk Mom and Dad finding out about Mike and me. I reluctantly kurtköy escort pull myself away from the security of my brother’s arms to detangle my legs from the blanket.

“Jase, c’mon, five more minutes.” He pulls me back down making me laugh. One of his hands glides over my chest while the other takes my flaccid cock in hand, and strokes it slowly. My head falls back to his shoulder and he takes advantage by nibbling on my ear.

“Mike, stop,” I mutter. My eyes close involuntarily, but I force them open. “Five more minutes will turn into another five and we can’t risk getting caught.” I struggle against the strong arms holding me, but I manage to get free. I sit on the edge of the bed and stretch.

“Hey, Mom and Dad put me in charge ’cause I’m the oldest, so you have to listen to me.” Mike’s hand skims the middle of my back. I feel the shiver move through my body. He makes me feel so desired, but I can’t give in, not this time.

I turn to face him. “You’re only eleven months older than me.”

“It would’ve been a year but you had to be impatient and come early. A problem you no longer suffer from in case you’re wondering.”

I punch him playfully in the stomach. “Shut up, I’m gonna go clean up. You don’t get five minutes.”

Mike shrugs. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll take it tonight when I’m eating your ass out. We both know how much you love it when I do,” he smirks, “because either way your ass is mine. You said so yourself, remember?”

I sneer at his audacity. How could he take something I said in an intimate moment and cheapen it to get sex? “Go fuck yourself, asshole.” I walk angrily towards the bathroom.

I’m halfway across the room when I hear Mike tumble off the bed with a heavy thud.

“Stop! Jason, it was a joke.” He runs over, grabs my shoulders, spins me around, and cups the sides of my head firmly in his large hands. He gazes into my eyes. “Don’t be mad. It was supposed to be funny. I honestly thought you’d laugh. Sometimes, I forget how sensitive you are. Baby, I’m sorry.”

My anger wanes quickly. I know I overreacted. This is all still so new to me. Even though we’ve been close our entire lives, when it comes to the sexual aspect of our relationship, I’m self-conscious about where I truly stand with him. I have to learn to get past my insecurities.

Stepping in closer, I wrap my arms around his neck. “Mike, you have nothing to be sorry about. I’m just being overly sensitive. I’m the one who’s sorry.” We sway slightly, as we stand there looking into each other’s eyes. I kiss him. His arms snake around my waist. His hands move up to grasp the back of my head. I break the kiss. “Can we forget that I threw that stupid hissy-fit?”

My unease must be evident in my eyes because Mike smiles tenderly and winks. “Babe, it’s already forgotten,” he answers, kissing the tip of my nose.

“Good. I’m gonna go cleanup, okay?” I whisper, swallowing a small audible gulp of air.

“Okay.” I haven’t moved as his amber eyes stares back into my hazel eyes; I give him a peck on the cheek. He gives my ass a swat as I walk away.

I know he’s watching me, when I hear a low growl, as my long legs stride to the bathroom that connects our bedrooms. I grab a towel wetting it to wipe the sweat and cum from my chest. I purposely make a show of it, wiping myself deliberately, bending over to wipe my legs down, and raising my arms to stretch out my long, toned body.

“Hey, we’re definitely not gonna need any lube tonight with the amount of cum you dumped in my ass,” I say, rewetting the towel. I bend over with a slight arch of my back to clean myself of the small trickle that escaped from me earlier. An involuntary moan passes when the warm towel touches my sensitive hole.

With a frustrated grunt, Mike calls out, “You don’t fuckin’ play fair, Jase!”

I look over at him trying my best to feign innocence. “Mike, what the hell are you talkin’ about?”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about, you goddamn cock-tease. You’re doing that shit on purpose with arching your back and moaning like that. Get over here!” His eyes roam up and down my body lustfully taking in every inch. If I weren’t already naked, I’d swear he was undressing me with his eyes.

I throw the towel into the hamper and saunter gingerly over to the bed. I cup the left side of his face. “I moaned because you fucked this tight ass of mine three times today. That doesn’t include the other times we went at it this weekend. I’m lucky I can walk at all. So if me moaning and arching my back while I cleanup is anybody’s fault, buddy, I’d say it’s yours.” I teasingly poke him in the chest.

“The hell it is,” Mike yells, as he wraps an arm around my waist, and flips us so he’s on top, yet again.

Laughing loudly, I say, “Well, I, for sure know that it’s not mine.”

“Uh, yeah, it is. All you have to do is walk by me and I want bend you over and fuck your ass.” Mike reaches under me to cup maltepe escort my firm, round ass.

“You know, you should consider writing poetry, ’cause that’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard anyone say.” I roll my eyes exaggeratedly.

He chuckles, nuzzles my neck, and whispers, “Don’t be a smartass. You know what I meant. I can’t help it that I want you all of the time.” Mike grinds his hips against me while licking and kissing my neck. I close my eyes. My hips rock in time with his. I pant lightly and my breath hitches when he quickens his pace. My body longs to have him inside me. My heart races in anticipation. His forehead presses lightly against mine, and he whispers wantonly, “Baby, please, let me have you one more time. I need you.”

He teases my hole with his fingers. I groan at the delicious ache caused by our numerous dalliances this weekend. My dick hardens as he skillfully fingers me. The pre-cum weeps from my swollen cock and onto my stomach, he slides down and laps up the trail hungrily. I go to stroke myself only to have him swat my hand away. He winks at me before diving down and sucking on the fleshy, velvet tip. My hands roam my chest pinching my nipples until they harden.

“Mike, we can’t. They’ll be home soon.” I clutch and pull him closer to me instead of pushing him away.

“I’m gonna make you come so fucking hard.” The look in his eyes is pure lust. When he looks like this, I know there’s no turning him away, but I also know how to get what I want, while satisfying both of our needs.

I hold the sides of his face looking him straight in the eyes. “I don’t want this to be another quickie, okay? We had way too many of those this weekend. I want you to make love to me.” I don’t wait for a response. I run my hands down to his neck, pull him closer to me, and kiss the tip of his nose and the corners of his mouth before working my way to his ear. Mike moans, as he slides inside me with a single fluid thrust, causing my senses to rejoice at feeling, smelling, seeing, tasting, and hearing him all around me.

“Oh, you’re so big. Take me, baby,” I mewl as he kisses my neck.

He hooks my legs over his arms and does exactly what I ask. He kisses me tenderly. It’s hard to tell where he ends and I begin, as our bodies meld in to one. This is what I enjoy most about being with Mike when he’s attentive and selfless.

“You’re so fuckin’ sexy,” he whispers against my lips.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I say, earning me a throaty laugh from Mike.

He takes me on a thrilling sexual ride. He brings me right to the edge without pushing me over. The only sounds are my gentle random moans of ‘oh, baby’, and ‘yes’ in Mike’s ear.

About five minutes into our lovemaking, out of nowhere, a sudden wave of dread creeps up my spine making me light-headed. I don’t know what the dread represents or how it’ll manifest itself, but I know I need to get away from Mike, and ASAP.

I’m not in the best position to stop his agonizingly slow thrusts but I try to no avail.

“Mike, get off me,” I plead.

“Get off you or get you off?” Mike asks, grinding his hips into me and strokes my cock. He’s not picking up the urgency in my voice.

“Mike, stop, get off me… now!” I say, pulling his hand away from me turgid thickness.

“Why? What’s wrong with you?” He asks curiously, the concern evident on his face and voice. His thrusting comes to a stop, which allows me to string together a coherent thought, but before I can tell him what was wrong, his phone rings. He leans over to check it. He curses quietly and shows me the screen. It’s Dad. My heart pounds out of abject fear.

Mike places a finger over his lips and answers, “Hey, Dad. No, you caught me in the middle of a workout. When do you and Mom get back?” He catches me off-guard by moving his hips slowly causing me to moan deeply, his hand clamps over my mouth. “What are you talking about, Dad? I didn’t hear anything,” he replies casually with a big smile, and continues with his deep, slow thrusts.

My eyes flutter when he grazes against my prostate several times. Mike removes his hand from my mouth in order to hold himself up when he begins to falter.

I glare at him. “You’re such a fucking a-.” He cuts me off with a deep kiss. I groan when he nips my bottom lip. Mike thrusts in again making me moan louder. I point at the phone. “He can hear us.”

“No, he can’t, I put it on mute,” Mike replies with a mischievous arch of his left eyebrow. He begins moving again.

The dread I sensed moments earlier all but forgotten. My whimpers begin to intensify. I continuously tighten my hold around his cock making Mike grunt and shudder, which causes me to smirk in triumph. My fingers dig into his biceps. I can taste blood from biting my lip. His eyes are wild with lust. He’s not paying attention to whatever Dad’s saying, and it’s not until he yells, does Mike come out of his trance.

“Yeah, Dad, I’m sorry. I muted my phone by accident, but I’m listening to you,” he says smiling down at me. “Yup, you had a late checkout and you hit major traffic. You should be home in about two hours. Okay. Yeah, Jason’s out with friends. I saw him earlier when we worked. Yeah, I put his ass through the wringer. He could barely walk when I was done with him,” he says smugly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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