Meeting the Maddisons Ch. 08

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Chapter 08

Mum undergoes Sex Olympics training at the Maddisons

The night finally arrived for the Sex Olympics training session at the Maddison’s house.

Dad was looking forward to Laura Maddison getting in some serious deep throat training on his ten and a half inch cock.

Laura had also told us she was going to provide some gang bang training for mum. Laura might be in for a shock when she finds out how far mum has progressed in the weeks since we’d last been to the Maddison’s place.

Since that life changing day, my family had developed our own very liberated family sex life.

Now I could have sex with my gorgeous mother pretty well any time I wanted. I was fucking her in the ass frequently, and mum was proud anal sex had become my favoured form of sex with her.

Mum and dad freely had sex in front of me, and usually invited me to join in their love making. Mum had also gone much further than either dad or I expected in exploring her new found sexual freedom. She’d taken on eight men in one gang bang session, and she’d taken them in all her orifices.

She’d demonstrated she was prepared to be exposed naked and fondled in public places. She’d given blow jobs to total strangers in front of both of us. She’d willingly taken measures to stretch her sphincter so that she could offer much easier access to her anal passage.

So I reckon Laura Maddison will be surprised to learn she has a rival for being the centre of sexual attention at a group sex party like the one I was expecting tonight. I’d deliberately not had sex for a day to build up a reservoir of sperm for the fun games to come.

Mum spent the afternoon getting her hair and nails done. She looked stunning when she got home but she told us there was still work to do.

“I’ll need your help Jim. When I give you a call, can you come up to the bathroom please.”

“Sure mum, anything I can do to help.”

An hour later mum called me up to the bathroom. My heart leaped when I saw her standing completely naked in front of the long mirror that reflected her entire body. She literally took my breath away. She’d been putting the finishing touches to her make up and I swear if I’d seen her in the street I’d have guessed she was a high fashion model.

She turned towards me and smiled. I looked down at her naked body that seemed to just get more and more spectacular. She’d been working out and her body showed the effort she’d put in. Her heavy breasts hung down on her ribcage, but not too low. They were still proud and magnificent despite her being almost 40. Her stomach was flat and taut. She’d shaved her body all over, her cunt lips clearly displayed as she stood with her legs apart.

“I shaved this morning Jim, but I want you to make sure I’m completely smooth. There are a few spots that are hard to reach.”

“Oh, OK mum.”

I picked up the razor and reached forward to run the tips of my fingers over her bare pubic mound. It felt completely smooth to me, but obviously she wanted me to make sure. I felt all around her pubic mound and down the sides of her lips. It was right near the top of her slit that I found a rough patch just to the left of her clitoris hood.

“Ah, here it is mum. Best sit down and lean back and spread your legs so I can get to it .”

We moved into the bedroom where dad was going through his cupboard wondering what to wear. He smiled as he saw mum sit down on the edge of the bed and lean back with her legs spread wide with me standing between her legs with the razor.

“Time for a delicate operation is it Gloria?” he laughed and came over to watch.

“Yes, some spots are really hard to reach and I want to be absolutely smooth and bare tonight. Go ahead Jim.”

I ran my fingers over the rough spot again. I rubbed in a small bit of soap lather on the spot and gently ran the razor over the spot, dragging it away from the slit near her clitoris several times. I felt it again and it was now completely smooth. I had mum raise her legs and spread them wider so I could get to the bottom of her slit. I found a few more bits of hair she’d missed in the folds of skin at the bottom end of her lips and shaved them off. I got mum to raise up a bit higher so her ass was pointing up in the air. Dad helped by holding her heels and spreading her legs wide apart for me.

“Just a bit more mum. I want to shave you again around your ass as you missed a few hairs. Now hold still.”

I shaved thoroughly all around her anal hole and the crack of her ass. Dad pointed out a few hairs left between her asshole and vagina and I went over that area again. We both ran our fingers all over her before we were satisfied she was completely smooth and hair free. I dipped one finger into her wet vagina and dad followed me in with his finger, pulling her vaginal tunnel open, but mum wriggled away.

“Stop boys, I don’t want to get all excited before we get to the Maddisons,” she said as she lowered her legs and sat up on the edge of the bed.

“Now, Jim drop your pants and stand taksim escort bayan in front of me. It’s my turn to check you out.”

I stood in front of her with a half erection after all the caressing of mum’s bare pussy. She ran her fingers over the pubic mound above my cock and then all over my balls.

“Pretty good, but not quite all done are you Jim?”

She picked up the razor and rubbed some soapy water over me and gently ran the razor all over my groin, smoothing out some stubble I’d missed. She then lifted my cock, which by now was completely hard, to get at my balls.

“Can you hold this a second Jim while I get in here?”

I held my erect cock inches from her face and lifted one leg on the bed as she leaned in closer to shave my balls. She lifted and moved them around with fingers of one hand as she shaved with the other. It was delicate work and I was careful not to move.

“Get on all fours on the bed Jim and spread your legs.”

I did as she told and she shaved under my balls and all around my asshole.

“I know Alison likes you completely shaved down here so we wouldn’t want to disappoint her would we?” mum said with a smile.

“You know about that mum?”

“Of course Jim. Alison told me everything while we were out shopping for clothes. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos her dad took as she sucked out your asshole. I guess she’d like another round with you. Now, George, it’s your turn. Stand here in front of me.”

With that mum shaved all around dad’s massive 10 and a half inch cock, around his balls and then turned him around and got him to lean forward and spread his cheeks so she could run the razor down his ass crack and around his asshole.

“I know Laura likes her pricks shaved smooth, and she’s sure going to give you a work out tonight dear. I wonder what if feels like to have a huge dick like this jammed all the way down your throat,” she said as she gently pulled on dad’s cock and took the head into her mouth.

“Nope, better not get you excited,” mum said as she backed off dad’s cock. “I promised Laura I’d leave you all pumped for her to practice on. Now get dressed both of you and I’ll see you downstairs.”

Dad and I got dressed in smart casual clothes and waited downstairs for mum to get ready for the Maddisons.

When mum finally came down both dad and I gasped. She was wearing the stunning new see-through starburst dress she’d proudly shown off to us a week ago. She looked amazing and incredibly sexy, her heavy breasts clearly visible through the thin material. She was obviously not wearing any underwear below either, as her freshly shaved pubic mound could just be made out behind the silver starburst flashing out from her groin. She twirled around and her ass crack was on open display from behind. Her dark hair was done up high with a few loose strands hanging down. Her make up was immaculate. She looked like a high fashion model.

Dad joined me staring in wonder at her.

“Gloria, you are the most beautiful woman ever. I am so proud of you.”

“Yes mum, you look absolutely stunning.”

“Thanks boys………now let’s go get ’em,” she said. “Remember, there are no limits tonight boys. Please don’t be shocked at anything you see me do tonight. I’m going to show that Laura Maddison a thing or two. George, you might have the biggest cock there and only Laura can get you down her throat, but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Mum put on a soft white coat for the trip as the weather was turning cool, but she didn’t do up the front. Anyone looking from the front could see her breasts moving freely under the wafer thin transparent material.

As we got into the car mum raised her dress above her hips and sat down with her bare ass against the seat. The slit in the dress that ran right above her hip allowed her to bring the back of the dress around and she draped it down the front.

“I don’t want the thin material to get crushed,” she explained as I shut the car door for her, gazing in wonder at her breasts that were virtually on open display as the transparent dress started just above her nipples. Dad got in the driver’s seat and looked across at her and smiled broadly. He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek and whispered how proud of her he was. I got into the back seat and as dad drove off I leaned forward and stretched my arms around her seat to lift and caress her breasts as I usually did when we all drove in the car. I was disappointed when mum gently lifted my hands away from her breasts.

“Sorry, not this time Jim. Not while I’m wearing this dress. I don’t want it creased before we get there.”

“You’ll just have to wait a bit Jim,” said dad as he looked over at her. Mum’s breasts could be seen clearly through the dress under the street lights that flashed by. She sat silently, like a femme fatale in some old black and white movie on her way to a sexual assignation.

This was serious stuff. Mum was obviously determined to make an impression. ümraniye escort bayan Her competitive spirit with Laura Maddison was going to come to the crunch tonight. She wasn’t doing it out of any notions of jealousy that Laura would be practicing her deep throat technique on her husband. She wasn’t upset knowing I would probably be fucking Laura or her daughter Alison. This was simply a deeply competitive spirit mum felt that she had to do better than Laura.

I for one, was happy to sit back and enjoy the show. I really wanted to get it on again with Alison. She’d blown my mind when she licked my ass in front of her father, and then got me to pound my dick into her ass as he took pictures for their family album.

It had set me on a path that resulted in me having frequent anal sex with my own mother. I was keen to show Alison what I had learned.

We arrived at the Maddison’s house and there were a lot of cars parked outside. This was going to be a larger party than we expected. Dad had to park some way down the road. He got out and helped mum out of the car like a true gentleman. I was already out of the car and was rocked at how wonderful mum looked.

The moonlight combined with the faint light from the streetlights made her body positively glow beneath the white see-through gown. The soft light easily penetrated the diaphanous material, lighting up her curvaceous body beneath. Her breasts swayed as she got out of the car and moved with her breathing as she stood tall, straight and proud. Her coat was draped loosely around her shoulders. But as it gaped open I could see her flat belly, thighs and hips through the thin material. A gust of the soft night breeze blew the bottom half of her gown to one side to reveal the slit in the gown that rose all the way to the top of her hips.

My dick rose to an erection inside my pants as both dad and I looked at her in wonder. Mum looked at my crutch and then at dad’s straining pants and smiled.

“I see the dress has the desired effect,” she smiled at the two of us.

“Come on boys, let’s show the Maddisons what our family can do….”

We turned around to walk to the Maddison’s house, mum in the middle on the arms of my father and I, her coat flapping wide open.

A young man walking his dog coming toward us stopped suddenly, his mouth hung open as he stared at this incredible virtually naked woman between us.

“Holy shit!” I heard him utter to himself as he ogled my mother walking towards him. His jaw seemed to drop even further as she got closer and he could see her naked beneath the thin material, her legs flashing beyond the top of her thigh through the long slits in the sides of her gown. A gust of wind blew the flowing material to the side, revealing the hairless junction of her legs. I doubted he could see her vaginal slit clearly in this dim light, but by the way his eyebrows shot up in shock I guessed he’d seen her shaved pubic mound exposed to the night air. His dog wound itself around his legs while he was gaping at this vision coming towards him. As we passed by him I had to burst out laughing as he stumbled and fell to the ground over the leash.

Mum turned around and she also laughed. The guy couldn’t believe it as she walked up to him and reached out her hand to help him up.

“Th…th…thanks,” he mumbled as he reached for her hand, his eyes popping out as he saw mum’s breasts sway and almost fall out of her loose gown as she leaned forward to help him.

“You need to watch where you’re going, young man,” mum laughed.

The guy stood up, his eyes still riveted on her heavy breasts that could be easily seen through her dress.

“Yes, sorry, er, thanks,” he stumbled, and he snatched a nervous look at dad and me standing beside mum.

“Nice dog you have there,” mum said. Once again she leaned over to pat the dog on the head, giving the guy another eyeful of her breasts. Her nipples fell out of the top of her low slung cleavage, but she made no move to cover up. I thought the guy was going to have a heart attack, but mum looked up at him and smiled.

She stood up slowly, again making no move to put her escaped breasts back behind the gown’s covering.

“Have a good night,” she smiled at him, turned and linked her arms with those of me and dad and we continued on to the Maddison’s house. I looked over my shoulder and saw the guy still standing there, his mouth agape as his dog looked up at him wondering what was wrong with his master.

“Gloria, you just about gave that young man a heart attack,” dad grinned.

“Yes mum, you are a terrible flirt,” I said.

“I know you like me that way boys, and I enjoy the freedom I feel when I expose myself in public. But I’ll have to adjust this dress. It just about falls off when I lean forward,” she said as she tucked her breasts back behind the material, settling the thin straps over the top of her mounds so that the gown started just on the top of her nipples.

We walked up üsküdar escort bayan to the front door of the Maddisons’ large house and pressed the doorbell. It was opened almost immediately by Alison dressed in a white Grecian style dress that left one shoulder and most of one breast bare and ended in a miniskirt that barely covered her ass. A deep scoop under the shoulder strap exposed the side of her other breast.

“My God Gloria, you look absolutely fabulous,” she blurted out. “That dress is amazing on you. You’re going to be the belle of the ball tonight.”

“Hello Alison, and thanks to you for helping me pick it out. It’s already caused one accident tonight, so I count that as a success.”

“Come on in, most of the guests are already here. Let me take your coat so you can make an entrance,” Alison said. She took mum’s coat off her shoulders and patted her half exposed bottom affectionately. She hung the coat up and motioned mum to lead the way into the living room. She turned and gave me a kiss on the lips.

“She looks gorgeous doesn’t she? I’ve been delegated to help her out tonight. You don’t mind do you? Don’t worry I intend for us to have some time together.”

She smiled at me, ushering me into the living room after mum. Dad followed.

The living room was quite crowded with around 30 people — all men I noticed. They were all ages, but a large number of young men were the same age as the twins Mark and Andy. Some of them I recognized from school.

I saw a ripple go around the room as one by one they all turned and stared at my mother entering the room. Silence fell like a cloak as everyone stopped to take in the sight of this remarkable woman walking into their midst. My mother held her head high and walked tall and regally into the middle of the room, making eye contact with each man in turn as her gaze swept around the room.

Her breasts and most of her body could be seen quite clearly beneath the diaphanous gown. Her breasts swayed gently as she walked. Her legs flashed out from the gown all the way to her hip as the slit opened with each stride. As she passed, men turned and nodded approvingly on seeing her exposed ass cleavage. Through the thin material they could also easily see the crack of her naked ass.

One of the older men broke the silence by bursting into applause. Other men picked up the hand clapping, and within seconds the entire room was applauding my mother. They were paying respect to her for her daring dress, and the classy, dignified and incredibly sexy manner in which she carried off the presentation of herself and the pride she showed in her exposed body.

Dad was beaming with pride. He turned to me and smiled. I too was bursting with pride at the way my mother had carried off her jaw dropping entrance.

My mother reached the middle of the room and was surrounded by men. I saw several from my school rugby team, guys who had been one year ahead of me at school and would be 19 or 20 now. I saw Mark and Andy take a step forward to greet her, kiss her on the cheek and compliment her on her amazing appearance. Other men moved forward to meet her until I could no longer see her through the throng.

Alison grabbed my arm and whispered: “I think my mum will have some serious competition tonight.”

“Where is she?”

“She’s downstairs with dad. We’ve cleared the gym and turned it into a games room.”

She turned to my father. “George, mum wanted to see you as soon as you arrived. Let me take you down to her. I know mum is keen to see you.”

Dad left mum with her admirers in the living room and followed Alison downstairs. I still couldn’t see mum through the crowd of admirers that pressed in around her.

I looked around the room and saw that Charles had hung up some of his latest photographs, including several taken the night I joined them in their sex games for the first time.

There was a photo of Alison licking my asshole as my legs went back over my head. She was looking directly into the camera and her bright eyes danced with joy as her tongue probed deep into my sphincter.

Next to it was a photo of Alison’s lubed asshole gaping open about an inch and a half with my cock about to plunge back inside her.

Alison returned and grabbed me by the hand and we looked at the photo together.

“We’re all very proud of that one,” she said cheerily. “It’s the biggest gape I’ve ever managed. Maybe we can work on that again tonight eh, Jim.”

“Happy to oblige Alison, always happy to help you out,” I grinned back at her.

“Your father seems to have settled in well downstairs,” Alison said. “Mum was already naked and had a few eager young cocks around her, but when she saw George she sprung up with a cry and just about ripped his pants off.”

I could see why when I looked at the next photograph on the wall of the living room. It was a series of photos Charles had taken of Laura’s deep throat session with dad. On the left was a black and white photo of Laura on her knees in front of dad, the head of his massive cock just at the entrance to her open lips. The next photo showed her slamming her lips right down to the base of his ten and a half inch cock, her throat swollen with the cock inside. Saliva and mucus covered his balls and collected in a long string of drool dangling from Laura’s chin. Her large breasts were glistening in the liquid that fell during her deep throat blow job.

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