Measuring My Cum Ch. 12

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This is a continuation of a long running series. Please read earlier chapters to follow the storyline. For those who have been following this series, it has been a while since the last chapter post, but I hope to get a few more posted before the end of the year, as I can see this one running some time yet! Thanks again for all your feedback on the series.


“Well, that must feel a lot better,” said Dr Taylor, as I opened my eyes from the high of my orgasm. “And you’ve produced quite a lot of semen too,” she added, pointing to the semen beaker.

I looked at her, then mom, standing next to the doctor, still topless, wearing only her black panties. I couldn’t quite believe what we had all just done together, but I nodded, as I was a little lost for words.

Mom looked at the beaker too for a moment, and then seemed to become self-conscious standing there almost naked in front of the doctor and said, “Excuse me, while I put my clothes back on.” She picked up her bra, blouse and skirt in turn, and I watched as she put her clothes back on.

It was just as sexy watching mom dress as undress, seeing her put her bra and blouse on and then slide on her skirt with a wiggle.

Dr Taylor looked at me and said, “You should dress too Jacob. I am finished with you for today. Both of you, please come and join me in my main office when you are ready.”

I jumped off the couch and went back into the bathroom. I cleaned myself, and put my clothes back on.

When I entered the ‘inner’ consultation room again it was empty. I guess both mom and the doctor were back in the regular consulting room.

I joined them, opening the interconnecting door and walking in.

The doctor had her white coat back on and was sitting behind her desk again with mom on a chair in front of her. It hardly seemed possible that a few minutes ago they had both been helping me to wank off, they looked so prim and proper sitting there!

Dr Taylor smiled at me as I sat down next to mom.

“Jacob and Marge,” she started, “I am so glad we have managed to get a sample today, and that you have felt comfortable enough to provide one in my presence. And I am so pleased to see you are comfortable with each other in a situation where you are both nude and a little sexual,” she said.

And then looking at mom directly, she continued, “I’m especially pleased with you Marge at how helpful you are to Jacob.” I guess she must have been referring to mom taking off her bra and playing with my cock with her tits. “Most people would not understand, but I do,” she added, smiling at us both.

I saw mom blush just for a moment, but then regained her composure.

“Now,” continued Dr Taylor, ” I am very hopeful you can proceed to the next stage of the suggested treatment, but I do understand that may be a little difficult. I am going to give you the contact details of three ladies who I believe will be more than happy to help you Jacob, should you and your mom choose to proceed that way. However, if you need my help in getting to the next stage if you’d like to try it between yourselves, then do let me know,” she added, looking at mom in particular.

It seemed rather extraordinary, the matter of fact way, the doctor had just said she would help mom and me to have intercourse, but that’s what she had just said!

Mom and I both listened in silence and then mom said, “I will think about it and let you know Dr Taylor. It is something quite unusual you are suggesting. Thank you for your kind offer to assist though.”

Dr Taylor smiled and then began writing on a piece of paper.

I guessed she must have been writing the contact details of the ‘ladies’ who I could go and see to have sex with. Fuck – what a thought! My dick became semi hard again in my pants at the idea!

After a few minutes, Dr Taylor finished writing, and folded the piece of paper up and put it in a white envelope she took out from a drawer next to her.

“I’ve written the contact details of these ladies together with some additional information which may help you decide who to see. You may see any one or all of them. I will let them know you may give them a call, but give it a couple of days before phoning, so I can let them know in advance you may want to see them. These are all quite delightful women, who have been clients’ of mine for a number of years and who I can assure you will be most supportive to your needs, Jacob. I have sent them numerous young men of your age and slightly older, and they have helped tremendously in the treatment of the various conditions of those men.

Dr Taylor paused for a moment. “However,” she continued, “I would just say that, as you may expect, these ladies came to see me originally because they have high sex urges, which were not being satisfied. Because of this, some of them have particular…,” she paused again for a moment, “….fetishes. Do you understand what I mean by that Jacob?”

“Er…,” I replied meekly, not sure quite what to say.

“By that I mean, some of these ladies have particular things they like to do in relation to sex. You will find that many ladies, gebze escort especially those with high sex drives and of a mature age, who are still sexually active, enjoy particular things which help them to orgasm, in addition to just normal sex.”

I just nodded again, trying to take this in. Fuck! My dick twitched again in my pants.

“Now, I must see you again next week for a sample, or possibly sooner if you would like my help in any other way for the next stage of your treatment,” said Dr Taylor getting up, indicating the consultation was over. “Remember, you don’t need to take cum measuring samples at home anymore — just once a week with me from now onwards.”

Mom and I both got up and shook the doctor’s hand in turn, and we said our goodbyes. The doctor had given mom the white envelope containing the ladies’ details as we left.


As we sat in the car driving home, I was dying to open the envelope, but thought it best to leave it till mom raised the subject.

Mom was silent for a while and then said, “How did you feel giving a sample in front of the doctor?”

“I was a bit uncomfortable at first,” I said truthfully, “But in the end, strangely enough, it was a bit of a turn on doing it in front of her.”

“Yes, I felt the same,” mom replied, much to my surprise. “I wasn’t sure at first, but when we got going, I started to get quite turned on too by the end. If we hadn’t had to keep our secret from the doctor about how far we’ve actually gone in getting your samples at home, I would have sucked and fucked you right there.”

I was slightly taken aback by mom’s words, but hearing her talk like that started to get me hard again, and a streak of lust ran through me. I had never imaged mom saying something like that.

“Well at least we know what is wrong with you now, and what needs to be done to get you fixed,” she continued. “I’m not sure if I’m comfortable about you seeing other women yet though. I suppose the good thing is that they’ve all got medical checks from Dr Taylor and will have no STDs, so you won’t catch anything. Let me think about it for a bit though.”

I felt a little disappointed as mom said that, but I hoped she would come round to the idea.

“But, I have a another plan or two for now,” she continued. “Let’s make another appointment with Dr Taylor and pretend we’d like her to help us go to the ‘next stage’ as she put it. You know, about you penetrating me.”

I listened in silence, and my dick carried on growing in my pants.

“We need to let the doctor think it’s her that helps us fuck for the first time, as I wouldn’t want her to know we’ve already done it. And then perhaps we can see her a couple of times a week and do it in her presence, as it was a bit of a turn on. Dr Taylor looked quite up for it and keen about the idea, I thought. And you never know, she might get a bit more involved as she let you touch her today. She seemed to like my boobs for some reason too. What do you think?”

My dick was now straining, hearing mom talk like that and my cheeks flushed red.

“Why are you blushing Jacob?”

“Er..well,” I said meekly, “I’m just getting really turned on hearing you talk like that mom…and…er….well…my dick is really straining in my pants now.”

Mom looked down for a moment at my crotch while she drove and saw my cock tenting up my pants as I sat.

“Oh, you poor thing,” said mom. Then, with her eyes back on the road ahead, and one hand on the driving wheel, she put her hand nearest me on my crotch and rubbed my hard cock firmly through the fabric of my trousers.

I gasped at her touch. Fuck! I almost felt like cumming there and then!

“If you carry on like that mom, I’m gonna cum in my pants,” I said honestly.

“Well, we can’t have you doing that,” she replied. “Try to hang on honey as we’re almost home, and I’ll sort you out then. And we won’t have to worry about getting samples in that silly semen beaker now, as the doctor said. So you can cum normally, wherever you like.”

Fuck! Man, this was turning out to be such a hot conversation, I really did feel like whipping my dick out whilst I sat in the passenger seat of our car, and wanking myself off, hearing mom talk like that! Luckily, however, whilst my dick was still straining, mom turned into our road, and shortly after, pulled into our driveway.

Mom quickly got out and so did I, albeit a little awkwardly, trying to hid my hard on with my hands in case any nosy neighbours were looking.

We got inside our hallway and mom closed the front door and then the inner porch door.

As soon as we were in, much to my amazement at her speed, mom pushed me back against the wall, knelt down in front of me, and started trying to unzip my pants!

It was a little awkward as my hard-on was stretching the fabric, but she seemed to manage it as she pulled my pants and boxers shorts down to my ankles, and out popped my now semi hard dick, finally free. Immediately, she took it in her mouth and I became fully hard in an instant, as she started sucking me göztepe escort frantically. Fuck! My lust was raging due the way mom had come inside the house and started giving a blowjob like some sex mad nympho.

I grabbed her head and hair as she pumped my dick with her mouth, taking me in fully to the hilt as she almost gagged on it.

“Yea, suck it mom. Fuck – that’s so good,” I said, in heaven.

As I had been dying to come earlier in the car, it didn’t take long, and within a few moments I spurted.

“Ohhhh….,AHHHHH…….AHHHH,” I groaned as I came, gushing a bucket load into her mouth, pushing myself back against the wall for support. She expertly clamped onto me as I came, swallowing everything I fed her. God, that felt so good!

My eyes had closed as I had cum, and now I opened them and saw her cleaning my now limp dick. Then, she stood up and said, “Mmm…that was lovely. I hope you’re feeling better now.” And then she gave me a peck on the cheek, and started walking up the stairs.

“I’m going for a shower now. Why don’t you have one too and I’ll see you downstairs later for something to eat,” she said, as she went, leaving me half naked with my pants ands trousers still around my ankles.

I made myself decent and sat down on the next to bottom step of the stairs as I recovered from my orgasm. Fuck that was so amazing!

I looked through the frosted inner porch door at the daylight outside and thought about what had happened at Dr Taylor’s consultation in the afternoon. That had been really hot too, and all that stuff about me having to have sex regularly as my treatment, and with other women as well!

Then, I remembered the envelope containing the contact details of the other ladies Dr. Taylor had said I could call. Mom had put it on the back seat of the car and left it in there when we came into the house in a rush.

I got up, picked up the keys mom had put down on the table next to the door and went out to get it.

I came back in, shut the door behind me and was about to open the envelope when something made me stop. I’d better wait do it in front of mom, I thought. As she had said she wanted to think about it for a while, it might put her off if I appeared too keen.

I decided to go up and shower.


After showering, as I dried myself off and walked naked back into my bedroom from my en-suite bathroom, I heard mom from across the hallway in her bedroom call out loudly, “Honey, have you finished in the bathroom?”

“Yea, sure have mom,” I shouted back, so she could hear. “I’m just gonna get dressed.”

“Are you naked?” she called out again.

“Er..yes,” I replied, “I’m just drying myself off with a towel.”

“Well, come in here and do that. Don’t be shy.”

I paused my drying for a moment and my dick stirred. Maybe mom had other plans before we went downstairs to eat. It had been about forty-five minutes since I came in mom’s mouth earlier. I reckoned I could cum again now.

I was by now quite comfortable being nude in front of mom, so I casually walked out of my room, rubbing my hair dry with the towel as I did so.

As I walked into mom’s bedroom, my dick seemingly having a life of it’s own, although still limp, had filled out a little, and flopped from side to side with a bit of a swing.

I had my eyes half covered as I walked in as I was still drying my hair, but as I pulled the towel away from my eyes, a hot, horny sight greeted me.

Mom was on the bed, with her back half propped up by the headboard. She was naked and had her legs wide open with her pussy lips pulled apart, so I could see the pink flesh inside, and she was playing with it, with one finger of her right hand. She looked damned fucking hot!

Sexily, she said, “Don’t you want some of the medicine the doctor ordered?” and smiled at me.

Fuck! How could not! I threw the towel on a chair, and clambered onto the bed on my knees towards the centre of mom’s wide-open legs.

“Lick me first honey,” she said, gently.

I bent my head down between her thighs and started to lick her. She tasted wonderful. I lapped around her pussy lips and then stuck my tongue in deeper into her fuck hole, darting it in and out, like I was fucking it with my tongue.

Mom writhed in pleasure and groaned, “Mmmm…Oh yes…Jacob…that soooo.. nice…”

I continued lapping her pussy, and she closed her thighs around my ears and head almost pulling my face into her crotch with them.

I was now clamped onto mom’s delicious pussy with my mouth, sliding my tongue in and out, and up and down the wet, juicy pink flesh there. I must have touched a sensitive spot, as she cried out louder than before, “Ohh…Ohh…yes, honey…that’s it…oohhh.”

Mom let go of clamping my head with her thighs. I lifted my head up and looked down at her thick pussy mound, with the lips hanging invitingly. I had an urge to put my finger in.

“Can I finger fuck you?” I said eagerly.

“Go on,” she said, “Then stick that hard cock in.”

I gently prodded halkalı escort her pussy with my middle finger, and enjoying the sensation, I added a second finger. Mom writhed on my fingers, pushing herself onto them.

My dick was now rock hard and straining, I wanted to stick it into her.

After a few more moments, I raised my arms and pushed mom’s thighs back, revealing her wet open cunt. It looked really inviting

“I’m gonna fuck you now, mom,” I said determinedly.

“Do it baby,” she replied, her eyes closed.

I positioned my knees between mom’s thighs and pointed the tip of my dick towards her pussy. Then, I rubbed my dickhead along it, as if teasing her, and finally pushed in.

“Ahhhh…” I cried as I did so. Mom’s pussy walls grabbed the sides of my rock hard prick as I pushed all the way in, and started pumping, in and out.

Fuck! This felt so good!

I held the top part of the middle of mom’s thighs as I fucked her. My chest was at about 45 degree angle to her as she lay below me, and my dick penetrated her deeply as she held her thighs wide open. Mom’s large tits wobbled below me as I started to slap into her with my groin and balls as I pumped.

Then, I put my elbows down either side of her chest, and as I pumped her with my dick I saw her open her eyes, and for the first time, I wanted to kiss her as we fucked. I lay my chest flat on her boobs and brought my lips down to her’s and we started to French kiss. Our tongues worked inside each other’s mouths greedily and sexily for what seemed like ages. I continued pumping her, and then we broke our kiss as I straightened up again and placed my hands on her thighs.

“Go on, fuck me Jacob,” she said, now looking directly at me. “Fuck me, and cum inside me. Mix all your creamy prick juice with my cunt’s. That’s what we want.”

I continued pumping in and out, and I knew it wouldn’t be long now.

“Come on,” she continued, almost taunting me to cum inside her.”

“I’m going to let you fuck me whenever and wherever you like now,” she continued, tauntingly. “We can do it all the time and in front of the doctor. And if you satisfy me enough, I’ll even let you fuck your aunt Jean and other women. Come on fuck me, cum in side me…”

And that was it for me. Her lewd, hot words did the trick, and I came, big time. “Uhhhhh…Uhhhhh…Uhhhhh…” I cried out, shooting deep inside her, wave after wave of my spunk.

Finally, I collapsed in a heap on top of mom as she wriggled beneath me, and wrapped her arms around my back in an embrace.


After a few moments, I turned to lie on my back naked next to mom. I was just coming off the high of my orgasm, when I recalled what she had said last of all as we had fucked.

“Mom, what did you say about aunt Jean? Did you say you would let me fuck her? What do you mean?” I said.

Mom rested her head on her elbow and stroked my chest as she spoke. “Well, that was something I was going to speak to you about later as one of my plans. I might as well tell you about it now.”

I listened intently, enjoying the sensation of mom stroking me.

“You know, I mentioned that I’d spoken to Jean a while back, and told her you had a bit of a personal problem?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well, I did say to her it was something to do with your privates, and that I had been told by a doctor that I had to help you to cum.”

I was a little shocked mom had told aunt Jean about this, who I knew as equally as ‘prim and proper’ as mom (before I knew about mom’s own lustful nature, that is).

“What did she say?” I said, a little alarmed.

“She was quite surprised, and at first didn’t approve. But I told her it was for medical reasons, and for a few weeks only, and we had no choice. But I haven’t told her just how far I’ve gone with you. She has no idea yet.”

“Yet?” I replied. “I can’t ever imagine getting to the stage of telling her what we’re doing or Jean letting me ever have sex wit her,” I added.

“I know what you mean Jacob, but I also know my sister very well unlike you, and I know her intimate ways in the past. She used to be quite friendly with men in her younger days before she got married. She changed a bit after getting married and becoming a widow, but she’s been single now for a while, I know she hasn’t had sex with a man for over two years.”

“So?” I said.

“Well, I know she has sexual urges and cravings like all women, and she’s confided those to me. My plan is that we should ask her to stay with us for a few weeks and we’ll try to get her involved in some way in helping you. You know she doesn’t work like me, so she will have the time.”

I remembered Aunt Jean was fairly well-to-do, as she lived off a large insurance payout when her husband died

“We won’t tell her to start off with that Dr Taylor has now said we don’t need to take samples of your cum anymore at home, or the new suggested treatment,” mom continued. “We’ll start off by keeping quiet about that. We’ll use the excuse that while I’m at work, you need someone to help you cum. I think that when she starts to see your lovely cock and body, her lustful cravings will develop into something more, just like they did for me. And I will try to encourage and entice her and ask her to join me when I do a pretend collection of your cum. I’m sure we’ll be able to get her begging for you to fuck her by the time we’ve finished!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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