Me, John, Renee and Nikko

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My encounter with Renee on the plane and then subsequently having that threesome in the SUV with John lingered in my mind the whole time so when John and I reached home after taking Lauren to her place, I decided to ask John what he thought about it after we had settled down in my bed,

” Baby, Renee wants us to get together again sometime. Would you like that?” I asked,

” It is really up to you Mom but I do not mind seeing Aunt Renee again.” John replied.

” Did you like having sex with her Honey?”

” She’s a wild one Mom but I would rather be with you instead. I was just really horny being without you for a while and all the time she was moving up and down on me, I was imagining it was you.”

” Ohhhhhh Honey……” I sighed moving to his side of the bed and cuddling up to him, pushing my warm body into his own, my hand reaching out to feel him softly all over, his left arm immediately encircling me and holding me closer.

” I missed you so much Mom…” John sighed, his face drawing near to mine as our lips joined in a soft kiss…my hand slowly reaching down and feeling his penis grow hard and extended…I felt him exhale his need in an urgent breath from his lips as he started kissing me harder and hugging me tighter, his hands reaching under my nightie and finding the soft warm flesh of my breasts.

I was getting wet again…oh so wet again, and my need to comfort him and make love to him getting stronger and more urgent every second in the way my body was responding to his hand roaming all over my warm soft flesh. He abruptly stopped kissing me and took both my arms, raising my body in a sit-up position removing the brief nightie I was wearing making me completely naked before him. He stood up and took off his shorts as I laid back on the bed and opened my arms and thighs to him…wanting him on top of me…inside me…and as I felt him rubbing the tip of his penis up and down my pussy, I opened my thighs wider crossing my feet behind him and drawing him urgently towards me, his penis smoothly entering my already drenched pussy as our lips met in a hungry kiss…our bodies immediately moving fast and hard against each other….

” Oh John…oh Baby…I missed you so much…” I moaned as he started to push relentlessly against me, his need obvious in the rough way he was moving…I soon felt his lips all over me…in my breasts, my nipples, in the pits of my underarms…sucking the soft flesh urgently with his mouth…his shaking voice groaning with animal passion…bringing me immediately into an orgasm that blinded me….

” Oh John…Baby….I’m coming…oh Honey I’m coming……” my consciousness jarred by the muscle wrenching outburst from inside my belly and between my thighs as I feel him continue his hungry onslaught on my body, unmindful of my body thrashing wildly against his own as another orgasm racked my body…and another…and another….my voice a high pitched whining tone as I came again and again…and again…my body becoming a weak mass of flesh completely and totally surrendered to him, yielding to his need as he continued his urgent non-stop pounding on my pussy…his face on top of my own…his eyes in a glaze slowly turning into a grimace as he pushed harder inside me until…..

” Oh Mom…..Mom….Mommmmmmmmm….I’m coming…..aaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhh”, his voice a lusty growl of animal conquest as I felt his bonelike penis shoot his scalding seed inside me…again and again…a creeping heat inside my lower belly bringing me yet again into another orgasm….,

” Yes Baby….come inside me…yes….more… come inside me some more….” my body now thrashing and grinding hard against him as I held his body tightly to me with my feet, locking him to me… He finally fell heavily into my sweating and hot nakedness….our bodies still joined together……..

We found ourselves in the same position as we woke up early the following day…. I got up and went straight to the bath to fix myself up for work. There were a lot bakırköy escort of things I had to do…call UPS and follow up delivery of my purchases from the Handicrafts Expo in San Francisco, enter the data into the computer and reconcile inventory for the days I was out of the shoppe…in other words I had a busy day ahead of me. My body was aching from John’s desperate expression of need last night but felt the hot steaming shower rejuvenating me. I left a note in the night table for John because he was still asleep when I left.

Jenny was already in the shop when I arrived so I gave her the packing list from UPS and told her to follow up the delivery into the storage space we had on the basement of the mall. Later I heard her voice on the intercom saying,

” Gail, there’s a Lauren on the phone for you on line 2″, my pulse rate immediately going up several notches upon hearing the name Lauren. I picked up the phone,

” Hi Renee….” I softly said trying to hide the sudden rush of excitement in my voice,

” Hi Gail. I forgot to thank you for the ride you gave me last night and the fun we all had in your car. How is your little boy?” she said

” Oh he was still asleep when I left. He must have been exhausted by the way you were handling him” I replied,

” No…it must have been the way we both were handling him…that boy is really hung Gail… you must be enjoying him a lot”, Renee gleefully replied.

” Would you and Nikko come to the house for the weekend?…Its so hot, maybe we can take a cool dip in my pool and the boys can do some barbecues and just laze around. What do you say?” I replied changing the subject.

” Okay…how about this Friday? We can be there after work at 5:30 and do a sleepover. That okay with you?” she asked,

” Friday is fine Renee…and be sure you bring Nikko with you. I have not seen the kid for a long time now and I want to see how big he has grown”

” He is as tall as John now and just as good looking but not quite as big down below if you know what I mean” Renee’s voice now laughing at the other end. She always had a no-nonsense way of calling things as they were and there was no escaping her down to earth attitude,

” Oh Renee…you are still as bawdy as ever. Its agreed then.” I replied in a smiling voice giving her directions to get to my home before hanging up.

The days just seemed to pass without notice and suddenly it was Friday as I called John on his cell phone,

” Remember Honey your Aunt Renee is coming to visit us tonight after 5:00 and will be bringing her son Nikko so then you better clean up your room so you can entertain Nikko with your game systems and your movies but do not show him your x-rated videos now you hear.” I said,

” My room is clean Mom…I do not stay very much in my room anymore if you have’nt noticed. I have a couple of new PlayStation2 games which I know he will like”, John replied.

” Okay Sweetie. Be sure you come home by 6:00. I want you to be there when they arrive. Okay Honey?”,

” Yes Mom.”

Renee and Nikko arrived at 6:00 just as the food from the Thai Taste restaurant on Devonshire St. was delivering the food I had ordered. As I looked at Nikko, I saw Renee look at John and myself and I could not help but compare the two boys as they stood together in the living room. Nikko was beautiful with long blondish hair and hazel eyes which he probably got from Renee…but my John was more handsome in a groovy military kind of way and more the composed one…taking charge and telling Nikko to sit beside him on the dining table as we sat and had dinner. After dinner, John showed the new movie on DVD which he bought earlier as all four of us retired to the living room.

Soon I began to notice Renee, who was seated beside John in the sofa, cuddle up closer to him and place her hand on his lap. I noticed her hand moving slowly until she was finally stroking John between his thighs, who was now looking at me başakşehir escort slightly embarrassed and unsettled …and by way of giving him my consent, I smiled at him and nodded slightly. Renee who was likewise looking at me then stood up and took John’s hand and led him down the hall then into his bedroom. As I heard the door shut, I stood up and took a seat beside Nikko who was seated alone in the loveseat.

” Nikko, how old are you now Sweetie”, my voice soft and gentle while putting my left arm around him,

” I just turned eighteen Ms. Gail a few weeks ago”, he coyly replied looking straight ahead watching the movie.

” No, no, no…call me Aunt Gail…your mother and I are very close we are like sisters, so call me Aunt Gail okay Sweetie”, I gently told this boy with the beautiful face,

” Yes Aunt Gail”, and as I moved closer to him I heard him catch his breath as he felt the warm softness of my breast come in contact with his arm. He was beginning to be aware I was completely naked under my dress.

” Sweetie, your Mom told me all about you and what is going on between the two of you…and I think you are such a beautiful boy you must have a difficult time getting all those girls off you…” I said in a low soft voice at the same time stroking his blonde hair with my right hand. I moved closer to him feeling the warmth of his body mingling with mine. I heard him breathing a little harder as I said,

” Do you know where your Mom is right now?”

” No but I saw her lead John down the hallway”, pointing to the unlit hallway that led to John’s bedroom and replying in a voice that made me feel so naughty…very naughty.

” Well Sweetie…your Mom is with John right now behind those closed doors…and do you know what they are doing?”, I sighed, exhaling my warm breath into his face as I wrapped my arms around him, my desire for this beautiful boy growing stronger in the wetness I was feeling between my thighs…

” I think I do….having sex” he replied unsteadily. I suddenly cried out in an uncontrollable squeal, my need erupting as I rushed and kissed him hard on his lips, his arms awkwardly going around me in an instant, my hand falling down between his thighs feeling his erection…his hand going under the hem of my dress and feeling the smooth warm flesh of my thighs and moving up slowly…and finding myself without any panties, I felt his hand cup the swell of my pubic mound as I spread my thighs wide open, his finger easily finding the crack of my now wet pussy and fondling the little pearl of my clit. My fingers were now hurriedly opening the buttons of his jeans and seeking the hardness and heat of his flesh, losing my breath as my hand found him…his penis hot and hard…and smooth.

His hand was still touching my pussy as he laid down on the love seat, my mouth immediately going down and kissing his penis…his curly blonde pubic hair smelling of his cologne. I started opening my mouth wider slowly taking him inside…the feel of his hard muscle slipping sensually on the walls of my mouth and my tongue. He smelled clean and fresh and his shaking voice telling me to suck him just pushed me on further. I felt the hairs of my skin stand at the moaning sound of his breathless young innocent voice…seeing the paleness of his hard flesh…and the urgency in which he was pushing himself in and out of my willing mouth….

I suddenly stood up and raised the hem of my dress at the same time straddling him, my right hand finding the hard shaft of his rigidity and leading it into the waiting heat of my wet pussy. I took off my dress completely as I slowly sank into the hardness of his flesh…opening his young eyes to the soft pearly white lusciousness of my own naked body…my ample breasts moving up and down as I began riding him… with a slowness that was pleasuring me more every moment, my lust, yes this was nothing more but lust in its rawest form, enhanced by the inexperience of this young boy, beşiktaş escort my new partner, whose soft hands were mashing the soft warm flesh of my breasts and the thought he was the young son of my female lesbian lover…just drove me to ride and grind my pussy on him harder…faster…my voice gasping in a loud moan and my soul calling out in silent depraved abandon to his mother…who was fucking my son in his room….

My eyes then opened to the sight of John and Renee coming out of his room both completely naked and moving slowly toward us…watching Nikko and I couple unashamedly on the sofa…my naked body on top of Nikko who was still completely dressed…and my pelvis moving and rubbing hard against him…Renee rushed to me and kissed me hard on my open mouth, her tongue sliding inside and playing tag with my own…then I felt John behind me…trying to reach me from my back…so I lowered my upper body allowing John to feel and touch my ass…I felt his penis try to enter me from behind…slowly…as I felt Nikko’s penis now moving in and out roughly inside my pussy…I whispered to Nikko to move down on the floor which he did. We both laid down on our sides allowing John to lay down behind me and enter me.

I have never experienced being taken front and back at the same time and was not prepared for the sudden violent physical sensation of two hard penises now moving rapidly inside my body…Renee had taken Nikko’s clothes off and my body was now caught in between two naked young boys moving with the strength, the urgent need and staying power of youthful virility that the raw and intense passion and lust my body and senses were feeling were slowly consuming my mind. I was no longer conscious of myself anymore…I felt I was just a body, a mass of soft warm delicious flesh in a sea of drowning passion…the gutteral sounds of their grunting, the heat of their bodies, their movements inside my naked body, sometimes in rhythm…sometimes out of it…four demanding hands roaming all over my quivering flesh and both their lips and tongues kissing and licking me everywhere…was making me lose my mind that all I could hear was the sound of my voice screaming in uncontrollable lust and incredible pleasure crying out for more…more… my body responding in jerking spasmodic movements, yielding to this double and intensely pleasurable attack on my physical senses pushing me dizzily through and beyond the thin edge of sanity…making me come again…and again…and again…and again….endlessly……

I must have passed out because the next thing I knew, I was laid down on the floor with Renee touching my face, kissing me and running her hand through my hair…wet and damp with my sweat, my body aching all over…with John touching my feet and my upper thighs slowly…streams of fluids flowing out of my pussy and ass…no doubt seminal fluids from both John and Nikko…

” Renee…I have never felt this utterly depraved before…all my nerves are alive and primed for lust and sexual passion…this is addicting…so addicting” I said in a shaking voice echoing my exhaustion and sexual satiation, my hips jerking uncontrollably.

” I know Darling…do you want to stop?” she asked softly with some concern; then I looked at John… staring at my nakedness…his eyes roaming all over me…and stopping at the center between my open thighs…my pussy still oozing fluids of raw desire as I soon felt the need in his eyes again…awakening mine…slowly,

” Not on your life Renee…I want more. All I need is a few moments rest and I’ll be fine.” I replied, and Renee, looking at John staring at my pussy and watching his erection growing much harder said,

” Well, you rest while I take care of these two handsome boys…okay?” and taking the hand of John and Nikko, she kissed John’s erection as I saw Nikko go down between her thighs immediately opening wide to receive his tongue…

As my eyes strayed to the wallclock I saw it was only 11:00 in the evening…I thought this was going to be an evening all four of us will never forget for a long time…as I saw Nikko lick his mother’s pussy hungrily and John’s penis moving urgently in and out of Renee’s mouth both his hands holding Renee’s head steady….

I wonder…if this is what is happening now……what will tomorrow bring…..

( to be continued )

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