Me and My Stepsons

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Last time I told you how I was “Moaning My Husband’s Death” and how his brother came to my rescue.

After that episode and a year later Nell moved in with me. Evan had left a huge mansion and I had 4 kids and my Porn Production Company to handle. It was all too much for me. Of course my girl friend Linda would help me on and off, but Nell had been particularly very helpful. He stayed with me and the boys for 15 days every month and helped me. By then we had fallen for each other. He was extremely caring and loving. He knew how to make a woman happy in bed and otherwise.

Another year passed and one day he popped the question while I was sun bathing near the pool. I could not say no to him. He had been an absolute gentleman all through this time and I loved him. Of course his family was not happy. His daughters and ex-wife were rife and wouldn’t talk to him for a long time. Poor Nell, he was heart broken. But one look at me and he knew he made the right decision. So we had a small ceremony with Linda my 4 boys and Nell’s youngest son, Daryl and his girl friend.

For 23, Daryl looks pretty matured and is as strong and well built as his dad. He is very much a resemblance of Nell as far as looks and body are concerned. Earlier in my relation with his dad he was a little rife with me. But once he stayed over with us for a few weekends and got to know me he became very close to me. This summer he is staying with us since his girlfriend passed away in an accident. He doesn’t look good. And I feel sorry for him, cause he is such a wonderful boy. He keeps his mind occupied through the day, but evening spends his time drinking and usually is out of the house. Nell has tried to cheer him, but to no avail.

We have even thrown in couple of parties with close friends but he didn’t care to join.

Nell was going away for a month for work and asked Daryl to join him. Daryl declined and decided to stay back.

“I’d like to stay back here if you guys don’t mind?” he asked.

We both looked at each other and Nell nodded.

“It’s perfectly fine. You can stay here as long as you want.” I said.

A couple of days later Randy came over. Randy is my another stepson from previous marriage. He was 10 years older to me. He was also uncomfortable with the age gap between me and his father but had warmed to it pretty fast. He knew the person I was. And he appreciated and acknowledged my needs. A few times we had been there for each other. He respected me and was chivalrous around me. He took good care of me whenever I was with him.

“Oh my god! You look absolutely amazing” he pointed out as he stepped out of his expensive Porsche and hugged me and squeezed me tight.

I immediately felt my nipples harden and touch his strong chest. Yes, we have a history. As I mentioned earlier we have helped each other. A couple of times he was in a rough spot of life, and looked up to me to help him clear his head. It had lead to us having sex even though I was married to his father. We had this different relationship which to anyone else would feel like just sexual. But he had a way to himself avrupa yakası escort that just aroused me. And he knew it. Him just being him was a huge turn on for me. So, when he hugged me he knew what he was doing to me.

“I’m so excited to see you” saying so he lifted me off my feet. And my cleavage was almost covering his face. He put me down and gave me a tiny little kiss on the lips. He was still holding me very close to him and made sure my boobs were crushing in his chest. And I made sure to hold me tight as well.

“I’m excited to see you as well” I replied, as I softly caressed his cheeks with my thumbs as I held his face in my hands.

“Looks like the marriage is working well for you. You’re looking ravishing and glowing” Randy pointed out.

“Yes it is. How have you been? I’ve missed you so much.” I pulled his mouth to mine and we stood there making out like teenagers.

“I’m doing good. Been very busy these past few years. This Porsche here is the result of my hard work.”

He said as he patted the car still holding me in his one arm.

“I can see that. Why don’t you come on in and tell me all that you’ve done since we last met?.”

I guided him back to the house. He had grown so much more handsome and his smell was just heavenly.

Having him around the house meant that he would make sure there is always some fun going on. Just like me, he barely walked around in clothes.

(Those who know me, they know that I am absolutely free minded person. I have no hangs up of any kind as far as sex, sexuality or any of that stuff is concerned). In my house I give freedom to be as free as anyone wants. All through the week Randy was busy with some work he had in town. I was busy with my new porn movie. And every night Linda would come over for my fill of sex. She has been feeling down lately cause of her wife. And she always comes to me when she wants to vent it physically. I am always excited for that cause she uses the big strap on that I love so much. I have had lesbian sex with so many women, but no one makes me scream my soul out like she does.

One of the best things that happened over the week was with Daryl. Randy needed a hand with some work and he asked Daryl. Daryl was more than happy. Randy took him to work everyday and later for drinks. And they also hit some bars and picked a couple of girls. I could hear them one night as they were skinny dipping in the pool and I was with Linda.

“So what are we doing this weekend?” Randy asked on a Friday night dinner.

“Whatever you want to do,” I said.

“Ok, then how about we start with a pool party tonight? Just three of us?” Randy asked.

“That sounds good to me.” I affirmed. “What about you Daryl?” I looked at Daryl.

He looked confused.

“Oh don’t tell me you haven’t seen her breast feeding the kids or making out naked with your father anywhere in the house?!” Randy chipped in.

Daryl thought for a second and then gave a look of agreement to Randy.

“Good then. It’s settled, We are having a pool party tonight.” bağcılar escort Randy declared.

In the evening after breast feeding my 4 yos I joined the guys in my barely-able-to-cover-my-boobs bikini while they were almost half way through their drinking session. Randy was leaner compared to Daryl, but his swim suit was struggling to cover his masculinity. Daryl, on the other hand, distracted me with his abs and muscular arms. I was lounging in my 2 piece, while the boys were drinking and just being naughty with their talks. After a while Daryl went in the house to get more food, while Randy came over to me, pulled one of boobs out and started sucking straight away. It took him no time to get some milk out. When Daryl came back Randy stopped.

Later, as the music kept playing the boys pulled me and just threw me in to the pool and jumped back in with me. Randy pulled me closer and simply thrust his tongue in my mouth. We stood there kissing like that for while. Later he held me close and kept caressing me as we were talking to Daryl. As Randy climbed out for a drink Daryl told me how Randy was helping him overcome his grief.

“He told me the best way was to let it out sexually. And how you helped him to do it twice. I did with a couple of hookers when we went out. It felt good.” Daryl confessed.

“Oh baby, That is so good to hear. I am so happy for you.” I told him as I kissed him on the cheek.

“But there is a favor I need to ask” he hesitated.

“Anything baby. Ask me anything. I’ll give you anything to see you happy. There’s nothing me and your father want more.” I assured him.

“I was wondering if it was possible…if…..if.” he was awkward.

“if what sweety?” I was egging him to tell me.

“If….if you could help me?”

“Help you how honey?” I said looking for clarification.

“The way you helped Randy back then” he said.

As he said that I just stepped forward and kissed him. We were making out in no time and he had his tongue in my mouth. His hands moved to my slim waist and pulled me to him. My floating boobs were pressing on him above his chest. He unhooked the knot to my bikini top. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to where Randy was sitting. He lifted me up and Randy pulled me out and on to his lap. Randy’s member was already hard. He removed my bikini top and threw it away. Daryl got out of water as Randy was kissing my neck and playing with my nipples and hardening them. Daryl came and helped me on my feet. His swimsuit was swelling up real good. He slowly squeezed my boobs before taking one in his mouth. Just then Randy got up, came up behind me, and ran his fingers through my crack from behind. I let out a big moan. Then he started licking me and brought his mouth to the other free boob. Both of them were sucking on real good. And due to me still breast feeding my boys they found quite a bit of milk in their mouth. Randy suddenly stopped, reached out for the whiskey bottle he had on the edge of the pool. He started pouring a steady stream of whiskey on the boob bahçelievler escort that Daryl was enjoying. He did the same for himself.

“Let’s take you to the bedroom,” Randy said and slapped my butt cheek real hard.

I giggled but I could feel my body getting excited, my nipples getting hard., milk dripping.They each held my hand and lead me. Randy was in total command, just like he always is. He ordered me to take a sexual pose near the bed. So I stretched my hands over my head, pushed my butt out, and arched my back so that my boobs rose with my nipples sticking out. Now he slowly poured whiskey all over me and Daryl started drinking it. Then Randy took turns. By this time their members were jutting out and my vagina was on fire. They untied my remaining knot and ran their fingers. I was soaking wet. As they shed theirs I could see pre cum on them. i quickly knelt down and lapped it all up. And then sucked on their poles in turn. Their balls getting bigger. I sucked on them as well. The boys’ moaning encouraged me to go on. I gagged a few times. My fans know what a dick sucker I am. All this time my vagina opening up wider. A couple of times the boys slapped my boobs till they went red and pinched my nipples real hard. That just takes me real high. Randy slept on the bed and commanded me to ride his dick. I obeyed with my back to him. My boobs were bouncing violently and that was exciting Daryl. He came from the front and rammed his pole right into my pussy. I lay with my back on Randy motionless as both started thrusting their dicks in me. I was being rocked up and down by my 2 sons like a doll. I was loving every second of it. I had my eyes closed. Just then I could feel a vagina near my mouth, all wet and soaking. I could hear a voice “lick It”. The smell told me it was Linda. I could hear the room filled with moans the balls banging in me and the sloshing of licks. I cannot describe enough how much I love being fucked.

“I’m bursting, and I’m bursting in you” Randy announced.

“Me too” Daryl followed.

And just them Linda squirted right in my face and I just drank every bit of it.

Randy and Daryl got up to my face with their dicks and shot the remaining in my mouth.

We just laid on top each other for a while before we slept in the same bed.

I finally woke up sore and barely able to walk from marathon we had last night.

Randy woke up with me and carried me to the kitchen for a cup of coffee which ended with his penis in me on the kitchen table.

“I had to have a solo with you. You know how much I treasure these.” Randy said.

“Oh Randy, baby, thank you. You know I love you too.” I hugged him tight my tits pressing on his chest and milk dripping. Randy skillfully put his mouth to my hard nipples and started sucking all the milk and ran his fingers in my crack. Before I knew it, his penis and balls were banging me again. With all the cum in my mouth who needed a coffee.

After that night Daryl loosened up a lot and thanked me by taking me shopping for new lingerie (his choice). And his choice is pretty good. He made me wear it for the next weekend party. He was having a good time when his dad got back. Nell was happy to see him enjoying his time. He was a little miffed about what happened, but once I explained to him that home is better than out he was okay with it. Now occasionally both treat me. But otherwise they have their separate ways with me.

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