Mark Tells His Story Ch. 1-3

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I recommend that you read my story, “Melissa Tells All”, before reading this story. Many of the characters in this story are introduced in my first story. Certain aspects of this story are better understood as well by reading “Melissa Tells All”. However, “Mark Tells His Story” stands on its own as a separate story.

This story is a continuation of Melissa & Mark’s relationship and how some odd twists of fate bring them both into some unusual situations with friends and family. This story is told from Mark’s perspective.

Story Summary:

A young man recalls how he met his true love and how she dramatically changed his life forever. He also discovers how looks can be so deceiving. Can their relationship survive?

Chapter 1

My name is Mark and I want to tell you about how I almost screwed up a perfect relationship with the woman I love. Did you know that looks can be deceiving? I found out that they can be in more ways than one. I learned the hard way too.

Melissa is the love of my life. I can’t imagine life without this gorgeous and sexy woman. She is so full of life and love. When she walks into a room, her very presence commands attention. She gets more than her fair share of attention from guys. She is blonde, but not really, her brown roots peek out attractively, gorgeous face, full sensuous lips, lovely medium breasts, full hips and nice sexy legs. She can choose any man she wants. She is just that beautiful. She is extremely attractive but also extremely flirtatious. This gorgeous woman would make any man feel like the luckiest man ever if he could ravish her body just once. I’m the lucky man that gets the wonderful gift of having her heart as mine.

Melissa and I are twenty-year-old students at a major university in the South. I share an apartment with Ronnie, a close friend of mine near campus. Melissa has an apartment she shares with two close friends as well. I’m somewhat the opposite from Melissa in many ways. She loves being adventurous and daring. She will act on impulse to things that I would never initiate myself. I’m usually very careful and try to think out things before jumping in too deep. This normally keeps me from getting into too much trouble. Melissa is the one who always seems to cross the line too far before anyone else.

But one time, even I went too far.

About a month ago, I asked her for a commitment to be my girlfriend. That event was very eye opening to say the least. I found out then just how much faith and love she has for me when she admitted her hidden dark secret to me that day. I never would have guessed just from looking at her that she could be involved in anything like what she confessed to me. Looks can be so deceiving. But her confession to me about the sex she has with her parents did nothing to change the deep love I have for her. If anything, it made my love for her even stronger. Even though she may have sex with others, her heart is mine exclusively.

She has had numerous boyfriends since she was thirteen years old but has never had a sustained relationship longer than a few months. Her former boyfriends always became jealous of her flirtatious nature. The biggest mistake all of them have made though was to try to control her. Melissa can’t be controlled or tamed. Many have tried and failed. She is who she is. Take her or leave her. The one thing she will not put up with is a jealous, controlling man in her life. I picked up on this when I first met her years ago. Yes, I have had a crush on this girl for years. I knew if I ever had a chance to date her, I would not make the mistake so many others have made. I knew what trying to control her would do; it would drive her from me. I would have to trust her to be faithful to me or I’d loose her anyway.

So far, my approach has worked. Melissa still loves to flirt. But I don’t try to control her at all. She can see this in me too. Instead of continuing her flirting when we’re around others, I find her by my side where I wanted her to begin with. Some friends have jokingly accused me of hypnotizing her. I just smile at them, knowing I had to do nothing to control her.

Melissa knows about my former girlfriend, Debbie. She knows just how badly I was hurt when I found out that Debbie was cheating on me. She also knows what I went through trying to salvage that relationship, while Debbie continued her cheating ways. I gave everything to make that relationship work. In some ways, I think Melissa admires me for putting the effort into trying to save that relationship, considering all that Debbie did to hurt me.

My reward for my efforts with Debbie though was having her bring her lover to her apartment when she knew I was there waiting on her; taking him into her bedroom right in front of me. I guess she just thought I was going to be some wimp that would just let her get away with cheating, right in front of my own eyes.

At first, I believe this is just some friend she brought over. But why did she just kadıköy escort walk past me, her boyfriend, and go straight to her bedroom with him? After a few minutes, when I realize they are not coming back out, I get up and walk to her bedroom door. What I see paralyzes me. There in front of me is my girlfriend of two years, passionately kissing a guy I don’t know. While I stand there in shock, she glances over at me and just smiles like this is the normal thing to do! I feel sick and numb. I know she has been cheating on me, but to bring a guy into the apartment right in front of me is a slap in my face. What is she thinking? I continue to stare at her as she begins unbuttoning his shirt and he begins pulling her top off. Moments later they are on her bed touching and kissing each other again.

She just looks at me and says, “Want to join us?”

Debbie then turns back to her nameless lover. He turns her onto her back and begins to caress her tits, squeezing and pulling hard on her nipples.

“Ohhhh yea big boy … you always make me feel so damn good.”

I know from this declaration alone that she has been fucking him before today.

He hooks her shorts with his thumbs and pulls them down, off her legs. I see that she is wearing the lacy pair of panties that I bought for her birthday this year.

“Oh babe, don’t you just love the panties that Mark got for me. He is so considerate to let you see them. Don’t you think?” she says, not even looking at me.

He roughly pulls the panties down her legs; the panties rip apart.

“Oops! Well we don’t really need them anymore,” she says, not caring at all how it would make me feel.

Her lover moves off her to stand by the bed. He quickly takes off his pants and boxer shorts. He has this obnoxious smile on his face as he glances at me momentarily. His hard cock bobs free as he climbs back on the bed between her legs.

“Ohhhh yea! This just might be my favorite cock now. It’s so handsome and sexy!” she says, taking it with her hand as he moves it closer to her soaked pussy.

As he roughly penetrates her, I listen to her squeal out from her pleasure. I realize part of it may be for my benefit though.

“Ohhhhh Goddddd yes!! Fuck meeeeeeeee! Fuck me with your big hard cock! Oh God, I love your big hard cock deep inside meeeeee!!

I watch as his cock fucks her deep and hard. From what I can see, he is no bigger than I am, maybe as long but not as thick. Why is she doing this to me? I want to scream at her. I want to hit her. I want her to feel pain. I want to cry. My body and mind are in shock though.

“Oh fuckkkkkkk yesssss! I’m cummingggggggggggggg,” she screams as he pounds harder into her body. The body that I once thought was mine exclusively.

She pushes him off of her and onto his back. She makes a big show of straddling his body and slowly descending down on his rigid cock.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join us, baby? I can see your cock is hard watching my pussy get well fucked. Why don’t you get naked and let me play with it too.”

She is right about my cock, it’s very hard. As repulsed as I am by the spectacle of my girlfriend getting fucked by a guy I don’t know, I can’t help but feel aroused at the images in front of me. You might say I’m a closet voyeur. But I don’t want to witness what is in front of me now. If this were someone else asking me to join them in a threesome, I wouldn’t have hesitated. But this is my girlfriend. The girl I love. The girl I thought loved me.

“Oh well honey, your loss. Why don’t you at least take it out and jerk it off while I get my pussy filled with this stud’s cum.”

All I know at that moment is the love that was left between us was just destroyed. There is nothing left to do but to turn and leave. As I begin walking down the hall away from her bedroom, I can hear her tell her lover something that completely humiliates me.

“He will be back. He can’t live without me. He can’t live without my pussy. He can’t do any better than me. He doesn’t care if I fuck others that are better men than him. Now fuck me you big stud!”

I just walk out of her apartment and never looked back. I drive around for a while. I can’t even find the strength to cry. I thought we had a great relationship until a few months ago. I actually thought about asking her to marry me a few times. She just ripped my soul from my body and crushed it with this last stunt. I can feel nothing. I finally decide to go back to my apartment. I go straight to my room and just lie down on my bed. I feel like the world I know just ended. I finally begin sobbing quietly.

I get little sleep that night. I honestly feel like I want to die. The next morning when I wake up, I take every picture, gift, and personal item of hers I could find and throw them into some trash bags. I want nothing more to do with that bitch. I want all the memories of her to disappear.

Debbie came looking for me later in kartal escort the morning. She finds me at my apartment as I’m taking the last of the trash bags to the trash dumpster. As I throw the bags of trash containing her reminders into the dumpster, she asks me what is wrong, like absolutely nothing happened yesterday.

“If you’re looking for anything that belongs to you, you’ll find it in the dumpster. I’m through with you, bitch. I won’t take anymore of your shit! You destroyed what little bit of love was left between us yesterday with that fucking stunt. Just please leave me alone now. I don’t ever want to see you again!”

She begs me not to breakup with her. It is too late. She has hurt and humiliated me beyond repair. She follows me all the way back to the apartment door, pleading with me not to leave her. As I slam the door behind me leaving her standing outside, I hear her say one last thing, one last stab at my manhood.

“Fine you bastard. You were never enough man for me anyways. I can do a lot better than your sorry ass. Just know this though; you will never have another woman as sexy as me. You know it too. When you realize it, you will be coming back to me, begging me to take you back. Don’t wait too long though.”

I went months before I even felt like dating again. I had no desire to put my heart and emotions on the line again with any girl. I was tired of being hurt while told I was loved. I just wanted to be left alone and finish college now.

Then Melissa came into my life.

I knew who Melissa was for some time. She is well known on campus. It’s hard not to notice her when she passes you. I know my chances of ever getting close enough to even talk to her are slim. I didn’t even dare believe that she would be interested in dating me.

But one semester, we have a class together. We happen to be seated directly across from each other. I grow to enjoy this class tremendously. The professor is rather boring, which allows my mind to drift during his lectures. I find myself sneaking glances at her. It’s hard not to stare at her. I can’t help but daydream about what it would be like if she were my girlfriend.

I have no illusions that she would ever be interested in me. I’m not a super athlete or some rich kid. Nothing about me would make her notice me over someone else. But my fantasies are better than listening to a professor who could put anyone to sleep with his dull monotone lectures.

At the time the semester began, she had a boyfriend named Daniel. After a few weeks into the semester, I hear through the grapevine that she broke up with him a few days before. Rumor has it that she caught him cheating on her. I couldn’t help but think what an idiot this guy has to be. Why would any guy that had Melissa as a girlfriend risk being caught cheating on her? What a fucking fool this guy is to throw away a relationship with her.

During the weeks following this bit of news, I begin noticing Melissa glancing at me during the class we share. She would look away when I turn to look at her. I’m not sure what to make of this to be honest. I know she loves to flirt. She is well known for her outrageous flirting. I decide she is just practicing her flirting techniques with me. Well, at least she gives me some attention. Better than nothing I guess.

The next Monday, she comes into class using crutches. She has a brace around her knee. I listen to her tell another friend in class that she injured her knee playing softball over the weekend. It wasn’t very serious, but she had to keep it immobile for about a week. I know she is very good at softball. She has played baseball or softball for most of her life. I watch her as she sits down awkwardly at her desk. I notice her looking for the best place to lay her crutches down.

I realize that here is an opportunity to offer to help her.

“Can I help you with those?”

“Yea … can you put these over by the wall for me,” she asks looking directly into my eyes.

I feel almost hypnotized by the way she is looking at me.

“Sure, no problem. Here, let me take them,” I said, reaching to take the crutches from her.

As I grab them with my hands, she moves her hand over one of mine, saying with the cutest smile, “Thank you, Mark.”

Well my day can’t get any better. So I thought anyways.

After class is over, I get the crutches for her from against the wall.

“Thank you for being so sweet,” she says in a flirtatious way. “I can’t seem to get used to these things.”

I feel like I’m in heaven right now.

I could see her struggling to get her books and trying to get out of the classroom on crutches. She didn’t seem to have a problem when she got to class. I’m not going to pass up the chance to help her out though.

“Can I carry something for you?”

“Sure Mark, can you carry my books for me?”

“I’d love to … ahhh I mean … sure.”

I realize I’m showing quite a bit of kurtköy escort excitement over carrying her books for her. She looks up at me smiling and breaks out in a small laugh at my clumsy chatter.

“Relax Mark … I don’t bite,” she says smiling reassuringly.

I relax with her smile. It’s like we connected somehow. I couldn’t look away from her eyes. However, we both suddenly realize we’re blocking the exit from the classroom, so we make our way into the hall.

“Do you have another class? This is my last one for today,” she says.

“I’m finished for today too. I’m about to go to my apartment before going to my part-time job. I can carry these to the parking lot for you, if you want me to?”

“That would be really sweet, Mark,” she says as our eyes lock together again.

I get lost looking into her eyes. She seems lost looking back into my eyes. We leave the building and begin walking to the parking lot. For the past year, I’d been cursing how far the parking lot is from where my classes are usually located. Now I could kiss whoever laid out the design of the campus! We walk slowly because of her crutches as we chat about nothing in particular. She is so easy to talk to. I no longer feel intimidated by her so much. I feel more and more relaxed around her.

Then this guy I recognize as a football player walks up to her and begins talking to her like I didn’t even exist. I just stand there, not knowing what to say or do. I feel very tongue-tied with the two of them now. They talk for a moment before he offers to take her books for her to her car. What a fucking nerve this guy has! He can see that I’m carrying them for her!

I figure my time in the spotlight just ended. I just know she would rather have this big good-looking jock carry them. Amazing how two grown men can compete to carry a girl’s books for her. However, I know I can’t compete with this guy. Debbie had embedded in my mind the fact that I stood no chance with a girl like this.

Melissa completely surprises me though. She looks at this big handsome football player and tells him something that changes my whole perception of what Debbie told me.

“Mark is carrying my books for me. Thanks for the offer though.”

I can tell he fully expected to have the honor. I could tell that he is somewhat stunned and pissed as well after she says it.

The jock just says, “OK, I’ll see you around then.”

She looks at me, smiling reassuringly again.

“Sorry about that. Some guys can be so rude.”

“That’s OK … I wouldn’t have minded if … “

“No Mark. I want you to carry my books for me,” she says.

We continue walking slowly toward the parking lot talking about different things. Before I realize it, it has taken us an hour to walk what normally only takes ten minutes. We get lost in our conversation together.

“I hate to have to run off. But I need to get going or I’ll be late for my part-time job,” I reluctantly tell her.

I seriously contemplated whether I needed that job that badly!

“I understand. Thanks again for helping me today … and walking with me.”

“It was a pleasure, anytime!”

“OK … tomorrow then?” she says smiling.

“Sure! No problem. I’d love to!”

“Thanks Mark. You’re a very sweet guy,” she says as she gets in her car.

I watch her leave the parking lot while thinking, “What the fuck just happened to me?” She actually talked to me like she really was interested in me. She listened to what I had to say like she really wanted to know me. Am I dreaming? God I hope I don’t wakeup any time soon!

The next day, I see Melissa in the hallway after her last class. We have different classes on alternating days. We have the same last class every other day. She is leaning against the wall, talking to this guy as I walk toward her. It’s another football jock trying to score with her it seems. I feel intimidated again. How can I compete with guys like this for this girl? I decide to just walk past her and head on out the building. She probably doesn’t remember the reason I’m there anyways. As I walk past her, I hear her voice call out to me.

“Hey Mark … I’ve been waiting for you. Where are you going?”

I turn around to see her looking right into my eyes. The football jock is still standing almost in front of her. But it’s almost like she doesn’t even know he is there anymore. The jock turns to look at me with a puzzled look.

“Wait Mark. You’re going to carry my books aren’t you?”

“Yea … sure Melissa,” I say, almost stumbling over my words. My heart does somersaults as I realize I didn’t have to compete with this jock for her attention. There was no competition as far as she was concerned. The jock tells her goodbye and walks off. I walk up to her and she flashes me the most sincere smile I’ve ever seen. She almost seems nervous though. It’s almost like she feels the same way I do!

She hands me her books, and we start another slow walk to the parking lot. Once again, we take our time as we talk and find out more about each other. We pass a bench under a tree. She walks over to it and sits down, asking me to sit with her. We talk for hours in that very spot. We talk about our classes. We talk about friends. We talk about our families.

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