Let’s Talk About Something Else Ch. 02

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I was so hung over from last night and really pissed at myself for getting in a fight at Scuttlebutt. There were only two bars downtown and now I was banned from both of them. I groaned as a vaguely remembered puking in the Uber on the way home. But worse, Chad, had gotten super pissed and left me a text saying “GOOD BYE.” It was only our second date, and I guess, our first “real” date. If I could get him to give me another chance I wasn’t going to mess it up. I had an idea and that’s why my bff Patty was on her way over, bringing Blood Mary makings for this hang over.

Curling my legs under me on the coach I watched “Cinderella” while I waited for her. I always watch Disney movies when I’m sick or need cheering up. I love the princesses with big, pretty eyes and they always find love.

Patty came in through the kitchen door of my little bungaloo without knocking and I heard her set down a bag and get some glasses. “Hey girl” she said from the kitchen. “Hey,” I replied lamely. A moment later she walked in with a tall, icy, Bloody Mary in each hand and sat down on the couch, handing me one.

We’d been friends for six years, ever since she showed up in town. Patricia was her name and she was from Puerto Rico. She was a Latina hottie with straight raven hair she usually wore in a high pony tail that dangled to the middle of her back. She wasn’t as petite as me, but she was slim. Patricia had gotten breast implants back home and she had amazing, D-Cup tits. They had scars underneath them from the surgery because I guess in poor countries like Mexico and where she’s from they still do it that way. But they looked great and got her phat tips at the Applebees where we worked. I was a little jealous because even though I had a great ass and wasn’t shy about showing it off at work there seemed to be more “tit guys” than “ass guys” and she usually did better than me. She had brown eyes and she liked to wear heavy eye liner that made her look like a smoldering temptress.

“So this bitch I didn’t even know called me a ‘whore’ and ‘skank’ so I slapped the shit outta her. What was I supposed to do?” I complained. The vodka was making me feel better already.

“And that new guy got all pissed off?”

“Chad. Ya. He’s such a nice guy and so hot. That why I want you to help me apologize to him with some sexy photos. You know what he did last night?” I said mischievously, raising my eye brows.


“He bent me over the counter in the staff bathroom and tongue fucked my ass.”

“Whoa! How was it?”

“Amazing. He has such a great tongue. And I know you don’t like cocks that much but his is fantastic. I’ve got enough lingerie for a couple of different outfits and I want you to take a photo of me holding up a little sign in each one that will say I’m sorry.”

“That’s such a sweet idea. But you have to let me lick that sweet little pussy of yours,” she said.

“What about that big girl that works on a tug out of B-more?!” I asked.

“Bitch was married.”

“Oh fuck.”

“Ya,” she said, “Maybe I’ll get online and try a guy again. I’m tired of girl drama. But there is nothing like a woman eating your pussy.”

“Here,” I said, swiping through my phone to get the photo of Chad’s thick hard on and flat abs, “tell me you wouldn’t like this fat hot cock in you. Jerry’s cock isn’t even half that size.”

“Wow,” she said, “that’s a great looking cock. It’s gotta be nine or ten inches. I’d have to practice with a dildo before I let that thing fuck me. You really took that in your ass?”

I nodded proudly. “And he’s so damn thick. . .I feel so full—it’s amazing,” I said wistfully.

“Hmm. I dunno. . . .” she said still looking at his cock. She was in a tough spot. I think she just had bad taste in women.

I finished my Bloody Mary and we went into my bedroom to try on the first outfit. I had a cute light pink Babydoll that barely covered my pussy and the breast cups were Valentine red. I folded a piece of paper in half and wrote “Chad. . . ” on it in pretty letters with a red marker. I held it in different poses while Patty took a couple of photos. The lingerie was turning her on because she massaged one of her tits and pinched the nipple while she took the last photo of me. We sat on the bed picking out the best one to use in the slide show I was making for him.

“I’m kinda jealous,” she said, “it’s neat seeing you do something sweet like this for your guy.”

“Well, I’m not sure if he is my guy.”

“I don’t mind guys, I like them, I really do,” she said, “it’s just I like women better. Their skin is so soft and smooth compared to a guy’s” and as she said this she traced her fingers up and down my thigh.

She leaned over and kissed me. I let her. I’m not gay, but kissing a woman is delicious and different from kissing a guy. Patty’s lips were so soft and tender. Our warm tongues lapped at each other and she cupped one of my tits in her hands. The tender, loving way she kissed canlı bahis me always made me go limp and pliable. She slipped the babydoll off over my head and took off her t-shirt. Standing up she stepped out of her shorts and flip flops. Her tits really were fantastic– light carmel colored D-cups firm and high on her chest with cute nipples. No wonder they drove guys crazy. Instead of a “tramp stamp” like I have (I love my little black sun) she has a tattoo of a red rose on each side of her belly button and thorny vines wind down toward her pussy below the bikini line. She keeps her pussy as bald and smooth as I do, of course. If I was into girls, I would definitely do her.

She was standing naked in front of me pinching and tugging her nipples. “But we have to finish this project,” I protested.

“We will, I promise. But you owe me.” She reached into her purse and pulled out a little packet of cocaine. “This is a better cure for a hangover than a Bloody Mary,” she said getting onto the bed with me.

“I really shouldn’t. I think Chad is pretty straight when it comes to that stuff. He’s a supervising nurse and all.” She and Jerry was always snorting blow, even at work. They were both trouble.

“Well Chad’s not here and you don’t have to do any, but I’m going to, so lay back and hold still,” and she pushed me down on the bed. She carefully laid a line of blow from my belly button toward my pussy on my smooth tan skin. She snorted the line and scooped up what she had missed with her finger, sticking it in her mouth and sucking on it.

“Ok, I’ll do one,” I relented. She laid back and I took the baggie and sprinkled a line between her massive tits. Then I dove in and snorted it, licking what I missed off of her. She was right. My head cleared and I felt excited and optimistic. And horny. That’s why she kept that stuff around, I think; she knew it made me want to fuck.

Patty tossed me onto my back and gave me another kiss. We licked cocaine off each other’s gums and teeth. Then she traced her tongue down and starting flicking one of my nipples back and forth. I purred and started to squirm. She smiled playfully at me. She was getting me wet and knew it. Tracing her tongue lower she paused at my belly button and lapped at the piercing a little before swirling her tongue toward my pussy. She teased me, running her hot tongue along my inner thighs and next to my pussy but not licking it—she was worse than me when it came to teasing.

She flipped me onto my tummy saying, “I’m going to tongue fuck your cute butt to see what I’m missing. Baby, your asshole is all red and puffy,” she observed.

“Chad fucked my ass really hard last night,” I explained.

“Well he must have done it this morning because there’s still cum in it,” she said spreading my cheeks. I felt her tongue tip give a tentative probe into my ass. “Mmmm,” she said softly, “I can see why he likes doing this, it feels soooo filthy, and you have the best ass on the Eastern Shore.” Then she started slurping and tongue fucking my ass earnestly making tasty “mmmm” sounds.

“What do you think Chad would say if he knew I was licking his cum out of your ass?” she wondered before going back to lapping his passion out of me, probing her tongue into my ass and pulling it out with his cum mixed with spit. I remembered how Chad had cum in my pussy last night with my cowboy boots wrapped around him digging into his ass. Realizing he’d put a load of cum in my pussy and my ass got me really turned on, especially with Patty tongue fucking my ass.

I was fidgeting so much and I begged, “Eat my little pussy, baby, you got me so wet I can’t stand it.”

Patty chuckled softly and turned me over. She gave me a kiss and her lips had some of his cum on them and she smelled musky from my ass. Spreading my legs she finally got down to business, opening my pussy lips and licking my clit with strong, firm strokes.

“Damn Patty, you lick my pussy so good. . . . shit. . .” I moaned

We’d done this enough that Patty knew how to make me cum and it only took a couple of minutes before I was bucking against her face and writhing as I squealed “Aieeeeeeeee!” and trembling with my orgasm. She sat up with glistening cheeks and licked her lips.

Patty went to sit on my face but I pushed her off- she was always trying to get me to eat her pussy. I think she wanted me to be gay so we could be a couple.

“Well, at least suck my tits while I finger myself,” she whined laying on her back.

I’m not selfish, and even though I’m not gay, sucking on her tits felt as good as kissing her. Maybe I have a bit of an oral thing. Maybe everybody does. What woman doesn’t love a pulsing cock in her mouth to suck on like a lollipop or a nipple to suckle? And she had amazing tits.

I sucked each nipple eagerly, taking turns between them and gently tugging them with my teeth while her hand was a blur on her clit.

“Fuck. . .” she moaned, “suck those big titties Katie, bahis siteleri suck them hard. . .”

“Mmmmm,” I said with her nipple in my mouth and I doubled my efforts.

“Dios mio. . . cummmmmmmming!” she announced and stiffened like a board while her orgasm coursed through her. We lay in each other’s arms for a little bit. She did a line of blow off my ass while I giggled and I did another off her tits.

She stayed naked while I figured out what outfit I wanted to wear for my next little apology sign, deciding on a black bustier I had with a little pink bow on the front because it had supports and makes my round and firm—but kind of small—tits stick out some. I put on a thong and black silk stockings and a garter. I wanted to save showing him my pussy until the last little sign. Taking my time to write big, pretty letters I made my next sign, “I am so. . . .” Laying on my back in the bed, I put the sign on my tummy and arched my back. Patty stood above me and took a couple of photos. “That’s hot,” she said.

We were almost done. For the next one I put on a black mesh teddy that had a v-cut all the way to just above my pussy and a spider web top that showed off and framed my tits. My next sign said “. . . SORRY.” I tucked the sign into the V-cut above my pussy and lay on my back again, arching and cupping my tits in my hands. Patty gave me a thumbs up and took some photos. Chad loved my ass, so I wanted to make sure Patty got it in the last photo. I only had some fence-net stockings left. I changed into them and didn’t put a top on.

“Those stockings are so sexy and slutty,” Patty said, “I’ve got to get some of those.”

Folding a piece of paper so it could stand on the bed by itself I wrote “Another chance?” I set it on the bed and got on all fours. Patty was behind me. I wanted him to see my bare pussy and that ass he loved to fuck. I looked back at the camera smiling while Patty took some more photos.

“Your ass is so tight and firm, but round. Like two perfect cherries put together,” she said. She was getting worked up again.

I threw one of Jerry’s t-shirts over me, keeping the stockings on. He’d left it the last time I had him over and let him fuck me. It was like a night robe. We put together the little slide show. It said, “Chad. . . I’m so. . .SORRY. . another chance?” I’d traded emails with Chad before he left the morning after our first date so I sent him an email with the slide show attached. Please read my apology note slide show. My friend Patty took the photos. I really blew it. I’m sorry.

Patty and me sat having another Bloody Mary. About half an hour later my phone chimed. “It’s him!” I said. I was afraid to read the message.

Nice note. Haha. Last night was really messed up. You know that, right? I had to stop at an ATM and get the Uber driver cash since you threw up in his car.

“What should I say?” I asked Patty.

“Tell him his cum tasted good when I licked it out of your ass.” I thwacked her on the shoulder.

I’m so sorry baby. I was drunk. Give me another chance and it will never happen again.

A minute later he replied, Okay, we had a great date up until things got crazy. I am working all week. Why don’t you drive over to my side of the Bay next Saturday and I will take you out on my sailboat overnight. That should keep you out of trouble.

“It worked Patty! Can you cover my shift next Saturday? He wants to take me out on his boat!”

“Ok, but only if you let me eat your pussy again right now.” She was relentless.

My friend just said she’ll cover my shift! I can’t wait, I texted him as Patty started licking and kissing my neck. When she was this horny there was no stopping her and she’d milk the cum out of my pussy over and over again until it was so sensitive just looking at it tickled. She lay on the bed and I pulled Jerry’s t-shirt off and straddled her pretty face with a stockinged leg on each side of her head. She burrowed a finger in my ass with one hand and squeezed an ass cheek with the other. It was going to be a long, lazy day, I thought, as I began grinding my pussy against her lips and tongue; neither one of us has to work, we had a 5th of vodka, cocaine, and nothing to do except let her lick my pussy.

Chad and me texted a little every day during the week, just small talk about how our day was going. The night before I was going to drive over, I was laying on my bed naked and fingering myself thinking about having his massive cock in me. My pussy was so wet, squishing sounds filled my bedroom. After I came I raised my phone above me and took a selfie of my glistening pussy that I’d just gotten waxed that afternoon. I sent him the photo.

Mmmm, he replied, you have such a gorgeous little pussy.

Baby, it’s been a week, I complained, I miss your thick cock so much.

Tomorrow. He said.

Early the next day I packed a little over night bag. I wore tiny white shorts with no panties, of course, and my pink bikini bahis şirketleri top with white polka dots. Chad said I should wear sneakers, so I put on my pink, low cut Converse. As a finishing touch I latched a pink choker ribbon around my neck and put on large, gold hoop ear rings. Patty had re-dyed my pixie-cut pink when I made her stop eating my pussy the other day so I was really proud of my cute little outfit. I drove over the bridge toward Annapolis. Driving over that thing always freaks me out. It’s up hundreds of feet and everything feels wrong about being in empty space above water. But I clenched the wheel, gritted my teeth and made it over. His marina was south of Annapolis and I found it with no problems and walked down dock

, like he told me to.

Some guys were drinking beer on a power boat and they were obviously checking me out. When I got past them, I bent over straight at the waist, pretending to fuss with my shoe. I let them get a good look at my ass– my shorts didn’t even cover it all the way. Chad’s cock would be splitting it in two soon and it made me hot showing my ass off and teasing guys.

Chad was doing something on his boat and came down the dock when he saw me coming.

“Wow, you look amazing. . . and scandalous,” he said.

“You like my little sailor outfit?!”

He took my bag and helped me onto the boat. I’m not a boat person. It shifted as I stepped on it and didn’t feel that stable to me.

“Let me show you the boat,” he said leading me down into the little cabin. It wasn’t that big of a boat but it had cute cabin with a tiny kitchen area, a table, a porta potty looking toilet with a door and the front of the boat was a little room with a cozy, wedge-shaped bed. It was all clean and every part that was wood glowed with varnish.

“What a great boat! I’ve never been on a sailboat” and I hugged him. The hug turned into a kiss and his hands cupped my ass. It was always like that with us. Every time we saw each other we went straight to fucking. We kissed for a long time. He’d been working on the boat and smelled of sweat and wood and the ocean. He led me to the front of the boat and stood behind me in the tiny bedroom. Kissing my neck, he undid my bikini top and then moved his hands down my smooth tummy to the button of my shorts. He undid the button and they slid to the floor. I rubbed my bare ass against his hard on while he kept kissing my neck and squeezing my tits. He was so tall and strong. I didn’t even come up to his nose.

Then, like I knew he would, he bent me over the bed and kissed my ass like it was some great trophy he’d just won. The Stanley Cup. I had my eyes closed and was just drinking everything in. I heard him get out of his shorts and t-shirt. Then he kissed and licked my butt cheeks.

“Your ass drives me crazy,” he said and spreading my cheeks, he flicked my asshole with his tongue lightly. It tickled and made me shiver and squirm. Her circled my asshole several times—his tongue was just as soft and warm and wet as Patty’s. Then, he probed it, spreading my ass wider and started to tongue fuck my ass with his talented tongue.

“Can I be your pirate slut, baby?” I said with my eyes still closed. I was in heaven.

“Mmmm,” and he pulled his face out of my ass, “you are a little slut, aren’t you?”

I nodded my head, “Fuck my slutty pirate ass, baby, I missed your cock so much.”

He was ready because there was some lube right there and he slathered some on his cock and, with me looking back at him, he lined it up with my asshole. I could feel the heat and blood as his big cock head put pressure on my asshole. . . steady pressure and then some more and then it popped inside my ass and I squealed and grabbed the blankets on the bed. I was grateful he didn’t start fucking my ass right away, but just let my sphincter wrap around his cock head while he kneaded and fondled my butt, gazing at the sight of my ass split in two by his shaft. He pushed another inch or two in me and then pulled almost all the way back out. I loved how gentle he was being. The last time he’d fucked my ass I was pretty much passed out and he was all pissed off at me and seemed to take it out on my ass. My ass started to suck him in. After a few more gentle half strokes he asked me, “You ready for all of that cock in your ass?”

“Fuck yes, baby,” I whimpered with pleading blue eyes looking back at him, “your cock feels soooo good when it bottoms out in me. . . give it to . . .” And my voice cut off with a gasp as he pushed that incredible cock of his all the way up my ass, his balls resting on my pussy and he sat there for a moment. I swear I could feel his heartbeat through his cock in my ass. It was magical. We were so connected with his cock that deep in my ass. Then he started rhythmically fucking me, his hands on my hips. I reached under me and starting rubbing my clit. He increased his pace and slapping sounds filled the tiny room. The boat started to sway as he fucked my ass harder.

Soon, I was squealing and yelping with every thrust. I wasn’t even thinking about if other people could hear. Chad was fucking my ass hard now, grunting and spanking me, then squeezing it violently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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