Lea’s Control

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Lea hadn’t had an intimate encounter with anyone for almost a year. Her last one was with her best girlfriend, Ali, and left her satisfied, but confused about her sexuality. For a few months after that, she felt like she was losing her mind, constantly reshaping her self-image as bi, or lesbian, or hetero, trying to find a label for herself. The problem was that she really enjoyed her last experience, more than she ever thought she could, but she had an incredible lust for men. Reconciling those two turned out to be harder than anything else she had done. She was talking to Ali about it one day, when the question came up.

“Do you think about women sexually now?”

She thought long and hard about that, laughing to her own pun as she finally realized she preferred men. With that weight lifted off her shoulders, she went about the task of finding a boyfriend. She longed for masculine attention, and the more she thought about what sort of man she wanted, the more vivid, and sometimes strange, her fantasies became. Soon her fantasies were almost exclusively related to some form of bondage or another.

She often visited a dating web-site using the nickname MistressLea, and she used that persona online to express her newfound sexuality. To everyone, she seemed to be a hard, dominant, high-maintenance woman who knew what she wanted and always got it. In reality though, she was shy and fragile; still the soft spoken, tender, and emotional girl she was when she was with Ali.

She developed MistressLea so she could experiment with her bondage fantasies in a safe environment far away from her real life. However, she acquired a variety of items offline to complete the illusion; most of it made from leather or metal. She took pictures of herself wearing and using the items and posted them on her profile online. She enjoyed playing the character, maybe because it made her feel powerful, or maybe in spite of it. No matter what the reason, she felt at ease when she was online and she could chat with anyone. She completed her character’s profile, listing MistressLea’s favorite fantasy as a reversal of her dominating spirit; to be dominated, to have the rolls switched and to be powerless.

He sat in his truck contemplating his next move. There was really only one and he knew it. He had to go in. This was one hell of a setup for him and he was excited but felt like he would be ill at the same time. He lit another smoke and thought about the task at hand. He picked up her picture again. Beautiful, with brown curly hair, blue eyes, and luscious curves; he was drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

After his smoke, he quietly got out of his truck and walked to her door. He knocked softly and waited. He was almost afraid for a moment. He had never actually met a dominatrix and he could only pretend to imagine how dominating she would be. He heard her voice for the first time through the door. She demanded, “Who is it?”

He was sure she wouldn’t accept switching the rolls easily, so he decided to play the submissive roll until an opportunity presented itself.

Cautiously he replied, “Um, it’s Andrew. We chatted online.” He was lying as convincingly as he could, hoping she would believe him. She thought for a moment and then realized she was in trouble. She often stated in the chat room that she loved men to come over unannounced, begging to be dominated. But it was just a game. Online there was supposed to be no chance of her ever actually meeting someone. She even listed personal information that she made up. The street she lived on didn’t even exist. How had this person found her? Panic set in. No way was she going to open that door.

Her hands were shaking when she said in her most commanding voice, “Fuck off! I’m busy.”

Then silence. She couldn’t tell if he was still outside her door and she didn’t want to peek out the window to find out. She stood there a full minute listening to the silence, when it was broken.


“Holy shit!” she said silently to herself. How does he know? Then she leaned toward the door and asked, “How did you find me?”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come. I work for the company that runs the chat room. It’s a pay service, so I looked up your real address from when you paid last.”

Now she was mad. How dare he invade her personal life! She wasn’t just mad, she was furious. Rage consumed her as she thought about opening the door and pounding him into an unrecognizable bloody pulp. She felt like she was MistressLea. She felt transformed and powerful. She could feel him outside, waiting for her next move. Quickly she started exploring her options. She decided almost at once to make him do ridiculous things; silly demeaning things.

She commanded, “Bark like the dog that you are!”

And he did; and he kept doing it until she told him to stop. She had him do several other tasks before deciding that she could really enjoy doing this. After all, she was only human, and had some much neglected needs that only a man could satisfy, so she opened the door.

He canlı bahis was slightly taller than she was, with neatly trimmed brown hair, large, deep blue eyes, and a cleanly shaven face. He was dressed in a nice button-down shirt and blue jeans. He looked harmless enough to her and she motioned for him to pass.

As he walked by her, he got a good look at his conquest. “Wow” was all he could think. She was beautiful. Her robe was loosely tied allowing for her breasts to peek out through her red silk nightshirt. Her nipples were just barely visible and made his mouth water. About a C cup, he guessed quickly and attempted to not to stare without much success. She pushed him roughly up the steps into a hallway and continued leading him to her bedroom. She was watching his ass as he walked in front of her. There was something about him she liked but she didn’t know what it was.

She turned on the light, not enough to see a lot of details, and gave him his first view of her dark torture chamber. There were handcuffs, thigh cuffs, whips, chains, and plenty of hooks on the walls; that would make excellent points to secure her; perfect for what he had in mind. However, at this moment, she was still in charge.

“Strip,” she demanded, and he did. Standing in front of him, with his partially hard cock pointing at her pussy, she dropped her robe showing all of her delicious curves. He could barely contain himself as his now rock hard cock started to throb. He couldn’t take his eyes off her body. He looked at her now slightly hard nipples poking through her shirt. His eyes followed it down to her lace panties. They were just tight enough to show a little bit of the mound of her soft pussy lips. She reached to the wall and got down a pair of cuffs.

As she reached for his hands, he grabbed the cuffs from her and instantly had one of her hands cuffed. Almost as quickly he spun her around and cuffed her other hand so that she was now helpless. She protested for a moment before he found a gag and blindfold on the wall. He stuffed the gag into her open protesting mouth and tied the blindfold too tightly for comfort. It was deliberate to show her that he was now in control.

Quietly he whispered in her ear, “stop protesting and I’ll relieve some of the pressure.”

She stopped, realizing how absurd it was that she had all of the bondage equipment when she never actually intended for anyone to use it, and he undid the blindfold.

He looked into her eyes and saw that she was slightly afraid, but mostly there was excitement. He reapplied the blindfold, this time making sure not to tie it too tight. He backed her up to her bed and pushed her over onto it. She let out a little squeak and rolled slightly to one side to get the cuffs out of her back. He grabbed another set and a key and unlocked one of her hands. He noticed that she put up absolutely no resistance as he cuffed that hand to the wall. He took a moment to look at her partially exposed ass peeking out of her tight lacy panties. Then he rolled her back to expose her other hand and he also cuffed that one to the wall.

She was a perfect beauty to him. He leaned down and kissed her softly on the neck. She moaned slightly and he asked, “Are you my bitch?”

She shook her head, no. He kissed the other side of her neck, this time with much more passion and she moaned slightly again. Then he whispered, “Are you my slut?”

She nodded and mumbled something that was muffled by the gag. He paused for a moment and laughed at himself for saying such garbage to her. Then he continued kissing her neck, moving to the center and down between her breasts. Her nightshirt was keeping him from reaching her nipples so he pulled harshly on the neckline. After a moment, it gave way and ripped down to her navel. He used his tongue to move it aside and very softly licked and kissed around her nipple. It grew to a hard mound as he bumped across it with his lips. He bit it. Lightly at first, then with increasing pressure till he thought he might actually bite through. She was holding her breath, and didn’t release it until he let go and continued licking and kissing her whole breast.

What a beautiful sight it was, and he brushed the other side of her shirt aside exposing her other full beautiful breast and its also hard nipple. He paused for what seemed like several minutes admiring her. Then he started back up at her neck, kissing softly all the way down to her navel. With his teeth, he finished ripping her shirt and continued down to her panties.

Again, he stopped and admired the view. He could smell her pussy. It was freshly bathed and smelled only of her excitement. Using his teeth, he pulled her panties down exposing her neatly shaved mound. He licked there, where there should have been hair, and pulled her panties down to her knees with one of his free hands, exposing her luscious smooth lips. His cock ached as he ran his fingers down her slit, feeling the bulge of her clit beneath her seal.

He leaned in and broke the seal with his tongue, sliding it down between her bahis siteleri lips, over her clit that was still not yet begging to be sucked, and tasting her sweetness. He sat up, and removed her panties completely. She moved her legs apart just enough that he could see all of her pussy. He parted the lips with one hand and very lightly ran a finger from the top of her mound all the way down to her tight hole. He just barely touched her clit and she let out a slight moan.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” He had no intention of moving that fast, but he wanted to see if she knew it.

She shook her head no.

He moved in between her legs and moved them farther apart until he could lay comfortably with his face almost on top of her pussy. Slowly he licked from the bottom to the top of her now glimmering pussy lips. He parted them with his tongue and pushed it in her. He loved her taste and her smell. He licked very lightly over her clit, exposing it finally and sucking very lightly on it. She moaned quietly and spread her legs even more. He reached up and removed the gag. She took a deep breath while he continued to lightly flick her clit with his tongue. She was extremely wet and he moved his tongue back down to her opening and pushed it in.

He asked, “What do you want?”

She paused for a moment and said, “Suck my clit.”

He was more than happy to oblige and he worked on her clit for a few minutes getting her wetter and making her clit stand up, begging for his attention. Then he moved back down to her opening and ran his tongue in circles around it. Slowly he went lower and lower till he was almost licking her asshole. From there he made several quick licks all the way up past her clit to the top of her lips. Each time she arched her back and tried to push her juicy clit hard into his mouth. And each time he would continue past it, teasing her until he knew she was getting frustrated. Finally, he stopped right on her hard wet clit and he sucked on it hard. Harder than he thought she could take, but she did; and harder yet until he thought he might actually suck it off.

He wanted her to cum, but not yet. He backed off a bit and lightly licked the insides of her lips and down to her opening again.

She whined, “Please make me cum.”

He loved it when women told him what they wanted and he certainly didn’t want to deny her this greatest of pleasures. He licked lightly back up to her clit and flicked it several times hard and fast making her thrust up into his mouth. He took it all into his mouth and sucked while he licked, making her clit larger and harder than any he had been lucky enough to pleasure. She started rocking her hips back and forth pushing her clit harder into him with each motion. He slipped one finger into her soaked pussy and pushed up towards her clit making her moan louder. He rubbed inside while he licked at an increased pace on the outside working her up towards her climax. He could feel her pussy pulse as she came and moaned louder than any woman he knew. He didn’t stop and she didn’t stop moaning for what seemed like an hour. As she collapsed, he moved up to her neck, kissing ever bit of her beauty along the way.

“Thanks,” she said while he kissed and sucked softly from side to side.

“We’re not done,” he replied. She tried to protest as he pushed the gag back into her mouth. Then he rolled her over so that her arms were crossed above her head and she was completely at his mercy. He continued kissing her around the back of her neck and slowly down the middle of her back, tickling her slightly. He could smell her sex and it drove him down towards her soft ass. His cock throbbed like it needed her. He wanted to fuck her hard; like a wild animal with only lust on his mind. He bit her ass, hard, making her let out a muffled “Ouch!”

He pushed her legs up under her, exposing her ass and her juicy pussy. He ran a finger softly down her crack over her asshole making her clench. He continued to her pussy and plunged two fingers in hard until his knuckles hit with a thud. She liked that and let him know by rolling her hips forward to give easier access. He pounded her wet pussy several times while she moaned softly. Then he pulled out and ran his wet fingers back up over her asshole again. This time she didn’t move. She had a sexy ass. Her cheeks were beautifully curved and had enough padding that he could get a good grip. He pushed her cheeks up exposing her asshole and her pussy even more. He let his tongue part her lips again as he sucked on her opening and he kept sucking and licking up until he passed over her asshole to the top of her crack. Each time he passed over her asshole she seemed to like it just a little more. He wasn’t into anal sex but playing with her ass was very erotic to him; seeing her completely exposed and vulnerable like that made his cock ache for her.

Slowly he rose and let his cock rest on her ass. He slid it down over her asshole poking it just slightly before he continued to her pussy. He pushed the throbbing head between her lips and ran it up and bahis şirketleri down over her still overly sensitive clit making her squirm a little. Then he pushed it into her an inch or so, feeling her soft inside welcome him. He pulled out all the way and slowly pushed it in again past her wet lips. He loved that feeling; almost as much as he liked blowing his juice deep inside a wet and wanting pussy. Now he wanted to fuck her more than ever. Slowly he slid his cock all the way inside her, then out again. It was so slow that her pussy lips were able to lubricate his shaft without getting pulled in. He loved watching her smooth lips surround his throbbing cock. Then, without notice, he plunged it hard and fast all the way inside her. She let out another muffled moan, and he reached around and removed the gag.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Fuck me hard,” she demanded. “Slam it into me hard and fast!”

He watched himself fuck her hard and fast. He loved watching it. She started to moan and rock her hips back and forth taking everything he could give her. Harder and harder he thrust himself until he was about to burst and by the sound of things, she was close too. He pulled out very slowly, letting her pussy beg for more and watching her pussy lips around his cock. Then he rolled her back over.

“I want to watch you come with me,” he said.

He pushed her legs up and let them rest on his shoulders while he slid his soon to cum cock into her soaked and wanting pussy.

“Come with me,” she said, as he started thrusting harder and harder each time.

She could feel the head of his cock getting bigger as it started throbbing. She could barely contain her orgasm when she felt him explode inside her. Pulse after pulse he came deep inside her. Before he was finished she felt her pussy contract with intensity like no other. She couldn’t control her hip thrusts as she moaned, “I’m coming!”

He was still thrusting when she came, mixing hers and his making a slippery foam. He collapsed on her trying to catch his breath while she did the same. Slowly he pulled out of her and sat up, watching the mixture leak out of her and roll to her ass.

After a moment, he got dressed, placed a handcuff key in her hand, and left.

A week later, he sat alone in his house trying to figure out some silly problem at work when he started thinking about her. She was the best fuck he ever had and he wanted her again. It took him a few minutes of frantic searching to find her number. Then it took him another hour to get up the nerve to call her.

He dialed and waited.

“Hello?” She said in a soft seductive voice.

“Hi. Do you know my voice?”

“Of course, and I won’t soon forget it,” she answered.

They talked for an hour with each of them asking personal questions about the other. Ripe with anticipation, he asked if she enjoyed their last session, and she said she did. He started leading her into his next line of questions; do you want to fuck again?

“No!” was her response before he could really even start asking. “I don’t want a repeat of the last session. I would much rather you come over here and make love to me, with a little animalistic lust mixed in.”

“Great!” he said. “I’m not really into being rude like I was last time. That was sort of a weird thing for me.”

They continued their conversation for a few more minutes; each of them letting their guard down a little more as each minute passed, and finally he was on his way.

When he arrived, he knocked normally, and she opened the door almost at the same time. She had the same robe on, but this time it was tightly wrapped around her curves and she walked up the stairs in front of him letting her ass sway in his face. They continued into the same room, but it was strangely different. All of the leather and other devices had been removed, the light was bright, and the walls had been repainted. It looked like a perfectly normal bedroom now.

She untied her robe, and let it fall to the floor before she lay on the bed in front of him. He almost gasped as he looked at her incredible body. The changes to the room made her look even better than before, and now he could see her fine details. Her hair was the same, but he didn’t care about that. Her eyes were now a light shade of blue, maybe green, and they were so seductive that he almost couldn’t stop looking. Her lips were small, as was her mouth. She had freckles everywhere, which made her look a bit younger than she was, and her skin was pale, but not overly so, making him want to touch her and feel her all over. But he kept looking at her. He followed her neck to her shoulders, wanting to kiss her all the way and inhale her.

She moved her arms up over her head and just looked at him, allowing him to view her without interruption. His gaze continued down to her breasts. They were beautifully curved, and only slightly larger than a hand-full each. She had on a dark blue lace bra that was probably just a bit too small, and he liked it. He could almost see her nipples through it and couldn’t wait to get it off of her. He reached for the center clasp and pinched it together with two fingers, then with a snap, released it. He just looked for a minute, marveling at how spectacular they were.

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