Lakeside Summer With the Twins Ch. 01

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The summer of 1999 was arguably the best three months of my life. And to think it started out looking bad.

I had just finished a relatively successful sophomore year in college. After being somewhat shy in high school, I had really grown out of my shell, learned how to talk to girls, and gotten into their pants with a fairly high degree of success.

However, I was figuring summer would mean a lot less sex for me. I usually met dates and hook-ups at parties or through friends. My “friends with benefits” from college would be too far away to visit with any frequency over the summer. I had no high school friends I could call on either, as my one hope for had chosen to accept an internship on the East coast. Thus, summer wasn’t looking too promising for getting laid with any regularity.

My financial situation was looking better than my personal life. I had lined up a job working for UPS over the summer. The job had a reputation of being strenuous, but the pay was outstanding, especially with the tuition reimbursement they offered. Regardless, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. The day before I was supposed to start, a buddy of mine called me up with a proposition for me. His uncle ran a small boat shop on a small lake in the northern part of the state. He had worked there the previous summer and had agreed to work for his uncle at the shop again that summer. However, he had been accepted into a prestigious summer research program. He planned to go to medical school and knew such a program would give him an edge when he graduated and was applying.

However, he didn’t want to leave his uncle high and dry. So he was calling his friends to find out if anyone was interested in spending the summer at the lake. The job basically involved minding his shop Monday through Thursday from 8 AM to 7 PM. His uncle would mind the shop on the weekends, which I’d have to myself. The lake had only fifty or so cabins on it, and the town itself was tiny with only a few rural farmers. While there was a general store in town, his uncle’s was more convenient and suited to the vacationer’s needs. He carried a wide array of boat supplies, some groceries, and a modest selection of alcohol, along with selling gas and a few trinkets and souvenirs.

In Minnesota a lot of people spend at least part of their summer at one of the state’s many lakes. People who owned cabins usually often only spent a few weekends there, lending their places out to friends and relatives on weekends they weren’t using it. Others spent the whole summer there, particularly the retired and those who could take their summers off. The “cabins” themselves were really stripped down houses. They always featured at least one full bathroom and kitchen if not more and usually had multiple bedrooms for family and guests.

My friend’s uncle only ran the store four months a year, yet still turned enough of a profit to cover expenses and the property taxes on his cabin. During the winter months he worked for an accounting firm, and generally he could afford to take summers off. However, his firm was merging with another, and there was a lot of work to be done, even in the slower summer months. He had negotiated to still have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off to spend at the cabin, but he would have to commute each weekend. His wife, who had never enjoyed the cabin much, had chosen to spend the summer in the city, since he would be there four days a week anyway.

That meant they needed someone to manage the store. My friend told me that while it got dull at times, it wasn’t too bad. Typically the store had three or four customers a day on weekdays, if that. It was much busier on weekends, but apparently his uncle had a guy who helped out on weekends every year. So the job mostly consisted of sitting around the store, watching TV on the satellite, or swimming or sunbathing on the dock. Most customers came by boat so you could see them coming, but there was a bell for them to ring as well.

The idea of spending a lazy summer at a lake appealed a lot to me, especially since I wasn’t really planning on getting laid at home anyways. As much as I loved my family it was tough to come home after an academic year of freedom to stay up late and do whatever I wanted. But I told my friend I had financial concerns. My friend told me that since he was family and his uncle ran the store as more of a hobby anyway, he had typically been paid quite well. His uncle was prepared to pay me the same amount, which was less per hour than I’d make at UPS, but I’d net the same amount by the end of the summer, and the work didn’t sound hard. Plus, I’d have the house to myself four days a week, in exchange for watering the plants and bringing in the mail and paper.

I was sold. I packed that night, making sure to take a large supply of books and my video game system. I wasn’t too worried about getting bored, but I knew that after a while sunbathing and swimming in the cold, muddy lake water can get old.


For illegal bahis the most part I enjoyed the job. The people who stopped in were very friendly and welcoming. However, it soon became clear what sort of community the cabins surrounding the lake made up. Most of them were owned by older people, and the people who were there during the week were generally retired. Still, they were extremely friendly and interested in my life. The men would bullshit with me, and the women would often bring me cookies, bread, and even the occasional sandwich. I guess they figured a guy like me wouldn’t cook for himself very well, even working in a store that sold groceries.

I chose not to stay at the cabin that first weekend, instead making the three hour trip home to hang out with my friends. While I had a fun time, during the drive back to the lake I decided that six hours of driving every weekend just wasn’t going to happen. I’d invited my friends to come out, but aside from the 4th of July most had work schedules that didn’t allow them enough free time to make it worthwhile.

That Tuesday was when things changed significantly. An attractive woman of about forty came into the store. She wore a simple, conservative two piece swimsuit that showed that she still had a nice body. Her face was beautiful in a classic and almost timeless way. The ring on her finger suggested she was married. She bought a few things, and asked the usual questions about who I was, where I was from, what college I attended, how old I was, and what I was studying. We had a nice conversation, and as she was leaving she dropped the comment “I should tell my daughters to come by here. They’re spending all summer here, and they’re already complaining about being bored. I’m sure they’ll be ecstatic to hear there’s a nice and cute young man working here.” I actually felt myself blushing, which was very odd for me. She winked, and walked out the door, perhaps with a little extra wiggle in her hips. I hoped her daughters had taken liberally from their mother’s side of the gene pool.

She had left at two, and by four o’clock I saw the same boat coming towards the shop, this time with a much younger woman at the helm. Her long flaxen colored hair whipped behind her in the breeze. Another girl, with matching hair sat on the other seat, her own mane also blowing in the wind in a visually appealing manner.

They were seated, so it was tough to see much more of them, especially at a distance. I didn’t want to seem overeager, so I just closed my eyes and lay on the deck until I heard the boat grow close to the dock, at which point I sat up.

The boat contained two very beautiful teenage girls. Both had perfectly smooth complexions, though I could see that both had gotten a bit too much sun the day before, as their cheeks and shoulders were slightly pink. Their hair, while wind-whipped, still framed their angelic faces beautifully. They had identical high cheekbones, slightly pouty lips, and matching beautiful blue eyes. It didn’t take a genius to realize that they must be twins. I greeted them and smiled, and was rewarded by a pair of beautiful grins back at me.

One of the girls wore a shimmering purple bikini, tied around her neck either to avoid tan lines or for fashion. The bottom was somewhat modest, but still clung tightly to her shapely ass. Her sister wore a blaze red high legged one piece that reminded me of the swimwear women used to wear on Baywatch.

Both girls had long, slender legs, and modestly proportioned busts. Their waists however were quite slim, and if I had done the measurements I’d imagine their hips were close to the “ideal” ratio to their waists that evolutionary psychologists love to throw around.

“Hi, I’m Jennifer!” The one in the red suit said, bouncing up to me and extending her hand while her sister was still tying the boat. “That’s Lisa over there. And yes, before you ask, we’re twins.” She smiled huge at me, and given her beauty and apparent earnestness, I couldn’t help but instinctively liking her immediately.

“Nice to meet you Jennifer, I’m James”

“We’re not actually here to buy anything. We were just sooooo bored, so we decided to come hang out with you,” Jenny informed me. Lisa seemed a bit embarrassed by her sister’s forwardness and directness. I smiled at the apparently more reserved twin, and she smiled back, extending her hand, a bit more cautiously than her sister.

“Well then, would you two like to come into the store, or are you happy out here?”

“We got plenty of sun yesterday,” Lisa said. “And I want to at least see this legendary “store”.”

The two pretty girls followed me into the store. I was trying to guess their age. I knew they had to be at least 16, but as far as I could tell they could be as old as 19. I hadn’t really considered if I had a lower age limit at that stage in my life. Being 20 I had grave hesitations about anyone underage. I hoped they were legal, because very dirty thoughts went through illegal bahis siteleri my head as I watched these two swimsuit clad beauties explore the store for what it was worth.

“There really isn’t anything that interesting here,” I said.

“Well I found something,” Jenny retorted, holding up a bottle of rum.

“Well, that’s a fine choice young lady, but I’ll need to see some ID”

“It’s in the boat,” She replied, smiling impishly. Once again her sister seemed slightly embarrassed.

“So go get it.”

“Well, it says I’m only eighteen”

“And is it right?” I said, my “dilemma” resolved by her being of the generally legally accepted age of consent and thus not “too young” for a 20 year old college man.

“Ummm, yeah. But it’s for my mom!” Lisa looked like she wanted to run away at this point.

“Ok, what’s the number at your cabin? I’ll just give her a call…” was my reply.

“Ok, you caught me. I’m just so bored! Everyone here is old. You’re the first person I’ve seen under 35 except for a couple of kindergartners who are two doors down from us.” She was now almost whining.

“I can’t let you buy it… I could get in real trouble. But…”

“Yes?” Jenny asked eagerly.

“Well I need to use the restroom. And I was hoping I could trust you two to watch the store. We don’t keep very careful track of inventory here, and if something disappeared, it probably wouldn’t be missed. Especially if cash was put on this counter.” Jenny caught on real quick.

“Lisa’s very responsible. She’ll watch the store for you. I’ll have to run to the boat for a minute though.” Lisa looked a bit non-plussed, most likely at being called “responsible”, and perhaps with slight disapproval of our diabolic plan.

I smiled and went into the house, which was adjacent to the store. When I came back the girls were sitting in the two chairs inside, smirking at each other. I supposed Lisa’s boredom had overwhelmed her sense of morals. A $20 bill sat on the counter, and I suspected there was one less bottle of rum in the store.

“You know, the store closes at eight. If you two came by, perhaps with something to drink, I’d be happy to share it with you then.” The girls looked at each other and broke into giggles.

“It’s a date,” Jenny said flashing her perfect smile.

I admired their fine, tight asses as they left the store. I had packed a box of condoms with my things just in case. I could tell that Jenny was either a huge tease or eager to fuck me. Her sister was more of a mystery. I wasn’t sure if she was aloof or just a little shy. Even if I didn’t get laid, I knew I’d enjoy spending the evening with the two twin sisters. But I figured my odds were twice as good as they might have been otherwise.

That night was quite warm. I closed up shop, and promptly at eight saw the girls approaching in their boat. I couldn’t tell who was at the wheel, and neither girl was wearing what she had been that afternoon. The driver had pulled her hair back in a ponytail, and was wearing a green halter top and white shorts. The other had a pink strapless tube top on and a black skirt that came to mid-thigh. As they got closer I noticed their nipples were hard from the cold lake breeze and neither was wearing a bra under her top.

As they parked, the one in pink stepped out a bit unsteadily as the other tied the boat. From her enthusiastic hello and affectionate hug, I figured that it was Jennifer, and that Lisa had been driving. Jennifer also seemed to have started without me on the rum.

I spent the next couple hours getting to know my female companions and them me, while getting inebriated from the rum. It was strong stuff and the girls both drank like pros. I learned that neither girl had a boyfriend. Lisa’s had broken up with her when he found out she’d be away all summer; “that bastard”, and they seemed pleased I didn’t have a girlfriend.

They were spending all summer at the lake, because their parents wanted them to spend time as a family. Their father was a workaholic who had bought the cabin with his money, but never had time to use it. However, thanks to getting laid off with a rather healthy settlement that required him not to work for the next six months he was finally able to slow down and fish. According to the girls he often went fishing at 8 AM and didn’t come back until dusk. He had dragged each of them with once, and had discovered that their complaints decreased his enjoyment and obviously didn’t care to be there.

The girls were part time models, though their parents required them to attend a normal high school during the school year. Lisa told me about an offer to work full time and make good money they had received. She wished they could have taken it, but Jennifer didn’t seem too disappointed about it. They were definitely not stuck up for being so naturally pretty, but confided that it was difficult at school for them to really make friends. Most of the guys were only after them because canlı bahis siteleri of their looks. The girls were outwardly quite friendly, but for the most part were bitchy and envious behind their backs. The few close friends they had often were jealous of the bond between them. That had also been a problem with the boys that they had dated seriously. I could understand how their lives had evolved to bring them even closer together than twins always are.

We spoke quite freely for the most part. The booze certainly helped. Lisa accused her sister of being a lush, and Jennifer said that it takes one to know one. Apparently their father kept a rather healthy stock of liquor in the house and didn’t realize the girls had made a copy of the key to the cabinet when they were fifteen. They had gone away a couple of times on assignment, and booze and drugs are still a big part of the lifestyle in the fashion world. They never had problems getting into clubs, and almost always got served. It’s remarkably easy for pretty women to get away with things, even if they are obviously under the drinking age. Their parents were nervous about them, and suspected that the modeling lifestyle was corrupting their daughters, “Which is why we have to spend the summer in this lovely place instead of in Milan,” Lisa said somewhat bitterly

“Things have improved here lately,” Jennifer answered with a wink in my direction. I secretly thanked fate for landing these angels in my lap, even if it just ended up being for company.

The topic eventually turned to sex. I admitted to having had a fairly large number of partners. Jennifer was a bit shocked, though her response was more laughter than disgust. Lisa was rather quiet, and merely said “He IS a bit older than us.” Neither were virgins and each admitted to having been with a couple of different guys, though the exact counts were intentionally vague. Despite the party lifestyle it seemed they had really only dabbled in sex, sticking mostly to “normal” high school boys. The mosquitoes started biting, and I suggested moving the party into the house.

The rum was now gone, so I tapped my own stash. With fresh drinks we continued our sex talk. Somehow we started a game where one person asked a question, and the other two answered, and then the person who asked got to choose which answer they liked better. That person then got to ask the next question.

Jennifer started by asking “What makes oral sex really good?”

I replied “Well, her attitude matters a lot. Like if she’s really into it, it’s the best. Technique isn’t so important, as long as there’s no teeth. Guys don’t expect girls to swallow the whole dick… mostly a lot of licking and tongue is a good thing.”

“I need to be really relaxed to enjoy receiving,” Lisa added. “I need lots of kissing and touching to get me in the mood. I like a light touch, very gentle kisses and licks. If he just dives in it’s going to really turn me off. But then again, once he gets me going he needs to pick up the pace and drive it home!”

Jennifer giggled. “I agree totally! But I like James’s answer so, you ask now,” She said, looking at me.

“Ok… have you two ever dated the same guy?” I asked. Both girls giggled, obviously a tad tipsy.

Lisa began, “Sort of. There was one night at a party I met a guy and started making out with him. I later found out that he had hooked up with Lisa at the last party!”

Lisa chimed in “Yeah, he claims he didn’t know we were twins, and thought she was me. But he was too smooth for that. And he wasn’t that drunk!”

“The funny thing is,” Jennifer proceeded, “he then hit on Lisa at the next party! And we’re like… as if!”

“So if one of you dates a guy, he’s off limits for the other?” I asked.

Lisa responded “Not necessarily. We don’t always like the same guys, which is probably a good thing. Neither of us is really that competitive or jealous. If anything we tend to feel like we’re a team, and just want what’s best for each other.”

“Yeah, if I date a guy and he’s not right for me, I don’t mind if Lisa wants to go out with him. It hasn’t really happened yet, as usually most guys are so flawed that once one of us dates him and finds that stuff out, the other doesn’t want him!” Jennifer added, and the girls giggled more.

I chuckled at her joke as well and said, “Ok, Lisa’s turn.”

Lisa smiled impishly and said “Ok, let’s get juicier. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?”

Jennifer quickly responded “Well, you know, I had sex with Mark in the basement with mom and dad in the house upstairs.”

Lisa snorted and replied “Ooh….” rather sarcastically. Her sister stuck her tongue out at her.

I paused. “That’s a tough one. Probably the threesome I had last summer with two of my friends from high school.”

Lisa looked very interested and asked “Both girls?”


“You stud you!” Lisa exclaimed. “Any girl on girl action?” This time it was Jennifer’s turn to look embarrassed. I suspected that it was actually Lisa who is the wild one when it came to sex. It’s always the quiet ones after all.

“Well actually, yeah. Nothing too heavy, but some kissing and touching between them.” I replied.

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