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I was at the airport, past check-in and security check waiting for my plane to take off. It had been delayed a couple of times because of the weather already and was now running three hours late. I heard a bored voice from the speakers:

“The flight 98146G to New York has been cancelled. Please contact the staff at the gate for more information.”

They were crazy if they thought they could handle the tired and frustrated customers one by one. I sighed and made my way to the counter. Luckily, there was a separate line for first class passengers, which I fortunately was. I was supposed to fly back to the office today but that was not happening. At least I could await some valuable refund because of my diamond membership card.

“Good evening, miss. We’re so sorry for the flight but we have a suite ready for you at the hotel and mini fridge is filled with food and beverages, all free of charge for you.” I thanked the flight attendant as politely as my tired brain could muster and turned to leave but I bumped into someone blocking my way.

“Oh sorry” he stammered. “But wow, I’ve never encountered someone else with the diamond card”, he continued.

“Well, I fly a lot. Excuse me” I passed him and made my way towards the exit. From the corner of my eye it seemed that there were a couple of goons dressed in black, like personal security guards, but I had no idea who they would be protecting. I hailed a cab and went to the hotel.

The hotel was very high standard, one could see it already from the outside. I had already been checked in by the flying company so I just had to sign one paper and I was on my way up to my room. I also received a utility bag from the reception because my luggage was still on the plane. I was just about to leave the counter for the elevators when I heard a somebody talk to me.

“Fancy seeing you here.” It was the same damn guy from the airport. I don’t know who he thought he was. Us having the same membership card meant absolutely nothing.

“Uhuh”, I answered and dodged quickly to the elevators where the lift attendant was waiting to be of service.

My suite was up on the eighth floor. It had a bedroom, bathroom with a jacuzzi and a living room. I didn’t care how nice the room was. The only thing I cared about was getting into the shower and then into bed. It had been a long day of business negotiations with prejudice old men which means that it took double the energy to convince them because I’m a woman.

I just got out of the shower wrapped in the fluffy white bathrobe when I heard a knock on the door. I frowned a little as I shuffled over because nobody was supposed to know me here and thus nobody should visit me, especially at this hour. I checked the peephole and there was that guy. Again.

I opened the door because he didn’t seem to be harmful in any way. As I was looking at him standing in the hallway, I noticed one of the goons standing a bit further away but clearly keeping an eye on us. Strange.

“What are you doing at my door? Don’t you have your own room?” I huffed at him. Usually I wasn’t this curt to strangers but I was tired and this guy was getting on my nerves.

“You really don’t know who I am, do you?” He said, surprised. I stared at him stupidly.

“No. Should I for some reason?”

“Um, wow. Okay. This has never happened to me before.”

“Great. Well, now it has. If you’re done wasting my time now, I would like to go to sleep.”

“Uh, well I was wondering if you wanted to have a nightcap before hitting the hay?” He sounded hopeful but I’m sure my face crushed all his wishes because he answered himself in a moment. “No? Okay. Well… Have a good night then.”

“Night” I closed the door. “Weirdo.”


I woke up feeling surprisingly refreshed after spending a crappy evening at the airport. I went downstairs for the breakfast that was included in my stay. The breakfast included all things imaginable but what caught my attention was the unusual buzzing in the room. Usually people are quietly sipping on their morning coffee and reading the newspaper on their tablet but no, people were whispering to each other and there was a strange gathering of people in one corner.

I decided to ignore all the commotion and went to fix myself a plate. As I was taking a cup of coffee I heard two teenagers talking excitedly.

“Oh my god, he was so nice!”

“I know, right! And he is soo hot!” They were obviously holding pictures of some guy with an autograph on top but I could not see exactly who it was.

I finished eating my breakfast and was about to leave but my eyes wandered to the corner that had previously been packed with people but only on man was left. And there he was again.

I guess he felt someone staring and looked up at me. He met my eyes with a smug gaze. He thought I knew who he was now but I still had no idea. Famous, obviously. But other than that, nada. He got up from his table and approached me.

“Finally figured it out?”

“Figured canlı bahis what out? Oh right, who you are. Nope, still no clue.” He didn’t answer me or even try to introduce himself but just huffed and walked away. Some manners he has.

After the breakfast I received a call from the airline that my flight was still canceled because of the weather so I spent the whole day in my room watching movies and looking at the thick snowfall through the window.


Through my bored slumber I heard a demanding knock on my door and I had a strong hunch on who it could be. I opened the door and he just barged right in.

“Excuse me! What the hell are you doing?” I was shocked that somebody could so rudely just walk into my room.

“You’re driving me insane! I’ve never before met someone who doesn’t at least recognize me and I just… I don’t know why it’s so hard on me!” I stared blankly at him. Like really? You get your panties in a twist because someone doesn’t know you?

“We’re having dinner at eight downstairs. Be there.”

“Or what?” I scoffed. “Is this some Beauty and the Beast romance that you just try to tell me what to do? Because, you know what, that’s not how I do things.”

“Please.” He gritted out and reminded me even more of the Beast. “If I promise I won’t bug you anymore after that, will you say yes?”

“Fine. But then you leave me alone.” I sighed.


I left my room at eight, making him wait a little for me as payback for being rude. I was dressed in a simple black cocktail dress but I knew I looked stunning. I made my way down towards the restaurant but as I was nearing the waiter waiting at the counter, I realized I did not know who’s table to ask for.

Fortunately the problem solved itself: “Good evening, miss. I think there is somebody waiting for you already. Let me lead you to your table. So if you would follow me, please.”

The waiter led me to his table and he had also dressed up. He was wearing no doubt some expensive designer suit which fit him perfectly. To be honest, he was one of the most attractive people I had met. Externally I mean. I was not convinced of his internal beauty. The waiter pulled out a chair for me and I sat down. The menu was handed to me and the date could begin.

Neither of us spoke at first. We were just looking at each other. The silence wasn’t awkward but rather challenging. Who was the one to break the ice?

“Eden Kadd” he said and extended his hand across the table.

“Cassidy Johnson” I took his hand and gave it a firm polite handshake. “You have an interesting name. Is it real or an alias?” My question made him smile smugly. The nervous breakdown from earlier was replaced with coolness.

“It’s my real name. I guess my parents thought I was their little piece of the promised paradise.” He explained while twirling the water in his glass.

“Right. Would you like to tell me where I should know you from? It seemed to be so important to you earlier.” His mouth twitched, maybe in shame, but then his steady eyes met mine. His gaze was actually quite intense.

“Ever heard of the movies Wolf or Dangerous Deal?” I had seen both of them. And then it dawned me. He was the main actor in both of those movies. I had not recognized him because in Wolf he had had a magnificent beard and in Dangerous Deal he had been bald. Now he had a beautiful fade cut. He was watching me intently as my brain processed this piece of information. The thing was, both of those movies were notoriously known for their extreme sexual tension in the scenes and some steamy domination. He had implied in multiple interviews that that was also his personal preference.

“Ring any bells, hm?” He asked with a slight smirk. And I actually blushed. Those scenes that were playing in my mind were the hottest movie scenes I had ever seen. The man dominated the woman completely in the bedroom, not violently but sternly. As scrambled as I was inside, I had to play it cool in front of him.

“Oh, right those. I think I’ve seen them but can’t really remember that much from them.” He made an approving sound and smiled knowingly. He definitely knew what I remembered from those movies.

“Glad you enjoyed them.” I was about to protest enjoying them but he lifted his eyebrow at me. He wasn’t going to believe me if I tried to belittle the effect they had had on me.

Surprisingly our discussion started to flow once we had received our food. He was actually quite good dinner company. He made me feel uneasy but comfortable at the same time. He had quite a big ego but his confidence made him so attractive to me and the way he controlled the space was turning me on. When we got our desserts he turned the conversation back to his movies.

“So. What did you like the most about the movies?” He asked while sipping on his espresso. I nibbled on my chocolate cake. I was sure he already knew but, of course, he had to ask.

“I think the scenery in Wolf was very well captured in all its ruggedness and danger.” I said bahis siteleri as an excuse. He leaned in towards me and spoke in a sultry whisper so that no one else heard us.

“We both know that’s not it. I could see the change in you when I mentioned those movies. You became more reactive to what I say. More compliant.” He paused and held my eyes. I shivered involuntarily and he chuckled. “How about that nightcap you refused before?” He stood up and looked demandingly at me. I couldn’t help myself but to comply to his order that was masked as a request. He made me weak. He was able to break through my tough facade.

The elevator ride to his suite was silent. I didn’t dare to talk and he knew he had me under his command. He opened to door to his suite and gestured that I go first. I heard the door close.

“So… Where to start.” He mused out loud as I turned around to look at him. “I think we should set some rules first. And by we, I mean me. You will do everything I tell you to or otherwise you will be punished as I see fit. Do you understand?” I nodded but that didn’t suffice for him. “You will answer out loud to my questions and address me as sir. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” I answered with an involuntary shiver which he didn’t miss.

“I knew you’d be into this, pet. Take off your dress.” I reached back for the zipper and slipped the straps off my shoulders. I didn’t have any bra on but only a lacey black thong. I saw that he appreciated what was revealed.

“Go to the bedroom and get on your fours on the bed facing the wall. The room is to the right.” I did as he said and expected him to follow right after but he didn’t. I turned around to look to see where he went. I couldn’t see him but suddenly he came to the room and didn’t look too happy.

“What did I tell you? Repeat it to me.”

“You told me to go to the bedroom and get on my fours facing the wall.” I was in trouble even before we started. “Sir!” I added hurriedly before he had more reasons to punish me.

“I think you know you were not facing the wall but the doorway. That earned you a punishment.” I heard him walking closer. “I like to deliver the punishments in the form of pleasure. It may not sound like a punishment but you will see that it is.” He sounded smug. He definitely had done this before but it didn’t really bother me.

“For this punishment I will blindfold you.” A cloth was slipped over my eyes. I hadn’t tried sensory deprivation before but I was anxious to experience it.

He traced his hands firmly down my back, slightly pressuring my back to arch for him. How slutty I must look right now, but I loved it. His fingers hooked on my thong but he didn’t pull it down yet. He kept tracing the line lightly with his fingers and I couldn’t help but shiver non-stop.

“I love how responsive your body is. Like it was made for teasing.” He admired and I could feel myself getting wetter with every word he said. It was just something about his voice.

His fingers moved from the waistline to trace down the thong. I could feel his fingers caress my ass before getting down to my pussy.

“Oh girl, do you know how wet you are?” He moved his fingers back and forth in my slit while peeling away the thong with his other hand. “I do want an answer.”

“Yes, sir” I managed to sigh out as his fingers bypassed my clit. He pulled his hands away and I had to stop myself from making a sound of desperation. Next, I felt his wet fingers against my lips. I haven’t really tasted myself before but, god, the fact that he was just making me do it, was so hot.

“I knew you’d like your own taste.” He pulled his fingers away. “Place your elbows on the bed and arch your back. Oh, yes.” I blushed as I realized what he must be seeing. I was feeling vulnerable and I loved it.

His fingers returned to my slit but this time he pushed two of his fingers into me. A sigh of content escaped my mouth. I heard him chuckle.

” Oh, you like this? Hm? Just wait for what I have in store for you for your punishment.” His words didn’t scare me because they didn’t really sink in. Unlike his fingers, which found my g-spot. “There it is. It is always so nice to see that involuntary twitch of pleasure when I find the g-spot and you women never expect it.” Him talking about his previous conquests made me feel a little cheap but, despite it, I got more turned on. He kept rubbing on my spot and my hips started moving on their own. I was getting so close.

Until he pulled his fingers out. “No no no, not yet, pet. I told you, it’s a punishment. Are you seeing where I’m going with this?” I was breathing hard but my edge was escaping without his touch. Now, it had dawned me that his punishment was edging. None of my previous lovers had done it because they had been too vanilla and trying to reach the finish line quickly. This was going to be hard.

I felt something tracing my slit again, but this time it wasn’t his fingers. Then he pushed it into me, deep, right against my sweet spot. I moved bahis şirketleri my hips a little, trying to figure out what it was.

“Do you know what it is?”

“No, sir.”

Right on that moment, I realized it as he turned it on. It was a small egg-shaped vibrator that was now going right against my g-spot. I had to moan and I heard him chuckle. He turned the vibrations up and I had to rest my head on the bed. I was getting close and I tried my hardest to make myself come.

Damn him and his experience. He saw what I was trying to do and all stimulations stopped.

“Do you really think I’m letting you off that easy? Honey, we have a long way to go. If you hadn’t disobeyed I might’ve played around with you a little bit. But now… I have a reason to play with you a little more.” His hands rubbed on my ass and he spread my cheeks. I heard his appreciative hum before the vibrations started again. In addition, I felt his tongue on my asshole.

He was licking on it but also adding some pressure every other lick. I wasn’t and anal virgin but, again, my previous partners had been very vanilla. Eden kept licking all over my hole, all the while holding my hips in place with his hands. I felt my orgasm nearing again but everything stopped again. When he saw that I had calmed down enough, pulled the vibrator out. I sighed in relief, now he would let me come.

“Oh, no, not yet, sweetie.” He laughed. “I still want to play.”

“Please… I can’t. No more.” I plead but he only chuckled.

“You can’t be this weak, pet. We have to build it up before you can crash down.” I heard him rustling on the bed, as if he was reaching for something. “But if you need to, keep begging. I love it when women beg, because then I know I’m really in charge.”

He dipped two fingers suddenly into my pussy but after a few thrusts pulled them out. Next I felt them on my ass. He pushed one finger into me without much trouble. He started twisting his fingers and slowly thrusting it in and out. When he thought there would be enough give, he pushed in a second finger.

My ass felt kind of full already but I knew he was planning to stretch me more. As I was focusing on relaxing my ass, I didn’t anticipate what was coming next: in one slow movement he pushed a dildo into my pussy while continuing to finger my ass. I was gasping for breath. I had never felt so full.

“Cat got your tongue, huh?” He was enjoying making me a mess. He kept up moving his fingers and moving the dildo. Sometimes he pushed them in simultaneously, sometimes one at a time. I started moving my hips to meet his thrusts. He pulled the dildo away but added a finger in my ass.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself.” I couldn’t answer anything comprehensible. I was breathing hard and getting closer to my orgasm. Again. The three fingers in my ass felt so good and I realized it was something that I had longed for. I hadn’t remembered that I was this sensitive to anal stimulation.

“Room for one more?” He mused out loud before adding pressure and managing to push in a fourth finger.

“Please…” I whined but he just chuckled in answer.

“Not yet, darling.” His fingers were smoothly pumping in and out of my ass. His other hand found my clit and started gently rolling it. I was shivering every time he did, oversensitized. My shivers turned into uncontrollable tremors which he took as a sign to pull away. Again.

“Are you feeling sufficiently punished?” He asked me while caressing my ass cheeks with his fingertips.

“Yes… Sir.” I sighed out. I almost hadn’t heard him through the pounding in my ears.

“I can play with you a little more if you’d like. It’s delightful to see shiver and twitch under my fingers.”

“Please, no, sir. Please.” I pleaded. He pulled the blindfold away.

“As you wish. Roll onto your back, pet, and keep your eyes on me.” I obeyed his command right away, thankful to get some rest for my knees and arms.

Eden was looking down at me with a hungry gaze in his eyes. I couldn’t look away. Slowly, he leaned down and claimed my lips in a passionate kiss. He was making his domination clear. As he was kissing me, his hands wandered down my neck to my nipples where they stayed a while, teasing me. His fingers continued traveling south and I twitched as he passed my stomach. I was so lost in his touches.

He broke the kiss and lifted my knees on his forearms. I was blushing again, realizing my position again. He wasn’t looking at my face, but his eyes were locked on the prize. He guided my legs behind his back and scooted closer. He took his cock in his hand and guided it to my slit but didn’t push in yet.

His gaze lifted up to mine. I must’ve looked desperate because he smirked at me and did not move. We were just staring at each other. I didn’t want to beg anymore but embarrassedly I admitted to myself that I had to.

“Sir, please fuck me. I need your cock in me. Please.” He nodded to himself, satisfied with what he heard. He pushed in agonizingly slow. I could feel every inch of him pushing into me. At this point I needed rough and fast but he obviously had other plans. He stopped when he was buried in me to the hilt. He leaned down and placed his elbows right beside my head.

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